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The search of the mystic crown
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Part 1: The story of the helmet's crown

Many years ago:

--Look out mateys.We are being atacked by pirates.The ship shock wend another canon ball hit it.FIRE!-yelled the captain.

--Captain-yelled a sailor-The pirates are bording us.In a few moments all the crew had been  capture and the treasure too.On the enemy ship the pirates were discussing who would keepa beatifull crown that was on the treasure:

--I´ll keep it – said a pirate.

--Over my dead body-said another.

They did so much noise that the captain showed up on deck.

--What´s all this racket about?-he asked.

--It´s them ,captain.They are discussing  because a crown.

--A crown – said the captain-well since they don´t get to a solution,i´ll keep it.

--Yes sir,captain Lechuck –said  the pirates ,whille the captain returned to is cabine. On is cabine ,the captain looked the crown Asking himself what to do with it.

--I think i saw this crown somewere before-he said-but i don´t rebember were...Wait a minute,I know were –he said,snaping is fingers—in my book of voodoo spells.He got up and got is book about voodoo spells.He opend it and read:

“ Magic crown that can heal or kill,depending on who´s using it.”

--Well this intresting-he thought.

--Land ahoy- said a pirate-it´s Bulky Island.

--Bulky Island-thought the captain-what a perfect place to bury a treasure.

--Prepare your selfs,you scurvy dogs-he said-were  going  ashore , bury a treasure.

Two hours after,the crewhad already buried the treasure,but the crown still was on the captain´s cabine.

Wend the crew got back to the ship,the captain  had already set a course to Skeleton Island.

Wend they arrived at Skeleton Island,the captain went alone ,since he had told to is crew that he had bussiness on the island,and he took the crown with him and said:

--This will stay here until I need it.After this, he returned to the ship and made a map whitch contained the location  of the two Island,and the two treasures.After this he left the island.

For many years ,the crown staied hide and even,wend the treasure of Bulky Island,they never found Skeleton Island or the crown.

Many years pass:

Deep in the Carabbien:

Monkey  Island

--Wake up ,you buffons-said a skeleton-captain Lechuck is coming this way.

The skeletons got up,whille a ice demon came their direction.

--Alrigth ,you minghy dogs,-he said-I want you to form a small group and go look for map.Sais the legend that the map disappiered but that´s not true .I don´t care how do you do it but find me the map of the Lost Crown.And if on your way you find Guybrush and Elaine bring them to me alive.

--Yes sir-said the skeletons-right away sir.

--Soon-thought Lechuck—I´ll have the crown, and wend I do ,I´ll finish Guybrush for good , and take Elaine as my wife.Hehehehe.

Menwille on Melée Island:

Guybrush and Elaine were at home,in the living room.Elaine was loooking at some books wille Guybrush was reading the newspaper.

--Guybrush -she said-look at this book I found.It´s a book about crowns.

--That´s interesting-he said-let-me have a look at it

--And the funny is,that this book wasn´t here before-she continued.

--Are sure-said Guybrush.

--Positive-said Elaine.

Guybrush opened the book and read:

“Helmet´s Crown,also nown as the lost crown,can heal or kill any thing to it´s powers.It was stollen by pirates and buried on a deserted island,called :Skeleton Island.

--Interesting-he tought-very interesting...


--I´ll get it-said Elaine,as she rushed to the door.

--How is it—asked Guybrush.

Wend Elaine openedthe door,she was suprised that wasn´t nobody at the door,except for a letter on the grown,direct to them.

--Strange-she tought,as she picked the letter and got back inside.

--Who was it-Guybrush.

--I don´t know-she answered –they only let this letter directed to us.

--Open and read it-he asked.

Elaine opened the letter and read:

“To: Guybrush Threepwood and Elaine Marley -Treepwood

From: A friend.

You both are in great danger.Lechuck is back and he want´s to recover the lost crown to use it againt you.If you want to find out more about the crown,come meet me at Theft Island.

Yours Truly:

A friend.”

--What´s this supose to mean-asked Elaine.

--I don´t know,but we have to go to Theft Island and meet this friend.

Guybrush and Elaine prepared their ship and took of to Theft  Island,taking the book about crowns and the letter.Guybrush was a bit worried .He knew that Lechuck would come after them,to kill him and get Elaine.But that wouldn´t happen.He wouldn´t let that happen.

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