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Company: LucasArts
Year of release: 2000
USA & Australia: November 6th
UK, Denmark, & Italy: November 17th
Brazil: November 20th
The Netherlands: November 21st
France: November 23rd
Norway, Spain, Finland: November 24th
France: November 25th
Guybrush thought all his troubles were over after he defeated LeChuck and married Elaine Marley, the Governor of Mêlée Island. But as soon as Guybrush and Elaine return from their 3 months of honeymoon to Mêlée Island, there’s trouble afoot and Guybrush is catapulted into a maelstrom of thievery, voodoo, and experimental prosthetic devices. Armed only with his sharp wit and an uncanny ability to hold his breath for ten whole minutes, our hero navigates ever deeper into a villainous scheme to wipe out the Tri-Island Area using the fearsome power of the Ultimate Insult in Escape from Monkey Island.
Main credits:
  • Story, Design and project lead by Sean Clark & Micheal Stemmle.
  • Programmed by Michelle Hinners & Randy Stevenson.
  • Lead Animator/3D Animation by Marc Overney.
  • Lead Artist: Chris Miles.
  • Music composed by Clint Bajakian, Micheal Land, Peter McConnell, Anna Karney, and Micheal Lande./li>
  • Voice Director and Producer: Darragh O'Farrell.
  • Starring: Dominic Armato as Guybrush Threepwood, Charity James as Elaine Marley-Threepwood, Earl Boen as LeChuck, Nick Tate as Ozzie Mandrill, Leilani Jones Wilmore as The Voodoo Lady, Pat Fraley as Stan, Pamela Tyson as Carla, Cam Clarke as Meathook, S.Scott Bullock as Otis, W.Morgan Sheppard as Ignatius Cheese, Wally Wingert as Herman Toothrot, and Denny Delk as Murray.
Original box art:

Front of box:

PS2 versions:

Excerpted from "The Memoirs of Guybrush Threepwood: The Monkey Island Years"

"Spitting the sand of Monkey Island from my mouth, I began to wonder if the life of a mighty pirate was all it was cracked up to be. I'd ignored recent events that should have been warning shots across the bow of my soul, from my wife's brush with death to the anti-pirate ramblings of Australian gazillionaire Ozzie Mandrill. If only I'd chosen a different path, LeChuck might still be dead, and the mystery of the Ultimate Insult might have remained an enigma. If I'd never picked up a sword, the grog-swilling pirates of the Tri-Island Area might be unthreatened by the twin forces of gentrification and demonic heckfire. If only . . . suddenly, the hairy finger of a familiar monkey tapped me on the shoulder. It was time. Time to stop LeChuck (again). Time to make the world safe for pirates. Time for the biggest battle of my swashbuckling life."


  • Operating System: Windows 95, 98, Millennium and Windows 2000
  • CPU: 200 MHz required; 266MHz or higher recommended
  • Memory: 32MB RAM, Windows 2000 users must have at least 64MB RAM minimum
  • Video: 4MB PCI or AGP Direct 3D or OpenGL-compatible Graphics Accelerator
  • Sound: 16-bit sound card
  • CD-ROM: Quad speed IDE or SCSI CD-ROM
  • Input Device: 100% Windows compatible keyboard required. Optional support for gamepads and joysticks.
  • DirectX: Requires DirectX 7.0a or higher. (DirectX 7.0a included on CD if needed.)
  • Note: Your system may require the "latest" Windows drivers for your particular hardware and operating system.

    A 100% DirectX or OpenGL compatible 3D accelerator is required. Supported 3D chipsets at time of release include:
3dfx Voodoo Graphics
3dfx Voodoo Banshee
3dfx Voodoo2
3dfx Voodoo3
3dfx Voodoo4/5
3Dlabs Permedia 3
3Dlabs GLINT R3
ATI Rage 128
ATI Rage 128 Pro
ATI Dual Rage 128 Pro
ATI Radeon
Matrox G200
Matrox G400
NVIDIA GeForce256 Family
NVIDIA GeForce 2 Family
NVIDIA Quadro, Quadro2 Family
S3 Savage 4/Savage4 PRO
S3 Savage 2000
Trident Blade 3D

Additional chipsets supported. For a complete list of supported 3D cards, please consult the Troubleshooting Guide in the game's launcher menu, or visit the Technical Support section of the LucasArts website at

Size: Requires:
English version 1.12 mb
French version 2. 25 mb
Italian version 1.54 mb
German version 2.17 mb
Portuguese version 1.35 mb
Spanish version 1.35 mb
Complete 120 MB
Typical (No cutscenes) 95 MB
Minimum (No cutscenes or voices) 51 MB
E3 video 1 10.2 MB Windows media player
E3 video 2 10.6 MB Windows media player
E3 video 3 2.63 MB Windows media player
Spotlight video 3.41 MB Quicktime player
PlayStation2 trailer 4.92 MB Quicktime player
Playable flash intro 504 KB

Guybrush Threepwood
Guybrush is now married to Elaine and has gotten his normal charming looks back. He is no longer a tall skinny pirate, but a dashing young man in a red coat. Once again his destiny is to save the Caribbean, impress his love, battle LeChuck, sail the seas, and get himself into trouble. For once, his crew doesn't desert him..completely, but he is still pretty much on is own. Guybrush has a tendency to experience weird situations and his adventures in Escape from Monkey Island is no different. Winning a diving competition and sticking a duck in his pants is just some of the things Guybrush finds necessary.
Elaine Marley-Threepwood
The popular governor Marley of Mêlée, Booty and Plunder Island is now the bride of Guybrush. Elaine’s role in Escape from Monkey Island is bigger than the three previous games and unlike in The Curse of Monkey Island, you can now interact with Elaine in the game itself. When Elaine returns to Mêlée, she has been declared dead and her mansion is scheduled for demolition. Elaine tries for the most parts of the game to win the re-election of Governor, which isn’t very easy when your main opponent leads a ‘Good Times, Free Grog’ campaign.
After being buried under tons of ice in the Carnival of the Damned, LeChuck has found his way back to Mêlée Island and is determined to get rid of Guybrush once and for all. The way LeChuck returns will not really surprise the true Monkey Island fan, but it can be rather unexpected for some. By using the unholy power of the Ultimate Insult, LeChuck wants to finally make Elaine his bride. So will Guybrush be able to stop LeChuck for the fourth time, now that he’s back as a shape shifting Ghost Zombie Demon Pirate?
Voodoo Lady
The mysterious Voodoo Lady has once again moved from her swamp on Plunder Island to the International House of Mojo on Mêlée Island. Whenever Guybrush is in trouble, the Voodoo Lady is there to give Guybrush useful advice. Sorta like a personal helpdesk for technical support that sells skulls, voodoo dolls and rubber chickens with pulleys in the middle as well. Guybrush still hasn’t learned her name, but he does discover that she has a five game contract with LucasArts.
The fast talking businessman with the huge smile is no longer into the Life Insurance Policies, since his customers all became ghosts and came to collect their insurance money. Now he deals in Time Shares and he has moved his business to Jambalaya Island.
Herman Toothrot
The eccentric, brain addled hermit Herman Toothrot also returns in Escape from Monkey Island and in this game he suffers from serious amnesia. Guybrush first met Herman in The Secret of Monkey Island and learned that Herman has been living on Monkey Island for the last 20 years. Gradually, Guybrush learns that Herman carries a secret with him and it’s not the secret of his missing pants. Heh.
The mighty demonic skull makes a brief appearance in Escape from Monkey Island. He now works as a bouncer at Planet Threepwood on Jambalaya Island, trying to make money to carry out his evil plans to rule the Caribbean.
Carla, the Sword Master
Carla was part of Guybrush's crew in The Secret of Monkey Island, but thanks to Guybrush leaving her and the rest of the crew stranded on Monkey Island, she doesn't trust him very much these days. A little convincing and a nice reward gets her to chance her mind though and soon she is once again accompanying Guybrush across the seas. Once the team reaches an island, she isn't of much help however and tends to dwell on her own problems.
After returning from Monkey Island, Meathook started to concentrate on his one true passion: painting (although the guy has no hands). And of course he still does that thing he does. “What are you talking about?” I hear you ask. You know, the funny thing. The thing with Amazing man.
The thief (“I’m a victim of society”) Otis was part of Guybrush's crew in The Secret of Monkey Island. After Guybrush stranded his crew on Monkey Island in the first game, they apparently had a tough time to get off it. Otis is badly traumatized by his experiences on Monkey Island and for no gold in the world nor a brand new car would he return to island in question.

Escape from Monkey Island is also available for the PlayStation 2 and that version differs a bit from the PC version due to several enhancement: Here is a list of the main differences:
  • Has re-rendered character animations with 9 times as many polygrams as the PC version
  • Vibration function
  • Smoother controls
  • A revised version of Monkey Kombat
  • A new Easter egg>
  • Concept Art section.
Below are screenshots from the PlayStation 2 version

GameSpot UK posted an article called "Games of the Year 2000" and Escape from Monkey Island won as "Adventure Game of the Year"

John Takis has made an excellent chart to use with Monkey Kombat. Just print out the chart and you can easily fill in the commands when playing Escape from Monkey Island. It gives a much better overview when Monkey Kombat fighting :)

Click on the chart below to get a full size image.

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