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Monkey Island 5

Monkey Island 5 is currently not in production, at least that's what LucasArts says. However, former PR manager, Tom Sarris, has confirmed on several occasions that there definitely will be a Monkey Island 5 sometime in the future.

On behalf of WMI, Marek of Adventure Gamers fame, was kind enough to ask Tom Sarris a few questions at E3, May 2002.

Is it possible that we will see a Monkey Island 5 in the future or have you definitely closed the book on that franchise?

They are definitely going to make Monkey Island 5 since it is their most popular franchise. However, we shouldn't expect it in the near future.

The Mixnmojo crew had the chance to interview Simon Jeffrey, president of LucasArts, while attending E3, May 2002.

And what about a new Monkey Island game? Are you guys interested in doing that still?
At some point in the future, there will undoubtedly be more Monkey Island games. No doubt about that.

PC Zone interviewed Tom Sarris and again he assured us that Monkey Island 5 will definitely be made. Here is a snippet:

Are there any other popular franchises that LucasArts will re-visit?

There'll definitely be another Monkey Island game. You've seen four incredibly well-done versions of Monkey Island, and there's an immense amount of stories that remain to be told within that series.

In another interview with Computers and Video Games Tom Sarris answered the following question:

You've also got the Grim Fandango and Monkey Island adventure franchises. Will you be looking to resurrect those?

I'd say so. I'd say that they're extremely viable properties for us to tap into in the future, in the same way that we're doing with Sam & Max. There's no reason why we can't adapt those to another generation of games players. I think there are stories that still remain to be told within Monkey Island and Grim Fandango.

You'll be able to find the latest rumors about MI5 right here on this page, but so far there is pretty much nothing :) The name "Monkey Island 5" has mysteriously appeared on a few release schedules though, but no big fuss came of that. Most likely it were errors by whoever makes those lists.

In 2002 both The International House of Mojo and The World of Monkey Island pulled off an April fools joke that made a lot of people think Monkey Island 5 was in production. We revealed the title and an early draft of the box art, both were fake of course.

In the days leading up to April 1st 2002, The International House of Mojo published MP3 files which were supposedly from MI5. You could hear Guybrush saying lines never heard before, which proved that they weren't from any of the existing games. It was later revealed that it all was the work of Mixnmojo and Dominic Armato (voice of Guybrush). LucasArts had even given them permission. You can download the wav files below.

All voices are done by Dominic Armato and all writing is by Andrew Langley. "Return of Largo" music by Andrew Langley. "Puppets Reunited" music by Andrew Langley and Jimmi Thøgersen.

MI5 cutscene
MI5 line
MI5 scene
MI5 outtakes
Puppets Reunited
Return of Largo

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