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Highligt trivia newer than
#1 Ron Gilberts got the idea for Monkey Island while on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride in Disney World.
Added: Unknown

#2 Guybrush got his name because that in DPaint you saved pictures in files with the last name "brush". Like "filename.brush" At the time they started Monkey Island they didn't have a name for the hero so they just named him "guy" so the file ended up with the name "guy.brush" After a while Ron Gilbert decided that it should be his name. "Threepwood" was decided by a company contest.
Added: Unknown

#3 Guybrush's last name "Threepwood" was in a 1965 book by British author P.G. Wodehouse where a character is called Galahad Threepwood.
Added: Unknown

#4 In 1989, when Ron was designing "The Secret of Monkey Island", LucasFilm Games was a small group within LucasFilm Ltd., and the General Manager was a man named Steve Arnold. For years Steve had been telling Ron that he really liked the name "Chuck", and would like him to put a character into one of their games named "Chuck".
Added: Unknown

#5 The original close-up of Elaine in MI1 (In the mansion where Guybrush is speechless) was supposedly based on Avril Harrison, an artist who was working for LucasFilm Games at the time.
Added: Unknown

#6 Carla, the Sword master, looks like Carla Green who was at that time in charge of LucasFilm Games Product Support.
Added: Unknown

#7 The guy in the troll costume was meant to look like George Lucas.
Added: Unknown

#8 There was supposed to have been a ship-fight scene in MI1 (Like the one in MI3) but it was cut from the finished game.
Added: Unknown

#9 The currency used in MI1 & MI2 are pieces of eight. (An old Spanish coin) One piece of eight is worth eight reals, which is also an old coin. This is worth 1/8 of a dollar. Hence one piece of eight is one dollar.
Added: Unknown

#10 There is a real island called Monkey Island located in the Caribbean. The island is actually called "Monos Island", but "monos" is Spanish for "monkey".

The two images show the location of Monkey Island. Image 1 is of the general area while Image 2 is zoomed in on the exact location of the island.
Added: Thursday, September 28, 2000Screenshots: 1 2

#11 In an interview Ron Gilbert has said that in the original version of MI1, Meathook gave you three trials to complete if you wanted him to join your crew. Ron Gilbert then realized that it was too much and cut two, leaving only the funniest one.
Added: Monday, December 18, 2000

#12 Among the crews of the large cargo ships operating in the East Indies, South East Asia and the South Pacific, "Monkey Island" is a colloquial term for the area on the roof of the bridge.
Added: Wednesday, January 3, 2001

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