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Monkey Island 4 walkthrough

This walkthrough is written by Ken Christensen.
Please don't use on any other page without permission. Thanks.

All characters are written like this: Guybrush Threepwood.
All items are written like this: Rubber chicken.
There are a few exceptions to the rules above. If I'm quoting a conversation and a name comes up, it will not stand out and items only stand out when you can pick them up or use them for something.


Kick the brazier full of coals and pick up one of the coals. Turn around and kick the coal at the loaded canon.

Act I – Things to do on Melee When You’re Dead

Run to the Scumm Bar and enter. Go to the back and try to pick up the jerky pretzels. The drunken pirate wont let you. Talk to the dart throwers and keep asking them to hit certain things, at some point you can ask them to hit the balloon. They pop it, scares the drunken pirate and you can pick up the jerky pretzels. Talk to the Crusty Old Sailor and at the table ask him to join your crew to Lucre Island. Tell him that he'll be traveling to Lucre Island. When he says he can't go, ask him if there is anything you can do to convince him to join your crew and then challenge him to insult arm wrestling. When you win he will join you crew. (Click here to get a full list of the insults and comebacks if you need help). Leave the Scumm Bar.

meleée4-1.jpg (87648 byte)
Click for a larger view

Run to the harbor and pick up the popped inner tube. Run back to the mansion and place the popped inner tube on the cactus next to the mansion. Talk to the catapult operator and offer him some jerky pretzels. When he leaves, tinkle with the controls on the catapult. 

Go into the mansion and pick up the government paper from the dresser near the window. Look at it and show it to Elaine and she will sign it. Leave the mansion and run down to the two pirates hanging around city hall. Talk to them and you'll learn that they are your old friends Carla and Otis. Talk to them and convince them to join your crew by offering them cushy government jobs. Show them the contract. 

Run back to Elaine and tell her you have trouble getting a ship. She will give you the Gubernatorial Symbol. Go to the harbor and show the Gubernatorial Symbol to the harbor mistress. She gives you a ship.

Lucre Island

lucre.jpg (95787 byte)
Click for a larger view

Enter the Law Office of W. T. D and Guybrush automatically starts talking to the lawyers. He tells them his story and they give him a letter. Guybrush leaves the law office. Enter the bank and talk to the bank teller. Tell her you would like to retrieve something from your safe deposit box. You will get trapped in the vault. Pick up the handkerchief, the three sponges, and the sword. Look into the open deposit box and pick up the music box and the bottle of fine grog. Use the sword with the bottom hinge and stick the broken sword in the crack. Stick the three sponges in the crack and poor the fine grog on them. 

Pick up the tin of chicken grease from the floor and leave the jailhouse. Run to the perfume pusher and pick up one of the spritzers from the pile. Pick up the cologne from the stand as well. Enter the House of Sticks and watch Ozzie Mandrill go nuts. Pick up the wood shavings from where Mister Mandrill’s stick stood and leave. Enter the Bait Shoppe and take some of the free bate. Leave and pick up the duck from outside the Bait Shoppe. Leave the town and visit the Misty swamp. Use the empty spritzer bottle with the puddle. Leave the swamp and go to the Foreboding mansion. Pick the flower next to the fountain and return to the town. Combine the home-made perfume with the wood shavings, the fish, and the flower in your inventory and enter the Palace of Prostheses. Use the music box with Guy with two eye patches (Dave). Look at the basket of prostheses and quickly pick up the wooden hand while the music box is playing so Dave can't hear it. If the music box stops before you manage to steal the wooden hand, then just start it again and try once more.

Spray the home-made perfume on Dave and notice what name he mentions as his best customer. Twiddle with the system controls. You now have to find the file with the name Dave mentioned. The symbols are equal to letters: 

Bunny = A-D
Palm = E-H
Pumpkin = I-M
Monkey = N-S
Banana = T-Z

I.E. the name Dope Q. Memoryless = D Q M = Bunny – Monkey – Pumpkin 

Select the correct symbols and press the button. You will get the directions to Pegnose Pete’s house.

Run down to the two chess players and talk to the portly pirate chess player. Tell him his friend seems awfully focused on the game and then ask him if Castaneda has a thing for the bank teller. Now, then the portly pirate chess player is about to make a chess move, say something that will distract him. He will drop the piece, but it will count as a move. Now talk to the skinny pirate chess player (Castaneda) and say something about Brittany as he is about to make a chess move. He will also drop the piece and the two chess players will get into a fight. You can now take the clock.

Go to the mysterious swamp and place the clock on the raft. Now you can see the time and a compass. Look at the directions to Pegnose Pete and look at the clock. Now go in the correct direction. I.E. if the directions say “1.20 E” Then you go east when the clock shows 1.20. 

When you get to a gate, you see a Guybrush from the future. He will give you a key and then you have to ask him a question. Remember exactly what answer he gives. He will then give you two of the following items: a gun, a rope, and a chicken with a pulley in the middle. Remember exactly what two items he gives you and in what order. Talk to Guybrush and ask him to prove he is really Guybrush. He will give you a number. Remember that number as well. Use the key to open the gate. He will now give you the last of the three items. Continue the journey by using the directions until you reach the same gate. Now you’ll meet the Guybrush from the past. Give the key to Guybrush and he will ask the same question as you asked before. Now answer with the same answer as he gave when you asked that question. Then give him the two items he gave you in exactly the same order. (The gun, the rope, or the chicken with a pulley in the middle). He will ask you to prove that you are really Guybrush by saying what number he is thinking of. Tell him the number you were told earlier. Continue with the directions until you reach Pegnose Pete’s house.

Approach the house and Guybrush will listen to what Pegnose Pete and Ozzie Mandrill is talking about. When Ozzie Mandrill has left, use the tin of chicken grease with the welcome mat and throw the duck through the window. You have now captured Pegnose Pete.

Run back to the manhole outside the bank and use the broken sword to pry off the manhole cover. Pick up the manhole cover and examine it. You will get three names. Enter the Palace of Prostheses, talk to Dave and tell him you are looking for some gifts. When he asks what kind of gifts ask him what free prosthesis he has. He will start telling a story and you have to fill in the names. Use the names you got from the manhole cover and you will get a prosthetic skin. Finish the conversation and leave.

Use the prosthetic skin on the manhole. Jump on the skin and you will get inside the bank. Climb down the latter and pick up the ScupperWare from the table. Pull the chain near the desk and the lights will go on. Climb up the ladder and look at the funny shadow on the wall. You have now found Pegnose Pete's nose. Leave the bank through the window. 

Leave the town and go to the foreboding mansion. Enter the mansion and you will find Ozzie Mandrill inside. Talk to him as much as you want and end the conversation when you're done. Spray some cologne on one of the animals and Ozzie will get so mad that he breaks his walking stick. Leave and return to the town. Enter the Bait Shoppe and use the wooden prosthetic hand with the termite circus to get the termites. Take another piece of the free bait. Leave and enter the House of Sticks. Use the termite-infested prosthetic hand on Mister Mandrill's cane. Ozzie will come to pick up his cane and he leaves a trail of sawdust as he walks. Go back to Ozzie's mansion and talk to him about Pegnose Pete. He will hike to a secret hideout. Follow him. 

Run around on the small island and climb down the hidden passage. Push the button on the table and you'll see where the stolen heirlooms are. Leave the room and dive into the deep water. Use the bait in your inventory with the ScupperWare. Use the ScupperWare with bait in it on a glowing fish to capture one. Now you can see a secret door on the left. Enter it. Pick up the heirlooms and the screw. Leave and return to the jail. Show the heirlooms and the screw to inspector Canard.

Act II - Enter the Manatee

End the conversation with Elaine and leave the mansion. Run to the Voodoo Lady, pull the finger on the hand-shaped table and ask her about the Ultimate Insult. After she has told you everything about the Ultimate Insult ask her what the Marley heirlooms has to do with it. She will find something old (earrings), something new (necklace), and something borrowed (pen on chain) in the chest, but the something blue is not in the chest and now you have to find it. End the conversation with the Voodoo Lady and leave.

melee4-2.jpg (89900 byte)
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Go to the harbor and look at the return slot in the grog machine. Pick up the quarter and use it in the grog machine. Kick, push, shake, and finally yell at the grog machine. Pick up a can of grog and leave the harbor. Visit Meathook’s House of Wax and talk to Meathook until he moves the bucket. Then pick up the paint brush from the bucket and leave. Go to the Lua Bar and sit down at a barstool. Talk to the waitress and order something to eat. (Which will be a flaming scuttle fish). Now wait and watch the flaming scuttle fish as it moves down the sushi boat propulsion mechanism. Open your inventory and select the paintbrush so Guybrush has it in his hand. Now, jam the paintbrush in the sushi boat propulsion mechanism just as the flaming boat goes behind the pillar after the curve.  When the cook comes running, quickly enter the kitchen and use the can of grog with the sushi boat steam generator. You will get the painting. 

Run down to the harbor and place the earrings on the figurehead of the ship so she comes to live. Now, place the necklace and the pen on the figurehead as well and give her the painting. You will get the location of the Ultimate Insult and a drawing of it.

Jambalaya sland

jambalaya.jpg (92861 byte)
Click for a larger view

Leave the town and run to the gaudy house (Stan’s Timeshare). Pick up the jar of glue next to the house and talk to Stan about the pamphlets to get one from him. Go back to the town and enter the Micro Groggery. Use the jar of glue on the strange contraption and talk to the bartender. Ask what the strange contraption with a saddle on it is and he will tell you that it's a mechanical manatee. Ask what it's there for and the bartender will tell you that anyone who can ride it at the highest setting gets a coupon for a free Monkey Mug Meal at Planet Threepwood. Tell him you wan to try it and thanks to the glue you stay on and get a free meal ticket to Planet Threepwood. Ask the bartender for a drink and he gives you some wimpy grog, since you have no id. 

Go to the StarBuccaneers and look at the empty cup in the window. Enter the shop and pick up the empty cup from the window. Give the empty cup to the StarBuccaneer's counter clerk and you will get refill. Pick up a mini-bagel from the tray on the counter and eat it. Your are left with a juicy wad of chewed up bagel chunks and Schmear Whiz. Put it away in your inventory. Look at the woman’s shopping bag and pick up the StarBuccaneer's logo mug.

Enter Planet Threepwood and look at the Today's menu. Talk to the waitress and tell her you are ready to order. Order some food and a drink and show her the meal ticket. Once you are sitting with the mug, talk to the jolly pirate and say yes to a free caricature. Answer the questions he asks and you get a caricature with Guybrush and the monkey mug. Use the glue with the caricature and stick the caricature on the StarBuccaneers mug. Switch the fake monkey mug with the real monkey mug. Get up from the stool and leave the restaurant.

Talk to the tourist by the statue about everything, especially the statue and the missing hat.

Go down to the docks and use the community rowboat. Row around towards the small island of Knuttin Atoll. You will be stopped by a pirate, but just talk to him a bit, end the conversation and choose to "Get out of here". Continue to row towards Knuttin Atoll. Once on the island, go to the puppet theatre and talk to Little LeChuck. Keep talking about Hellbeard until you get to talk to Little Guybrush. Ask to talk to the puppeteer and keep asking until he appers. End the conversation and show him the Blue painting with the Ultimate Insult drawing on it. He will run screaming away and you can pick up the Li'l Guybrush and Li'l LeChuck.

Walk to the school and talk to the nice teacher-lady. Talk about the school and tell her that you are tired of being a pirate. You will be put in a class and asked many questions. Answer every question wrong by answering like a pirate. You will not pass and get the dunce cap.

Once outside, pull the fire alarm on the side of the house. When miss Rivers runs out, go inside and pick up the whistle from the trunk. Run to the beach and talk to the metabolically-challenged pirate about his father and about the two parrots on his shoulders. (Make sure you have talked to the tourist on Jambalaya Island about the bronze hat, otherwise do that before you talk to the metabolically-challenged pirate). Go to the right to all the stones and blow in the whistle. The parrots come flying. One of the parrots always tells the truth and one of them always lies. Give the wimpy grog to one of them and ask it a question, so you will know if the now drunk parrot is telling the truth or lying. Ask the truth telling parrot if the bronze hat is buried under the rock. If not, ask what way you should go to find the hat. Keep going from rock to rock and blow the whistle to summon the parrots and ask the truth telling parrot where the hat is. When you find the rock, use the puppets and make them argue. You will get the bronze hat.

Leave the beach and row back to Jambalaya Island 

Go to the tall rock (the diving competition) where you will meet Marco de Pollo. Talk to him and say that you would like to dive against him. End the conversation and go talk to the diving judges about entering. After the physical go talk to Marco de Pollo and tell him you are ready to dive against him. Go off the plank and dive. You wont win so go talk to each judge about what you are doing wrong. The hippie judge tells you, that you have to do exactly the same moves as Marco de Pollo.
He tells you that:

Keelhaul is UP
Rum barrel is DOWN
Spinning swordsman is RIGHT
Alpha monkey is LEFT 

The wise old judge tells you, that your splashes are too big. 

Talk to the grouchy judge about his red headed wife. Look at the time share brochure you got from Stan in your inventory. You'll learn that it has a picture of the grouchy judge with someone else than his wife. Blackmail the grouchy judge by showing him the time share brochure.

Run back to Marco de Pollo and use juicy wad of chewed up bagel chunks and Schmear Whiz from your inventory with the baby seal oil on the table. Challenge Marco to another contest and remember which moves he makes. Before you dive, put on the dunce cap. Dive and make the exact same moves Marco did by pressing the correct keys. 

It is a tie, so you will have to dive again. This time you dive first so just make any combination of moves. Marco fails and you get the golden man.

Act III - Escape from Monkey Island

monkey4.jpg (113087 byte)
Click for a larger view

Leave the beach and hike up to the vista point. Get ready to solve the boulder puzzle. Many people have problems solving this puzzle even if they read a walkthrough so you might want to look at this descriptive screenshot as you read the solution:

Pick up a rock (Rock A) from the pile of big rocks and throw it in the right canal. Pick up another rock (Rock B) right away and get ready to throw it in the middle canal. (Highlight the option "Throw rock at canal in the middle of the cliff", but don't press Enter). When the first rock (Rock A) passes branch 1 (The branch shakes) throw rock B in the middle canal.

Pick up another rock (Rock C) right away and get ready to throw it in the left canal. (Highlight the option "Throw rock at canal in the left side of the cliff", but don't press Enter). When the second rock (Rock B) passes Branch 2 (The branch shakes) throw rock C in the left canal. Rock C will now hit Rock B and guide it in another canal. 

Pick up another rock (Rock D) right away and get ready to throw it in the left canal. (Highlight the option "Throw rock at canal in the left side of the cliff", but don't press Enter). When the second rock (Rock B) passes Branch 3 (The branch shakes) throw rock D in the left canal. 

Rock A will now come out of a hole and hit Rock B, which will guide it in another canal. Rock D will then hit rock B above the middle exit and they will both go off the ramp. One of the rocks will and in the lava field.

Leave the vista point and run to the canyon. Pick up the banana picker near the cactus and leave. Run back to the beach and use the banana picker 3 times with the bunch of bananas. Give a banana to Timmy and he will follow you. Run back to the canyon and give another banana to Timmy. Enter the mine shaft. Run up to the big metal door and open the vent. Throw a banana through the open vent and Timmy jumps through. Close the vent and use a banana with the portal. In his eager to get the banana Timmy manages to open the big metal door. Enter the tube and use the banana picker with the weed whipper stuck between the pipes. Leave the mine shaft and the canyon. 

Go to the volcano castle and enter the cathedral. Use the banana picker with the shields above the door. Cross the bridge and talk to the priest. Convince him to let you try the lava plunge. When you ride around in the lava pool push the different the logs in the correct order so you can pass the milk bottle.
(The logs are positioned differently in each game.) When you pass the
milk bottle, quickly use the banana picker to pick it up. Then float into the little puddle and leave the boat. Push the tree so you can cross the lava stream. Use the weed whipper with the weed around the puddle and leave the area. 

Run to the monkey town and talk to Jojo Junior about his bronze hat and about monkey kombat. Give the shields to the musically inclined monkey playing the harmonica. He will drop the harmonica and you can pick it up. Leave monkey town and fight with some of the monkeys on the map to learn the different moves. (Use this Monkey Kombat chart to assist you.) When you have beaten enough monkeys Guybrush will say: "Hey, I'm getting pretty good." Now, go back to the monkey town and challenge Jojo Junior. When you have beaten him you get his bronze hat. Leave the monkey town. 

Run back over the lava field and go to the cluttered clearing. Pick up the coconut and talk to the confused Herman. End the conversation and throw the coconut at him. Talk to him again, end the conversation, and throw the milk bottle at him. Talk to him once more, end the conversation, and finally throw the harmonica at him. Talk to him and learn his story. Talk to him until you have the Gubernatorial Symbol

Cross the lava field again and run to the World Famous Giant Monkey Head. Throw the bronze hat on to the Giant Monkey Head and use the banana picker with its nose. Enter through the mouth and use the Gubernatorial Symbol in the prominent slot.

Act III + - Guybrush Kicks Unusually Large Butt

Pick up the big plank and place it on the small tower. Climb the small tower and jump on the big plank. Pull the switch.

You have to battle a giant LeChuck in monkey combat, but you can't beat him the normal way. Just get 3 draws and that destroys him, because when he lowers his arms on the 3rd draw Elaine escapes and Ozzie gets mad.
The power from the Ultimate Insult then wears out and Ozzie doesn't have enough time to try and get LeChuck under his control again. LeChuck smashes Ozzie and the Ultimate Insult causing the power to be released all at once and causing the explosion that destroys him.

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