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Monkey Island 2 lite walkthrough

This walkthrough is written by Ken Christensen.
Please don't use on any other page without permission. Thanks.

All characters are written like this: Guybrush Threepwood.
All items are written like this: Rubber chicken.
There are a few exceptions to the rules above. If I'm quoting a conversation and a name comes up, it will not stand out and items only stand out when you can pick them up or use them for something.

When Guybrush is talking to Bart and Fink you learn that he is on a quest to find the legendary treasure of Big Whoop and that he is trying to charter a ship to get off Scabb Island. After the conversation, part I begins.

Part I: The Largo Embargo

You are standing at the entrance to the town of Woodtick. If you go to the right you will get to the map of the island. Pick up the shovel from the sign and walk onto the bridge. Largo LaGrande will approach you and rob you of all your money.
Enter the first ship and pick up the hammer and nails from the wall. Leave and enter the second ship on Guybrush's right. Here you'll met Wally, the cartographer. Talk to him about everything, especially Big Whoop. Before you leave, take a piece of paper from the pile at the bottom of the screen.

Go down the hatch across from Wally's boat, and start talking to the bartender about Largo. After a while Largo makes a visit, spits on the wall, takes all the bartender's money, and leaves.
Use the paper with Largo's spit on the wall and leave the Bloody Lip. Now crawl in through the window  on the side of the boat and pick up the knife from the table. Crawl back out the window and enter the hotel, which is the ship farthest to the left.

Use the knife on the rope holding the little alligator. Pegbiter, the alligator, will escape and the innkeeper will chase him. Open the door to the only room in the hotel, and enter Largo's room.
Pick up the toupee from the dresser and the T-Shirt from the bed. Leave before Largo comes back.

Go to the map of the island go to the cemetery Walk up to the graves on the hill and use the shovel on Marco Largo LaGrande's grave. Leave the cemetery and enter the swamp. Use the coffin and row all the way to the right until the elevator takes you up. Go to the right. Here you will meet the voodoo lady. Talk to her about making a voodoo doll of Largo. Give her his toupee, T-Shirt, the bone and the spit. She will make you a voodoo doll of Largo, but you have to get close to him for it to be affective. Go back to Largo's room in the hotel and quickly use the pins in the doll.
After a small conversation Guybrush reveals to Largo that he is LeChuck's vanquisher, but to convince Largo he shows him LeChuck's beard, still alive and wriggling. Largo steals the beard and threatens to resurrect LeChuck. Talk to the voodoo lady and she will inform you that the only way to escape LeChuck is by finding Big Whoop. She will also give you a book named Big Whoop: Unclaimed Bonanza or Myth. You can read the book if you want. It tells the story of Big Whoop.

Enter the Bloody Lip through the hatch and ask the bartender for some stew. The bartender will offer you a job. Take the job and he will give you a weeks pay in advance. Escape through the window, go the peninsula and enter the ship. Talk to Captain Dread and tell him you want to charter a ship. Pay him and you're on your way.

Part II: Four Map Pieces

Part II starts with a cutscene in which you see the resurrected LeChuck and learn about his plans for Guybrush.

You start on the deck of Captain Dread's ship. Go inside. Captain Dread welcomes you and asks where you want to go. Ask him what your choices are and he will give you a map of the three islands. Start off by sailing to Phatt Island.
A guard will approach you and ask if you are Guybrush Threepwood. No matter what you answer, you will be taken prisoner and brought to see Governor Phatt. When you talk to him you'll learn that LeChuck has put a bounty on your head and that Governor Phatt intends to sell you to LeChuck.
You are thrown in jail and guarded by Walt, the dog. Pull the rock hard mattress and pick up the stick from underneath it. Use the stick with the bone of the dead prisoner in the next cell. Pick up the bone and give it to Walt, who will drop the key and leave. Pick up the small key and use it in the cell door. Pick up the manila envelope from the shelf. Open the manila envelope and you will see that it contains all your stuff. Leave the jail.

Walk into the alley left of the library. Tell the dealer that you would like to place a bet. Play on a number and when you win, select the invitation as your prize.

Leave the town and walk to the Waterfall. Enter the newly discovered gaping hole. Walk through all the halls and walk up the hill to the cottage. Enter the cottage and open the trap door in the floor. Guybrush falls down the hole and lands in front of a bathtub with a skeleton in it. The skeleton is holding a map piece in its hand. Pick up the map piece and go through the hole. You now have the first map piece.
Enter the cave and walk through all the halls again until you are back at the waterfall. Go back to Dread's ship and sail to Booty Island. You'll see another cutscene with LeChuck and Largo LaGrande.

Enter the antique store on the left and buy the map piece on the counter. (Buy it by picking it up). Leave and enter the costume shop. Give the invitation to the shopkeeper and he will show you your...costume. Pick up the dress and leave.

Enter Stan's Previously Owned Coffins and engage in a conversation with Stan. Tell him you're looking for a good used coffin. When Stan jumps into a coffin to show how much space there is then close the lid. He'll jump back up and give you a complementary hankie. Ask him to show you the coffin again and then use the nails on the coffin. You have now nailed the lid shut and trapped Stan in a coffin.
Pick up the crypt key from the big tombstone behind Stan's desk. Walk outside and
walk all the way to the left until you get to the map of the island.

guard will stop you. Talk to him and eventually Guybrush will change into his costume and after showing the invitation to the guard, he lets him pass.
Enter the mansion and pick up the map piece from the frame on the wall and leave the mansion. The dog will tell on you. Talk to the gardener and he will take you to see Governor Elaine Marley. Talk to her. After a steaming conversation Elaine throws the map out of the window. Guybrush automatically walks down the stairs. Leave the mansion and pick up the map piece from the ground.
Go back to Dread's ship and sail to Scabb Island again.

Walk to the cemetery and use the crypt key to unlock the crypt. Look at the coffins and open the coffin that has Rapp Scallion's quote inscribed on it. Pick up the map piece from inside.

Leave the cemetery and visit Wally in Woodtick. Give the map pieces to him and he promises to put the map together for if you go to the International House of Mojo to see if his love potion is ready. Go back to the voodoo lady and ask for the love potion which she then gives you. She feels an disturbance in the force and that Wally is in trouble. Hurry back to Wally. You'll find he has been kidnapped and has scratched the word "LeChuck" in the table.
Go back to the swamp and crawl into the crate.

Part III: LeChuck's Fortress

When Guybrush has crawled out of the crate, walk to the right and up the stairs through the door. Now there are three tunnels you can walk through, just pick one of them and enter. You end up at a big door with a lot of locks. Don't worry about them though, just open the door and walk through it. In the next room you will find LeChuck's voodoo throne. Pick up the voodoo key hanging next to the throne.

Guybrush gets caught by LeChuck and together with Wally he is placed above an acid pit. LeChuck explains how a very complicated device will cause Guybrush and Wally to be lowered into the acid. After a chat with LeChuck, he leaves. You now have to escape.

Ask Wally if he has any bright ideas an he will....urinate on the candle.Guybrush and Wally escape, but LeChuck finds out.

Open the juju bag. Guybrush finds some matches and a love bomb. Use the matches and enjoy the explosion.

Part IV: Dinky Island

After the explosion Guybrush ends up on Dinky Island. Get up and pick up the crowbar from the beach. Open the barrel with the crowbar and Guybrush will pick up the crackers inside. You can talk to Herman if you want, but it is not necessary.

Walk to the left and enter the jungle. Walk to the right until you get to a small pond with a box next to it. Pick up the rope that is twisted around the box. Use the crowbar to pry open the box and pick up the dynamite in it.

Walk back to the beach. The parrot knows the way to Big Whoop, so you have to get it to show you the way. Feed a cracker to the parrot and follow the directions it gives you. When you get to place the parrot said you should go, it will be waiting for you. Give it another cracker and follow the directions it gives. Keep doing this until you end up at a Big X.

Use the shovel on the Big X to dig a hole. When Guybrush hits cement, use the matches to light the dynamite and throw it in the hole. The explosion gets Elaine's attention and places Guybrush on a small platform next to the treasure chest. Tie the rope to the crowbar and use it will one of the twisted metal rods at the top of the hole. Both the platforms crumbles and Guybrush ends up hanging from the rope holding the treasure chest. The scene changes to the one we saw at the beginning of the game, where Elaine has showed up and Guybrush is telling her the story. Suddenly the rope breaks and Guybrush falls down into a dark room.

Move the cursor around until you find the light switch and push it. Guybrush is surprised by LeChuck who is standing next to him. Talk with LeChuck and you will learn that him and Guybrush are brothers. LeChuck takes out a voodoo doll, which he will use to send Guybrush into another dimension. Unfortunately for LeChuck and luckily for Guybrush he only sends him to the next room. LeChuck tries again, but this time he also just sends Guybrush to the next room.

You have to walk around in this tunnel and enter the different rooms. If LeChuck finds you, just let him use his voodoo doll and send you to another room and continue from there. You have to make a voodoo doll of LeChuck by using the same recipe you used to make a voodoo doll of Largo LaGrande. Now enter the storage room, which is the room with all the boxes. Open the four boxes on the floor and pick up a doll and the balloon. Leave the room, walk to the right and enter the first aid room.

Look at the two skeletons, which is Guybrush's parents, and pick up one the skulls. Open the trash can and pick up the stuff inside, which is a pair of surgical gloves. Open the medical drawer and pick up the hypodermic syringe. Leave the room, walk twice to the left, and enter the room with the broken grog machine. Fill the surgical gloves and the balloon with helium by using the helium tank in the corner. Use the coin return on the grog machine and a coin will roll across the floor. Wait for LeChuck to appear. When he sees the coin and bends down to pick it up, quickly pick up his underwear. After you have taken his underwear, he zaps you to another room.

Wait for him to appear and when he does, give him the clean white hankie you got from Stan. After he once again has zapped you, got to the elevator. Push the call button to open the doors and enter. Once again wait for LeChuck to appear and when he does, quickly close the elevator doors by pulling the lever. Pick up the his crispy beard bits that the elevator doors cut off. Open the door in front of Guybrush and enter. This brings you to the alley on Melee Island in Monkey Island 1, but you can't leave the alley.

Put the voodoo kewpie doll, the skull, the underwear, the used hankie, and the crispy beard bits in the juju bag. You now have a voodoo doll of LeChuck. Enter the elevator and pull the lever to ride back down. Leave the elevator and wait for LeChuck. When he shows up, use the hypodermic syringe in the voodoo doll. LeChuck leaves, but follow him until you find him again and Guybrush will automatically use the voodoo doll. Guybrush and LeChuck will engage in a conversation. Choose to tear the leg off the voodoo doll and see what happens. Talk with LeChuck and enjoy the ending.

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