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LeChuck's Revenge

How the hints work:
Select the puzzle you would like hints for and the hints will appear in a new window.
There are 3 hints for every problem: A hint, a bigger hint, and the full answer. So if the first hint doesn't help you, just click on the link for the bigger hint. If that doesn't help you either then click on the link for the solution which explains how to solve the puzzle.

Sometimes it is required that you solve one or more certain puzzles before you can solve the puzzle you are stuck at. In those cases, the puzzles are listed in "ladders". For instance in this example you need to solve puzzle 1 before you can solve puzzle 2:

Puzzle 1
Puzzle 2

Part I: The Largo Embargo

  • How to get some clothes from Largo LaGrande.

  • How to get something of the dead.

  • How to get some of Largo's spit.

  • Where to find the knife.

  • How to get rid of the innkeeper and get the bate.

  • Where to find the string.

  • How to catch the rat.

  • How to get the job in The Bloody Lip.

  • How to find a necklace for Captain Dread.

  • Part II: Four Map Pieces

  • How to get out of jail.

  • How to get the mirror.

  • How to "shut down" the waterfall on Phatt Island.

  • How to get the hammer and nails from the wordsmith.

  • How to get the key to the crypt from Stan.

  • How to get the book lying on governor Phatt's stomach.

  • How to determine which coffin is Rapp Scallion's.

  • How to resurrect Rapp Scallion.

  • How to get the near-grog from Kate.

  • How to beat Rum Rogers in the drinking contest.

  • How to avoid sliding outside Rum Roger's house.

  • How to get an ID.

  • How to win the spitting contest.

  • How to get the coordinates for the Mad Monkey.

  • How to solve the password-fingers.

  • How to get a costume for Elaine's party and get into her house.

  • How to get up in the big oak tree and find the telescope.

  • How to find the map piece up in the big oak tree.

  • How to get the fishing pole from the fisherman.

  • How to get a new monocle for Wally.

  • Part III: LeChuck's Fortress

  • How to get past the maze in LeChuck's fortress.

  • How to escape LeChuck's dungeon.

  • What to do in the dark after Guybrush and Wally escape.

  • Part IV: Dinky Island

  • How to find the X on Dinky Island.

  • How to get through the cement underneath the X.

  • What to do in the dark.

  • How to get some body fluid from LeChuck.

  • How to get some of LeChuck's beard.

  • How to get some clothes from LeChuck.

  • How to get something of the dead.

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