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Escape from Monkey Island

How the hints work:
Select the puzzle you would like hints for and the hints will appear in a new window.
There are 3 hints for every problem: A hint, a bigger hint, and the full answer. So if the first hint doesn't help you, just click on the link for the bigger hint. If that doesn't help you either then click on the link for the solution which explains how to solve the puzzle.

Sometimes it is required that you solve one or more certain puzzles before you can solve the puzzle you are stuck at. In those cases, the puzzles are listed in "ladders". For instance in this example you need to solve puzzle 1 before you can solve puzzle 2:

Puzzle 1
Puzzle 2


  • What to do

  • Act I – Things to do on Melee When You’re Dead

  • How to get the jerky pretzels.

  • How to stop the catapult operator from demolishing the mansion.

  • How to escape from the bank vault.

  • How to make a Pegnose Pete-scented perfume.

  • How to get the directions to Pegnose Pete's house.

  • How to get the clock from the chess players.

  • How to get the useful prosthesis from Dave in the Palace of Prostheses.

  • How to get into the bank after it has been closed off.

  • Where to find Pegnose Pete's prosthetic nose.

  • How to get the termites from the Bait Shoppe.

  • How to find the location of the loot.

  • How to get the loot.

  • Act II - Enter the Manatee

  • What to do first.

  • How to get a paintbrush from Meathook.

  • How to get the painting from the Lua Bar.

  • How to get to find the location of the Ultimate Insult.

  • How to get a can of grog.

  • How to get some whimpy grog.

  • How to get the small puppets.

  • How to get a whistle.

  • How to get the bronze hat.

  • What to do at the pirate school on Knuttin Atoll.

  • How to get 10 points from the Wise Old Judge.

  • How to get 10 points from the Hippie Judge.

  • How to get 10 points from the Grouchy Judge.

  • How to beat Marco de Pollo in the final dive.

  • How to get a free Monkey Mug Meal coupon - Option #1

  • How to get a free Monkey Mug Meal coupon - Option #2

  • How to get a StarBuccaneer's logo mug.

  • How to get the Monkey Mug.

  • Act III - Escape from Monkey Island

  • What to do at the Vista Point.

  • How to get across the lava field.

  • Where to find the banana picker.

  • Where to find the weed whipper.

  • How to get the milk bottle located in the lava field.

  • How to get the accordion from the musically inclined monkey.

  • How to get Herman's memory back.

  • Act III + - Guybrush Kicks Unusually Large Butt

  • How to defeat LeChuck.

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