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The Monkey Island Years: Part 1
Script for MI movie.
By: Ben Greenwood
Added: Saturday, March 17, 2001
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The opening scene: Two young boys are at play in a room. The large of the two, Charles is crying. His playmate Guybrush has stolen his toy, and is happily playing with it. As Charles cries, their mum and dad come in. 

Mom: Oh Guybrush, not again.

Charles: Mommy, GuybrushÖtookÖmyÖtoy.

Mom: There, there Charles. [She goes over and hugs him]

Dad: Guybrush, I really wished you stopped teasing your brother.

Guybrush: Dadda

Dad: Oh, what are we going to do? This canít go on. Charles is constantly crying, and Guybrush doesnít take a blind bit of notice.

Mom: Heís only a child.

Dad: Yes, but they must be separated. That strange voodoo lady came by last night and said that they must not be together. Its dangerous.

Cutscene to conversation with voodoo lady

Mojo: Iíve just come by to say that they must not be together. Its dangerous.

Dad [reading the paper] Uh huh. 

Dad: And I believe all that voodoo stuff.

Mom: So do I.

Dad: Then it must be done. Guybrush can stay here and weíll send little Charles away to his Auntie. On The Devilís Island. Also know as The island of hell.

Mom: Donít you think that might be detrimental to the childís upbringing.

Dad: Nah! Itís only a name.

Mom: Well, yeah. Okay then. Iíll send a message straight away. Oh poor, Charles [kiss, kiss] I do love you. 

The scene fades with Mom holding little Charles.

Fade out

Years laterÖwell seventeen to be precise. 

Deep in the CarribeanÖ Melee Island 

Scene Two: 

A young man is washed up on the beach. He is Guybrush Threepwood and he wants to be a pirate. The scene opens with him there and a young man dressed in a cloak, looking out to the stars. 

Guybrush: ErÖhi, my nameís Guybrush Threepwood.

Bobbin: Ha! Thatís the stupidest name I have ever heard.

Guybrush: Well, whatís yours?

Bobbin: Bobbin Threadbare.

Guybrush: Oh!

Bobbin: So what you dong on Melee Island then?

Guybrush: Iíve come to be a pirate.

Bobbin: good luck then. I wanted to be a Master Weaver, and looked where I am now. Stuck here. On this hell hole of an island. This pit. This place of damnation. [Moan, moan, moan]

Guybrush: Maybe I leave you too it.

Bobbin: what? One last thing though.

Guybrush: Whatís that?

Bobbin: If you get a chance could you drop a wire to LucasArts. You know, it wasnít supposed to be like this.

Guybrush: what? Whatís Lucasarts? What are you talking about.

Bobbin: God! Amateur Adventurers.

Guybrush: ErÖyeah. 

Narrator who appears only once in this film: So out sets our amateur adventurer to seek his fortune [and possibly a love interest]. And thatís all I have to say in this production because the script says Iím a narrator who appears only once in this film. 

Scene Three: the lookout scene. You know that really famous opening one. 

Guybrush walks in. A lookout is there. 

Guybrush: hello?

Lookout: ErÖwhatÖdonít sneak up on me like that.

Guybrush: Iím over here

Lookout: Oh.

Guybrush: My nameís Guybrush Threepwood and I want to be a mighty pirate.

Lookout: Ha! You look more like a flooring inspector.

Guybrush: I donít know what a flooring inspector is.

Lookout: Come to think of it neither do I.

Guybrush: [no sound text appears over his head] Well could you help me out?

Lookout: Yeah, you want to go to the scumm Bar. But be warned the scumm bar is a place full of the lowiestly go for nothings around. Youíll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany. Be cautious.

Guybrush: thanks. ErÖwhat was that name again.

Lookout: Scumm bar. Just follow your nose.

Guybrush: thanks. 

He walks off. The lookout returns to his position. 

Lookout: Pirate? Ha! Bloody kids. [He sips a bit of coffee from a flask and then spits it out] Urrgh. Bloody Coffee. 

Scene Three: The Scumm Bar. It starts outside. Our young hero is approaching the bar when someone comes hurtling out, swearing. He is bald with glasses and a white overall on. 

Doctor: Damn you. Just cos your priates does not mean you know everything. I showíll you all you bunch of savages. They donít call me Professor Hank Eddison fro nothing. I a fully qualified professor from the University of Phatt island, 3rd degree honours Iíll show you. Iíll show you all hahahahahahah [He walks off pushing past Guybrush]

Guybrush: Tough town. 

Guybrush walks into the door. Inside revelry and drunken debauchery. 

Guybrush: [to himself] maybe Iíll just mingle. 

He walks up to a chair and sits down. There is a pirate opposite him with a beard and a redcoat. 

Pirate: hey!

Guybrush: ErÖyes.

Pirate: New in town?

Guybrush: Yup.

Pirate: And youíve come here to be a pirate?

Guybrush: Uncanny how you know these things.

Pirate: intitution boy. [He spits tobacco]

Guybrush: So who do I speak to?

Pirate: The three important looking pirates over in the next room. Theyíll tell you what to do.

Guybrush: Thanks. You know everyone has been ever so helpful since I have got here. 

[Someone taps Guybrush on the shoulder] 

Guybrush: Hey.

Pirate 2: My friend hereÖhe doesnít like you.

[There an extraordinarily ugly pirate behind pirate 2]

Guybrush: Sorry.

Pirate 2: I donít like you either. Iíve got the death penalty on me on twelve islands.

Guybrush: I donít want to be any trouble.

Pirate 2: Youíll be dead.

Pirate 1: leave the kid, heís with me.

Pirate 2: I was only messing with him. Anyway heís kinda cute. He ainít even got himself a beard. Say if you get lonesome while your staying on Melee, you can always give me a call. Weíll go by the docks and rub eachs others rods. Hehehehe. But no pressure.

Guybrush: Thanks for the offer but I donít like fishing. Beside I havenít got a rod to rub.

Pirate 2: what?

Pirate 1: Heís new. Doesnít know the drill.

Pirate 2: Leave me to my grog.

Guybrush: As I was saying everybodyís been really nice to me.

Pirate 1: Quite. So why do you wanna be a pirate anyhow?

Guybrush: Well, I had to leave. My dad wanted me to be a farmer. But thatís just not like me. He said I had too much of my brother in me. But, you know, I donít think I have a brother. I just had to leave that place, you know be something. Something that doesnít involve irragation.

Pirate 1: Well, to be a pirate requires a certain kind of irragation but in time youíll come to that.

Guybrush: So thatís my story. And why arenít you all out doing piratey things.

Pirate: Ah its this damn LeChuck thing.

Guybrush: LeChuck?

Pirate: Aye. Everyoneís too sacred.

Guybrush: That name sounds oddly familiar. But I donít know why. Whatís this LeChuck thing.

Pirate: LeChuck was the most fearsome pirate there ever was. His name was as feared by pirates as syphilis is feared by Frenchmen when he was alive. Now heís dead, heís even worse.

Guybrush: Ghosts! Yikes!

Pirate: Well it all started a year agoÖ. 

The screen goes all funny and we are propelled into a flashback. 

LeChuck: Arrggh, will ye marry me?

Elaine: Charles?

LeChuck: Please feel free to call me LeChuck, or even husband.

Elaine: Itís not that I like you. I mean I find the fact you have no teeth attractive. And those hideous boils on your face are not repulsive at all. And the fact you smell like a rotting corpse, well I think thatís manly. Its justÖ

LeChuck: Just what, my treasure trove?

Elaine: well its me. Iím not ready for a relationship yet.

LeChuck: Arrgh! I geddit..

Elaine: You do?

LeChuck: Aye. You want me to risk my life by sailing to the fabled Monkey island and find its Secret.

Elaine: ErmÖyes, yes I do.

LeChuck: Arrrgh! Iíll do it, Iíll do it. By the hairs on my beard, Iíll do it. Iíll be back, hahahahahahaha!


Fade to black


Caption: Unfortunately LeChuck was killed on his way to monkey island by a mystery storm. Even more unfortunate is the fact we cannot show you the clip as it was also destroyed in the pending storm. Our apologies and reassured the person responsible will be sacked [PS it has come to our attention that the previous gag is owned by a one Mr. Monty Python and as of such we cannot use it. The person responsible has been cruxified. PPS This gag is totally new and not been done before if so send your complaints to Mr. George Lucas, Skywalker Ranch. Thank you] 

Guybrush: Hmmm. Thatís a very interesting story.

Pirate: Aye. Very interesting.

Guybrush: Yes it was rather interesting. Canít pick that up.

Pirate: What?

Guybrush: I donít know why I said that. Must be an acid flashback.

Pirate: yeah, I get them all the time.

Guybrush: Byt hell, I donít want to be no diary farmer, I wanna be a pirate.

Pirate: Well, go and talk to those important looking pirates over there.

Guybrush: Will do.

Pirate: grogís getting flat so could you move along please. Move along. 

Guybrush to himself: Hmmm. I keep on getting dťjŗ vu. Iím sure Iíve heard that somewhere before. I really should stop eating those magic mushrooms. 

Guybrush walks over to the table where three fat pirates are there sitting and singing dirty songs. 

Guybrush: Hi!

Pirates look at each other. 

Pirates: Want ye wanting boy?

Guybrush: Well since your asking I want to be a pirate.

Pirates laugh really hard. 

Pirates: okay then.

Bearded pirate: But you donít come a pirate just by asking you know.

Blonde pirate: No you donít. you have to go through the Four Trials.

Bearded pirate: three, you dolt. We got rid of the fourth one because jumping off the cliff invariably leds to death.

Blonde: I thought that was the best one.

Bearded pirate: Three trials. Three ardous trials. To test your cunning and ruthlessness to the max. three trials so hard and complex most wannabe pirates melt in the ground listening to them.

Blonde: Aye.

Guybrush: So what are these three trials you speak of?

Blonde: First, treasure hunting. Or put another way the hunting of the treasure.

Brown haired pirate: Then you must do a spot of sword fighting.

Blonde: Or put another way fighting with the sword.

Bearded: And the final task is thievery.

Blonde: Or put it another wayÖerÖermÖ.thievery.

Bearded: Yeah right. And after all that you have to drink grog with us.

Guybrush: what is in that stuff you swill.

Bearded: ErmÖI canít remember exactly but it is a whole heap of stuff that is very nasty indeed.

Guybrush: Oh.

Bearded: Arenít you gonna ask us more about these trials.

Guybrush: Why you told me.

Bearded: yeah but itís a bit more specific.

Guybrush: Go a head then. Tell me more? Tell me more?

Bearded: Well in the art of treasure hunting you must find the legendary lost treasure of melee island. Remember x marks the spot.

Blonde: In the art of sword fighting you must beat the best sword fighter in the Carribean the Swordmaster.

Guybrush: And every pirate has to do this?

Blonde: ErÖyeah.

Guybrush: Well he canít be that good.

Blonde: ErÖshut up and let me finish. ErÖwell I am finished. But shut up anyway.

Brown: And for the art of thievery you must steal the fabled Idol of many hands from the Governorís house.

Guybrush: okayaledokeyly.

Brown: then ye have to come back and drink grog with us. Hahahahahahaha.

Guybrush: Is laughing like that obligatory to be a pirate.

Brown: No, its just that Iím very pissed.

Guy: Oh 

Fade out 

Caption: meanwhile, on the lava fields beneath Monkey island LeChuckís ghost ship. 

[A skeleton crew member comes in] 

LeChuck: Arrggh! Nothing like the hot winds of hell blowing in your face. It makes you glad to be dead.

Mate: Yes, sir. I does sir.

LeChcuk: You are glad to be dead arenít you?

Mate: Oh yes sir. I feel so lucky you attacked my ship, brutally gutting everyone one board before reanimating me to live in almost constant torment. So lucky.

LeChuck: MateÖsend a note to my old pal Long john Silver. Tell him Blind Pew been kicking up a fuss again. Damn that Pew always drinking and handing out black spots. Anways, anything to report?

Mate: ErÖwell there I one thingÖerÖnothing to bother with reallyÖI meanÖ

LeChuck: Spit it out, you lilly livered skeleton you. Otherwise I will be forced to dropkick yur head in the lava again.

Mate: WellÖthereís a problem on Melee Island.

LeChuck: Ha! What possible problem could there be? Iíve got all those pirates so sacred that they wonít even take a bath.

Mate: Well thereís a new guy in town. Guybrush Threepwood.

LeChuck: Guybrush Threepwood, you say?

Mate: yes. Heís just a kid. Young. Inexperienced. Probably nothing to worry about. Iíll take care of him myself.

LeChuck: No, wait. Iíll deal with him myself.

Mate: As you wish, my lord.

LeChuck: My plans are too important for Guybrush threepwood to mess up.


Scene IV: Melee town.


Guybrush enters. There is a stable with a horse chewing grass. 

Horse: Howdy.

Guybrush: Yikes!

Horse: I said howdy.

Guybrush: Youíre a talking horse.

Horse: Yup, and youíre a talking human.

Guybrush: But horses donít talk. Theyíve never talked to me.

Horse: understandable. Have you ever thought that they might be talking horses but they didnít want to talk to you.

Guybrush: I see your point.

Horse: I hear you wanna buy a map.

Guybrush: A map? Why would I need to buy a map?

Horse: You want to be a pirate donít you? Or are you the flooring inspector?

Guybrush: Pirate. Iím a trainee pirate.

Horse: Well thereís a guy in the local prison selling fine quality maps. Otis his name.

Find Otis, and youíll find the map. 

Scene V: the prison. Dull lighting. 

Guybrush to himself: hmmm. I thought they would have a guard or something. 

[Guybrush walks in] 

There is a man in one of the cells, walking up and down. 

Guybrush: SirÖare you Otis?

Otis: Yes. [he lifts his nose up in the air and smells deeply] Ah, I see you are a just a boy.

Guybrush: You can tell all that from smelling me? Gee! Criminals are really talented these days.

Otis: What do you want?

Guybrush: A map please.

Otis: Come closer, closer.

Guybrush: God no! Your breathe stinks.

Otis: Do you know what happened to the last person who said that to me?

Guybrush: No [quite repulsed with his breathe]

Otis: I víed him when his back was turn [Then he does that thing that Hannibal lecter does in silence of the lambs after he said he ate the censusís guys liver with a chiante and fava beans.]

Guybrush: Anyway, its lucky Iíve got some breath mints. I need them in case I get the chance to kop off.

Otis: oh thanks.

Guybrush: Anyway I heard you had a map to sell me?

Otis: yes, Iím also selling this fine leather jacket.

Guybrush: Iíll take the map please.

Otis: okay then. One hundred pieces.

Guybrush: Is that all. Gee! Iíve got that in my pocket.

Otis: Rich are we?

Guybrush: hell yeah. Before I became a pirate I used to work as a performer with the Amazing Adventurous Acorbatic Fablousa Flying Fettunici Brothers.

Otis: never heard of them. What did you do?

Guybrush [nodding] They fired me out of a cannon.

Otis: Oh. But thatís just the material price. Quid pro quo. I give you some information, you give me some information. Why did you run away from home?

Guybrush: I didnít want to be a farmer?

Otis: Was the screaming of the lambs too much for you?

Guybrush: No, it was a diary farm.

Otis: Oh. Hereís the map.

Guybrush: Kewl. Anyway, what you in for?

Otis: I was framed.

Guybrush: Right. The important thing Otis is that you believe it. 

[Suddenly Sherrif Shinetop comes in] 

Shinetop: What ya doing conversing with a criminal. Only criminals converse with criminals.

Guybrush: oh I from Bible Studies. I was trying to teach him out of his sinful ways

Shinetop: Wise guy hey. Look pal you have come at a bad time, a very bad time and I thinks its best if you take my advice and find somewhere better for a vacation.

Guybrush: No, I like to spend my summer hols here thank you.

Shinetop: I better take down you name.

Guybrush: Guybrush threepwood. Pirate. And whatís yours?

Shinetop: Listen Peepwood. Iím gonna keep my eye on you. Anyone who talks to otis is either mad or up to no good. Okay?

Guybrush: Can I go now?

Shinetop: Iíll be watching you. Remember, where ever you go on this island Sheriff Fenster Shinetop is watching you.

Guybrush: gee! Get over yourself. 

As Guybrush walks outside the prison. A man dressed in a cloak shouts psst to him. 

Cloaked man: meet me in the alley.

Guybrush: What that dark and sinister looking one?

Man: Yes.

Guybrush: okay.


In the alley.


Cloaked: I canít tell you who I am. ButÖvisit the Wise Woman in Town. She will tell you what to do.

Guybrush: right.

Cloaked: And this. Your brother wanted me to give it to you when you were old enough but your father would never allow it.

Guybrush: My brother? I donít have a brother.

Cloaked: You do.

Guybrush: why didnít they tell me. Whatís happened to him?

Cloaked: LeChuck tracked down and murdered your brother.

Guybrush: he did? That swine.

Cloaked: Here. itís his sword. Now I must go.

Guybrush: But I have got so many questions to ask.

Cloaked: In time you will find the answers you seek.

Guybrush: guess I better go and see the Wise woman then.


Scene V: the Voodoo ladies place. It is a little out from the town, and it looks spooky.


Guybrush knocks on the door. The door opens with a creek.

Guybrush gulps. 

He enters. 

All in dark. Guybrush can hear a multitude of voices. Eerie lighting, eerie music. 

Guybrush: Boy have I got a bad feeling about this. 

A voice comes clearly from the other room 

Voice: Come Guybrush, come.

Guybrush: Hello

Voice: Come 

He goes into the room, the Voodoo lady is sitting there, her hands in each others. 

Voice: I am the wise Woman. The Voodoo lady, the mistress of mojo.

Guybrush: Sure got a spooky house.

Voodoo: Its for the tourists.

Guybrush: Anyway, my name isÖ

Voodoo: guybrush Threepwood.

Guybrush: You read my mind?

Voodoo: no, the Cloaked man told me. I am going to be your trainer.

Guybrush: Trainer?

Voodoo: in the arts of Voodoo. Itís the only way to beat LeChuck.

Guybrush: oh.

Voodoo: You see there are two paths a person may take with the Arts of voodoo?

Guybrush: the Dark side and the light side?

Voodoo: no. The Path of the Good and then path of theÖ

Guybrush: bad?

Voodoo: no. The not so good.

Guybrush: bad then?

Voodoo: listen jerk, this philosophy has been handed down for ages from voodoo master to voodoo apprentice. A little upstart like you is not going to make any difference. These ancient traditions are sacred.

Guybrush: oh. Got any visions?

Voodoo: You are going on a long journey.

Guybrush: I could have told you that one.

Voodoo: You are going to take a small step into a larger world.

Guybrush: Fine. Fine.

Voodoo: And I seeÖ

Guybrush: yeah?

Voodoo: I seeÖ

Guybrush: yawn!

Voodoo: you inside a great big monkey head.

Guybrush: Yikes! Never expected that.

Voodoo: So, Guybrush Threepwood. Are you ready to be learn things best left unlearnt. Hear things better left unheard and see things better left unseen.

Guybrush: Sure! Teach me some Voodoo.

Voodoo: No, not yet. You must complete the three trials first. Only then can you become a JEDI trainee.

Guybrush: Whatís JEDI?

Voodoo: Dunno. But its what we call Voodoo practitioners.

Guybrush: Well if people stopped bothering me maybe I could get on with these Three trials.

Voodoo: Do not underestimate the power of the Force, Guybrush. Do not underestimate the power of LeChuck.

Guybrush: wonít do. I go for the treasure first. Hey voodoo lady

Voodoo: yes?

Guybrush: Where you I start looking for the treasure?

Voodoo: the seagulls follow the trawler because they think there is fish there.

Guybrush: Cut the bullshit and tell where to find the treasure.

Voodoo: Start by going to Melee Hill.

Guybrush: Right. 

Scene VI: Melee Island hill. A man has been cruxified on top of it. 

Guybrush walks past and doesnít apparently notices. 

Man: Hey, you.

Guybrush: ErÖwhat?

Man: Let me down will ya.

Guybrush: No. You meet have cooties or something.

Man: Come off it. Let me down.

Guybrush: Well whats your name?

Man: George.

Guybrush: Nice name. Why are you hanging there.

Man: well I didnít bloody want to be hanging here did I?

Guybrush: Yes, but you might be a criminal.

Man: look pal. I think you want to a pirate yeah?

Guybrush: How do these people know these things.

Man: look pal everyone who comes to melee island is either a pirate or wants to be a pirate. Unless you count Bobbin whose hear because he lost his way following the swans.

Guybrush: but why are you up there?

Man: Shinetop did it too me. Says Iím a troublemaker.

Guybrush: tough town.

Man: Aye. I wish I could get my hands on that Fenster.

Guybrush: Well its going to be difficult since your hands are tied to a cross.

Man: Shut it you.

Guybrush: Well I guess you donít want me to help you.

Man: No wait. Hereís the deal. You let me down and Iíll help you look for the treasure.

Guybrush: Iíve already got a map.

Man: its useless anyway.

Guybrush: how do you know?

Man: I made it.

Guybrush: Oh.

Man: Beside you ainít got a shovel have you?

Guybrush: Knew there was something I was forgetting.

Man: look I got one at my house.

Guybrush: oh right then Iíll you down.

Man: thanks

Guybrush: Well geogre whereís you house.

Man: just follow me. 

Scene VII: darkness. 

Narrator: After stopping at the house of George to pick up much needed supplies, like a shovel they set off into the mysterious woods of Melee. 

Man: Right, whereís the map.

Guybrush: You said the map was useless.

Man: useless for you. Tell me your joking

Guybrush: I threw it in that stream.

Man: You what? I canít believe. You threw the map into the stream. Shit!

Guybrush: But it was useless.

Man: How the hell are we going to stay alive now. Iwthout the map, you tithead.

Guybrush: hahahaha

Man: its not funny. That was are only way out.

Guybrush: Sorry.

Man: Shhh! Whatís that?

Guybrush: Whatís what?

Man: That noise?

Guybrush: What noise?

Man: that noise.

Guybrush: oh the witches cackle. Oh! SHIT RUN 

Heavy panting and breathing when suddenly they run into someone with a light. 

Man: oh my Good God.

Guybrush: What? What?

Man: itís the swordmaster.

Guybrush: Ahhhhhh! But itís a girl.

Man: I know.

Swordmaster: I am the sword master. And no one comes onto my property without leaving with blood on their hands.

Guybrush: gee! I wish I had some trainig.

Man: Well you should have gone to good ole captain smirk. He trains people in the art of sword fighting.

Guybrush: dang! I bet that happened in the game.

Man: What?

Guybrush: nothing. Well Iíll just have to beat with my wit.

Man: Okay then.

Swordmaster: My nameís Carla by the way.

Guybrush: Nice to meet you. My nameís Guybrush Threepwood. Prepare to die. 

Cue Invanhoe music. 

Swordmaster: On guarde. You fight like a diary farmer.

Guybrush: How appropiate. Because I once was a diary farmer.

Swordmaster: What? Thatís not how it works. Your supposed to be witty.

Guybrush: oh right. ErÖhow appropiate you fight likeÖerÖcow.

Swordmaster: Shit. The force is strong with this one.

Man: Go Guybrush

Guybrush: Shut up. Iím concentrating. 

The swords meet each other they come face to face. 

Swordmaster: I hope you have a boat for a quick escape?

Guybrush: Why do you want to borrow one. 

They are both holding them like lightsabers. 

Swordmaster: I got this face scar during a mighty battle.

Guybrush: Shouldnít pick your nose with your sword, eh. 

The swordmaster sword is thrown away from and she falls to the floor breathing with her hand held up. 

Swordmaster: You have beaten me. Good on you. Hereís the t-shirt. Now piss off out of my garden.

Guybrush: Ahahaha. 

The Sweeney music plays. 

Guybrush: Shut it. 

Guybrush: okay. Letís go and find this treasure.

Man: Well quite conviently its in the plot of land next to us.

Guybrush: Well thatís a coincidence. 

The Sweeney music plays again. 

Back in melee town 

Guybrush: Right so we have got the treasure.

Man: Yup

Guybrush: this stupid t-shirt that doesnít even fit.

Man: Yup.

Guybrush: I beat the Swordmaster

Man: yup

Guybrush: Now to steal the Idol of many hands from the Governorís office.

Man: Yup.

Guybrush: Are you coming.

Man: nah! Thatís why they cruxified me in the first place.

Guybrush: gulp! Well so long.

Man: ErÖcould you do me a tiny favour?

Guybrush: What?

Man: put me back on my cross

Guybrush: Why?

Man: Tell you the truth I really miss it. I miss it so much [He sobs] 

Narrator: And so Guybrush nails George to the cross. 

George: Sir, you really are the king of kings.

Guybrush: Gee! Thanks. To the Governorís mansion. 

Narrator: And now he goes to the Governorís mansion. 

Guybrush: oh dear! A group of killer piranha poodles. 

[poodles bark] 

Guybrush: Right! I use my mind trick the Fettucini brothers taught me. 

[he waves his hands in front of the poodles]

[it doesnít work] 

Guybrush: Sugar. Well, itís a good thing I swiped this suspiciously unhealthy slab of meat from Georgeís house. Ohhh! It smells like Otis breathe.

Here doggies. Here poochies. Eat this you little turds. Ha! 

The dogs eat it and fall asleep. 

Guybrush: Well, that was easy. 

We see Guybrush entering the house from the eyes of someone in a bush. 

He enters. 

And the camera angle is different to show it was fenster Shinetop who was watching our hero. 

Shinetop: I have you now, Treebeard or whatever your name is.

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