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Plank of Love

Title: Plank of Love
Game: The Curse of Monkey Island
Song by: Guybrush Threepwood and Elaine Marley
Location: The Sea Cucumber
Notes: Plank of Love was originally intended to play during the credits, but they ran out of time before it was recorded.


I was a lucky sailor
as free as a tropical breeze.
But your love clapped me in irons
And I can't reach the keys!
Now my heart is in your brig.
and I know it's not the only lodger.
But since you cast away my love,
I'm no longer a Jolly Roger
All: Plank of Love!
Guybrush: Don´t make me take that one last step.
All: Plank of Love!
Guybrush: Why must you treat me like a schlep.
I´d keep an even keel,
but it´s a dirty deal!
         There´s no appeal!
And now I must walk this plank of love.
Darling please be mine,
only you can make me whole.
Your love is the lime
for the scurvy in my soul.
  I used to dream of sunken treasure,
But now my only wish is
To be staying here with you tonight,
Instead of sleeping with the fishes.
All: Plank of Love!
Elaine: I love you though I know I shouldn´.
All: Plank of Love!
Elaine: I´ll walk with you down that plank so wooden.
Elaine: My hearts been cursed,
by your love coerced,
In thoughts of you I am immersed!
And now I must walk this plank of love.
Guybrush: You´ve got the booty I want the most,
I´m not talking about your money.
My life´s as dry as whole wheat toast.
Without you, my Plunder-Bunny.
Elaine: You know you´ve got my soul shanghaied!
Not even all your corny jokes´ll
Make me wish that I was not your bride.
When you carry me ´cross your fo´c´sle.
All: Plank of Love!
Guybrush: Don´t drown me in the ocean salts.
All: Plank of Love!
Guybrush: Don´t think my song is only schmaltz.
Elaine: You´re a pirate mighty.
Guybrush: You´re my Aphrodite.
Both: Next to you, my heart feels flighty,
And now I must walk this plank of love.
Guybrush: But now our love´s in danger,
You´re a statue, made of gold.
It makes my heart sink like an anchor,
Keeping you in my cargo hold.
Elaine, I can´t wait to see you,
in a sparkling wedding gown,
But if I can´t break that curse soon,
I´m gonna have to melt you down.
All: Plank of Love!
Guybrush: I hope that curse breaks quick.
All: Plank of Love!
Guybrush: ´Cause the balloon payments due soon on this ship.

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