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The nightmare of Monkey Island
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Part 3: Wheel of Misfortune

Elaine found herself back in the Carnival of the Dambed, Where LeChuck was telling us his plans and Elaine was tied up behind him. It was like the scene was being recreated. 
Then the scene changed. Instead of me being turned into a 7 year old again, LeChuck started the monorail 
and I plunged into the molted lava. I'm glad this was all just a dream. Then LeChuck walkedd towards Elaine. Lechuck untied her and manacled her legs to the rollercoaster seat. The cart slowly started moving. 
"HA HA HA!" LeChuck shouted as the Rollercoaster cart plunged downwards at 100 miles per hour. Elaine spotted that the cart was going to move under a bar and when it did, she grabbed onto it and the macacles around her legs snapped and she was free. Then LeChuck came running up the track. Elaine swung on the bar and kicked LeChuck off the tracks into a huge pond. He was extinguished.
Elaine found her way out and explored the carnival of the dambed.
She was walking in the Gamble zone and she came across a huge wheel. 
"Welcome, Mrs! Welcome to Stan's wheel of misfortune." The dealer shouted.
"Hey, your that stan guy Guybrush keeps on telling me about" Elaine said.
"Indeed I am. It's time for you to play wheel of misfortune. I just spin the wheel and whatever fate the
needle points to is the fate you will face. Theres only one good fate, and thats what you have to get to wake up. ready?"
"Err... not really" Elaine replied.
"Too bad, Govoner, everyone has to play." He span the wheel and the sharp needle pointed to 'Attacked by a horde of visious vampires'. Elaine suddenly dissapeared. the next minute, she found herself facing an army of grinning vampire bats. 
"Ah! Fresh meat!" Said one of the bats.
"You can talk!" Shouted Elaine.
"Yup." He replied. "You wanna see something else my jaws can do?"
Elaine screamed them threw a huge rock at the bat. That did not hurt it. All it did was make the bat bigger. She had a feeling that whenever these bats felt pain, they would grow stronger. Much stronger. Then she thought if she said nice things it would make the bat weaker.
"Whos a pretty batty watty?" She said in one of those anoying sweet voices.
"Your not the first to try that. It never works you know." She slapped her head in annoyment.
"Yowch!" Screamed the bat as it shrank. 
"Thats it!" Shouted Elaine. She had realised being kind to the bat was close. But helping the bat was even 
closer! She Whacked herself in the stomache really hard. Once again the bats shrank. Then she ran into a wall and the defenceless rodents shrank into the size of a tennis ball. Then she wounded herself with her huge sword. The bats screamed for mercy as they faded away.
Elaine was in absolute pain aswell. Then Stan appeared out of nowhere.
"Well done!"He said. "Now lets see what the wheel comes up with next." He span the wheel and the needle pointed to Flames to ashes. POW! Elaine dissapeared in a flash.
Elaine reappeared in a burning house. The floor beneath her feet was burning away. She noticed a dangling rope above her head. She jumped up and grabbed it as the floor dissapeared. She looked up and noticed
the rope she was holding on to ran along the above floor. But above that was another axe dangling on a 
rope. But that rope was slowly burning away! There was nowhere to swing to but a small unburnt patch surrounded by fire. She swang there.
Elaine was trapped. Circled by a huge wall of flames. Her only chance now (which she took) was to smash 
through the floor. She had no idea what she would fall into so as she fell she grabbed onto the enge of the new gaping hole.
It was just her luck to find a lake of fire beneath her feet. Now what. Hr fingers were about to burn. There
was nowhere to swing to. Then... She lost grip, fell into the lake of fire and broke the floorboards then 
fell through. She landed on a room that wasn't burning but her clothes were burning. She rolled around on the floor to get the fire off her clothes. Her jacket was so burnt it fell off. She picked herself up and went for the door. But as she opened it a huge fireball shot through it.
Luckily she managed to dodge it. She jumped through the door and out of the house. On the doorstep Stan and the wheel were waiting.
"Lets see what the wheel comes up with next." He said.
"I hope it's nothing tough" She replied. "I'm still hurt from the bats. And I hope it's nowhere cold. I've lost 
my jacket." She spoke too soon. The needle pointed to Icey Islanded.
Elaine suddenly found hereself on a frozen version of Skull Island. She new this is where she was because 
of the sign. She walked up to the smuggeler's cave and found everyone she new frozen solid including Guybrush, the voodoo lady, Wally and even LeChuck.
"HA HA HA!" Said a voice.
"Who's there?" Elaine screamed.
"Me, the Ice Man!" It's time you were frozen too! A big Ice creature ran towards her. She began to run the way she came and then found a trail of water as if the ice had been melted there. It was obvious. Her trouser leg was still a bit singed from the house. It was still hot. She took off the wooden handle from her sword and touched it to her trouser leg. It started to burn. When it was a flaming mass, she launched it at the the Ice Monster. It hit his foot and he stumbled and fell. It couldn't move now thankfully. But Elaine needed more wood and fire. She noticed her armband was on fire. She slipped it off and looked for some wood. Luckily the whole roof was made of it! She threw the flaming armband upwards and the roof caught fire. The burning roof fell and covered the monster melting him completely. But the floor was also melting away. 
When it dissapeared Elaine fell and landed in a really dark room. She noticed a light. It was the lights
on Stan's wheel and Stan was right there with it. 
"Ready?" He said.
"Ummm..... Not really." Said Elaine.
"The wheel has stopped! The pin says a piercing party."
POW! Elaine dissapeared once again. She found herself dangling from a floating bar in a 
room with spikes on all the walls, the ceiling and the floor. Also the left and right walls were closing in on 
her. And then she noticed her hands were tied to the bar. She turned her head and saw a door. With spikes on of course. Also as the walls were closing in the floor and roof spikes were being forced out of place and 
snapping. Now she was in trouble. Then one of the spikes flew out of place and just skimmed the rope around her hands and the rope was cut.
Now Elaine was falling to the spikey floor. It was amazing how she landed inbetween the spikes. She ran to one of the static walls and used the spikes as rungs. She reached the door. It was locked. Then she had an idea. She pulled out a thin spike and used it to pick the door lock. She swung the door open and climed into it. 
She was now back in the dark room.
"You really are amazing." said Stan. "But that was luck with the spikes cutting you free and landing inbetween them. but your next go it won't be luck."
"Let me guess she said."I'll be in a room filling up with water?"
"Yup but with no exits." He replied.
"Wait... YOU KNOW MY FATES! THIS IS ALL FIXED!" She shouted.
"TA TA!" Stan span the wheel. Elaine was teleported to a room filling up with water with no exits.
There weren't any ventelation shafts or anything. And the water wasn't even coming from any pipes or shafts. The water was just coming from nowhere. So now what? She could only tread water until she reached the roof. As she rose she searched the walls for weaknesses. She decided to get it over with. She dived down underneath and held her breath for the least time she could until she drowned. After 1 minute when she was gasping for air the water just stopped and one of the walls was opened.
The water and her spilt out and she heard Stan say: "You must be dead now! You sank and did not rise." 
Elaine jumped up. 
"Actually I was just pretending!"she shouted. "Actually I was just commiting suicide cause I thought i was gonna die anyway."
"Damb! you have annoyed be enough, Govoner!" Stan suddenly morphed into Lechuck.
"It was me all along. He said. And I never got round to marrying you did I?" He pointed a gun at Elaine's back.
"Walk." He said.
They walked and walked until they ended up on Melee island. A wedding dress suddenly appeared on Elaine. "Okay, dress, WALK!" Lechuck ordered. Elaine had no control over the dress whatsoever. "I forgot to tell you lass, I have cursed ye so you can only say I DO when we are in the church."
"LeChuck," she said."You've got a gun at my back right incase I don't follow your orders. But when I say I do aren't you gonna kill me anyway so I'll be your undead bride?"
"Good question" he replied. "If you havn't yet said I DO and I kill you, I will not resurect you. When your my
bride, I will." 5 minutes later they reached the church. Elaine struggled to try and get out of the dress, But it just walked on, in the church and down the isle. Then she saw Guybrush hanging by his neck from the roof.
They reached the alter and next to lechuck was his best man, holding back Elain's arms. She now had control again but she couldn't move her arms. but her legs, she could. She kicked the best man and she was free. LeChuck shot at her but missed and hit the undead priest. Then he started chanting the curse that made her dress move.
Elaine stuckher arm out to a candle and the dress burned away.
"DAARGG!" LeChuck shouted. Elaine ran for the exit. But all the zombie guests got out of the old wooden pews and walked towards her.
"I DO!" She screamed. The zombies rushed to their seats to let the 'Bride and Groom' walk down the isle. but Elaine dashed towards the door and ran down the streets.
"NO!2 LeChuck cried. "Come back! I have to kill ye so we can have lots in common!"
Elaine ran down to Stan's Used Ship emporium. She saw Stan lying unconcious on the floor with the wheel. She managed to wake him up.
"Help!" He coughed. "LeChuck got control over wheel after you escaped the spikes. He has control now! You.. #Gack# must take i.. ov..r y..." Stan's voice was breaking up and Elaine had one heck of a time working out what he was saying. She loocked up at the wheel and noticed that the pin was pointing at Slow Death. It was obvious LeChuck used it on Stan. Then she realised she could just use it on LeChuck. 
LeChuck appeared out of nowhere.
"You've torn it now lass!" She said. Stand away from the wheel or else."
"Or else what?" She replied as she span the wheel at super sonic speed. 
"NO!" He shouted. The wheel stopped. "What does it say?
Pain and Power? That just gives me pains and power! 
You've just OW! Made me stronger!"
"Actually" Stan said. "It means power as in explosion #cough# power."
"What? Ow! Nooooooooooo!!!!" BOOM! LeChuck went of in a mighty bang. At that very same moment Stan faded away. But know who was to spin the wheel so Elaine could go home? she was trapped in her nightmare? But then she saw the wheel was slowly turning stil. The wheel clicked in place to Home. Elaine was now fading away. 

Elaine woke up beside me.
"Elaine!" I shouted! "Your awake! come on we've gotta find a way to get out of these straps."
As if she hadn't heard a word I said she said "Hey! where's my jacket? I lost it in the dream but it's 
actually gone? Wierd."
I sighed. She just didn't hear me. 
"Look Elaine, we've gotta get out of here and save Stan! The 100 headed monkey said he's gonna kill him!"
"Your right." she replied. But how are we gonna get free?.

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