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Monkey Island: The Christmas Challenge
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Chapter One: The Christmas Party

Guybrush reached out a hand for the door and opened it. On the other side of the door stood Wally B Feed, Scabb Islands cartographer. However, he looked absolutely freezing.
“Hello Mr B-bbbbb-rush!” he said cheerfully “and M-mmm-erry C-cccccc-hristmas”.
“What happened to you Wally”, said Elaine rather shocked when she came over to him, “where have you been?”
“I’ll tell you later”, said Wally, hanging up his coat and scarf on a hook.

Soon afterwards, many more Pirates turned up. Mister Cheese was the first after Wally, then Stan (who had the day off), then Carla and Otis, and then Captain Kate, Meathook, the pirate leaders, many others that had travelled far and wide, and finally Grandpa Marley, who had just been out to buy the last few decorations.
“Elaine darling!” cried Grandpa Marley, “come here! I’ve got a surprise for you!”
Elaine ran into the hall and said, “What’s the surprise Grandpa?”
“Well, actually It’s an early Christmas present to you!”, he said winking.
He handed Elaine a box with pretty wrapping and a shiny bow. But whatever was inside the box seemed to be moving. Elaine slowly reached out a hand and opened the box. She gasped, and so did every other pirate in the room as an animal leaped out of the box and flew into Elaine’s arms.
“Guybrush!”, she cried, and grinning widely, Guybrush the dog barked joyfully in Elaine’s arms and licked her ear.
“Uh, Grandpa?”, asked Elaine. “Why was he in a box?”

For the next few hours, there was much fun to be had. At 8:00pm, the pirates were playing lots of games and drinking lots of Grog together. The older and adult pirates were pulling crackers, which Grog burst out of, and finding a plastic toy of treasure, or a ship or something like that. The younger pirates were playing more kids games, like Murrayball and catch Guybrush! As a surprise, Guybrush had booked seven tables at “The Scumm Bar” to have a Christmas party and drink lots of Eggrog, (the special Christmas drink, Pirates can’t go too long without hearing the word “Grog”). While leaving the Scumm Bar, poor Wally was blown over by a strong gust of wind. There seemed to be a lot of snow falling from the sky, a snowstorm was coming! The pirates hurried back to the mansion and closed the door behind them.

It was 10:00pm. And everybody was back in the mansion and gathered around by the roaring fire and singing Christmas carols. The carol singing was enjoyable, even Guybrush was singing better than usual (if that’s possible). Evan Grandpa Marley was joining in, although his voice kept screeching in the middle of “Ding Dong merrily on high”. After the 27th Christmas carol, some pirates started to yawn and lay down on the sofa to sleep (Elaine was disappointed). So shortly afterwards (when Guybrush’s singing was getting extremely irritating), Elaine sent all the pirates to bed. She had set up beds all around the mansion to hold all of the pirates.
“Excited about tonight Mr Wood?” asked Wally while Guybrush was on the way upstairs. Guybrush paused for a second.
“What do you mean Wally, what’s happening tonight?”
“Santa Claus is coming of course!” said Wally screaming with excitement.
Guybrush stared at Wally for a few seconds, and then said “Wally, do you actually believe in Santa?”
“Of..of course I do Mr Wood”, said Wally (his voice slightly shaking), “Why wouldn’t I.”
“Well, think about it Wally”, said Guybrush raising his eyebrows and getting down on his knees. “Do you see reindeer in the sky every Christmas Eve night? And do you see a fat guy deliver presents all over the world in a sleigh in one night?”
Wally paused for a second and looked Guybrush in the eye.
“Well … well not exactly, but that doesn’t mean…”
“Aaaand”, said Guybrush raising his eyebrows higher than before, “is it possible to do that?” Guybrush started to smirk at Wally for a second.
Wally started to get teary eyed. He sniffed once and then started to storm down the stairs.
“Well! I NEVER, in all my life have been more insulted! Santa Claus isn’t real?!!!! YOU HUMBUG!”
Wally ran across the hall in a rage, Guybrush tried to keep up with him but Wally was too fast for him. Wally reached the front door, opened it and stepped out into the cold.
“Wally, you can’t go out there!” screamed Guybrush, “You’ll freeze to death!”.
Guybrush didn’t think Wally could hear him, the snowstorm had arrived. And Wally was out of sight.
Guybrush walked back inside, somewhat appalled at what he had just done. He then slowly closed the door and walked upstairs to bed.

The pirates were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of grog and drugs danced in their heads
Elaine in her kerchief and I in my cap
Had just settled down for a long winters nap
When out on the roof there arose such a clatter…

At about 12:00 in the morning, Guybrush was awoken from a nightmare about porcelain by a strange sound; the sound seemed to be coming from on the roof. Guybrush slipped his slippers on and got out of bed. But just as he reached for the door handle, he heard another strange noise. A sort of rustling sound, it seemed to be coming from the chimney. Guybrush slowly reached for the door handle and swung it open. He was staring down at the hall of the mansion and their Christmas tree, but there was nothing unusual about the room.
“It’s probably just a figment of my imagination” Guybrush thought, and he decided to go back to bed. But just as he was reaching for the door handle, he heard a kind of thud sound from behind him. He turned around and saw a mysterious hooded figure walking over to his Christmas tree and reaching into his sack and pulling something out. “It couldn’t be a robber”, Guybrush thought, “they’d be doing the exact opposite, or maybe he was replacing something. He reached into his sack and pulled out what looked like a present in a box. He put the box down in front of the Christmas tree. What was going on?
That hood on his head, that fat body and that long beard seemed familiar somehow.
“L…Lost Welshman?”, said Guybrush saying the first name that came into his head. “Is that you?”.
There was no answer. Perhaps it was Santa Claus.
Guybrush switched on the light and saw clearly, the back of a man in a red coat and hood and carrying a sack.
“Aha! Got you!” screamed Guybrush.
But when the mysterious figure turned around, and he saw what he looked like, Guybrush let out a huge scream!”
It wasn’t the face of Santa Claus. It was the face of LeChuck.

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