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The Curse of Monkey Island
In-jokes and secrets

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Sam & max The stump
Indiana Jones Cheat codes
Loom The drowned Guybrush from MI1
Star Wars 3D acceleration
The LucasArts logo The clock on Plunder Island
Monkey Island 1 Big Whoop by night
Monkey Island 2 NEW #24 A secret button
Grim Fandango Elaine's fort
The Dig Palido
Day of the Tentacle Lemonhead
Zombies ate my neighbors LC + EM
Mortimer LeChuck doll
Die in a LucasArts adventure game Papapishu!
SCUMM Membership card Mort
James Bond NEW #2 Key combinations
JFK Edward Van Helgen sings
Star Trek Push LaFoot of the cliff NEW
Child's play
Gilligan's island
The Beatles
Treasure island
The American revolution
The Flying Welshman
TV commercial spoofs
Monty Python
Duck Tales
Mona Lisa
Movie endings
High hopes
Concert spoof
Movie spoofs NEW #6 #7
Famous artists
Kiss of the spider woman
Red dye #2
Walt Disney
Skull Island
Don Quixote
Press Your Luck
Dead Man's Hand
Name spoofs NEW #2
Text Adventure
TV Shows NEW #4
No monkeys were harmed
Moby Dick
Quest for Glory
Cartoon spoofs
Book spoofs
Real world pirates


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Sam & Max

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Screenshots 1 2 3

#1 Only Max makes an appearance this time, but he does it 6 times. Once when you are messing with the lights in the theatre and on a picture behind Snugglecakes. The picture can best be seen if you leave Snugglecakes in the middle of the duel and go down to the Barbery Coast. Snugglecakes is gone and you can see the picture. 
Max is also on the Big Whoop magnet and in the middle of LeChuck's table in a cutscene. 
He can also be seen on the side of the green Big Whoop car and on the snow cone guy's apron.
#2 At Big Whoop there are 3 signs with references to the game Sam and Max.
The signs read "Hall of Oddities", "Trixie, the giraffe-necked girl", and "Frozen Bigfoot" 
The Hall of Oddities is a room at a carnival in Sam and Max. Trixie and the frozen Bigfoot are the two biggest attractions in the carnival.

Screenshots 1 2

#3 When Guybrush meets LeChuck in the last part, he will say "Cripes ?" and LeChuck will answer :"On toast". 
A reference to Sam & Max, because when they are in the carnival,  Sam screams "Holy cripes on toast !"
#4 One of the dioramas in the roller coaster has a bigfoot. This could be a reference to the bigfoots in Sam & Max.


Indiana Jones

Screenshots 1 2 3

#1 When you are talking to Wally, you can say "I'm selling these fine leather jackets" That line is originally from the game Indiana Jones and the last crusade, but has been used in almost every LucasArts games since then.
You can also say
"I'm selling these fine leather jackets." to Mort and to the cabana boy you can say "I'm delivering these fine monogrammed golf jackets".
2 When Guybrush is trapped in the crypt and looks at the raven in Mort's hut, he says "It's the stuff that really boring dreams are made of"
In the game "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis", when Indy is looking at a blackbird statue, he says "It's the stuff dreams are made of".
Indy is in fact quoting a famous line from the movie "The Maltese Falcon", in which Humphrey Bogart says about the Falcon, a precious black statue of a bird, that "It's the stuff dreams are made of".

#3 On Skull Island Guybrush says to the smugglers "That diamond belongs in a museum!" 
Indiana Jones says the same thin in the movie "Indiana Jones and the last crusade".
#4 In the beginning of MI3, Elaine says "Guybrush, I thought I lost you forever!".
In "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" Indy's father says "Junior, I thought I lost you forever!" when he discovers that Indy has survived the tank going off the cliff.
#5 When Guybrush crosses the hot sand of Brimstone beach on the wet towels, the way they burst into flames is reminiscent of the chequerboard floor above the lava towards the end of the game "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis", in the inner ring of the city. Guybrush's double-take after crossing them suggests that this is intentional!



Screenshots 1 2

#1 When you talk to the voodoo lady she will say that it's lucky she wasn't turned into a magic swan. That is a reference to Loom, another adventure game by LucasArts. #2  When you are trapped in the Goodsoup crypt, you can say to Mort "I seek the Golden Rods of C'thon to bring piece to the shire" and he will say "Do you bear the mark of Tx'Plc'k, the chosen one foretold by the Scrolls of the Third Shadow?"
The Third Shadow is from Loom.
"C'thon" is also the name of an enemy in the game Quake.

#3 In Part V Guybrush asks LeChuck "Do you know the name Bobbin Threadbare?"
Bobbin Threadbare is the main character in Loom.
#4 The Flying Welshman looks a lot like Bobbin Threadbare from Loom. At one point in the game he is also rowing a boat and wearing a cloak.
#5 The face on the stage, situated on the veranda of the Goodsoup Hotel looks quite similar to the face of Lord Chaos, the villain from Loom.


Star Wars

Screenshots 1 2 3

Screenshots 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

#1 When Guybrush wants to go to Skull Island the ferry man says it is dangerous. Guybrush says "I'm not afraid!" The ferry man responds with "You will be. You WILL be!
In "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" Luke Skywalker says "I'm not afraid" and Yoda responds with "You will be. You WILL be."
#2 In "Star Wars: A new hope" Obi-Wan gets past a guard by using the force and telling the guard that he doesn't need to see his identification etc. In MI3 Guybrush tries to use the same trick on the cabana boy and it almost works.

#3 When Wally talks to Guybrush he says "Aren't you a little short for a pirate?"
In "Star Wars: A new hope" Princess Leia says to Luke Skywalker "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?"
#4 Act IV, scene 8 in Slappy Cromwell's theatre play has a line called "Join me, Rosencrantz! I am your FATHER!
In "Star Wars: The Empire strikes back" Darth Vader says to Luke Skywalker "I am your FATHER!"

Screenshots 1 2

#5 In Part V LeChuck says to Guybrush "It was no mere nightmare, Guybrush! Search your feelings! You know it to be true!" 
In "Star Wars: The Empire strikes back" Darth Vader says to Luke Skywalker "Search your feeling! You know it to be true!" 
This phrase is also used in Monkey Island 2.
#6 When you tell the voodoo lady "Blood island sounds dangerous...", eventually, you will get to Guybrush saying "You're my only Hope!!!", and the voodoo lady says "No. there is another".
In " Star Wars: The empire strikes back", when Luke Skywalker departs Daggobah, Yoda mind talks to the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi, and when Obi-Wan says "That boy is our last hope", Yoda says "No. There is Another", referring to Leia.
Leia has also stored a holographic message in R2D2 where she says "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope".

#7 When Guybrush eats the snow cone with meringue on, he says "What an incredible taste I've discovered!". In "Star Wars: A New Hope", when Luke, Han, Chewbacca, and Leia jumps into the disposal chute. Han tells Leia "The Garbage chute was a good idea. What an incredible Smell you have just discovered!" #8 When Guybrush takes the tofu mask off, he says "I can barely see out of that mask". 
In "Star Wars: A new hope", when Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are dressed as Storm Troopers, Luke says "I can't see a thing in this helmet".

#9 When Guybrush is covered with tar and feathers, he can enter the Barbery Coast and Haggis will yell "We don't serve yer kind here!"
In "Star Wars: A new hope", when Luke, Obi Wan, R2D2, and C3PO enters the bar, a bartender says "Hey, we don't serve their kind here!"
#10 You buy a cannon from Kenny called "The Destructomatic T-47 carnage delivery system, with auto-loading and fax modem".
The "T-47" is a reference to the Snowspeeders used on Hoth

#11 When you first go backstage in the theater, you can hear a Star Wars song if you listen carefully. #12 When Guybrush is on the grassy hill and looks on Elaine's fort he says "Funny, the damage doesn't look as bad from out here. 
In "Star Wars: A new hope" 3PO says the same thing.
#13 Among the cannons Kenny are selling you can spot one of the cannons from the Death Star. It's to the right of the pile of cannonballs. 


The LucasArts logo

Screenshots 1 2 3 4

#1 As far as I know, the LucasArts logo appears 4 places in MI3.
It's on a mug you pick up when you are trapped in the snake, it's behind Dingy Dog in a cutscene, it's in the Cannibals' village and it's in another cutscene under the army of the undead


Monkey Island 1

Monkey Island 1 screenshot

Monkey Island 1 screenshot

#1 At the beginning of Part III "Three Sheets to the Wind", Your crew says:
"Aah the sea !
-Ah the sea !
-Makes you glad to be alive !"
In MI1 LeChuck says to Bob "It's days like this that makes you glad to be dead".
#2 When Guybrush talks to Murray the first time, he can ask him "Can I call you Bob?".
In MI1 is a ghost named Bob who often plays with his head and once he lost it in a river of lava.

Monkey Island 1 screenshot

Screenshots 1 2 3
Monkey Island 1 screenshot

#3 In Monkey Island 1 Guybrush says to a citizen that he once had a barber named Dominique.
In Monkey Island 3 he learns that his former barber, Dominique, had auditioned for the barber quartet.

#4 In Part V, during Guybrush's long conversation with LeChuck, Guybrush asks what happened to Lindy, the cabin boy.  LeChuck replies that he "sold everything he owned and got so desperate he fell in with a traveling circus. He was killed when he was shot from a cannon without a helmet."  Guybrush replies that, "no one could be that desperate!" 
In MI1 Guybrush joins the Fettucini brothers circus and is shot out of a cannon, but with a pot as a helmet.

Screenshots 1 2
Monkey Island 1 screenshot

Monkey Island 1 screenshot

#5 When Guybrush is talking to Minnie Goodsoup, in the Goodsoup family crypt she tells a story of how she wanted a pirate when she was alive, and then she asks Guybrush "What do you do for a living?".
Guybrush replies "Flooring inspector".
In MI1, when Guybrush arrives to Melee Island, he introduces himself to the Lookout with
"My name's Guybrush Threepwood and I want to be a pirate".
The Lookout responds with: "So, you want to be a pirate, eh? You look more like a flooring inspector".
#6 The last part in MI1 is named 
"Guybrush kicks butt!"
The last part in MI3 is named 
"Guybrush kicks butt again!"

Monkey Island 1 screenshot

#7 When Guybrush convinces Griswold Goodsoup that he is a Goodsoup and Griswold tells him he can be buried in the family tomb, Guybrush says 
"It's as if all my dreams are coming true."
In MI1 when Meathook offers to show him his tattoo act, he says the same thing.
#8 The vats next to Kenny are filled with red dye #2.
In Monkey Island 1 the three important looking pirates inform you that grog contains red dye #2.

#9 If you complete the three trials in Monkey Island 1 without talking to the Three Important Looking Pirates, Guybrush will answer "I was just going to give it some fresh air" when Fester Shinetop asks him why he stole the idol.
In MI3 Minnie Goodsoup says that LeChuck stole her ring and said he was just going to give it some fresh air.
#10 At some point in the demo of MI1 the Voodoo Lady will say "Hey, what am I, chopped liver?".
In MI3 the spokes model says the same thing when Slappy Cromwell says that it is a one man show.

Monkey Island 1 screenshot

#11 Guybrush says to Murray "You are as fearsome as a doorstop".
When Guybrush looks at the fabulous idol after he is thrown in the water in MI1he says "It looks more like a fabulous doorstop".
#12 When you are in the Smuggler's cave, you can look at Gruff and he will say "What are YOU looking at ?"
In Monkey Island 1 you can look at the men of moral fiber and the mustached man will say "What are YOU looking at ?" 
The citizen says the same thing.

In Monkey Island 2 Kate Capsize also says that.


Monkey Island 2

#1 When King Andre is asking Guybrush his name, he can answer "Captain Loogie". 
This name is a nickname you can choose in MI2 when you are entering the spitting contest.
#2 When you say goodbye to the Flying Welshman he mentions that he will apply for a job as a cook in The Bloody Lip bar on Scabb Island.
In Monkey Island 2 Guybrush had that job, but got fired.

#3 When you use the ventriloquism book on Rottingham, Guybrush can say "Make me balder than Largo LaGrande".
Largo LaGrande is LeChuck's right hand in MI2

#4 In the Goodsoup hotel is a spittoon. If you tell Guybrush to pick it up, he will say "I don't carry around other peoples' spit anymore. I've grown past that stage."
In MI2 Guybrush carries around Largo LaGrande's spit on a piece of paper.

Monkey Island 2 screenshot

Monkey Island 2 screenshot

#5 If you wait a while when you are sailing around on the map fighting pirates, the glass bottom boat will appear. You can attack, but if you don't hit it, the tourists will come out with different outbursts.
In MI2 there is a character named Kate Capsize, she has a glass bottom boat and she takes Guybrush out for a trip.
#6 In the roller-coaster when Guybrush is talking to Wally, he says to him "Could you please stop that annoying swinging ?"
He says the same thing to him in MI2 when he is trapped in LeChuck's fortress.

Monkey Island 2 screenshot

Monkey Island 2 screenshot

#7 In MI2 you need an ID to get a drink at the Bloody Lip bar. 
In MI3, behind Goodsoup is a sign saying "No ID, no grog"

#8 In Monkey Island 2 you can press CTRL+ALT+W and win the game. A message says "You scored 800 out of 800 points".
In Monkey Island 3 when you die for the first time a message will say "You scored 0 out of 800 points".
In "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" and "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis" you have an Indy Quotient score which increases as you solve puzzles. These both have a maximum of 800.

Monkey Island 2 screenshot

Screenshots 1 2 3

#9 If Guybrush loses one of the duels he asks the other pirate if he can keep his copy of "Art of the Vichyssoise". 
Vichyssoise is the soup Guybrush ruined in Monkey Island 2 so he could get the cook's job.
Also, when Grisworld's hotel is back in business, he tells Guybrush that he will play "Voulez-vous Vichyssoise" on stage.
#10 When you read the blue book at the bar in the GoodSoup Hotel, you see several drink recipes. Including some drinks you can see in Monkey Island 2 : Yellow Baby's Beard, Bloody Stump, and Blue Whale.

Monkey Island 2 screenshot

#11 Part 3 of MI3 is called "Three Sheets to the Wind".
That is also the title of a book you can check out of
the Phatt Island library in MI2.

This is an explanation of what the sentence
"Three Sheets to the Wind" means:

Unsteady from over-drinking, as a ship when its sheets are in the wind. The sail of a ship is fastened at one of the bottom corners by a rope called a “tack;” the other corner is left more or less free as the rope called a “sheet” is disposed; if quite free, the sheet is said to be “in the wind,” and the sail flaps and flutters without restraint. If all the three sails were so loosened, the ship would “reel and stagger like a drunken man.”

Taken from this site.
#12 In the ending sequence when Guybrush is avoiding LeChuck's flames he will eventually say "Hey! Look! A nickel!"
In MI2 LeChuck bends down to pick up a coin and Guybrush steals his underwear.

Monkey Island 2 screenshot

Screenshots 1 2
Monkey Island 2 screenshot

#13 In Stan's office there is a coffin with the boots of a corpse sticking out.
This coffin can also be seen in the crypt in Monkey Island 2.
#14 In the end of Monkey Island 2 you can see a sausage man sign on the roof of the costume shop.
At Big Whoop you can see the back of this sign above the three red signs.

Monkey Island 2 screenshot

Monkey Island 2 screenshot

#15 When Wally talks to Guybrush after the sinking of LeChuck's ship he says that he is going to a tattoo-removal parlor.
In Monkey Island 2, when the woodsmith says it would be cool to get rid of Largo LaGrande, Guybrush suggests an all-night tattoo parlor
#16 When Guybrush is falling from the cliff, the music from when Guybrush dived for The Mad Monkey in Monkey Island 2 is played.

#17 When you talk to the Voodoo lady she says "True evil can never be destroyed completely".
She says the same thing in Monkey Island 2.
#18 When you are in the Smuggler's cave, you can look at Gruff and he will say "What are YOU looking at ?"
In Monkey Island 2 Kate Capsize says the same thing if you look at her.

In Monkey Island 1 you can look at the men of moral fiber and the mustached man will say "What are YOU looking at ?" 
The citizen says the same thing.

#19 At the Big Whoop Carnival you can talk to Wally and say " You can count on me Wally. After I save Elaine, set the monkeys free, and ride the madly rotating buccaneer, I'll save you". 
In Monkey Island 2, when Guybrush and Chuckie are talking to their parents, the parents say "Now lets go ride the madly rotating buccaneer".
#20 When you ask Wally how tough he is, he'll say something about he stuffed David Jones in his locker.
In Monkey Island 2 there's a book called "Hip Pirate Lingo", which also mentions David Jones locker.
#21 In the opening cutscene, Guybrush is writing in his journal. When it shows the book up close, you can see a few pictures that he drew. One of them is
the head of LeChuck in his resurrected body form There is spit coming out of his mouth and there is the word "Spit" pointing to the spit.
In Monkey Island 2, LeChuck spat whenever he talked.
#22 If you look at the chalk numbers on the Field of Honor, Guybrush will say "They remind me of something I saw on Booty Island".
He is of course referring to the spitting contest on Booty Island in Monkey Island 2.
#23 When Guybrush is given the insult, "When your father first saw you, he must've been mortified!" one of the counter insults Guybrush can give is, "I carry traveler's checks that are accepted worldwide."

This is a reference to Monkey Island 2. After Guybrush gets robbed by Largo LaGrande he says, "Maybe I should've gotten those traveler's checks."
#24 On Blood Island, when you pick up the bottle in the sand (Cap'n Nick's Shaving Soap) look at it and then try to use it. Guybrush will say "I don't need it. I shaved last week."
This might be an attempt to explain why Guybrush's beard from Monkey Island 2 has disappeared.


Grim Fandango

#1 In the chicken shop sits a skeleton that looks like Manny Calavera from Grim Fandango, another adventure by LucasArts. Next to him is a badge that says "Ask me about Grim Fandango" 
In Monkey Island 1 a pirate in the Scumm Bar has a badge saying "Ask me about Loom" Loom is one of the first adventures from LucasArts.


The Dig

Screenshots 1 2

#1 When Guybrush sticks his arm through the crack in the crypt he says "Aah! My arm is stuck! My circulation has been cut off! You'll have to cut off my arm!" 
That phrase is taken from The Dig, another adventure by LucasArts,  where it is said by Ludger Brink.
#2 When Guybrush wants to adjust the lens in the lighthouse on Blood Island, he says "Luckily, I don't need to adjust it." 
In "The Dig", you sometimes have to adjust the lenses of five light bridges. When the hero has adjusted a lens he says "Just needs a little adjustment".

#3 In the end of The Dig, Boston says "Maggie, I thought I lost you forever!"
In the beginning of MI3, Elaine says "Guybrush, I thought I lost you forever!".


Day of the Tentacle

#1 In the beginning Wally says "I feel like I could, TAKE ON THE WORLD!" 
In Day of the Tentacle, another adventure game by LucasArts, Purple tentacle says the same thing after he has drunk from the polluted water.


Zombies ate my neighbors 

#1 When you look through the crack into Mort's house, there is a book on the floor entitled "Zombies ate my neighbors". That is a game LucasArts made for the Super Nintendo.



#1 When Guybrush is on the cliff on Skull Island you can make him look at the clouds and he will say "How cool! It looks like a giant flying snail!" 
He is probably referring to Mortimer. A flying snail in one of LucasArts' kids-games.


Die in a LucasArts adventure game

#1 When Guybrush "dies" Mort says: "Funny, I didn't think you could die in LucasArts' adventure games" He is right, because you can't die in most of their adventure games.

There are a few exceptions though.
"Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis" you can die, but you get a second chance, which means you don't have to load or restart a game.
The same goes for "Full Throttle".

In "Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders", which is one of the first adventures from LucasArts (Called LucasFilm Games then), it is possible for all four main characters to die.
Annie can be killed by the guardian beast of the sphinx, and so can Zak. Zak, Leslie and Melissa can all die if their oxygen runs out on Mars, or if they forget to wear their space helmets. Zak can also die if you put his space suit on without an oxygen tank.

In Maniac Mansion you can type the wrong code to open the door and the mansion will be destroyed.

In Maniac Mansion you can also die by putting the pool water in the microwave and opening it. All you have to do is walk all the kids into the kitchen. You can also see there tombstones if you look for them.


SCUMM Membership card

#1 To prove that Guybrush is older than 7 years, he shows Dinghy Dog his SCUMM Actors Guild Membership Card. 
As you may know, SCUMM stands for: Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion. The SCUMM system is used to control Guybrush and characters in LucasArts' adventures. It was developed by Ron Gilbert.


James Bond

Screenshots 1 2

#1 When you are talking to King André you can ask him "Do you expect me to talk?" King André will answer "No Mr. Threepwood, I expect you to buy!"
The phrase "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!" Is a line from Goldfinger, when James Bond is lying tied down on a stack of gold with a laser aimed at his crotch.
#2 When LeChuck mentions the death of Rum Rogers Sr, whom he murdered by throwing a toaster in his bathtub, Guybrush will reply with a "Shocking!". This is actually a reference to "Goldfinger", where 007 tosses a thug into a bathtub filled with water. He then throws an electric fan into the tub. When he exits the room, he says "Shocking..."



#1 When you stand on the grassy knoll and look at the book depository, Guybrush will say "Triangulation of crossfire, that's the key" 
This is a reference to Oliver Stone's movie JFK, where John F. Kennedy was shot from a book depository and a grassy knoll.
#2 When you shoot Snugglecakes' banjo Guybrush will say "You can't say that. That shot could have come from that grassy knoll." 
This is a reference to Oliver Stone's JFK.


Star Trek

#1 When Guybrush is talking to Mort he can say "My faster than light ship is trapped in a subspace anomaly!" This is a reference to the last episode of "Star Trek: The next generation". #2 One of the LeChuck doll's lines are "Set sails for fun".
This is a reference to the famous Star Trek phrase "Set phases for stun".

Screenshots 1 2

#3 When Guybrush uses the ventriloquism book on LeChimp he imitates William Shatner's acting in Star Trek. He talks slow and then fast, similar to the overacting of Captain Kirk.
Guybrush says "Take a look around.....the rest of the crew.....they're all... MONKEYS".
#4 When LeChuck is telling Guybrush about his plans he says he will give Elaine immortality and Guybrush replies "But...at...what...cost?"
He says it the same way as Captain Kirk says it to a bunch of Aliens in a Star Trek episode.



Screenshots 1 2 3 4

#1 When Guybrush talks with the Lost Welshman, the Welshman tells Guybrush about the mist he got lost in and how much he hates mist. Guybrush replies "I like Myst, it's pretty" and the Welshman says "Oh yeah, it's pretty, but egad is it dull!" 
They are actually talking about another adventure game named "Myst".
#2 When you talk to Haggis, he can say something about a dead man's chest, sunken to the bottom of a pit. One of Guybrush's suggestions is to fill the chest with air and fill the hole with water. You do this in Myst, in the Stoneship age.



#1 When a movie with the THX sound system starts, a logo is shown. The logo has  "THX" written in big letters and underneath it says "The Audience are Listening" and the sound of applause is played.
At the beginning of CMI the same logo is shown, but with the letters "CMI" instead of "THX" and underneath it says "The Monkeys are Listening" and the sound of monkeys are played.


Child's play

#1 You can get a LeChuck doll from the smugglers on Skull Island. When you play with it, it will sometimes say "Hi! I'm LeChucky" 
In the horror movie Child's play 1, a killer doll goes around saying "Hi! I'm Chucky".



#1 If you make Guybrush talk to the pepper next to the windmill he says, "Pepper, you're going undercover!". 
This is a reference to the 1970s (American) police drama "Police Woman", in which Angie Dickenson played a police woman named Pepper.


Gilligan's island

#1 In the Cannibals' village is a pile of skulls. If Guybrush looks at them he will say "It looks like a ship's skipper, first mate, a professor, and the rest". That is a reference to the American show "Gilligan's island".


The Beatles

#1 When you talk to Van Helgen (Snugglecakes) He will tell you that Dominique left the Quartet for artistic reasons. 
Stu Sutcliffe left the Beatles in 1960, also for artistic reasons. He died about a year later.


Treasure island

#1 In the movie "Treasure Island" is an old blind pirate named Pew. 
In CMI the dog on Blood Island is named "Old blind Pew" obviously a reference to the pirate in "Treasure Island".

Treasure Island is originally a book written by Robert Louis Stevenson.

#2 When you first board The Sea Cucumber, you hear Mr. Fossy singing "Fifteen men on a dead man's chest."
This song is from the movie "Treasure Island".


The American revolution

#1 During the American revolution, there was a man named Nathan Hale who was a spy for the Americans, he was caught and hanged. His last words were supposedly, "I regret that I have but one life to give for my country." 
In MI3, Mr. Fossey forces Guybrush to walk the plank and asks if he has any last words. Guybrush can reply, "I regret that I have only one life to give for love."


The Flying Welshman

#1 The Flying Welshman could be a reference to several things which are listed below.
The ferryman is called "The flying Welshman".
The Rally driver Colin McRae's nickname is "The flying Scotsman". (Which is also the name of the worlds most famous steam locomotive).
There is also a legend of a ghost ship called "The Flying Dutchman". The story goes that the captain of a ship played dice with the devil and lost, which resulted in him being cursed to sail the seas for eternity.
#2 The Flying Welshman looks a lot like the ferryman in "Kings Quest 2".


TV commercial spoofs

Screenshots 1 2 3

#1 If you keep selecting the bottom line when Guybrush is talking to the Voodoo Lady he will say different sentences and eventually he'll say "I want to know more about TV and VCR repair" and the Voodoo Lady will say "Do you want to make more money?" then Guybrush will say "Sure, we all do!"
That is from a commercial about how you can make more money and get college degrees from your home.
#2 When Guybrush steps aboard the Sea Cucumber for the second time, he can look
into the hold and say "That's funny. The hold is full of broken luggage." In
Samsonite commercials of the 70s, the durability of the suitcases was demonstrated by
showing monkeys abusing them.


Monty Python

#1 When you show your death certificate to Stan, and tell him how you died, he replies "and.. you just got better?"
This is a reference to the Monty Python movie "The quest for the Holy Grail", where a man says he was turned into a newt. When questioned about that he answers "Well...I got better."

See also TV Shows #2


Duck Tales

#1 When you beat Haggis in the caber toss, he says "By the spiraling bouffant of me great uncle McManus". 
McManus is a character in the "Duck Tales" cartoons. 
This may have something to do with the fact that the person who voiced Haggis is the same guy who voiced Uncle Scrooge from "Duck Tales".



#1 In MI3 the map to Blood Island is tattooed on the back of Palido.
In the movie "Waterworld" the map to dry land is tattooed on the back of a little girl.
#2 The opening scene where Guybrush is floating on a raft is also similar to the opening scene in "Waterworld".


Mona Lisa

Screenshots 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

#1 Watch the poster of the grog ad next to the stairs in Goodsoup Hotel. Every time you go up and down the stairs, the poster will change and Guybrush will say that the girl on the poster is following him with her eyes.
It is said that the famous painting Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci, has the same effect.

The picture also changes appearance. The second time you see it, they girl has got an eye patch and the third time she also has a string over her blouse. The fourth time she has got a belt buckle and the fifth time her left hand is replaced with a hook. The sixth time she also smiles.



#1 When Guybrush jumps from the window of The Sea Cucumber he is surrounded by sharks, and the music is similar to the music in the movie "Jaws".


Movie endings

#1 When LeChuck is talking with Guybrush he tells him to guess what the secret of Monkey Island is. All of Guybrush's options are endings of movies, which are described below.

That "Rosebud" is a sled? - This is from "Citizen Kane" where Rosebud turns out to be a sled and not a person.

That the guy's girlfriend is really a man? - This is from "The crying game" where the lady is actually a feminine man in disguise.

That they have to shoot the dog at the end? - This is from the movie "Old Yeller" where the dog has rabies and gets shot in the end.

That it's made from people? -This is from the movie "Soylent Green" which takes place in the future where they have run out of food, so they make a product called Soylent Green where the secret ingredient is people.

That the girl is her daughter AND her sister? - This is from the movie "Chinatown" with Jack Nicholson, where he is a detective protecting a mother and daughter from her grandfather, only to uncover a terrible incestuous affair where the grandfather is actually the daughter's father, therefore making the mother her daughter's sister as well.


High hopes

#1 When Guybrush looks at the rubber tree in the caber-tossing field, he says "It's covered with ants".
This is a reference to an old song named "High hopes" where some of the lyrics go like this:

Just what makes that little old ant
Think he can move that rubber tree plant?


Concert spoof

#1 When Van Helgen is going crazy on his banjo, Guybrush will pull out a lit candle if you don't move him for a few minutes.
This is similar to concerts when people wave lighters high in the air.



#1 The name Goodsoup comes from the famous phrase "Soup is good food".
On one of the coffins in the family crypt it also says "Goodsoup is food".
#2 The history of the Goodsoup family that you get on Blood Island is written by M.M. Goodsoup.
This is a spin off on the Campbells soup logo with the two little kids. Beneath them it says "Mmm Mmm Good." Under that it says "Soup."


Movie spoofs

#1 Part 4 is called "The Bartender, the thieves, his aunt, and her lover".
This is a reference to the movie called "The Cook, the thief, his wife, and her lover".
#2 When Guybrush gets rid of Rottingham in the Barbery Coast, he introduces himself to Haggis.
Haggis responds with "I am Haggis McMutton of the clan McMutton".
At one point in the first Highlander movie the main character, Connor MacLeod, introduces himself with "Connor McLeod of the clan McLeod".
#3 The banjo duel is based on a movie called "Deliverance" (1972). #4 The first mate of the Sea Cucumber is named
Mr. Fossey. 
This is a reference to Diane Fossey, a scientist who studied gorillas, fought to protect endangered apes, and was murdered by her opponents. Her story is told in the movie "Gorillas in the Mist".
#5 When one of the pirates give Guybrush the insult "Coming face to face with me must leave you petrified", one of the incorrect replies Guybrush
can say is, "You should let your conscience be your guide".
That is a reference to the movie "Pinocchio", where Jiminy Cricket says to Pinocchio, "Always let your conscience be your guide".
#6 When you try to give Murray in the swamp (or at Big Whoop) the skeleton-arm with paste he will say: "You are a sad strange little man."
This comes from "Toy Story" in the scene when Woody and Buzz are lost at the gas station and Woody tries to convince Buzz that he is a toy and not a space-ranger he says "You are a sad strange little man."
#7 When Guybrush is taking to the flying Welshman, he says "south by southwest".
This is a reference to Hitchcock's movie "North by Northwest".


Famous artists

#1 The name Edward Van Helgen is a reference to the famous Edward Van Halen. #2 The name Palido Domingo is a reference to the famous Placido Domingo, one of The Three Tenors. 
#3 Armand Van Helden is the name of the artist who made the banjo music on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland. Funny it is that Edward van Helgen is also playing banjo music in MI3.


Kiss of the spider woman

#1 Part V is called "Kiss of the spider Monkey".
This is a reference to a famous play named "Kiss of the spider woman".


Red dye #2

#1 The vats next to Kenny are filled with red dye #2.
Red dye #2 was a food coloring agent that was later found to be poisonous.
See also Monkey Island #8 in-joke.


Walt Disney

#1 After the credits a father tells his son that they say LeChuck's frozen body is hidden somewhere in the the Carnival of the Damned.
This is a reference to a popular rumor about Disneyland.
The legend goes that after Walt Disney died, he had his body cryogenically frozen, and stored somewhere in his theme park.


Skull Island

The Rabbit faces one direction, and the duck the other.

Screenshots 1 2 3 4
#1 When Guybrush looks at Skull Island, he says it looks like a duck, or a rabbit if you turn your head. This is based on a famous optical illusion, which you can see above.



#1 If you look at the drink recipes, the last page in the book have the ingredients to Blondebeard's biscuits. At the bottom it says "Courtesy of the Editor's friend's Aunt who was charged 500 pieces of eight for a "complementary" copy of the recipe and has distributed it for free in retaliation".

This is a reference to a famous Neiman-Marcus Cookie urban legend, which have been on the Internet for years in the form of an email chain letter.

The email tells a true story of a woman who was charged $250 for a cookie recipe. When she couldn't get her money back she published the recipe for free on the internet to get even.
Blondebeard's recipe is also similar to the recipe in the email.



#1 At one point while rehearsing his play, one of the comments Slappy Cromwell makes is "... and then I smash the watermelon."
This is a reference to the comedian Gallagher, who is famous for smashing a watermelon with his
"Sledge-O-Matic" sledgehammer at the end of all his shows.


Don Quixote

#1 If you examine the umbrella that Goodsoup gives you with your drink, it's
described as being a "Cervantes brand umbrella".
Cervantes was this author who wrote "Don Quixote". This is a clue that the umbrella can help you with getting up the windmill, since Don Quixote was famous for tilting at a windmill with his sword.


Press Your Luck

#1 During the poker game with King Andre, one of the comments Guybrush can make during the deal is "No whammies, no whammies..."
There used to a game show called "Press Your Luck", where there was a game board that had a light flashing on and off all over different symbols, and contestants would press a plunger to try and make the light stop on a prize symbol.
If you stopped a whammy, though, you would lose all your winnings, so the contestants would usually call out "No whammies, no whammies!" before hitting the plunger.


Dead Man's Hand

#1 If you keep losing the poker hand and trying again, and look at your various losing hands in your inventory, eventually Guybrush will make the
comment "Aces and eights... that can't be good." Aces and eights is the famous "Dead Man's Hand" that Wild Bill Hickok had right before he was shot,
and is often used as a symbol of impending death/bad luck.


Name spoofs

#1 The name "Blondebeard" is probably based on the real life pirate "Blackbeard". #2 The name Palido is actually "pale" in spanish and Palido is very pale!


Text Adventure

#1 The particular kind of adventure game that MI 1, 2, and 3 are is called Picture Based Adventure, or PBA. They are called this due to their close relation to Text Based Adventures, or TBA.
Text based adventures provide you with a prompt like this:
You are in the castle entrance. You see a candle.
Obvious exits are east, north, and west. You have to guess the commands and type in stuff.

Monkey Island is similar, but pictures have been added, and in 1 and 2 the "commands" are in the corner. (The verb box.) So, in MI3, one of the tombstones reads "Tex Venture."
This means Text Adventure, as that particular genre is rejected by 99% of gamers, and is more or less dead.

#2 Slappy Cromwell says his real name is "Rex Fortune, Adventure Seeker". This is also a reference to the old Text Adventures.


TV Shows

#1 Alan Young, the voice of Haggis McMutton, also did a voice on The Ren & Stimpy Show. The character's name was Haggis McHaggis and he was a stereotypical Scottish caber-tossing bagpipe player. #2 When you show your death certificate to Stan, and tell him how you died, he replies "and.. you just got better?"
In an episode of MASH there was a patient who
supposedly died and who's body was lost. When the patient is seen alive at his own memorial service, Hawkeye says to Trapper, "I thought you said he was dead." Trapper shrugs and says, "He got better."

See also Monty Python #1

#3 When you first talk to Murray on the ship, one of your choices is "Can I call you BOB?"
The capitalization is important there, as that is a
reference to the TV series "Twin Peaks".  The killer
spirit-type person's name is BOB.
#4 After you get rid of Captain Rottingham in
the barbershop, ask Haggis if he wants to join your crew. After he tells you you'll have to beat him in a contest of some type, a list of questions on what the contest will be will appear. One of them is entitled "And in your face, no holds barred cage match to the death?"
Believe it or not, this is a reference to a pro wrestling match type called a cage match.


No monkeys were harmed

#1 Look at the bottom of the disclaimer when you install Monkey Island 3. There it says something like: "No monkeys were harmed during the making of this game."
In films, animal scenes have to be supervised to make sure they are treated right and at the bottom of the credits it always says "No animals were harmed in the making of this film."


Moby Dick

#1 When Guybrush looks into Mort's house, there is a poster that says Moby Dick.


Quest for Glory

#1 In "Quest for Glory V" there is an inn named The Dead Parrot and its sign is very similar to the dead parrot in Mort's house.



#1 When Slappy Cromwell juggling the knives he says "Is that a dagger I see before me?".
This is a reference to a play by Shakespeare.
#2 One of the things Slappy Cromwell says is "A pirate by any other name would reek the same."

This is a reference to Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". Juliet says, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." in the balcony scene of the tragedy.


Cartoon spoofs

#1 In the cutscene where Minnie is reunited with her love Charles, she says, "Oh, Charles, yes! Yes! A thousand times, yes!" when Charles asks her to marry him.

This is a reference to a Betty Boop cartoon where Betty Boop sings a number called "A Thousand Times No" and one of the lines of the song is "No! No! A thousand times, no!"


Book spoofs

#1 When Guybrush is in his coffin the first time he dies, he can attempt to free himself with the magic wand (Mega Monkey mode). He will say, "Open Sesame!" followed by the sound of the wand, and then Guybrush will say, "Darn."

This is a reference to "Aladdin and the King of Thieves."


Real world pirates

#1 In the Barbery Coast there is a portrait of Edward Screech, better known as
#2 There is also a portrait of Jack Rackaham. "Calico" Jack Rackham was the only pirate captain to have women pirates on his crew.


The stump

Screenshots 1 2

#1 In MI3 the stump appears again. In the Goodsoup family crypt there's a crack in the wall. Look through it and you will be back in the old forest from MI1. In MI1 Guybrush looks through the stump, but can't squeeze through.


Cheat codes

#1 Like in MI1 and MI2 you can cheat to win in MI3, but the cheat code is a little different. Anywhere in the game you can press SHIFT+W and the game will ask if you want to win. Press Y and the credits will appear. #2 When you are in the cannon battles, you can press Shift+V to win.

Screenshots 1 2

#3 When you are shooting the skeletons type "lapostal". The game will display the message "Unlimited cannon balls mode ON". If you type "lapostal" again the game will write "Unlimited cannon balls mode STILL ON".
The code "lapostal" is originally a cheat code from LucasArts' 3D-shooter "Dark Forces". If you use it there you will get unlimited ammo.


The drowned Guybrush from MI1

#1 Like with the stump, there is a way to return to MI1. "Use" the water, on the Blood Island beach, about 25 - 30 times. Guybrush will walk down in the water and see himself when he drowned on Melee Island in MI1.


3D acceleration

Screenshots 1 2 3 4

#1 In the menu you can chose an option named "Enable 3D acceleration". If you press it a message will appear saying "We were only kidding" 
You can press it two times more and different messages will appear.


The clock on Plunder Island

#1 The clock on Plunder Island actually works. Every half/whole hour it plays LeChuck's theme, and if you have Guybrush examine it he will tell you what the time is.


Big Whoop by night

#1 When you are at Big Whoop pick up the sign saying "Guess your weight". The screen will go completely black, except for a few things that will glow. 
WARNING: There is no way to get the screen back to normal, you have to reload a saved game.


A secret button

#1 There is a secret button next to the bridge that leads to Elaine's fort. 
If you push it a cannon on the fort will fire.


Elaine's fort

#1 When you are shooting the skeletons you can also shoot the three big towers on the fort.



#1 When you ask Palido how long he's been lying on the beach, he will say things according to your Windows clock. 
If you clock is set for January, he will wish you a happy new year.




(Picture will be added shortly)


#1 When you are talking to Lemonhead he will say something about paradigms. Hold your mouse cursor over the words "a pair of dimes?" (without clicking) and different things will pop up on the screen saying that if you click it, Guybrush will die.




(Picture will be added shortly)


#1 When LeChuck is holding up his voodoo cannon ball you can see these letters: LC + EM which, of course, stands for LeChuck and Elaine Marley.


LeChuck doll


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(Picture will be added shortly)


#1 You can get a LeChuck doll from the smugglers on Skull Island. If you use it, it will walk around and say different pirate-sentences.
If you give it to LeChuck at the end, he will set fire to it.
#2 One of the things the LeChuck doll says is: "Arr, Math Class be tough, let's go shopping".
This is a reference to the first talking Barbie doll. One of the things the Barbie said was "Math class is tough"




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#1 When Guybrush is in the quicksand you can look at the sign and Guybrush will say "Ah Papapishu!" because he learn that the thorny plant is called "Papapishu" after the native word for "Ouch".
From now on whenever someone was supposed to say "Youch!" They will say "Ah Papapishu!" instead.




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(Picture will be added shortly)

#1 The gravedigger is named Mort, in French Mort (pronounced "more") means dead.
The name Mort also resembles a MORTician, which is a person who is responsible for burying the dead, taking care of the graves, etc.
#2 It is also possible that the name Mort is a reference to the Discworld novel "Mort", where Death's apprentice is a human named Mort.


Key combinations

#1 There are some useless key combinations in Monkey Island 3:

CTRL + V =Shows when the script was compiled and the version.

CTRL + B = Changes the iMuse buffer.


Edward Van Helgen sings

#1 If you listen to Edward Van Helgen's pirate story, he will eventually sing a few notes from the Monkey Island theme.


Push LaFoot of the cliff

#1 When you go to Skull Island you are to be lowered down by LaFoot. If you don't take out the umbrella Guybrush will smash on the cliffs. Do this three times and then take out the umbrella the fourth. Go in the cave, win the poker game, get the diamond, and leave.
Just before you leave the island Guybrush will say that there is something he has to do. He goes up to LaFoot and pushes him off the cliff. NOTE: you have to do it right the first time if you forgot the money or something it may not work.