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Eye of LeChuck: The Return to Monkey Island
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The battle raged between the giant statue and the giant monkey. Energy flew across the beaches of Mêlée Island, casting lights across the town. The people quavered in fear behind their doors. Only a strange woman in a tall hat with many necklaces stood alone in the middle of the street, watching intently. Her eyes darted across the scene between of the two huge figures fighting endlessly. The roars of an Australian mixed with the cries of a woman were heard through the blasts of power, and the collapse of the two beings. Then something strange happened; the tall statue of LeChuck froze then began to explode with lightning and rays of light. There was a final scream and then the massive statue burst into thousands of pieces, scattering rocks across the town. The woman breathed with relief, but she still felt the evil then resided within the ghost pirate. It wasn’t over…not by a long shot.

Guybrush Threepwood was almost dancing as he walked back to the town of Mêlée, which was mysteriously deserted. The cries of pirates echoed from the Scumm Bar; however. a piercing stare from Elaine meant Guybrush was not going to join them. Married life: all part good and evil.

The town of Mêlée was in a state; roofs had collapsed due to the shards of the statue bursting from the beach. Windows were shattered from the waves of sound that echoed from the crater where LeChuck and Mandrill were finished and hopefully gone. Elaine was talking to Horatio Marley, telling him about developments to the island. Guybrush left Timmy to chase after them; he had to talk to the Voodoo Lady.

The cold House of Mojo seemed uninviting as Guybrush stepped in. All the voodoo dolls were stacked away, as were the beads and the cauldrons. The Voodoo Lady was standing as she curled away a vicious looking blowfish and dropped in into a trunk. Guybrush paused.

“Yes, Guybrush, I’m going.” The misty voice of the Voodoo Lady came to him, cutting the silence.

“Where? Why?” Guybrush asked. He didn’t notice the panic in his own voice.

“There are a few things I have to take care of, and they don’t concern you,” she said simply.

“I see, so--“

“LeChuck is finished for now. As for Ozzie Mandrill, he is gone forever--I hope,” the Voodoo Lady finished.

“Why ‘I hope’? He’s not a zombie thing, is he--was he?” asked Guybrush. The Voodoo Lady turned to him.

“Many of your questions you want answering to, but I cannot answer now,” she said.”LeChuck is not gone. He will be back and stronger than before. I only hope I can find a way to stop him.”

“Is that where you are going?” Guybrush asked. ”To stop him?”

“No. Not yet. I’m going to ask you kindly, Guybrush: do not look for me. You will not find me. Have this time of happiness and enjoy the free time you have. Elaine will not always be there,” she said ominously and stepped into the centre of the room.

“What do you mean?” Guybrush pleaded, but she didn’t answer him, only looked at him and smiled.

“Goodbye, Guybrush.” Then with a flash of blinding green light she was gone and the House of Mojo was as empty as a departed shell.

Guybrush walked slowly towards the Governor’s mansion, ignoring the collapsed wall and the footprints that were embedded in the lawn. LeChuck was not gone--he would be back and more pain would come to him and Elaine. As for the Voodoo Lady, she no longer would be around him. He had always resented the fact that she seemed to be everywhere he went, but he always felt protected, like she was watching over him. Now what? His sword was rusted and his pistol waterlogged, and he still had no shoes. The door of the mansion neared. He looked straight at it and smiled. At least he had Elaine at his arm. Little did he know that this would be the second-last time he would enter the mansion of H.T. Marley…

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