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Highligt trivia newer than
#1 Murray was only supposed to be in the first scenes with LeChuck's ship, but LucasArts got a lot of great response about him from the released demo, so they decided to give him a few more scenes in the game.
Added: Unknown

#2 Guybrush and Elaine was supposed to sing a song while the credits were running, but the production team ran out of time before it was recorded, so it was not in the game. The song was entitled "Plank of Love" Although it wasn't recorded it had been written and the lyrics have been released.
Added: Unknown

#3 There is a page in the Curse of Monkey Island Strategy Guide, which shows the storyboard for the scene where Elaine escapes LeChuck and changes the track for the roller coaster. Unfortunately this scene was never made, which is a shame since it explains some of the plot holes at the end of CMI.
See the page here.

In the German magazine "Bravo Screenfun" there was a CMI advertisement in 1997. The interesting thing is that it shows Guybrush waving like he does in the scene mentioned above. The image is from an AVI intro LucasArts made available for download before CMI was released, but the scene is not in the actual game, so it might be from the missing scene.
See the page here.
Added: Tuesday, August 15, 2000Screenshots: 1 2

#4 If you look in the book "Pirates: an illustrated history of privateers, buccaneers, and pirates from the sixteenth century to the present" by David Cordingly, you can clearly see where the designers on "The Curse of Monkey Island" got their inspiration from. Look at the pictures compared with the MI3 screenshots and the similarity becomes clear.
Added: Thursday, July 19, 2001Screenshots: 1 2

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