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Rebellion: The Last Rebel
By 1

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Chapter 4: The Nightmare Begins

Great cheers were voiced in Angus honour.
“Great work!” One of the cloaked men said, while tapping Angus on the shoulder in a friendly way.
Angus had successfully accomplished the mission. He had saved and retrieved the mysterious Marquise. And he was looking forward to the celebrations in the evening.
He was just about to thank everyone for their compliments when a door smacked up with a crash, and another hooded man came marching down the room towards Angus and the others.
He stopped right before Angus, and it sounded as he sneered at him, while he regained his breath.
“You fool!” He gasped at Angus “You’ve cursed us all.”
“What?” Was the only thing Angus managed to reply in his wonder.
“You didn’t rescue the Marquise after all” The man said, and while so, they all could hear a menacing laughter from the open door, and its hallway. “You ‘rescued’…”
“Me!” Said a looming voice from the door opening. Laughter followed.
In the doorway a cloaked person, low and wide now ripped of her cloak, and before them stood the VoodooLady.
“You have indeed been very helpful Angus” She smiled while she said this. “Without you I wouldn’t have been able to take over this place”
“What?” Angus gasped, bewildered.
“You did a fine job indeed.” The VooodooLady slowly came towards them. She stopped right before Angus, and spat in his face. “And now your pathetic rebellion will be over Angus McDow. And SHE will serve me or die.” She smiled again, a horrid toothless grin. “Take him away boys” she then said to the nearby cloaked persons, who took hold of Angus and carried him out of the room and into a dark hallway. There suddenly his cloak was ripped of his body, and he could sense the cold gasp of wind going over his body.

“Angus McDow!” A looming voice said in a strong tone that brought Angus properly out of his dreams.
“What?” he asked sleepily.
“You are under arrest!” The same voice said sharply.
Instantly afterwards hands grasped Angus arms and he was dragged out of his bed, and commanded to get dressed.
He was then pushed out of the room, and down the stairway.
“Hey!” Angus protested “There must have been made a mistake here.”
“And why is that Mr. McDow?”
Angus looked up, and into Lindy’s eyes, which were filled with what he took as laughter. His face seemed mad though.
“What do you want to do with him Master?” Asked the guard in charge.
“No need for trial for this traitor.” Lindy spat the last word at Angus. “He faked a handicap upon himself so that we would sympathise him, and then when we trusted him he poisoned his master. And look. He then took the governors bed, and hoped to get away with it.” Angus could now clearly see who the traitor was, and how he had been fooled into the betrayal. “No men, this man is a disgrace to this house. I wouldn’t have him hanging around here. Take him to the town, and pole his head after he’s dead. That way we’ll make an example on what we’ll do to people who try to harm the Royal Trade Fleet.
“Yes sir.” The leader replied looking at his new leader with an expression of admiration, and a sense that the order was the only right thing to do. He then commanded the others to go on with the orders.
Angus was too shocked to say anything, and was walked quietly along his guards.
He thought heavily, wondering how he could be so blind, so naïve. Wondering why he hadn’t been more questioning towards this boy who had only caused him troubles in the past. The boy who ten years ago had ruined the whole rebellion.
It was Xyzta’s fault, Angus finally realised. Though he couldn’t bear to use the word “fault” himself. She had softened his heart, she had made him forgive, or forget what Lindy and the others had done. But still. Still she had seen them in her glimpse through the clouds.
It was his own fault, Angus said to himself, his own fault for putting his life in her hands. He had acted as a woman, he had listened to her every word, as they were truth and wisdom.
A woman’s truths where not a man’s.
If he only had acted as a proper man should, if he only had kept his guard, his mind.
His pride was damaged.
And he now wanted revenge.
His mind seethed with hate. Hate towards Lindy, the one single boy who had destroyed all that he had reason to fight for.

They had now entered the outskirts of the town with its many huts, and they were just passing through an especially broken-down house when they heard a great bang.
The next instant the leader of Angus’ guards lay wriggling into the sand, with a blood-soaked back. Another bang, and his head was turned into a bloody mass.
The other men took forth their swords, and one of them tried to pick up a gun from their now dead leader’s belt. A slow whistling sound followed, before a knife was hanging into the man’s neck. He turned around, looking around with panic as he tried to pull the knife out again. His hands where shaking too much for him to do a proper job however; the shaking only made the wound greater. At the end he accidentally cut off his throat as he tried with his last powers to drag the knife out.
There where now only two guards left. And none had yet seen the attacker.
Suddenly a round shape came flying down from the rooftop, with a glistening knife between his teeth and a cutlass in his right hand. He landed right beside one of the guards, and slashed the cutlass at his stomach. The man instantly crouched down, getting his face in contact with another slash from the cutlass. The man was dead. And the last guard was rushing towards the shape, which now could clearly be described as a filthy fat man, with a somewhat mean temper.
The rapier of the guard hit the man in his shoulder; the distance was however too great for a returning slash from the fat man’s cutlass. He therefore took the knife from his mouth, and threw it in the face of the guard. Hitting him right between the eyes. He then took his cutlass and chopped his head off.
“That should teach those guards not to mess with me, and my interests.” He smiled at Angus, and Angus now saw what he hadn’t been able to believe during the fight.
“Rum?” He asked. Greatly wondered over how much the man had changed during these short six months.
He had got even filthier. And there had come something inhuman over his face. His eyes had gleamed with almost animal-like hate during the fight. But now they where expressionless and pale.
“You better come with me now Angus.” He said, while looking around.
Suddenly fear had come in his eyes, and he was starting to shake. “More guards might come along.”
Rum led Angus through some tight and dark alleys, before they entered a small stinking shack filled with the smell of moulding alcohol.
Rum sat down on a chair, and offered the other to Angus. He then took a sip from a bottle, before passing it to Angus, who also took a sip, though smaller than Rum’s.
“Huh!” Rum suddenly said, and looked shocked at Angus, as if he had first seen him right now. “So it was true after all then?” He looked further on Angus.
“But why did I ever waste two good guns at this traitor?” He suddenly cried to the ceiling, his focus was ever twisting. “Are you happy now?” He was shouting in the air. “Will you leave my dreams now, you dreadful woman?” He grounded his teeth towards a bunch of hay on the floor, which had to be his bed. “Will you now let a poor drunkard get some peace you witch?” He continued to mumble inaudibly.
What was wrong with this man? Angus wondered. His memory of Rum was far from this, and even there he drank more than anyone else. This was far from anything that could come out of drinking alone. And what was it with this witch?
“Who is that dreadful woman you talk about?” Angus asked. He got no reply. Then he passed Rum a bottle he was trying to reach as he asked the same question.
“Ah, the witch.” He replied, after a few sips. “It is a dreadful woman that has been haunting my dreams for months now. All since The old Saviour came to port.” He took a larger drink from the bottle. “She kept talking about you, you know. That you must be saved, and all that. That you were trapped, and that I should get you out of that stinking mansion.” He looked down all the while, fiddling with the bottle. “But how could I do that? He hates me, he hates me now when he doesn’t have any use for me.” He turned towards the bed, and spat towards it. “You hear that you wench? He hates me, and would have killed me if had I entered that place!” he took another sip from the bottle, and looked at Angus again; though his focus seemed to be on the bottle-tip. “I tried to ignore the dreams. And thought that they soon would be over when the witch started cursing me for ignoring her pleas, and that you had been taken away.” He looked out in the air, and his face seemed calm. “But then she started to get real mad!” Rum actually looked crazed at that moment. “And last night she drove me around town in her dream, before I ended on a rooftop with my two guns, knifes, and my cutlass. Then she rode my back and screamed in my ear until I couldn’t take it anymore, and gave away to her pleas.
The next moment I woke up near four dead soldiers, and you. Then I realised what the witch had done.” He now looked at Angus directly and worried. “You should really praise god for the fact that these were not the elite guard, and that they didn’t wear any armour.”
“You dreamt of my coming?” Angus asked more than a little shocked over Rum’s behaviour.
“Dreamt? If nightmares are dreams… Months of nightmares foretold your coming, along with the commandments.”
“Commandments?” Angus was almost afraid for another outbreak.
“I was told to tell you what I knew of the companionship of the Grog Villains Beauty.”
“Who was that woman who told you this?” Angus started to smell a trap.
“A terrible woman.” Rum said, while his eyes starting to show fear. “I thought she was the VoodooLady herself at first, but then she started talking about you as the last hope for the rebellion.” Suddenly he jerked his head towards the ceiling and cursed. “She is manipulative as the devil!” He sunk his head and looked Angus directly in the eyes, bowing down so that no one would hear his words “And her manipulation don’t go directly at the mind either. It seems more like a slow torture, which destroying both body and soul.”
“You can’t be any more specific than that?” Angus was starting to get tired of the nonsense that Rum was coming with.
“She talked about those commandments…” Rum started to repeat himself.
“Let’s hear those bloody commandments then!” Angus smacked a new bottle in front of Rum. He didn’t have any patience for this rambling. There could be guards after him, and he was still going to get Lindy.
“I was to talk about…” Rum started to drift off.
“So let’s hear it then!” Angus was getting louder and louder. He could hardly believe how irritating Rum had gotten.
“How do I know you are not a spy from the VoodooLady?” Rum was eying Angus with a suspicious look. “Don’t you think I remember how you betrayed us when we met that war galleon?” He was eying Angus constantly, as he emptied a bottle.
Angus started to get a strong temptation of hitting the man in the face.
“No, no, no! I will tell him, I will tell him!” Rum eyes had suddenly filled with fear, and he twisted as if he was punished; he seemed to want to take his vision away from his bed and he started rambling facts. “I went here. Marley left to gain a governor-position on Booty, and he left Rap with Lindy on Mêlée. Later Rap would go to Scabb, leaving Lindy alone on Mêlée, where he got in contact with some Phatt island business-men.” Rum seemed to calm himself down. “Later, he had traded the governor-position of Mêlée, for a high position in the Royal Trade Fleet. We had then separated the treasure map among us.”
Aha! Angus thought, so Lindy was the fault of Mêlée’s downfall? He would surely pay for that as he paid for his treachery.
“What happened to the map?” Angus’ reason for his quest.
“I can only speak of myself.” Rum answered, while he took another sip, and returned from the bottle with a smile. “I was in the Barnacles Maiden some time ago, and this nice lady came over to me and started offering me drinks. She wasn’t that bad to look upon either. So we drowned a couple of that cheap wine they keep there, before she took up a bottle of some kind of bluish liquor. She gave me some, and it went right to my head. Literally.
She then asked tons of questions, but I was luckily too drunk to answer them properly. I remember that she looked a bit sad for that fact. Then as she saw that I noticed her reaction, she perhaps guessed that I was getting a bit better. So she started asking about the treasure and the directions to it. I think it took my entire mind to keep the truth about the treasure from her. The directions I couldn’t hold back however. And soon after my map piece was hers.” Rum started suddenly to shake, but he still kept talking “The last thing I remember from that encounter was seeing her transform into the VoodooLady as she left the tavern.”
“You fool!” Angus got up, filled with anger. “You and your brainless drinking!”
Rum had now come out of his dream-world and seemed shocked to see Angus in such anger.
“What?” Rum asked,. “I did as I was supposed to, didn’t I?”
“Who could ever ask you to give away your map piece?” Angus couldn’t believe what was happening. “And to the VoodooLady?”
“Well…” Rum thought about it for a moment. “I guess it was Lindy’s decision to give her the directions and map…”
Lindy! Angus thought, of course!
Thousands of thoughts flew through Angus mind at that moment. The whole situation became clearer and clearer to his mind. And his hate towards Lindy, and indeed all the other fools intensified.
How could they be so blind? How could those idiots threaten the only hope that still stood?
Such stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to live, Angus thought. Such destructive stupidity should be destroyed before it could do any more harm. Though he couldn’t possible think of anything that could be worse than what they had done.
It was time that he stood properly up for what he believed, and showed this foul land what he meant to do with those standing in his way, and destroying what he tried to build.
“If you ever knew what you tossed away with that map Rum Rogers…” Angus took Rum’s cutlass, and walked quickly towards him.
Rum looked terrified, and kept mumbling for himself. “No, no, no. oh no. Think of family. Think of us.”
Angus positioned himself behind Rum, who still was mumbling in fear, though didn’t flee.
Angus took the cutlass in both hands and raised it over Rum’s head.
From outside he could faintly hear a wolf cry. A long howl, scarily similar to a “no”.
Angus lowered his head over Rum’s so they got eye-contact.
“So you still have contact with the VoodooLady and her minions I hear?”
Rum shook his head deniable and vigorously. But Angus didn’t believe him.
He nodded a single time as in a reply. “Just as I thought.”
He raised his hands and cutlass again. He then swiftly drove his hands and the cutlass down towards the wreck of a drunkard that had become of the once proud and merry Rum Rogers.
The tip of the cutlass hit Rum’s bellybutton spot on. The movement of the sword wasn’t meant to be a bone crushing aim to the heart. Angus had swung the blade in a great curve. So the blade continued, and cut more and more skin. It dug deeper and deeper. Swishing trough the intestines. Easily cutting asunder stomach. Barely avoiding the liver, before rasping the left lunge before it pierced the heart of the Dutchman.
Angus jerked the blade further into Rum, and shook it around inside his body.
Angus was soon filled with the blood from his victim, and his hands were deep into Rum’s gut. Angus fell onto his knees, and the body of Rum fell down beside him. The horrid scared eyes still looked at him, as if he asked why he had to die.
Angus ripped the blade from Rums stomach, and smashed it several times over Rum’s face. He then kicked the body into the hay.
Angus got up and looked around. Now it was Lindy’s turn! And then Marley, and then Rap; if he had given away his map piece.
Angus was mad of anger and despair. He knew what their map-plan would mean for the future of the triisland area, and for Xyzta.
He saw a cloak in the far side of the room. He took it on, jerked the cutlass from Rum’s face, took it under the cloak and left.

Angus was careful not to show his face, even on the empty road.
When he finally arrived at the mansion, he presented himself as an appointee for the Marquise. After a few misunderstandings, they took him into the mansion.
They led him to the same room that he, Woodman and Lindy had earlier been in when Woodman had been murdered. Angus found it slightly amusing.
Moments later, Lindy appeared, and the guards left. Lindy was bowing low.
“Ah, an emissary from the Marquise?” He asked with a flattering smile. “I see that he has trusted us in the task we were given.”
Angus nodded slowly.
Could Lindy have kept the map from the VoodooLady? Angus wondered.
“And I guess he wonders why I took over the role as leader for the Trade Fleet, and sent McDow to be hanged?” Lindy said this, with what Angus recognised as practised seriousness.
Angus nodded again.
It was unlikely that Lindy still had the map, Angus concluded, and he could surely not ask him about it anyway. The guards would be on him before he would have finished the question.
“It was needed to keep order I am afraid.” Lindy said while bowing some kind of pathetic apology. “Angus was needed to be killed to maintain order. The island needed a scapegoat. We don’t want this island going into complete revolt; we need to take down the Trade Fleet slowly.” Just as slow as your death, Angus thought. “I will keep this role until the last ship with our flag has been disembarked forever. It shouldn’t take long.”
“Not at all.” Angus said low.
Lindy seemed to have heard this however, and suddenly realised that the cloaked man before him was Angus just as the cutlass came swinging out of the cloak.
As Lindy opened his mouth to cry out, either for help or perhaps of fear, the cutlass struck into his left breast. Then instantly after it hit the ribcage, it slipped in-between two ribs, and the blade made a crunching sound as it penetrated the lung. Then it met the heart and cut it in two. The heart struggled a moment or two to maintain its beat, but it was broken forever, and ripped itself apart.
Lindy fell towards the floor, and Angus jerked the blade from his body. Then he bowed down over the fallen boy, and stabbed his eyes out.
“See who is blind now.” He said to the corpse, while giving it a slight horrid smile.
Then he cut of the head of the body, and carried it to the closet. He found the wine bottle that had been used to serve Woodman earlier. He jerked the head upon the flask, and put it back in the closet and closed the door.
Angus then smashed his cutlass into Lindy’s remaining body, tucked his cloak around himself and left.
He was stopped by no guard, and started to run as fast as he could as soon as he got out sight from the mansion.
When he reached the dock, he could see that Arana seemed to be in trouble too, and was running from someone.
“Jump in!” he called, after reaching the rowboat moments before Angus.
They rowed all they could. Some guards where shooting after them, but none of them hit them.
“Toll” Arana explained.
“But we don’t have any wares.”
“It was you.” Arana explained “They thought that I had killed some guards, and let you hide on the ship.”
“I shouldn’t have come back then” Angus said, and stopped rowing. He didn’t want to be in any debt to the captain.
“Don’t worry.” Arana said, with a smile in his eyes. “They won’t get far if they tried to follow us. I feel that my boys have been very productive.”
They came to the ship, and entered it.
A midshipman came to Arana.
“All steering-treads are cut captain.”
“Good Mr. Oaks.”
Arana now smiled openly to Angus, who gave a faked smiled back.
“Where do you want to go now?” Arana asked as the sails gained wind.
“Booty Island” Angus demanded.
“Booty?” Arana asked “Are you sure that you don’t want to go anywhere else first?”
“Why?” Angus wanted to know. “Is there anything wrong?” He was starting to get suspicious.
“Winds Angus.” Arana said, while he shook his head and pointed at the clouds. “With these winds it would take us weeks.”
Even the weather was against him now, Angus concluded, but Arana seemed to be on his side still.
“Take us to Scabb then.” Angus said. He then instantly afterwards left to his cabin to try and remember what Rapp had done, and might have done towards him in the past.

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