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Company: LucasArts
Year of release: 1991
In LeChuck's Revenge Guybrush Threepwood returns in his search for the legendary treasure of Big Whoop. He is now a genuine pirate and has traded in his white shirt and clean shaved face for a dashing blue coat and a beard. This would not be a true sequel if we did not see the return of the villain LeChuck and so, in the true spirit of Monkey Island, Guybrush accidentally help bring back LeChuck who, of course, wants revenge. The game itself has evolved much since the original. It feels about four times bigger and includes four different islands. Some of the puzzles are very hard and therefore you can select to play the game on "easy mode" for beginners.
Main credits:
Created and Designed by Ron Gilbert.
Programmed by Tim Shafer, Tami Borowick, Dave Grossman and Bret Barrett.
Background Art by Peter Chan, Steve Purcell, Sean Turner and James Dollar.
Animation by Sean Turner, Larry Ahern, Mike McLaughlin, Steve Purcell, Ken Macklin and Peter Chan.
Original Music by Michael Z.Land, Peter McConnell and Clint Bajakian
Original box art:
Front of box:
boxartMI2-front.jpg (201710 byte)
Back of box:

boxartMI2-back.jpg (274045 byte)

Excerpted from "The Memoirs of Guybrush Threepwood: The Monkey Island Years"

"I thought I'd killed the Ghost Pirate LeChuck for good. Wrong. How many times can that bloated old fool die? Other pirates tell me there's no escape. "When LeChuck wants you dead, you're dead", they say. Legend has it that the treasure of Big Whoop holds the key to great power... I must find it before LeChuck finds me."

  • Adventure Classic Gaming
  • Just Adventure + #1
  • Just Adventure + #2
  • The International House of Mojo
  • Uziana

  • Screenshots are taken from the enhanced CD-ROM version.
    See info about the different versions here.

    System requirements as described on the Monkey Island Bounty Pack.

  • MS-DOS 5.0 or higher
  • 386/33 DX (486 recommended)
  • 1 Mb EMS required (2 Mb EMS recommended)
  • Mouse
  • 256 color VGA/MCGA
  • SoundBlaster and 100% compatibles, Adlib, Roland MT 32

  • File name Description File size This demo is non-playable. 1.66 MB

    Guybrush Threepwood
    Guybrush is now dressed in a dashing blue coat, pirate boots, and a new beard. He is just as clumsy as he was on his first adventure and accidentally help bring back LeChuck. Not only is he searching is he searching for the legendary treasure of Big Whoop, but he also has to find a way to project himself from the wrath of LeChuck.
    Elaine Marley
    Sadly, Elaine only makes a brief appearance in this game. She is now the governor of Booty Island and enjoys throwing big parties. She lives in a big mansion and has her own private gardener and cook. She has named her dog Guybrush, although she seems to be a little angry at him.
    LeChuck is back and he's nastier than ever. He is no longer a ghost as he returns in the form of his rotting corpse. Naturally he wants revenge over Guybrush and plans to do so in a very evil way. To assist him in this matter he has his right hand, the vicious pirate Largo LaGrande. Together they hatch an evil plan to avenge LeChuck's death.
    Voodoo Lady
    The voodoo lady has moved from her little house on Melee Island to a nice cottage in the swamp on Scabb Island. Her new residence is quite nice and offers much privacy due to its location.
    Although she claims that she was the one who killed LeChuck, she is once again faithful to Guybrush and provides him with advice, potions, and stories of terror.
    Stan has abandoned his business on Melee Island and moved to Booty Island, where he has gone into the used coffin business. Naturally he tries to sell Guybrush a coffin, but Guybrush gets even with him, for selling him that piece of junk he claimed to be a ship.
    Herman Toothrot
    Herman is no longer stranded on Monkey Island. He now lives on Dinky Island where he teaches philosophy, but his only student seems to be a parrot. He is not very helpful to Guybrush when he arrives on the island, but I guess that is to be expected, considering how Guybrush threaded him on Monkey Island.
    Men of low moral fiber
    The men of low moral fiber have emigrated to Scabb Island, where they spend all of their time sleeping on a ledge next to the local laundry. The guys have got a new pet rat, which proves to be very useful to Guybrush.
    VGA 256 color floppy disk

    This is the original version of LeChuck's Revenge
    VGA 256 color CD-Rom

    This is the same version as the original above, but it is on cd and also includes a copy of the Monkey Island 1 256 color enhanced CD-Rom version.
    PC Gamer Edition

    This version is the same as the two others, but was enclosed with an edition of PC Gamer.
    This version had no easy level and you needed to pay $20 to unlock the game.
    Amiga version

    Same as the PC version although it has less background drawings. For instance lesser tombstones on the cemetery or lesser shipwrecks in Woodtick. Nothing that affects the game in any way though. Also, the Amiga version only uses 32 colors.
    Macintosh version

    Macintosh screenshot provided by Jake 2000.
    Runs in 640 * 480 resolution and uses wave sound like the Amiga version.

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