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The nightmare of Monkey Island
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Part 2: Friend or Foe?

Then I suddenly woke up. Still in the hut, Still strapped to the slab but where was Elaine? Then I 
realised that the walls were Melting! Yup, this was definately my nightmare. This explained why Elaine 
wasn't here. She told me about her nightmare later. But I'll tell you that part after I've finished my 
When the walls had finished melting, I found myself in the Rollercoaster of Death again. In the diorama that
gave me the horrible flashback to when Wally and I were trapped in LeChuck's Dungeon, Ready to be dropped into the pit of acid. There was the dino-monkey-electric zombie pirate LeChuck, waving and grinning at me. Then, It came to life. After all, It was a nightmare, anything could happen. But instead of charging at me, he losened my straps, and helped me to my feet. 
"What are you?" I asked.
"A fiendish flat electric thing!" He shouted.
"Fiendish?" I spluttered. 
The robotic LeChuck kicked me up the backside and I ran around screaming in pain and then LeChuck stuck his leg out and tripped me up. As I got up he got me in the position for the pedigree and then actually did the pedigree on me. Down I went. 
"HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" LeChuck chuckled so much his sides were splitting. Not that he had much of his sides being a Dyno-Monkey-Electric thing. 
As he was rolling around on the floor laughing, I darted towards a roller coaster cart that was moving still and dived in it. Then the Animatronic LeChuck got in one too. Being a nightmare, I didn't really trust 
this cart. And I knew that if nothing happened on the cart, which it didn't, Something else would happen at 
the end. 
The cart suddenly stopped on another diorama, a much worse one than the last, Yes, the one where I had 
defeated LeChuck for the third time, where he was trapped under a block of freezing, cold, ice! I could 
see where this was going. The still laughing animatronic LeChuck arrived just then, really angry. He opened his mouth and a huge fireball shot out of it at 100 miles per hour. The flaming ball hit the ice block with 
maximum impact, and the a blue LeChuck jumped out. This one was made of ice.
"Threepwood! What a nice suprise!" He said."You may of defeated me three times, but a fourth is not possible." 
Then the Animatronic LeChuck spoke "Master, your back!"
"Indeed I am" LeChuck replied. "You have served me well,
but for now, you are not needed". LeChuck shot some sort of icey ball directly at The Animatronic LeChuck and WHAM! He was now just an icey statue. "Your turn, Threepwood!" This was so bad, If I died now, I'd be dead in real life. But then I noticed a crack in the floor, just big enough for me to get through and too small for LeChuck. As the icey ball came at me I dived down the crack.
I seemed to be falling for ages. If I landed then I would go splat. I'd be dead. As I was falling I realised
that I was changing, I was growing a beard, my sleeveless jacket was becoming a big, blue coat and my 
holey shoes were turning into big, brown boots. Then I realised I was becoming the way I looked in my second adventure, where I had that voodoo doll of Largo and stuff. Then images of that time flew around me, starting off with me getting rid of Largo, followed by me shutting Stan in the coffin, then of me escaping the 
Phatt island jail, after that was me blowing up that X on Dinky island, but where was me pulling the leg off 
the voodoo doll of LeChuck?
Minutes later I landed face down of a very hard floor but I wasn't dead? I predicted something much worse was coming up. Then I realised this was where I pulled off the leg of the voodoo doll of LeChuck. These were the underground tunnels. 
Then I could hear large thumping sounds. That was when I totally freaked out. There infront of me was a 
giant voodoo doll of myself with a mind of it's own. No LeChuck was there to carry it or stab it with needles. 
Then, It suddenly punched itself in the stomach.
"AAAAAAAAAAARRRGGG" I screamed. Being a voodoo doll whatever happened to it happened to me."OOOOOOOOOO! 
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHh! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" I ran right underneath it's cotton legs and along the tunnels. Then the doll punched itself in the groin. "OWWWCHEE!" I ran into the room with the air tanks and the grog machine. Then the Doll stood by the doorway with dynamight in his teeth and a lit match in his hand. He was going to blow himself up, meaning me too! There was only one thing I could really try. In my second adventure I opened the coin reject slot of the vending machine, a coin fell out and rolled along the floor and Lechuck turned round and picked it up. This gave me more time. Whether it would work on the doll I didn't know. But it was worth a try. I opened the coin reject slot but instead of a coin falling out, I was sucked into the slot and I found myself flying around in some sort of tunnel.
Once again I was changing. I was beginning to look like a floorboard inspector. This is how I looked In my
first adventure. Then I saw pictures from this time. First there was my arrival on Melee, then was the ghost
ship sailing away with Elaine on, following that was me firing myself out of the cannon, then was me entering the monkey head, then was me sailing back to Melee and last was me entering the church to stop the wedding. 
Then I saw a circular picture of Stan's used ship yard flying towards me. Then I found myself flying out of 
the coin reject slot of the grog machine at Stan's. When I picked myself up I thought it would be wise
to go and see the voodoo lady for advise. So I headed for the town.
I openened the door to the voodoo hut. 
"Guybrush Threepwood! what a surprise!" The voodoo lady said.
"Hi, I've come for advise." I said.
"And thats what you'll get." She replied. "But first, I need you to do something for me. remember your dream on Booty island where you parents performed that song?"
"Why yes." I answered. "Then I was confronted by LeChuck who turned into me spraying the real me with root beer."
"Yes. I wan to transorm you into LeChuck so you can enter that dream and spray you future self with root 
beer. Then I will help you." She said.
"Okay, whatever. Let's get it over with." The voodoo lady pulled me into her couldren and I found myself at 
the Booty island big tree. I saw myself scream in terror as he saw me. A voice in my head said
"Guybrush, I'm now turning you back into yourself." I was turned back and i found a bottle of root beer in my hand. I sprayed it at my other self and he just dissapeared.
"Well done, okay, I'll help you now. You must defeat all the LeChucks, the ghost, the zombie, the demon and even the ice demon. when you've done that you will wake up." I stood around the tree for a while wondering "What next?". Then out of nowhere came the ghost pirate LeChuck! 
"Why, Hello, Guybrush! You just stole my body didn't you?!" He said.
"Yes you did! and your gonna pay! For that AND for defeating me three times!" LeChuck reached into his
pocket and pulled out a massive boxing glove. I had the feeling of Deja vu. I quickly sprayed the root beer at 
him but it didn't do anything. "HA HA HA!" LeChuck gave me an evil grin."It takes loads of root beer to defeat THIS LeChuck! He swung his arm at 100 miles per hour and smacked me under the chin. I went
flying for miles and landed back in the used ship emporium. Then LeChuck appeared. As I lifted my head, I
saw LeCuck lifting up the grog machine over his head, glass cover facing down. He was about to crush me with it. Then I found a 50 pieces of eight note in my pocket.
I quikly made it into a plane and threw it into the coin slot. Amazingly, the machine axcepted it and 50 bottles of root beer droped out of it, through LeChuck, and smashed on the floor. The beer that came out of all these bottles was just too much for LeChuck as he just faded away. 
The smoke just blew into my face and I couldn't see a thing. When the smoke cleared, I found myself in
Lechuck's throne room, as I was in my second adventure  again. I looked around, and then I saw LeChuck's Voodoo priest. He transformed himself into the giant voodoo doll of me!
"Oh No!" I screamed! It bent over and picked me up. It started hitting its head. Making me hurt too. I managed get one of my arms out of it's grip and I pulled on the clothes it was wearing. Doing this was removing a piece of my thread. Now it was no longer a voodoo doll of me therefore what happens to it won't happen to me. I noticed the lit match stick from earlier sticking out of the doll's coat pocket. I stuck my arm out and pushed it. the Flame was knocked into the doll's coat and it caught fire. Then the whole doll went on fire. It dropped me onto LeChuck's throne. I sat there for a while watching the doll run around in flames. Then it pulled a lever and then the throne tipped back into a tunnel and I fell down it.
When I shot out of the tunnel I landed in a room. An empty room, except for... THE ZOMBIE PIRATE LECHUCK!
"Now Its time for me to kill YOU!" He shouted!" I noticed some red stairs so I ran up them really quickly.
But when I reached the top I realised the stairs were just LeChuck's toungue! I saw a giant LeChuck right
infront of me laughing and laughing. His toungue suddenly flicked into his mouth taking me with him.
I fell down his throat and landed... In another room!
Once again it was the tunnels. I was stood by the chest which had the ticket to big whoop with it. I picked up the ticket and said to myself "Hmm... LeChuck once said that Big Whoop was the way he could be destroyed." Then LeChuck appeared out of nowhere once again. "TAKE THIS LECHUCK!" I shoved the 
ticket into him mouth and he just exploded.
"That's it! That 50 pieces of eight note wasn't that! They don't exist! It was the Big Whoop ticket! Maybe 
THIS is the secret of Monkey island! But this is just a nightmare. Dang." I walked along the tunnels with the 
ticket clenched in my hand until I came across the exit door. I entered it and found myself in a strange spiral. Then I began transorming again. My boots became holey shoes again, my beard started shedding and my hair turned blond. Then once again I saw images from the past float around me. First was LeChuck's ship blowing up and sinking. Then was me escaping the snake on plunder island, Then was me defeating captain Rottingham, then was me putting the uncursed diamond ring on Elaine's finger.
Then I suddenly appeared in the Carnival of the Damned. I ran around for ages looking for LeChuck and 
got nowhere. I decided to look in the mirror maze. Then I remembered one of those made up storys where the mirror images came to life. And they did. 300 copies of myself came charging at me. Now what was I to do? I was being beaten and kicked and stuff until I had an idea.
"Wait" I cried "Look, If I weren't alive then you guys wouldn't exist."
"He's got a point." One of them said."We should be worshipping him not beating him."
"I dunno, we'll have to take him too LeChuck to find out." Another one said.
5 minutes later I was Standing infront of LeChuck with the clones behind me.
"Of course you shouldn't worship him!" Lechuck cried."I am the most powerful!"
"Yes, but big whoop has the power to defeat you right?" I said.
"right." he replied.
"And I have it in my hand!" I shouted.
"He has the power!" The clones chanted. They ran towards LeChuck and held him back. I slowly walked towards LeChuck and when I reached him, I thrust the ticket into the flames of his beard and he dissapeared into a puff of smoke.
"Well, I'm glad that's o..." I started. The ice LeChuck appeared out of nowhere and the ticket flew 
right into his hand.
"Ahhh," He said."My ticket to the number 9 train. Flies right into your hand if your the proper owner. You see Guybrush, Big Whoop has the power to destroy anything. Even you. Thats what I intend to do with it." He shot icey balls at the clones. I had no hope. He slowly walked towards me with the ticket. Then I noticed, there on LeChuck's desk, was a flaming pen. I picked it up and threw it at him.
"AAAAH!" He cried! "I'm melting! You havn't heard the 
last of me, GUYBRUSH THREEeeeeeeeeee" He was now just a puddle on the floor. And it was already being evaporated by the heat. I was beginning to fade away now. 
I woke up. But I was still strapped to a slab. And so was Elaine. When she woke up later on, she told me 
her story. Which I will tell you now.

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