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The Secret of Monkey Island

How the hints work:
Select the puzzle you would like hints for and the hints will appear in a new window.
There are 3 hints for every problem: A hint, a bigger hint, and the full answer. So if the first hint doesn't help you, just click on the link for the bigger hint. If that doesn't help you either then click on the link for the solution which explains how to solve the puzzle.

Sometimes it is required that you solve one or more certain puzzles before you can solve the puzzle you are stuck at. In those cases, the puzzles are listed in "ladders". For instance in this example you need to solve puzzle 1 before you can solve puzzle 2:

Puzzle 1
Puzzle 2

Part I - The three trials

  • How to get a helmet.

  • How to get past the troll.

  • How to get past the dogs in front of the governors house.

  • How to get a file.

  • How to get out of the water with the idol tied to you.

  • How to get a map to the lost treasure of Melee Island.

  • How to find the Sword Master.

  • How to get Otis, the prisoner, out of jail.

  • How to get a note of credit from the storekeeper.

  • How to get a ship.

  • Part II - The journey

  • How to find the recipe that leads to Monkey Island.

  • How to find Monkey Island.

  • How to get from the ship to Monkey Island.

  • Part III - Under Monkey Island

  • How to get the rope from the hanging corpse.

  • How to get the monkey to follow you.

  • How to open the gate to the Giant Monkey Head.

  • How to get the banana picker from the cannibals.

  • How to find LeChuck's hideout.

  • How to get the necklace from the Navigator.

  • How to get the bottle from the sleeping ghost.

  • How to get the key from LeChuck's cabin.

  • How to make the door stop squeaking.

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