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Monkey Island: The Christmas Challenge
By MI Maniac

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Is that snow that I see?
Review by: McPirate @ 19:29, Sunday, January 8, 2006
First I have some nitpicking on some small details I noted.
in the first part:
"trash sofa" comes from nowhere. It is said much earlier that he was lying on the sofa, but the small note isn't graphic enough for people to remember it enough to justify Elaine's comment.

in the second part:
"While leaving the Scumm Bar, poor Wally was blown over by a strong gust of wind." This situation seems to be out of place. It says to little to be really enjoyed, and is to strange to just overlook. It really breaks the flow of the story.
Also the next incident with Wally seems strange, it is so quickly written down that it seems that the author doesn't care what happens with him. As might explain why Guybrush just went to bed instead of after him. Still Wally seems to be bit of a misfit to the story. And that is a problem since he is the only character beside Guybrush and Elaine who has talked.

The setting seems strange to me. It might be because the story seems to be written as if all the characters were living in a normal town in america (or england), but only changed out the drinks, and some of the games with Monkey Island Clichees.
Which might be enjoyable enough I guess if you enjoy that, and see yourself in that setting. I don't however. Christmass celebrations are different in northern europe. Santa Claus is an overgrown gnomish character, who both gives out presents and demands porridge in the barn, both on christmass eve.
So I don't buy the setting.
It seems so strange that It suddenly snows in the Carribean, that everyone are so merry that they fall into the background.
There seems to be no depth. And the bridge between the Carribean of the games, and the modern celebrations that is portrayed seems strange, and at times scary (especially Wally's hysteria over the truth about Santa).
I instanty ask myself why have Elaine made this celebration, why are everyone still just drinking grogg, and why is it snowing? Why are everybody sleeping at the mansion, were these songs known all around at that time? And why is the image of Santa Claus so modern?
Many of these concerns might lie in my belief that Monkey Island plays on a classic period.
But it isn't really, it is spewed with new items. So I guess I shouldn't complain. Though I'd wish the Christmass part was more properly interwoven into the triisland area. Everyone in the story seems to know what theses changes are about, but the readers doesn't. They would greatly profit from some deeper describtions of what's going on.

Still the story plays on an original concept. And could yet play out nicely.
As of now, it is too little explained, which makes much of the action, besides Guybrush' seemingly unmoving storyline, jerky and strange.
Then again it is the strangeness of the situation, and the lacking describtions of the scene, that makes Herman giving back Elaines old dog so amusing. It seems completely random.

Review by: Captain Raptor @ 00:24, Sunday, January 1, 2006
Wow! Very frightening! Great job! ;) Feel bad for Wally though...

Monkey Island : The Christmas Challenge Review
Review by: Princess Zelda @ 23:06, Monday, December 26, 2005
I absolutely loved the prologue. I cannot wait for the rest of the story. Please hurry with it!

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