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Rebellion: The Last Rebel
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Chapter 3: The Trade Fleet

The spider descended further down her purple wire, protruding slowly from her bulking stomach. Her eyes where gleaming wildly, and Angus tried to look trough the blurry mass of web that hung before his eyes. He knew that this was it. This was where it all ended. The spider must have taken him earlier on (he still felt the pounding of her poisonous fangs in his back-head), and wrapped him up for a quick meal later.
He could feel the web trembling, and the pounding in his head was hammering in unison to this trembling. Angus knew that the spider was coming back, coming back to eat him this time. To suck his life mass out of him.
He looked desperate around, but found no possibility for an escape. Angus head dropped down in depression, and far far beneath him he saw a figure standing calling up to him. And soon the sound of the figure’s voice reached him, and Angus pulse leaped as he understood that it was his love Xyzta who was calling. Though his heart soon shrunk when he understood what she was saying.
“Poor poor Angus… Now look what your pride has made out of you! If you only could have bowed your previous head.” And the memory came back to Angus. He had seen the web, but refused to bow his head for a simple spider, and now he was paying the cost of it all. He had lost. Lost it all. And now he wept like a child while seeing Xyzta leaving.
The pounding grew more and more vicious, and web started making horrible banging-sounds. The spider was close. Too close. Soon it would be over. He couldn’t see the spider, but knew that she within seconds would gain upon him and end his messed up life.

The banging of the cabin door waked Angus from his horrid dream. He uttered a sluggish “yes?” before a young boy around eighteen entered, dressed in fine garments. Angus wondered where he was, and was even more confused by this well dressed boy, entering the stinking dark room with odd movements.
“The captain hopes that you would find pleasure in companying him for dinner.” The boy said in a well rehearsed polite voice.
So he was on a ship then, Angus thought. And that must be some kind of writer, or secretary or something, and this stinking room the captain’s quarter? No, no windows, a lieutenant had probably lost a priced bed on his account. It could have been worse…
“What is your wish sir?” the boy asked, annoyed by the silence from the guest.
“Sure.” Angus said while getting up into a sitting position “I’ll dine with him, just give me time to dress.” He wanted to know more about this strange ship, and how he had gotten here. And since he was treated as a good guest, I might as well act as one.
“I’ll inform the captain.” The boy said in a bow, and went out of the cabin.
Angus wiped his eyes, and the blur of his sleep full eyes, cleared.
He got up and washed his face, and looked around after his clothes. He couldn’t see them anywhere. But he could see some other garment on top of a trunk, and under a parchment. Angus looked closer, and was wondered to see that “Angus McDow” was scrambled upon the parchment. He took the small package up, and slowly opened it.
He found a sealed-letter, a note and a ring inside.

“Honourable Angus McDow.
We are sorry for any convenience we have conflicted upon you, but in our desperate and unpromising times, we could not delay what had to be done. You could be the one who could solve our problems, and if you indeed did so you would be gratefully awarded.

You was knocked in the back head, and transported to the safe ship of El Salvador, with its promising captain Roberto Arana. He his probably the safest person you can talk to beside from me, about happenings and events in the triisland area. His mind is perhaps clouded and conflicting sometimes, but he is no longer controlled by the Scabb island witch.
He is also one of the most knowledgeable men about the Trade Fleet. So you can ask him all your questions.

I didn’t send you to El Salvador just so that Arana could answer your questions though. Your prime task at hand is to deliver the sealed letter contained in this parchment to Phillip Loya, the “Hidden Liberators” leader on Phatt. And to assist him in any way you can on the task I have lain on him. And in return for this job, you would get riches, and get the change to reunite with Young Lindy (the only one of your former friends I know the whereabouts to)..

You have been given your orders McDow, and it would be wise of you to accept them. We do not look kindly on people who betray us. As you saw when we rescued you from the Mêlée island guards. You should wear the ring so that Phillip recognises you.
Greeting from the most honourable and truthful Marquise De Grandé.”

Angus reread the letter one more time, making sure that he didn’t miss a single detail of it, then he put on the ring.
He was going to Phatt, and he would meet Lindy. He was making progress at last! But who was this Marquose De Grandé? He thought he had heard the name before, or at least a similar name. But his thoughts didn’t linger on that thought; he was far more interested in what the captain could tell him of the Trade Fleet. Was the Trade Fleet responsible for the downfall of Mêlée? He quickly dressed, and called after the writer who led him to the captain’s {[dining quarters]}.

Captain Roberto Arana, sat in a sturdy chair at the end of a long-table (or at least as long as the small quarter allowed). He gleamed at Angus when he entered, and when Angus sat down, Roberto called on the servants who brought meals made of new meat from Mêlée. Angus helped himself with some ham. He hadn’t eaten in day’s it seemed (and it wasn’t that far from the truth. He hadn’t been allowed to eat anything while staying on Mêlée). The salt meat tasted incredible. Angus could hardly remember eating something as good as it before. He greedily stuffed himself, and Roberto smiled, happy to see the guest with at least an appetite. He didn’t eat so much, he didn’t think too much of the meat from Mêlée, and he knew that the quality meat wouldn’t arrive before the main fleet arrived in some days. The pigs where far from fat, and rather old (something that Angus would notice the next day, when hunger didn’t dull his taste).
After the meal they ate cheese and drank wine. The bitter taste of the whine, and the calm round taste of the cheese, seemed to calm down Angus stomach after his heavy eating.
“I hear you are going to Phatt Captain.” Angus said, while nipping into the wine. He had to start the conversation somewhere.
“Every sea-route goes to Phatt, my dear guest.” Arana replied. “What might I call you by the way? The Marques only said you where safe and going to travel with us.”
“McDow is the name.” Angus said. He didn’t want to give out his first name. It somehow felt unsafe now with all the changes, and the fact that a stranger new it. But then again the captain knew the stranger. “Angus McDow” he admitted finally.
Roberto gave him a slight bow with the head, before asking him about the happenings in Mêlée. But Angus couldn’t say much more than his own strange experience. Which he halfway through had to stop and ask the inevitable question “what is the Royal Trade Fleet?”. Somehow Angus felt that the answer to this question would solve all questions.
Roberto saw him calmly in the eyes, before he sighted slightly.
“How much do you know about it?” He asked while brushing his chin.
“Well, nothing actually” Angus admitted.
“This might take some time then.” Roberto said to himself. He got up from his chair opened the door, and called up to the deck. “Pietro! You are completely in charge for two glasses!” A “aye aye captain!” came hollering down from the deck, before Roberto closed the doors and sat down beside the table again. “The Trade Fleet was established by George Woodman in 1656 on Mêlée. In fact, it was situated in the Marquise’s present location. It was named, eh lets see, Mêlée Island Nobility Association of Freelancer Trade-, and Transportation-shipment Captains I think.” He laughed a bit for himself, seeming to recall a joke or something from ages past ”Well anyway, It was a small trade-house that tried to reorganize the economics of Mêlée, after the border came up around the triisland area.”
“You know of the border?” Angus asked shocked. He still wasn’t entirely sure about what the Marquise had meant about “not being controlled by the Scabb island witch”.
“Everyone knows about that sir.” Roberto answered, looking strangely upon Angus.
“Everyone?” Angus said to himself, but too loud for only his own ears to hear it.
“Yes, everyone knows about the great storm-barrier that has kept the island separated for over ten years by now. Though few know of the true secret behind these storms, some claim that it is god who has forsaken us, some claim it is those Indians forcing their “mother” nature to turn against us.” Roberto laughed; it seemed that he saw the stupidity of these speculations. “Few indeed know the true meaning behind the border.”
“And you know?” Angus asked, hoping to find out how much power the VoodooLady still had over the man.
Roberto searched Angus face for a long time, then when they heard a louder than usual bang of a sail he said in a voice that seemed defeated “maybe not”. Suddenly he stared Angus in the eyes, as in a trance “Or maybe I do?” he then said in a hoarse whisper, before giving away a slight smile.
Angus knew that he had to get back on the subject some other time. Perhaps when they had come to Phatt?
“You where talking about reorganizing the economics of Mêlée…” Angus said, he understood that he couldn’t get deeper in Arana’s relationship with the VoodooLady for the moment, and he wanted more information about the trade fleet.
“Yes” Roberto, said before emptying his vine glass, and filling it again with new vine “Since the triisland area had to keep itself more or less self-sufficient we Woodman started with lumber.”
“Wait a minute” Angus interrupted “What do you mean by “more or less” self-sufficient?”
“Well,” Roberto started; it looked like he didn’t like the interruptions. ”There had been rumours of wares coming from the outside. Wares that couldn’t be ten years old. Some rumours even involved Woodman as one of the traders who managed to do this unbelievable trade.” He looked at Angus to see if he was satisfied, Angus was more puzzled than ever, but Roberto seem to overlook that fact and continued. “So he started with lumber on Mêlée. Woodman started with lumber” Roberto smirked, and waited for a laugh or at least a smile from Angus, Angus was too wondered by it all though to give away any expressions. “Well anyway,” Roberto started again, seeming finally to understand that he wouldn’t bring any laughs out of the listener this time “He started lumber, after he had inherited some money from a shipwrecked aunt at Scabb (Some people might found that information a bit strange if they knew better). And did well at that for a couple of years. He also got a good dialogue with governor Marley. Or he at least paid him well, and hired and paid all of his staff. It might have seemed like a strange, and indeed suspicious act if it had been done by anyone but Woodman. He had truly no thoughts behind that act then. And when asked about it, he always called it a hunch, and would not go further with the subjects. Some people might say he was far sighted. But the Marquise thinks that it was a certain lady-friend who had twisted his mind, and was indeed using him and his power for personal goals.” Roberto silenced and listened a short while, and it seemed that he was judging if he wanted to go deeper in the matter, at last he decided not to ”Woodman did well, some would say too well with his lumber-trade. Soon he had gathered a nifty little sum, and Mêlée was thriving as never before. People seemed that it was strange that Mêlée was doing better when dealing only with lumber, then when it was a gateway to the Caribbean for the triisland area.” Angus looked wondered at Roberto, and bade him explain further. ”The triisland area is situated in the Crooked Islands Passage, and all around the island there are reefs, making it hard if not impossible to travel around without a light ship. If you loaded a ship full of cargo it couldn’t go out of the triisland area any other places than in the South near Mêlée. And Mêlée used to serve as a toll-place for the ships, and always demanded some taxes for the wares going out and in of the area.” Roberto looked at Angus again, and seemed pleased. “People found it therefore strange that Mêlée was doing just as well and even better with no taxes anymore but with their economics entirely based upon wood. But he was a kind soul, and spent much on the island, therefore he soon had Marley backing his house too, and Woodman again started fortifying the town, something that greatly pleased the governor. And that is all that had happened before I came to Mêlée and started working for the trade house. I saw how the money that Woodman used upon Mêlée could be of more use other places, and after heard my plans he decided to expand on his trades. Soon we where also taking out stone, alongside the lumber, and started making deals with the other islands. And with the expanded business we changed our name to The Trade Fleet. Soon we were the largest trade fleet in the triisland area. Things where looking good for us, though the other trade houses weren’t too happy about our success. But we didn’t care; we had it great, and were expanding ship by ship. Though troubles where to come. Some three or for months ago the crime began to reappear in the area, and the weather acted strangely. It was as if the greed and cruelty of man had been released, and someone was trying to constrain the weather. It seemed that some force or another had gone mad at something or another, and the people of the islands where getting more and more cruel and uncivilized. We hadn’t needed any military or even a police-force before, but soon it was desperately needed. The acts against the crimes came to late though, Blood Island had turned into a haven for criminals, and served as an anchorage for pirates, wanting to loot unprotected trade ships. Protection was needed for the ships, and most trade houses equipped their ships with cannons. We in the Trade Fleet felt that convoys of war ships defending our trade-ships where far more useful. And sometimes we let other houses sail under our protection (for a fair price of course). And it was under such protection I sailed on the trade ship Fat Lady two months ago. We where also protecting El Salvador from the Booty Island Trade Corporation. We where halfway to Scabb which was our goal, when a pirate-fleet attacked the war-ships. This was not uncommon, but the number was. They where so many that all the warships had to fight them away. And it was at that moment, when our warriors where chasing away the pirates, that the El Salvador attacked us. We couldn’t believe why they attacked us, who was protecting them, so shocked in fact that we was unable to report to the war ships, and soon we where under the Booty Island Trade Corporation’s rule. I don’t really know what they wanted out of us, perhaps they hoped to hold us for ransom? But by means which I won’t brag about now, we managed to take over the ship. But the strangest thing wasn’t that the Booty Island Trade Corporation tried to kidnap us, the strangest thing was that they wanted their ship back. I on the other hand convinced Woodman to hold on to the ship by all mean. We where talking about principles here! You don’t go about kidnapping people, and when that doesn’t work ask the kidnapped to hand back their former keepers’ chains. No, giving back El Salvador to the criminals where no option at all, regardless of how few ships they had. And to fully proclaim that message I myself captained the ship, as you can see. But what would you believe? The other trade-houses started protesting, and backing up the Booty Island Trade Corporation, and soon they where trying to forcefully claim the ship back. I hardly escaped one encounter in the Forbidden Hexagon. We tried to solve the matters civilised, but after they started dragging in the Blood Island pirates we had to solve it their way. We used our money on warships, and had soon disabled the rebels, and taken away the pirates of Blood Island, and established a small colony there to keep sure that a similar episode wouldn’t happen again, and to have all the rights on all wares coming from the island. It was then a necessary and logical step, to abolish all other trade houses then the Trade Fleet, since they couldn’t be trusted anymore. We assured people that the monopoly would be present until the treat of crime was resolved. So then we changed the name to the Royal Trade Fleet, and acted as both the only trade-house, and as the only military force. We put a boycott on each of the islands, and restricted all sea transport to ships under the Royal Trade Fleet, and its agents. We had then complete control over the whole triisland area, and arrangement with every governor. Indeed there where only one governor who we didn’t control anymore. Governor Marley had left his government of Mêlée to one Lindy (who again quickly gave the position away to one of our agents, in return for a high position in the Royal Trade Fleet administrate), and had received Booty in exchange for this noble deed. Thus only Booty was uncontrolled by the Royal Trade Fleet, though they have an understanding with the governor. They directly run Phatt and Booty, and indirectly through Gordon on Mêlée, and practically on Scabb, where the lady of power haven’t been seen, or have been busy for months now; while the island thickens daily by new purple clouds and mists. And that is really what I can say about the Trade Fleet.”
Angus sat and mused a while over the information.
“How could four islands maintain a working economy?” He finally asked.
“Ah, there’s a fine questions sir.” Roberto answered. “And a source of much rumours and secrets. It indeed is strange that the island has survived as good as they have, and they did well before the Trade Fleet took over. And sometimes I think that it was indeed someone who had managed to trade with the outside. However, after the Royal Trade Fleet took over all trade and controlled the sea, the islands have been in decline. Mêlée saw it first, Scabb has always been in a poor state, and lately Booty has been less giving with their money. I also fear that Phatt would soon see the results of their monopoly. But as for now, it is going good, really good.”
At that minute someone knocked on the door. Roberto bade them come in, and the writer strode in and reported that they had anchored in the Phatt Island bay.
“There we are then.” Roberto said, while smiling “I guess you want to get into the town as soon as possible mr. McDow?”
“I’m really sorry, it has been a great pleasure, but I am in a kind of a hurry” Angus excused himself.
“Ah that is perfectly all right, you might get a ride on the dockmaster’s ship which would be coming soon.” Roberto said while getting slightly exited in his voice. “I must handle the ship and can unfortunately not join you. But please return if you ever need to travel to another island again.”
“I sure will” Angus said “Your hospitality has been terrific”

Angus watched over the dock of Phatt Island from the deck of the dockmaster’s small boat. The town had grown beyond belief. The island had been sparsely populated before, and then only in poorly built houses, mainly of wood. Now however, a whole town of wood-huts and buildings had appeared at the dock and in its centre a bunch of new stone-buildings. It was quite a sight. The bay was unprotected from land, but had numerous of warships.
Suddenly he felt a tug at his jacket. He turned around and saw the dockmaster eyeing his ring.
“What is it?” Angus demanded to know.
“Where did you get that ring from?” The dockmaster asked, not taking his eyes of it.
What should he say? Perhaps Woodman had found out about the secret organization on Mêlée and was on the lookout for anyone carrying the ring. Or perhaps the dockmaster just was interested in the engravings?
“Eh.” Angus started desperately searching his possibilities. “It came with came with the family?”
Angus instantly understood how foolish his explanation of the ring was, and how unhealthy a connection the dockmaster could make out of it.
The dockmaster however didn’t say anything; he only smiled and gave Angus a blink with his eye. As if he understood it all.
When they got to the dock, the dockmaster asked Angus if he wanted directions to the nearest tavern. Angus didn’t know what the dockmaster was hinting to, but the strange wriggling in his eyes told Angus that he was at least hinting to something or another. So he heartily agreed, hoping that he didn’t have to observe the obscure eye-movements for too long.
The dockmaster smiled, and quickly led him trough the town. Down the busy main street, past stone-houses, down tight back alleys of wooden houses, and finally into cellar, through a poorly hidden trap-door. Then he left Angus and returned to the dock.
Angus could hear noises from behind a door. He knocked mildly.
“What is it?” a crude voice asked from behind the door.
Angus opened the door, and entered.
A man in his midlife sat over a piece of paper with a quill in hand, and there where open barrels nearby. An oil lamp moved lightly by the wind of the door, revealed during one of its deep swings, that the man was counting the wares.
Had Angus been tricked into a trap?
“What was it you wanted?” the man asked, as he barely glanced up from the paper.
Angus didn’t really know what to say. He ended up with stroking his chin with his ring-holding hand, hoping that the man would be the one he was seeking.
The man lightened up instantly.
“I am Phillip Loya the man you possible are looking for”
Angus smiled his answer, before he handed the man the letter.
“What is this” Loya asked, while looking at the letter. “From the Marquise?”
Angus nodded.
It looked as if Loya wanted to open the letter right away, but suddenly he seemed to remember that Angus was in the room too. He looked suspiciously at him.
“Wait here” He finally said before disappearing into a side-room.

Angus waited a couple of minutes before Loya came back red-faced, and quite frantic.
“You are Angus right?” He asked Angus with a shacking voice. But he hardly noted Angus nod, before he continued. “You know what this means right?” He waved the paper in front of Angus’ face.
Angus admitted that he didn’t
“This means that the time has come.”
Angus looked wondered at him.
Loya didn’t seem to notice this though.
“You are lucky my friend” He said while a smile was beginning to broadened over his face. “You have come in the right time for action.”
Angus wondered what Loya could mean by that, and asked him about it.
“I guess you should know. And the Marquise did say that you where to be trusted.” Loya said, while eyeing Angus to reassure himself of what the Marquise had said. “The Marquise has long now tried to solve the trouble with the Royal Trade Fleet in a civilized matter.” Loya explained. “They had tried to take over the rule of Mêlée and that way created enough disorder in the area to lessen the Royal Trade Fleet, while not allowing total disorder by the lack of the only naval power to keep peace on the sea. They have failed however, and they are now asking us to start their last plan; to assassinate the leader of the Trade Fleet, and put a loyal ruler in his place until he destroys the Trade Fleet. The plan is risky, and the original idea of having the leader break up the Royal Trade Fleet within a week, would surely destroy any peace that the Trade Fleet had managed to uphold.” Loya looked at Angus, to see if he understood what he was talking about. He seemed pleased however and continued. “But you are lucky Mr.” He looked at the paper again “McDow, you have come in the right time. We have just the man for the job, and he would even manage to uphold peace after the Trade Fleet is gone. It might take a bit longer but it would surely work. He is even inside the bureau already.” He smiled at Angus, before continuing. “He actually needs a partner in the task at hand. Interested?” Loya looked at Angus with an evaluating look, as if Angus wasn’t the man he said he was if he refused.
“Guess so.” Angus finally said, hoping that the job was quickly done, so that he could continue with his personal quest.
“Great!” Loya smiled “You are to accompany our partner to a banquet the governor is attending at a tobacco plantation in the inlands. You would be, eh, lets say a poor and broken trader, who our partner has been kind enough to take care of.”
Angus wanted to protest, but a mad glare in Loyas eyes, made him silence his thoughts.
The next moment they could hear a knocking on the door next by Loya.
“Ah!” He exclaimed while clapping his hands together and smiling “Here our partner comes.”
The door opened, and to the enormous shock Young Lindy appeared in the doorway, and entered while smiling at Loya.
“Did he agree?” Lindy asked Loya, not even looking at Angus a second.
“Yes, we will finish these matters tonight.” Loya answered Lindy, he then turned to Angus. “Angus, meet Mr. Lindy, our man in the bureau.”
“I can’t accept this.” Angus said firmly, his thoughts raged through his head, and the thought of Lindy acting to be a kind benefactor for Angus seemed just too bizarre for the Scotsman at that moment.
“Can’t accept what?” Loya asked, while looking wondered at Angus. Lindy too was looking at Angus; his eyes revealed that he had anticipated something similar.
Angus mind razed. His whole reason to go to back to the triisland area was to find his old companions and silence them in whatever way he might find fitting. And here before him stood the boy who he could easiest picture giving away information to the VoodooLady, and he was to act over him? The thought made Angus infuriated. And in such a dishonourable way!
But hey! A thought suddenly beamed into Angus mind. If Lindy indeed had such a high position in the powers of the new triisland area, it would surely be foolish to avoid the only change he might have to speak him to senses. And find out more of the other members of the old rebellion.
He just had to bury his pride.
“Nothing.” Angus said finally. He waited a moment. “Who came up with this idea by the way?”
“Ah, it’s not a single mind that made this plan, some of it was in the letter, some of it I figured out,” Loya gleamed “and whole masquerade was Lindy’s idea.”
Ah. It all became clearer to Angus now. Lindy was still bitter on Angus, and he would still do everything in his powers to humiliate him.
Angus mind went dark. And he made a vow that he would get his revenge once he had got enough information out of the boy.
The thought of cutting the tongue of the boy seemed horrible proper. Even if Lindy hadn’t said anything yet, he might still do, and if he did, he surely needed to be punished properly.
Angus smiled, and the matter was settled.

The night wore on. The hall was filled with partying guests. It had turned out that the plantation was Lindy’s, and he had actually used Angus as a waiter. He was now serving the deserts, and had a feeling that he had thought wrong of Lindy.

The guests where starting to go home, when Angus noted that Lindy and Woodman entered a door to a smaller room.
After a few moments Lindy opened the door and called for room service.
Angus entered, and met a smiling Lindy.
“Indeed,” Woodman said laughing after few seconds. “he does look like a petty slave. And you are sure that he is deaf, they often act you know.”
Angus froze his face, and looked only at Lindy with a sheepish smile. He had surely not mistaken Lindy, and was thinking about those young earflaps of him now.
“Serve us a drink Smithie” Lindy said with exaggerated mouth movements, and while pointing to a cupboard with some fine vines.
“He can read on the lips you know.” Lindy said to Woodman.
Angus went to the cupboard and started filling the glasses slowly. His mind raged and he had a hard time controlling his Anger.
Soon Lindy came beside him, and Angus turned his head towards him to “hear” what he was saying.
“Any problems?” He asked while smiling vaguely at Angus.
Angus took it as mockery, and his thoughts darkened even more.
“Here let me help you.” Lindy insisted, and took the bottle from Angus.
He started pouring the drink and Angus some kind of darker material going into the drink, coming from the Lindy’s palm. He looked closer, and saw a small flask, with what Angus took as poison.
Perhaps it was all planned? Angus’ thoughts about Lindy was in confusion.
“That stupid brat!” Lindy said, as he sat down at the table again. “He managed to water one of them. Think about it! Watering wine! That is poor people for you…”
Woodman laughed politely, and seemed pleased that Lindy “sacrificed” himself by taking the watered wine himself.
Aha! Angus had gotten over the insults now, as he suddenly started to understand the importance of his role. He was a waiter, and since he was deaf he wouldn’t work as well as the others, and if Lindy helped him, and poisoned the drink himself, while accepting the watering drink he would lover the guard of Woodman, and joking about the waiter behind his back loosened the situation. The plan was slightly devious. And Angus smiled as his anger went away, and admiration started to peek from the holes anger had towered before.
The next moment George Woodman was shaking on the floor, while trying to heave for breath. Some seconds later he lay there lifeless, and Angus helped Lindy carry him out into the kitchen where the chef took care of him.
“The slaves will be eating well tonight” Lindy smiled.
Angus didn’t know if he was joking or not. He came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be wise to lower his guard at Lindy.
“I need to talk to you.” Angus said to Lindy as they where walking into the mansion.
“Is it important?”
“Fairly” Angus admitted
“Well,” It seemed like Lindy thought about it for a moment. He looked at Angus and it seemed that he wondered what he wanted. At last he dropped his gaze, and an extremely tired body uttered his reply. “It just has to wait till tomorrow Angus. I’m almost dropping to the ground here. I need some sleep. And I guess you need some too.”
Lindy then followed Angus to a guestroom, and promised that they would talk the next day.
“Don’t worry Angus” He said after he saw the concerned expression on Angus face “We’ll win this struggle. And when we do everything will be like they should be.”
Angus tried to say that it wasn’t the Trade Fleet that he was worried about, but Lindy turned around and left to quickly to note anything in Angus face that could give him a hint towards his faulty observation.
Angus closed the door, and found out that he too was fairly tired, and he finally accepted that he could wait until the next day before he spoke to Lindy.
Soon after he was sleeping heavily in a fine bed, in a much talked about guestroom.

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