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Sailing The Caribbean
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(The tale of Guybrush Threepwoodís sea voyage in MI-3, as told in the poetical style of William Butler Yeats)

Sailing The Caribbean

This is no journey for old men. The young
Find it hard enough, life on the seas.
As barber pirates sing their rhyming song
My ship is overtaken with great ease.
I try to fight him, but before too long
Heís taken my map, quick as can be.
To face such a loss fills me with regret,
But Iím Guybrush Threepwood! Iím not done yet!

Defeat at sea is quite a humbling thing,
And now I have my crew to re-address.
I throw in ďorangeĒ to stop them when they sing,
Now they sail competently, more or less.
My poor fiancť, her voodoo-cursed ring
Turned her into gold, sent me on this quest.
And therefore I sail, no matter my end.
Iím pirating on the Caribbean!

Upon other ships my cannons I fire,
Seeking in battle to defeat them all.
Yearning to win the day, ere I retire;
Beat Captain Rottingham before night falls.
Someday I hope to attain my desire,
And be rid of LeChuck, once and for all;
But itís not that easy, for doomed is he
To chase my Elaine for eternity.

Now, finally, my long voyage I take;
But, by far, the thing thatís most amazing
Is the extreme height these waves start to make.
Blood Island I must reach; the uncursed ring
Of Minnie Goodsoup there does me await.
And sailing this ship is a risky thing,
Thereís danger here, on the Caribbean.
If you donít trust me, just ask anyone!

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