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Monkey Island: The Christmas Challenge
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Chapter 2: How LeChuck stole Christmas

Guybrush managed not to shout out and wake Elaine, but it was a close thing! He couldn’t believe his eyes! He was staring right into the eyes of the Zombie pirate LeChuck. He looked almost exactly as Guybrush remembered him. He had green skin and a tongue too big for his mouth. He was spitting all over the floor as usual. Only this time he was wearing a red coat with white fur, big black boots, a belt and a hood over his head. But the thing that stood out the most, (not that there were many changes), was that his beard was white and bushy!
Guybrush stared open mouthed into the eyes of LeChuck, while LeChuck stared into the eyes of Guybrush. Something wasn’t quite right here. LeChuck was Santa Claus? How could that be?
“You’re…you’re…” Guybrush stuttered.
“I’m…I’m…” said LeChuck, cruelly imitating Guybrush.
“My Brother!” screamed Guybrush “Oh wait, Wrong story.”
“Well, well, well! Guybrush Threepwood! How lovely to to see you here!” said LeChuck evilly.
“How…how are you alive?” said Guybrush stuttering.
“I’m not alive.” Said LeChuck coolly.
“No, I mean…how are you here?” said Guybrush now shaking and stuttering more than ever.
“My trustworthy henchman Largo LaGrande resurrected me for the holidays, I mean, we all need a bit of Christmas don’t we?”
“But…does that mean that you’re…not evil anymore?” said Guybrush.
“I didn’t say that!” said LeChuck, “with the power of Christmas in my pocket,” said LeChuck tapping one of the many pockets on his jacket, “and Santa Claus trapped back in my ship on Monkey Island…”
“What?!! You kidnapped Santa?” shouted Guybrush, “He really exists?”
“Of course he exists! My crew brought him on board a few hours ago, they came across a little man walking through the snow all alone. He seemed kind of upset. But then our crew and me ran into him and asked, “what’s wrong little guy?” And he told us that someone by the name of Humbug Sheepwood had told him that there was no Santa. We told him that he’s probably a big and mean old Humbug who has no Christmas spirit! So then our crew flew up to the north pole, (or used voodoo to transport there) and found Santa Claus and took him to Monkey Island, currently where him and the little man are being held prisoners, and while Santa Claus was tied up, I stole his Christmas magic!”
Guybrush stood there, horror-struck. “Um…was this man short with brown hair, wearing a thick woolly scarf and little Puss in Boots eyes?”
“Dargh! There goes my fun!” said LeChuck, “I was gonna play guessing games with you.”
“Well”, said Guybrush, “at least we’ll still get presents!” said Guybrush.
“Yes Threepwood, you’ll still get presents”, said LeChuck, “but not the usual presents you’d usually get this time of year, this year, I thought I’d go on the voodoo side of Christmas!” And he handed Guybrush a present in a box.
Guybrush took the box and (hands shaking) opened it. Inside was a lovely vase decorated with Christmas decorations.
“A…a vase!” said Guybrush, “this isn’t too bad! It’d be good for the mansion!
“A vase made out of PORCELAIN you mean!” said LeChuck.
Guybrush dropped the vase and it shattered on the floor, “I…hate…porcelain!” he yelled! “I was on the naughty list right?”
“EVERY child in the world is getting one of the many voodoo toys in my sack!”, said LeChuck, “because, from this moment on, I…AM…LECLAUS!!!”
And “LeClaus” walked back over to the fireplace and stepped inside.
"Yo ho ho! Merry Christmas and a bottle o' rum!" he shouted. And he shot up the fireplace.
Guybrush didn’t know what to do. If he didn’t stop LeClaus from delivering voodoo gifts to every child in the world, Christmas would be ruined forever. But if he were to help them, it would mean defeating LeChuck one more time. He thought hard and decided what he was going to do, so he ran to the first person (or thing) that he thought of.
“Murray, MURRAY!” he said, shaking the top of the Christmas tree.
“Wh…whaaa…Murray Christmas to you too” said Murray. He looked like he was dreaming. Why would a skull need to sleep?
Guybrush pulled Murray off the top of the Christmas tree and shook him awake.
“Wh…what? Threepwood?!!! What do you want this early in the morning?”
“Murray” said Guybrush panting, “I need your help!”

Guybrush ran all around Melee Island with Murray searching for LeClaus. First they looked in the “Scumm Bar”, then around the town, in the Voodoo Lady’s shop and many more places. Fifteen minutes went by and they had no luck. So they decided to go deeper into the forest of Melee Island. They were stopped by a troll, who they had to give a piece of turkey to. Then they went past Stans store and they still had no luck. Guybrush was yawning and Murray was getting annoyed. They decided that they should just go back to the mansion. They had just turned around, when suddenly they heard a bump sound coming from the house ahead. They ran over to the house and saw LeClaus just climbing down the chimney from a sleigh with eight skeletal reindeer. Guybrush now recognised the house as Captain Smirks, the pirate that had trained him to insult swordfight. Guybrush had no choice but to knock on the door and tell Smirk that LeClaus was stealing Christmas.
“Smirk!” said Guybrush while knocking on the door, “SMIRK!”
Captain Smirk burst out instantly yelling, “YOU DISTURBS MY CHRISTMAS!”, and then he realised who it was.
“Guybrush! How are you? I hope you’re having a merry…”
“Smirk! There’s no time for that now!” yelled Guybrush. “Listen, LeChuck’s back! And he’s taking over Christmas!”
“What?!!!” yelled Smirk, and pulling out his Sword and walking out of the house, “I’ll show him! I’ll show him what Christmas is! I’ll show him a Christmas Punch! I’ll show him…”
But at that very moment something big, shiny and green hit Smirk in the back, which sent him flying across the path and landing on his back. Guybrush ran over to him and looked at his face, his eyes wide open and a surprised expression.
He was dead.
Guybrush, breathing hard looked from Smirks frozen face to the roof of his house. There stood LeClaus, with a Christmas present in his hand and a evil smile on his face. Guybrush was now madder than he had ever been in his life. He had no choice now. He was going to save Christmas for the world. He ran on top of Smirks roof and grabbed onto the back of LeClaus’s sleigh just as it was taking off. Just as that happened, LeClaus once again yelled "Yo ho ho! Merry Christmas and a bottle o' rum!" LeClaus however noticed Guybrush dangling from the back of the sleigh and told the reindeer to take a different path in the air. Guybrush was now looking down over the entire Melee Island forest. He’d never been this high before. He watched as he was flying over Melee Island. He’d always wondered what it looked like from the sky.
For about 10 minutes, as he hung from the sleigh watching the islands of the tri-island area go by, and LeClaus occasionally dropping voodoo bombs on houses. When suddenly he arrived at an island with a blizzard blowing around it.
“Welcome Threepwood”, said LeClaus, “to Monkey Island!”
LeClaus touched town to the ground, where there was a mountain of snow. Guybrush’s hair was blowing about in the blizzard. He wondered why he didn’t bring a hat and gloves with him. It was freezing cold. LeClaus was dragging him along a path that seemed somewhat farmiliar. He realised then that LeClaus was taking him up the stone steps to Monkey Mountain, the highest of the Monkey Island mountains. As he got higher, the air turned colder, the path turned foggier and the storm turned windier. He then finally reached the top of the mountain and could see in the distance, a faint outline of a Giant Monkey head. Next to it in fact, where he saw two figures hanging from a pole stuck into the ground. LeClaus pulled Guybrush a little closer. A few seconds later, Guybrush could make out the two shapes. One of them was a huge fat man with a lot of thick white hair and a long beard. Guybrush knew that this must be Santa Claus. But the other figure was one that Guybrush already knew. It was Wally.
Wally saw Guybrush and said in a grumpy voice, “Hello Mr Humbug!”
“Wally”, said Guybrush, his voice chattering in the cold. “I’m sorry!”
“Aww! How sweet!”, said LeClaus behind him in a sweet voice.
LeClaus seized Guybrush by the neck and tied him up on another pole next to Santa.
“THIS is where you’ll spend your Christmas! I hope you enjoy it!”
“You’ll never get away with this!” yelled Santa, “You’re on the naughty list you know!”
“I don’t CARE!” yelled LeClaus. “I’ve got Christmas all wrapped up myself!”.
He walked back to his sleigh and climbed in.
“Merry Christmas!” he yelled to them, “I’ve still got presents for you when I come back! So Yo Ho Ho! Merry Christmas and a bottle of rum!”. And he took off into the sky.
For about two minutes, no-one spoke. And then, just when each was as worried as the others, Wally spoke.
“I’m sorry about this Guybrush”, said Wally getting teary eyed.
“What for?” said Guybrush.
“For ruining Christmas of course!” said Wally, sobbing.
“No” said Guybrush gloomily, “I told you that there was no Santa, I told you a big lie! And that sent you away to LeChu…LeClaus. I ruined Christmas!”
“Don’t feel bad Guybrush”, said Murray in Guybrush’s pocket, “we all make mistakes”.
But then, just as Murray finished speaking, he thought he heard a rustling sound below him. Like a rabbit or something, sniffing at the pole. So Guybrush looked down and saw none other, than Timmy the monkey! He had come to rescue them!
“Timmy!”, yelled Guybrush with surprise, “Thanks for coming to help us!”
Timmy managed to dig all the way around the pole, causing Guybrush to fall over on his back. Timmy then untied him. Timmy dug all around Wallys pole too, but Guybrush caught him just as he was about to fall. Guybrush then smiled at Wally and said “Come on Wally, we’ve got a Christmas to save!”
Guybrush and Wally started walking back into the fog, while walking Guybrush yelled “Timmy, untie Santa Claus and return him to the North Pole, we’ve got to get out of this place!”
Timmy saluted to Guybrush and untied Santa. Soon afterwards, Wally and Guybrush had disappeared into the fog.

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