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The nightmare of Monkey Island
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Part 4: 100 heads are better than one

It took a bit of squirming but I managed to wriggle free from my straps. I then unbuckled Elaine's and we ran out of the hut and headed towards the Village exit. But a nine headed monkey stopped us. 
"The prisoners have escaped!" He cried. Elaine Kicked him, picked him up and said to the other triple three
headed monkeys that we'd let it go when we get out. A hostage is always handy. 
Me and Elaine ran back to out ship. But to our amazement, It had vanished. I looked around the docks to
see If he could find another ship to 'borrow' so we could sail back to melee island. All I found was a big 
lookout tower with some guy in it. I knew this guy must have seen my ship leave.
I climbed the rickety ladder to the top and there was the lookout from my first adventure on Melee island.
"Hello again."I said."It's been a long time."
"Ah!"He replied."It's you isn't it! The floorboard 
inspector! What brings you here?"
"Its a long story. But I need to know where the ship 
with the 'Just Married' banner went."
"Oh, that monkey chief took off with it. headed to Melee island."
"We need to get there. It's urgent."
You can come with my on my boat." Said the lookout. "I'm just here on a training course. My boss the Govoner said I'm too blind. Pfffft! Thats stupid. Now wheres the door?"
"I'll go tell my wife. The Govoner who sent you here."

A few minutes later we were all aboard the lookout's ship. to my horror I realisd the driver was Herman 
Toothrot. He said he was blown off Dinky island after the explosion and he landed on Freak island. Then he 
befreinded the lookout and they ended up like brothers.
"How long now, Herman?" I shouted.
"Not too long. We've just left Freak island." He replied.
"But I thought we did that 4 hours ago!"
I decided to visit the crow's nest to see how far from Freak island we really were. Herman may of been wrong. It turned out the lookout was giving directions. then I saw we were heading towards Freak island. With a dumb driver and a blind lookout we were gonna get nowhere. I decided I we were gonna get anywhere Elaine and I would have to do it.

"Move aside Herman, I'm taking hold of the wheel now." I said.
"What? Okay. It's aaaaaaallll over to 'Mr. Boating expert'." He replied in his most sarcastic tone of voice. He probably didn't trust me as much as I didn't trust him. The same thing happened when Elaine took over
the crow's nest.
"WHAT?" Screamed the lookout."Your not a world class lookout like me! You'll get us nowhere! Govoner Marley wants me back in 2 days!"
"I am Govoner Marley." She replied. 
"Thats rediculous! Your a man! "Well If you think your a pro go ahead. Get us all lost."
That evening we all had a rest. We threw down the anchor and put our feet up. We knew we had to save Stan but somebody would have to save us if we got lost in this darkness. 
"What was that?" I shouted. I heard Herman reply.
"Oh it's juts my new 9 headed monkeys." He said. "I took care of em' on Freak island."
"Uh-oh." That was Elaine's and My first word about that. The monkeys Can up from the hold for a look around. Then they saw us. Each one of the little rebels grabbed a sword and ran for us. Both me and Elaine went for our swords but realised they had gone. 
"HERMAN!" I cried. "call off your monkeys! Now!"
"Let em have a bit of fun." He said.
"They're gonna kill us. and when we reach Melee island there will actually BE a melee!"
"Is that where we're going? oh." He spoke in a very disappointed way. "Okay, my little darlings back off."

They didn't hear a word he said. Now some of them went for him. The lookout was just sleeping. But then one of the monkeys darted at him. I had to save him but I was cornered. So was Elaine. So was Herman. So I jumped into the ocean, swam to the anchor chain and climbed up. A monkey was waiting at the top with his sword. He reached for me and eventually fell. I caught him, grabbed his sword and dropped him. I clenched the sword in my teeth and climbed to the top. I ran towards the dozing lookout and as the monkey swang at him I clashed my sword to his. The monkey's sword went flying and Elaine caught it. She was amazing with a sword. She was so good she made all the monkeys cornering her drop their swords. But still there were just to many of them. But I had yet another plan. I woke the lookout up, gave him a sword, and asked him to help me saw off the mast. Elaine and Herman rushed over and fought off any monkeys who tried to stop us. Then the mast collapsed and smashed into the deck with maximum impact. 
The ship capsided and the monkeys sank to the bottom of the ocean. Luckily Me, Elaine, Herman and the Lookout could swim so we climbed back onto the bottom of the boat.
"Guybrush!" Elaine cried. "My wedding ring! it must have sank!"
"I suppose I've gotta dive for it have I?" I asked.
"YES! Go now!" I dived down. I could only stay under for ten minutes though. I could just see the ring far below me sinking. I swan downwards as fast as I could. I only had five minutes. I had to save the other five to swim back up without getting diver's bends. I reached the sea bed. It was too dark. 
I grabbed a lamp I found sinking and searched for the ring. I found it. That was easy. All that only took me
only 1 and a 1/2 minutes. But I knew there would be a glitch. There was. 
A shark came swimming at me. I could swim up fast but as I mentioned that would give me diver's bends. Then my lamp went off. I had to fell around my body for my sword and when I found it I just swung it around hoping to kebab the shark. I bet that would taste nice. Anyway I felt the shark's head brushing against my leg. I kept on forgetting this wasn't the dream. I was swimming around and swinging my sword until I couldn't move it and I heard a roar. I must of skewered the shark's tail. I shoved the sword's blade into the seabed. I could tell by the shark's whining that it was trapped. 
I swam back to the boat and noticed that everyone had gone. I saw a ship on the horizon heading the direction I needed to go. I swam towards it since it wasn't going very fast. The others must be on it. As I was getting nearer I saw that the ship had the just married banner on it. I knew then the 100 headed monkey must have been on that ship. A few minutes later I was sort of kneck and kneck with the ship and I tried to swim at equal speed so I  could think of a plan. Then I heard a voice.
"MAN OVERBOARD!" It was one of the monkeys. He threw out a life ring and hauled me up.
"Hey! The chief has been looking for you! Come with me!"
Minutes later I was locked up with the others in a cage dangling from a crane over the sea.
"Ha Ha Ha!" The 100 headed monkey chief laughed. "I knew you might try to stop me so I waited. Now you shall all sink to your watery death. Goodbye!" He walked off into his formerly my quaters and left us with another nine headed monkey as a guard. The cage was slowly lowering.
"Now what?" Elaine sighed.
"Leave that to me." Said herman. He pulled a pistol from his pocket and blasted the lock.
"HERMAN!" I shouted. "You could have told us you had that! We could have used it to scare off those monkeys from earlier!"
"What gun? That one in the ocean?" Herman had obviously dropped it. Elaine then threw a tantrum. Her next words were loud:

DEFEATING THE 100 HEADED MONKEY." Elaine pushed Herman into the drink.
"Hey that was Herman's ship mister." Said the lookout.
"He can do what he wants with it."
"I TOLD YOU BEFORE! I AM A WOMAN NOT A MAN!" Elaine shouted. She shoved him in too. Then she turned to me.
"YOUR THE ONE WHO GOT US WOUND UP ON THIS SHIP!" She shouted. She shoved me in too. Then the 100 headed monkey came out from his quaters.
"What was that bang?" He asked the guard.
The guard replied with "That hermit shot open the lock. Then prettygirl here pushed him and the other two into the ocean."
"Well, since we can't replace that lock hang her by the kneck from the yardarm or whatever its called."
I could here that conversation. I had to get back on the ship. Herman and the Lookout had already found a 
plank of wood to sail away on. Remembering what I learnt from the ventriquism book on Plunder island, I used the 100 headed Monkey's voice to order one of the monkeys to drop the anchor. I climbed the chain and jumped onto the deck. but then I was shoved into the hold by a monkey. He locked the door and now I was trapped. I heard the 100 headed monkey order one of his monkey crew to fetch a keg of rum for the rest of the crew while they watched Elaine being hung. I quickly opened a keg, tipped it over, turned it upright again and climbed into it. The monkey without noticing I had gone lifted the keg and put it on the deck. When a monkey opened it I hit him, jumped out, grabbed his sword and atacked the other monkeys. I could see Elaine standing above the sails trying to pull off her noose.

"PUSH HER! NOW!" the 100 headed monkey shouted to the monkey next to elaine. He pushed Elaine. I threw up my sword and it cut the rope she was dangling from. Now she was falling. I ran over to catch her. When I did I losened the rope around Elaine's kneck. "Very clever." Said the 100 headed monkey. "But you 
can't beat ME AND MY GUN CAN YOU?!" He pointed a pistol at us. I dropped Elaine in shock. "HA HA HA! Goodbye Guybrush Threepwood! and Whatsyourname."
"MY GUN!" Shouted the 100 headed monkey. Somebody had shot it out of his hand. It was Herman Toothrot.
"He He He! Stupid monkey! I found my pistol in the water so I decided to come and help!" He shot 5 of the 100 headed monkey's heads. "Dang. Thats all my bullets."
"HA HA HA!" Laughed the 100 headed monkey."You need to get all my heads to kill me. Or my heart etc." He gabbed his pistol and aimed at Me and Elaine. Herman was too busy finding alternatives for bullets.
"Yippee Kay-AA!" The lookout swang from the mast and kicked the monkey's gun into the ocean.
"That can't stop me!" Shouted the 95 headed monkey. We all had a fistfight with him and he was pretty damb good at it. He was also a heck of a descent headbutter. Herman and the lookout where scared out of their wits so they shot themselves out of a connon and flew far away.

"HA HA HA! I'll be in histerics soon. Looks like your friends are playing Rocky the flying CHICKEN!" said the multiheaded monkey.
"Err...." I replied "Actullay Rocky was a rooster. Have you ever SEEN Chicken run?"
"SHUTUP!" He cried. He picked up my sword and swung it at me and Elaine. I grabbed the sword from Elaine's belt and swung it at the monkey. As the swords clashed they both went flying into the air. 
"IDIOT!" The monkey cried. He got a sword he had hidden in his fur and laughed with his chest in the air. Then I saw the swords that flew up falling down. Yes. Directly at the 95 headed monkey's chest. both the blades landed in the monkey's stomache.
"Aaaaaarghh!" He cried. He stumbled back and fell into the ocean. That was his demise. Now Elaine and I threw all the monkeys I slayed earlier back into the ocean.
"Okay Elaine"I said. "Thats another adventure over with. Shall we go back to freaky island, or back to Melee island?"
"I've had enough of Freaky island." She replied. 
"Melee island it is then." I said. Let us never speak of Freak island again."


That was it. That very next day I started writing this entry to my log. I know it was a long story for my log
but, Its a thick log book.

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