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The Curse of Monkey Island

How the hints work:
Select the puzzle you would like hints for and the hints will appear in a new window.
There are 3 hints for every problem: A hint, a bigger hint, and the full answer. So if the first hint doesn't help you, just click on the link for the bigger hint. If that doesn't help you either then click on the link for the solution which explains how to solve the puzzle.

Sometimes it is required that you solve one or more certain puzzles before you can solve the puzzle you are stuck at. In those cases, the puzzles are listed in "ladders". For instance in this example you need to solve puzzle 1 before you can solve puzzle 2:

Puzzle 1
Puzzle 2

Part I: The demise of the zombie pirate LeChuck

  • How to get out of the treasure room.

  • Part II: The curse gets worse

  • How to get the scissors from the ceiling in the Barbery Coast.

  • How to get a reservation to the chicken shop.

  • How to get a membership card to the Brimstone Beach Club.

  • How to get rid the Cabana Boy.

  • How to turn Palido around.

  • How to get the map of Palido´s back.

  • How to get out of the snake.

  • How to get out of the quicksand.

  • How to get the jawbreaker from Bill.

  • How to get the gold tooth from Captain Blondebeard.

  • How to get the gold tooth out of the Chicken Shop.

  • Where to find the gold tooth outside the Chicken shop.

  • How to insult Snugglecakes.

  • How to beat Snugglecakes in the duel.

  • How to beat Haggis in the caber toss.

  • Where to get the ventriloquism book.

  • How to plug the hole in the boat.

  • How to get inside the The Sea Cucumber.

  • How to get the map once you are inside The Sea Cucumber.

  • How to solve the puzzle with the lights.

  • How to clear the stage.

  • Part IV: The bartender, the thieves, his aunt, and her lover

  • How to get past Lemonhead.

  • How to get the volcano to erupt.

  • How to get the slippery greasy hand lotion from Haggis.

  • How to get the pepper.

  • How to get hair from a dog that bites you.

  • How to get the egg down from the tree.

  • How to get the cap of the Head-O-Clear.

  • How to die.

  • How to get inside the locked hotel room.

  • How to get the Goodsoup family book.

  • How to be accepted as a Goodsoup.

  • How to get inside the Goodsoup family crypt.

  • How to get out of the Goodsoup family crypt.

  • How to get money to play with the smugglers.

  • How to beat the smugglers

  • How to get the ring from Minnie the ghost.

  • How to get the mirror in the Goodsoup Hotel.

  • How to get the cork of the shaving soap.

  • How to get the umbrella.

  • What to do when LaFoot drops you down the cliff.

  • How to get inside the windmill.

  • How to get a modified jar for the compass.

  • How to make the compass.

  • How to get something to light the lighthouse.

  • Part V: Kiss of the spider monkey

  • How to get "big" and get on the roller coaster.

  • Part VI: Guybrush kicks butt once again

  • How to defeat LeChuck.

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