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Company: LucasArts
Year of release: 1990
The Monkey Island saga is known throughout the gaming world and is considered some of the best adventure games ever. The Secret of Monkey Island is the game that started it all. You control the hero Guybrush Threepwood who wants to be a pirate, but he quickly learns that he must go through three trials to become a pirate. On one of his quests he meets the lovely governor Elaine Marley and falls in love with her. Just as he thinks everything is perfect, she gets kidnapped by the evil ghost pirate LeChuck.
Main credits:
Created and Designed by Ron Gilbert.
Written and Programmed by Dave Grossman, Tim Shafer and Ron Gilbert.
Background Art by Steve Purcell, Mark Ferrari and Mike Ebert.
Animation by Steve Purcell, Mike Ebert and Martin Cameron.
Original Music by Micheal Land, Barney Jones and Andy Newell (of earwax productions) and Patrick Mundy.
Original box art:
Front of box:
boxartMI1-front.jpg (201710 byte)
Back of box:

boxartMI1-back.jpg (274045 byte)

Excerpted from "The Memoirs of Guybrush Threepwood: The Monkey Island Years"

"I cursed my luck again as I slid down the monkey's throat. Have my dreams of guzzling grog and plundering galleons been reduced to this. "Three small trials and you're a pirate like us." Fair enough. If only I could stomach the foul brew these scurvy seadogs swilled, the rest would be easy. How could I have known I'd meet a powerful and beautiful woman with a jealous suitor too stupid to realize he'd been dead for years? And how can I crawl through this great stone monkey to find a man who walks three inches above the ground and sets fire to his beard every morning?"

  • Adventure Classic Gaming
  • Just Adventure +
  • The International House of Mojo
  • Uziana

  • Screenshots are taken from the enhanced CD-ROM version.
    See info about the different versions here.

    System requirements as described on the Monkey Island Bounty Pack.

  • MS-DOS 5.0 or higher
  • 386/33 DX (486 recommended)
  • 1 Mb EMS required (2 Mb EMS recommended)
  • Mouse
  • 256 color VGA/MCGA
  • SoundBlaster and 100% compatibles, Adlib, Roland MT 32

  • File name Description File size Type sampler.exe to start. Includes Indy3 & Loom demos. 647 kb Type sampler.exe to start. Includes a quiz at the end. 224 kb

    Here are the pirates from the copy protection on the game. Asembled and submitted by Joey Martin. This is the cover art for "The Secret of Monkey Island" but without any text or logos.

    Guybrush Threepwood
    The clumsy young man who wants to be a pirate. He doesn't always do things the easiest way or say the right things, but none the less you can't help but love him as he gets shot out of a canon, learns how to sword fight, digs for a lost treasure, bribes a troll, uses a rubber chicken as a mean of transportation, and gets shot out of a canon once again.
    Elaine Marley
    The lovely Elaine in who Guybrush falls so helplessly in love with. Elaine is the governor on Melee Island and lives in a big mansion just outside of town, unfortunately the mansion is trashed by an ugly fight. She has her share of problems with LeChuck, but attempts to solve them in her own way until Guybrush ruins the whole thing.
    LeChuck is the evil villain. Not only is he dead, transparent, and evil, but he also has vicious plans that involves Guybrush and Elaine. He sails the sea with his ghost ship and scares away every pirate that crosses his path. He resides in a lovely pool of lave deep beneath Monkey Island, where him and his ghost crew parties all day long.
    Voodoo Lady
    The voodoo lady is a mysterious woman. She appears out of nowhere and disappears without notice. She helps Guybrush on his quest by providing him with useful information, items, and scaring the hell out of him. She lives in a nice, but creepy, little house in the town, conveniently close to the shops. She can predict the future and even though what she says is true, it can be quite difficult to understand, but she seems to know what she is talking about.
    Stan is an annoying, but nice person. He sells used ships on Melee Island and has a ship for everyone. He likes to talk a lot and promote his own business, but he also hands out useful commercial items. It does not take him long to convince Guybrush what ship he need and at what price. Unfortunately, Guybrush is a hard bargainer and forces Stan to lower his price.
    Herman Toothrot
    Herman is a nice, but kind of stupid man. He has been stranded on Monkey Island for about 20 years and even though he has had a rowboat all this time, he has not used it. Herman has been waiting to get rescued, because that is what is supposed to happen. There is not much to do on Monkey Island, so Herman spends most of his time arguing with the Cannibals and enjoying the view.
    Men of low moral fiber
    The men of low moral fiber are three lazy guys who want to start a circus, but instead of doing something they spend all their time on a street corner in the town. They have a cute little rat which they plan on training for the circus, but it does not seem to obey them. One of the guys spends most of his time rocking back and forth on a barrel, while the other guys stand still watching the street.
    16 color floppy disk

    This is the original version of The Secret of Monkey Island. It only uses 16 colors.
    PC CGA 4 colors

    PC CGA screenshot provided by Etienne Baudin .
    This is the PC CGA 4 colors game mode version of the original PC EGA 16 color version. It's a downgraded color version included in the EGA 16 version. To try it, run MI1 EGA with "-c" parameter if you launch it from dos. The latest version of ScummVM now also supports this feature in the graphical options, if you run the original EGA version.
    VGA 256 color floppy disk

    This version is the same as the original, but it has 256 color graphics.
    Enhanced CD-ROM

    This version has: 256 color graphics, CD audio music, Enhanced interface (same as MI2 with a picture interface). Since this version is on CD, the stump joke has been removed.
    PC Gamer Edition

    This version is the same as the enhanced CD-ROM version.
    Amiga version

    Amiga screenshot provided by Klaus Rettinghaus.
    Has better music than the floppy disk PC versions, but it only uses 32 colors.
    Atari ST version

    Atari screenshot provided by Pelle Nilsson.
    Has 16 colors and uses the ST's sound which is better than PC Speaker sound but not as good as wave sound.
    Macintosh version

    Macintosh screenshot provided by Jake 2000.
    Has an enhanced interface (same as MI2 with a picture interface) and runs in 640 * 480 resolution. Uses wave sound like the Amiga version.
    Sega Mega CD version

    Sega Mega CD screenshot provided by Etienne Baudin .

    In case you don't want to find your way through the forest on Melee Island the usual way this map by Skillwaste can guide you along. If you haven't played the game before then you shouldn't use this map, but instead find your way by solving the puzzles required.

    Click for larger view
    Melee Island forest map

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