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Monkey Island 3 - Mega Monkey walkthrough

This walkthrough is written by Ken Christensen.
Please don't use on any other page without permission. Thanks.

All characters are written like this: Guybrush Threepwood.
All items are written like this: Rubber chicken.
There are a few exceptions to the rules above. If I'm quoting a conversation and a name comes up, it will not stand out and items only stand out when you can pick them up or use them for something.

Part I: The demise of the zombie pirate LeChuck

After the intro you'll find yourself captive in LeChuck's ship. Start talking to the small pirate and you'll realize that it's your old friend Wally. Make him see that he is no good as a pirate and he will soon drop his hook and start crying. Pick up the plastic hook from the floor and pick up the ramrod from the wall. Use the cannon and sink the four boats full of skeletons. Afterwards, look out the window and combine the ramrod with the plastic hook to make a raff. Use the raff to pick up the debris in the water. Go back inside.

Use the cutlass you just picked up to cut the cannon restraint rope. Now fire the canon. Since there is no rope to restrain it, it backfires into Guybrush and through the door to the treasure room. The rumble causes LeChuck to drop the voodoo canon ball which kills him and turns the ship upside down.

Pick up the bag from the floor and the diamante ring underneath it. Use the ring to cut a hole in the porthole.

Part II: The curse gets worse

Pick up the glowing amber from the beach. Walk all the way to the left an on to the map of Plunder Island. All the locations are named "?" until you have visited them. Go to the location to that are located in the swamp. Try to enter the ship and you'll be stopped Murray. Talk to him, end the conversation, and enter the ship.

plunder.gif (143756 byte)
Click the picture for a larger view

Pick up the bottle of paste from the floor and the pin from the voodoo doll. Use the bag of nickels from your inventory with the chewing gum machine, Guybrush automatically picks up the pack of gum. Pull the alligator tongue and the Voodoo Lady will appear. Talk to her and tell her about the curse on Elaine. She asks where you have hidden Elaine and Guybrush runs back to the beach only to see a pirate ship sailing away with Elaine.

Guybrush returns to the Voodoo Lady and she explains that to lift the curse he must replace the ring with one of equal or greater value. Talk to her about everything and you'll learn that you have to gather a crew, find a ship, and get a map to lead you to Blood Island. You also have to find Elaine before you leave. On Blood Island you must find a ring to undo the curse.

Leave the Voodoo Lady, go back to the map of the island, and walk to the town. Talk to the small pirate selling lemonade and you'll learn that his name is Kenny Faulmouth. Buy a glass of lemonade and you see what his bottomless mug policy is.

Continue over the bridge and enter the theater through the small back door. Look at the pirate coat and pick up the dandruff which you then find out is lice. Open the pocket of the coat and pick up the glove. Pick up the magic wand from the table and use it on the magic hat. Pick up the book that appears. Leave the theater and enter the Barbery Coast down by the docks.

You need to get rid of Captain Rottingham so when Haggis, the barber, puts down the comb, quickly put the lice on it. After Rottingham has been thrown out talk to Haggis and tell him you want a haircut. When you are in the chair, use the handle on the side to raise the chair a bit. Then kick the stone holding down the pages of the book. When Haggis leaves to find a new rock, raise the chair as high as possible using the handle. Then pick up the scissors from the ceiling. Haggis returns and Guybrush gets up from the chair.  Talk to the salty pirate and you'll learn that his name is Cutthroat Bill. End the conversation and push him. He starts chocking on the jawbreaker he was eating so push him again and pick up the jawbreaker from the floor.

Leave the barber shop and walk back over the bridge. Use the scissors on the mysterious flowers in the ally next to Kenny's lemonade stand. Guybrush will read some information about the flower. Now use the scissors with the undergrowth behind the flowers.

Walk towards all the junk and Guybrush will get eaten by a snake. Pick up the Faberge egg inside the snake, the vacuum cleaner attachments, and the lots-o-stuff. Look in your inventory and mix the ipecac flower with the pancake syrup. Feed the syrup of ipecac to the snake. Guybrush gets spat out and ends up in a pit of quicksand.

Pick up the reeds and a thorn from the thorny plant. Look in your inventory and combine a helium balloon with the paperweight. It floats in front of Guybrush. Blow on the balloon. Look in your inventory again and combine the thorn with the hollow reed. Use the pea shooter to shoot down the balloon. Guybrush can now escape the quicksand and finds himself in Danjer Cove. Leave the cove and return to the town.

The only thing you found in the snake which you still have is a reservation for Blondebeard's chicken. Enter the restaurant next to Kenny's lemonade stand and show the reservation to Blondebeard. Pick up a tasty, buttery biscuit from the biscuit barrel and take a bite of it. You'll find out that it's filled with maggots. Use the maggots on the gross chicken on the table and pick up the club card inside it. Push the quiet patron sitting at the table and pick up the serrated bread knife from his back. Pick up the biscuit cutter and the pie pan from the shelf.

Give the jawbreaker to Blondebeard which breaks loose his gold tooth. Now offer him some gum by using the pack of gum on him. When he blows a bubble you can see the gold tooth is inside. Pop the bubble using the pin from your inventory. Pick up the gold tooth from the floor. You can't leave with it so you have to get it out some other way. Chew a piece of gum yourself. Look in your inventory and combine the gold tooth with the chewed gum. Now Inhale some helium from the helium balloon and chew the gum with the gold tooth in it. The bubble with the tooth will float out the window. Leave the restaurant and use the pie pan with the mudpuddle outside the window. You now have the gold tooth.

Cross the bridge and walk to the field behind the theater. Walk to the grassy knoll and use the serrated bread knife on the sawhorse holding the keg of rum. The keg rolls down the knoll and breaks on a tree causing it to leak rum. Use the amber on stick from you inventory with the trail of rum. The tree blows up and lands in the stack of cabers.

Enter the Barbery Coast again. You now have to convince each of the barbers to join your crew. Start by talking to Cutthroat Bill. Chat with him a little and Guybrush will ask if he wants to join your crew. Talk to him a bit more and convince him you can find gold. End the conversation and show him the gold tooth. He is now a member of your crew.

Talk to Haggis and ask him to join your crew. He only want to join your crew if you can beat him at caber toss. Talk to him a bit more and you'll end up tossing cabers at the Field of Competition. You easily win since the caber you have is the rubber tree you blew up.

Now talk to the dapper pirate by the door and ask him to join your crew. Continue the talk with him and you'll learn that he will only join your crew if you beat him at a gentlemen's duel. End the conversation and insult him slapping him with the white glove. You'll end up on the Field of Honor where you have to select a weapon. Close the middle box lid and choose the banjo behind it. Edward Van Helgen plays a tune on his banjo and everyone once in a while he plays a single note. Notice which notes he play and in which order because you have to follow him after he is finished. Continue doing so until he starts playing the banjo behind his head. Go over to the gun pile and pick up a pistol. Shoot Edward's banjo when he plays it in front of his chest. He joins your crew.

You now got the crew you need.

Leave the barber shop and watch the cutscene that displays the return of LeChuck. Return to the field behind the theater. Use the biscuit cutter on the rubber tree next to the one you blew up. Leave the town and return to Danjer Cove. Look in your inventory and use some paste on the rubber plug. Use the sticky rubber plug in the gaping hole in the boat.

Use the boat and row out to the pirate ship. Use the serrated bread knife with the plank and climb onboard the ship. Talk to Mr. Fossey and you'll end up being tarred and feathered. Return to the town and enter Blondebeard's restaurant. 

He thinks you're the devil chicken El Pollo Diablo so he hits you on the head and you end up back on the ship in the captains room. Use the book from your inventory with Captain LeChimp. Guybrush will imitate him and Mr. Fossey leaves. Guybrush automatically jumps out and picks up the map to Elaine. Open the porthole and jump out.

You are now the proud owner of the ship The Sea Cucumber.

Return to the town and enter the theater. Go up the stairs and you'll find the light controls that will help you find Elaine. Push the handle once and press the buttons in the order it says on the map. For example  "Southwest" is the lower left button. If it says "Two paces" it means you have to press that button twice. When you're done an X appears on the stage. That's where Elaine is buried. Guybrush automatically goes down the stairs and Slappy Cromwell, the actor, starts juggling. One of the trunks is now open and has some cannonballs inside. Use the chicken grease from your inventory on the cannonballs. The act is now over so you can go on to the stage. Pick up the shovel and Guybrush will dig up Elaine and place her in the crows nest on the ship.

Leave the ship and watch the cutscene. Use the boat and return to the map of Plunder Island. Go to the beach on the far east side of the island. Talk to the cabaña boy and show him the club card from your inventory. Pick up one of the towels and dip it in the ice bucket. Slap the cabaña boy with the wet towel so he runs away and pick up the cooking oil. Pick up two more towels and dip them in the ice bucket as well. Go onto the beach and try to walk over to the sunbathing man. You'll see that the sand is too hot to walk on. Use the wet towels on the sand to walk across.

Pick up the mug from the man's stomach. You can talk to him if you want, but it's not necessary. Open the gate behind him and leave. Visit Kenny again and switch his bottomless mug on the counter with the mug you just picked up. Buy another mug of lemonade from him. When he sees you have cheated him he runs off. Pick up the pitcher and fill it with red dye from the vats next to the lemonade stand. Go back to the sunbathing man on the beach.

Place the bottomless mug on the man's stomach and pour red dye in it. The dye colors his stomach and he thinks he is going to get sun burned so he turns over. You can see the map to Blood Island on his back. Poor the cooking oil on the map and peel it off.

You now have the map to Blood Island.
Leave the beach and watch the cutscene.

Part III: Three sheets to the wind

In the beginning of part III Captain Rottingham borders the ship and steals the map to Blood Island. Immediately after, the crew breaks into a song. Keep saying lines until you can say "We'll surely avoid scurvy if we all eat an orange". Say that line and the song will stop. Next you have to choose what kind of captain you are. In other words, if you want the other ships to be difficult or easy to beat.

Next, look at the navigational chart. You have fight the pirates on the other ships and that way learn insults and comebacks until you are good enough to fight Captain Rottingham. Select a ship on the navigational chart and shot it down with the cannons. Then fight the pirate and learn insult and comebacks. Every time you've defeated some pirates and taken their booty, you can sail back to the Plunder town harbor and buy some better cannons from Kenny to use in the ship combats. Keep doing this until you feel you have learned enough to beat Captain Rottingham. Then go after him and defeat him.

If you need help with the insults and comebacks check out this list.

Part IV: The bartender, the thieves, his aunt, and her lover

Pick up the bottle from the sand and try to pick up the slippery greasy hand lotion next to Haggis, but he wont let you. Leave the beach and go to the map of Blood Island. Go to the location in the middle with the hotel.

blood.gif (118173 byte)
Click the picture for a larger view

Enter the hotel and pick up the cushion from the barstool to the left. Start talking to the bartender and you'll find out that he has terrible headache. He asks you to find something to cure the headache. Pick up the recipe book from the counter and look through it. You'll se that to make a hangover cure you need an egg, pepper, and hair from the dog that bit 'ya.
Leave the hotel and walk back onto the map.

Go to the windmill on the left side of the island. Pick up some of the pepper next to the windmill and leave.

Go to the cemetery which is located below and to the left of the hotel. Walk past the first few tombs and pick up the mallet and chisel next to the tombstone in progress. Feed the half-eaten maggoty biscuit from your inventory to the old dog. After he has bit you, take some smelly dog hairs from him. Leave the cemetery.

Go to the beach without the shipwreck. Lay the cushion on the rocks below the rubber tree. Hit the rubber tree with the mallet and Guybrush automatically picks up the egg and the cushion. Leave the beach and return to the hotel.

Enter the hotel and give the egg, the pepper, and the smelly dog hair to the bartender. He makes a batch of the hangover cure, takes a sip, and gives the rest to you. Order a drink from him and ask for a big fruity one with an umbrella in it. Drink the drink. Open the door in the bag and enter. Pick up the refrigerator magnet and leave the hotel.

Go to the strange lights near the volcano and pick up the measuring cup from the small table. Leave and return to the beach. Fill the measuring cup with seawater. Look in your inventory and bite in the bottle to remove the cork. Use the pin with the magnet to make it magnetic and then stick it in the cork. Now put the cork in the measuring cup and you have a compass.

Return to the hotel and order a drink from the bartender. Look in your inventory and use the chisel on the Head-B-Clear (The hangover cure) to open the bottle. Pour some Head-B-Clear in the drink and drink the spiked drink. Guybrush will faint and is assumed dead. Use the chisel on the coffin lid to escape and then use the chisel on the coffin in the middle of the crypt to free your old friend Stan. After talking to him, pick up the coffin nails from the coffin Guybrush was in. Leave the crypt and return to the hotel. Walk up the stairs and enter the left door. Use the mallet on the nail in the wall. Leave the room and pick up the nail from the floor and the portrait.

Use the laminated business card that Stan gave you to unlock the right door. Open it and enter. Pull down the bed and use the coffin nails and the nail you just picked up on the bed to nail it down. Pick up the book that's lying on top of the skeleton.

Go down and talk to the bartender about everything. You'll learn the story of him, his family, and his aunt Minnie Goodsoup. She was engaged to a pirate, but on their wedding day he stole the wedding ring. This is the ring you have to find, but since Minnie Goodsoup was buried wearing the ring band you have to get inside the Goodsoup family crypt. You can only do this by proving that you are a Goodsoup and then die again.

Tell the bartender that you is a member of the Goodsoup family and select a name. End the conversation and go upstairs. Look in your inventory and use the scissors on the portrait to cut out the face. Place the rest of the portrait on the left door. Open the door, enter, and stick your head through the porthole. Griswold Goodsoup will see you and think you are his grandfather.

Go back downstairs again and talk to the bartender. Ask him if you don't look like a Goodsoup and he agrees. Tell him that you could talk about Goodsoup family history all day and Griswold will be convinced that you are a Goodsoup.

Go to the cemetery and enter Mutual of Stan. Tell Stan you want some insurance and give him the gold tooth as collateral. Return to the hotel and order another drink. Pour Head-B-Clear it in and drink it. Once again Guybrush will be assumed dead, but this time he is buried in the Goodsoup family crypt.

Once out of the coffin, walk to the left where you will find the ghost of Minnie Goodsoup. Talk to her about everything and learn her history. End the conversation and continue to the left. Pick up the crowbar and walk around the coffin. Murray will drop down and try to scare you. Pick up Murray and look through the crack in the wall. Look in your inventory and put some paste on the skeleton arm. Use the skeleton arm to pick up the lantern on the table. Place the lantern on the coffin lid and use Murray with the lantern. This will scare Mort and he will open the crypt.

Return to the hotel and enter back room. Pick up the death certificate and go back to Stan. Show him the death certificate and he gives you the insurance money.

Go back to the hotel and pick up the mirror next to Griswold Goodsoup. Put the face from your inventory in the empty frame and pick up the empty jar from the counter. Talk to Madam Xima and bug her until she tells you your fortune. She gets the card of death and lays it on the table. Pick up the tarot card and get her to tell you your fortune again. Do this four more times and each time pick up the tarot card until you have five cards. Leave the hotel.

Return to the windmill and use the umbrella with the wings to get to the top. Fill the empty jar with sugar water from the barrel. Walk down through the windmill and leave.

Go to the small location to the left of the shipwreck. There you will find Elaine. Place the jar of water on the stump to catch the fireflies. Look in your inventory and use the chisel to poke holes in the jar lid. Put the jar lid on the jar with the fireflies and Guybrush automatically picks it up.

Walk to the lighthouse and replace the mirror with the mirror from the Goodsoup hotel. Place the lantern from your inventory on the lantern post and the lighthouse will work again.

Return to the beach and you'll see a mysterious figure sitting in a boat. Talk to him and you'll find out that he is the Lost Welshman and the ferryman between Blood Island and Skull Island. Ask for a ride to Skull Island and he'll say that he'll never sail that route again without a compass, so Guybrush gives him the compass.

Once on Skull Island you will meet the winch operator. Talk to him and ask him to lower you down to the smugglers' cave. When you are falling down, quickly look in your inventory and use the umbrella to safely land in front of the cave entrance. Go inside and tell the smugglers that you've got so much money it's almost embarrassing. Continue the talk and Guybrush will ask for the diamond. Offer to make a deal and you'll end up in a poker game.

When Guybrush and the smugglers are looking at the cards, look in your inventory and give the five tarot cards to King André. The smugglers threaten you with a gun, but LaFoot opens the door and blows out the candles, giving Guybrush the chance to escape with the diamond.

Leave the beach and watch the cutscene.

Return to the hotel and enter the room with the skeleton. Use the crowbar with the boarded hole behind the bed and then use it on on the bed to remove the nails which will fire the skeleton into the Goodsoup family crypt. Minnie Goodsoup will be reunited with her love and they will disappear leaving the engagement band behind. Guybrush automatically walks to the crypt.

Pick up the engagement band, leave, and watch the cutscene.

Go down to the shipwreck and talk to Haggis about the bottle of lotion next to him. You'll learn that they need it to fix the ship and that you can only have it if you find something similar to tar to trade with. 

Return to the hotel and enter the back room. Use the chisel to carve off a piece of the wheel-o-cheese.

Go to the Cannibals' village and pick up the block of tofu from the big table and the auger from the small table. Use the auger to carve a tofu mask from the block of tofu. Wear the tofu mask and continue up to the volcano. Your old friend Lemonhead will escort you to the sacrifice to honor the volcano god. Throw some of the un-melted hunk of nacho cheese in the volcano and it will erupt.

Go back to the hotel and put the rest of the un-melted hunk of nacho cheese in the cooking pot on the barbecue. Pick up the cooking pot and Guybrush will automatically drag it down to Haggis. Pick up the lotion and return to the clearing where Elaine is.

Look in your inventory and combine the enormous diamond with the engagement ring. Use the greasy slippery hand lotion on the cursed diamond ring on Elaine's finger and remove it. Now place the completed diamond ring on her finger.

Part V: Kiss of the spider monkey

You can talk to LeChuck as much as you want and get explanations for lots of things. When you've had enough end the conversation by saying "I've heard enough of your evil stories! Let's get this over with!" and then choose a sentence to ignore LeChuck with.

Open the door to the ride car and you'll find out that Guybrush has been turned into a child. Talk to Dinghy Dog and ask how you can win one of the prizes. Then ask him to guess your age which he can't and you win. Choose the anchor as your prize and pick it up.

Look at the bottle in your inventory and you'll find out that it's shaving soap. Put some shaving soap on the pie pan and put the anchor in the fake pie that you've made. Place the heave fake pie on top of the meringue pies next to the Wharf Rat.

Open the gate and look through the hole. The Wharf Rat will shoot a pie at you and you'll get some meringue pie.

Push Dinghy Dog and keep pushing him until he bites you and you'll get some Dingy Dog hair.

Walk over to the soda jerk and pick up the pepper mill. Talk to the soda jerk and order a snow cone. Look in your inventory and use the meringue pie, the pepper mill, and the Dinghy Dog hair on the snow cone. Eat the disgusting snow cone and Guybrush will get back to normal.

Part VI: Guybrush kicks butt once again

Jump out of the car at the Monkey Island scenario and pick up the fallen rope. Jump into the next car and continue to the next scenario.

Jump out at the pirate scenario and pick up a keg o' rum and jump into the next car.

Jump out at the Guybrush and Wally scenario and open the lantern. Blow out the light and pick up the flask o' oil. Take the next car.

Jump out at the snow scenario and walk up the Giant Snow Monkey. Place the keg o' rum under the Giant Snow Monkey's arm. Look in your inventory and use the flask o' oil on the fallen rope. Attach the fallen rope to the keg o' rum and walk back down to the tracks. Wait for LeChuck to arrive. When he arrives and is ready to flame you, quickly look in your inventory and use the pepper mill him.

Congratulations, you have now completed The Curse of Monkey Island. Sit back and watch the ending cutscene.

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