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Monkey Island: Resurrection
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face="Arial">Deep in the Caribbean, Monkey Island...

"Hurry up, maggots!" shouted the
skeleton. "Canít keeps the Lord of the Undead
waitiní! Move, move, move!"

The other skeletons walked as fast as they
could without tipping the scarlet pillow they held. Each skeleton
held one corner of the pillow and never looked under the black
box that was on it. They came up to the skeleton that yelled at

He had a white shirt and green pants with a
dull and notched cutlass trapped between his belt and ribcage. On
his skull was a wig that curled upwards at the front.
Illuminating emerald pupils were in his eyes as a symbol that he
had within him voodoo power, but not necessarily could use it.
His name, like him, was bad to the bone and ugly as a dog: Largo

Behind Largo was a throne of gold covered by a
blanket of ice. Like the throne, the room was ice, and so was its
ruler. A dreaded ice demon he was, drawn from boulders colder
than death itself. He died years ago and since then, died
numerous times more, taking reincarnations each resurrection. All
this turmoil because he met a pirate wannabe, who stole the woman
he was meant to be with; or at least, he believed he was meant to
be with.

"Where is it?" he roared.

"Yessir, Captain, sir," said Largo.
"I-Iíve brought you the gauntlet."

"At last!" smiled the captain.
"The time has come for me to finally rid the world of
Guybrush Threepwood and take Elaine Marley as my bride. But you
know, Iíve been thinkiní, maybe I should kill Guybrush
before I take Elaine. Heís defeated me three times now. I
donít know why I didnít think of it before!"

Maybe because youíre such a simpleton that
you wouldnít know when to even put some decent clothes on,
for crying out loud, thought Largo. "I wish I shared your
intellect, Captain." He called the other skeletons to take
the pillow to their ruler.

The captain removed the black box and inserted
his bony hand into the gauntlet beneath. It had strange symbols
engraved along the wrist and a piece of paper wrapped into a
cylinder as the middle finger. The captain looked curiously at it
and then faced Largo.

"Where is the finger?" he asked.

"Huh?" asked Largo.

"The Finger of Life!" roared the
captain. "Where is it?"

"Well, itís," started Largo,
"right there. Inside the paper."

"Get me the Finger of Life, you overgrown
dog food!" yelled the captain.

"Yes sir, Captain LeChuck,
sir," said Largo. He ran away to assemble an armada.

One: The Witch Doctorís Treasure

The mansion on Governor Island was alive
tonight. On this fine day, it was the first anniversary when
Elaine Marley, Governor of the tri-island area of Melee, Booty,
and Plunder, married pirate hero Guybrush Threepwood. To
celebrate, Guybrush had a ship built for his beloved, the Governor
(now, ainít that appropriate). It was meant to be a cruise
ship but was equipped with the most advanced cannon technology in
the Caribbean as well as extra armoured plating beneath the wood
to withstand cannon fire. Guybrush, being the warm-hearted
ghost-busting stud he was, needed no present from Elaine, only
her love. He had no fear whatsoever of LeChuck coming to take

Guests ranging from the arcane Voodoo Island to
nearby Barnacle Island came to celebrate. The infamous classical
music pirate band, Bullet Holes, was there performing. Fish,
bananas, and fruit cocktail were laid out on the table. The
guests were attired in bright and colourful costumes and masks.

Suddenly, a hush came over the audience.
Dilbert, the governorís gardener, entered the mansion and
eyed the staircase. A man in his early twenties was descending to
the living room. He had light brown hair with a ponytail at the
back of his head and a goatee encircling his mouth. A polished
cutlass and a gold-buckled belt augmented to his fancy black
raiment. He had a white shirt underneath his velvet jacket as
well as long white hoses.

The man turned his head from side to side,
looking at the crowd. "Donít stop the party at my
account. Continue!" he smiled.

As the celebration resumed, the man walked over
to a frame on the wall above the fireplace. Four map pieces were
held inside as they told the location of the legendary treasure
of Big Whoop. It brought back old memories. The man suddenly
noticed Dilbert coming towards him.

"Congratulations, Guybrush," he said.
"After journeying from the flaming depths of Monkey Island
past the clutches of the Demon Pirate LeChuck, youíve
finally got your prize."

"Thanks, Dilbert," said Guybrush.
"Why donít you take the night off. Join the fun."

"Thank you for the offer," said
Dilbert. "However, I must refuse. Whether it be a party or a
public burning, I canít leave my garden. Iíll be all

"Okay," said Guybrush. He watched
Dilbert open the door and disappear into the night. Of course,
heíd only be behind the mansion watering the plants.

Guybrush tried chatting with the guests, who
ignored him. Then, he saw someone with a rather unusual costume.
Leaves made sure his... ahem!... secret places remained hidden
and he had a large lemon on his head with holes cut for eyes.
However, Guybrush could never have forgotten one such as he.

"Lemonhead!" he cried. "I
havenít seen you since the wedding!"

"Tell me about it," said Lemonhead.
"You havenít changed a bit. I still remember how grand
the wedding was. Mostly because of that picture," said
Lemonhead, pointing to a photo.

In the photo, Guybrush was facing Elaine as his
pirate barber friend Edward Van Helgen acted as the minister.
Lemonhead had his arm around second pirate barber Cutthroat Bill
and was clutching hard on his biceps. Whatís a cannibal to
do? thought Guybrush as he continued to examine the picture.
Sitting next to Bill was third pirate barber Haggis McMutton.
Guybrush remembered he'd hosted the Highland Dance Contest.
Long-time friend and pirate cartographer Wally Bloodnose Feed
received first prize: a Bagpipe Baby doll. And there was Stan,
who gave out the invitations at just the right price.

"Uh, some wedding that was," said
Guybrush. "So howís it going?"

"Oh, great!" said Lemonhead.
"Iíve been given a place in the Cannibal Institute of

"The CIA?" asked Guybrush with
amazement. "I heard you guys offer great ship license

"Oh yeah!" said Lemonhead, handing
Guybrush a plate. "Youíll be the talk of the sea."

Guybrush peered down at it. It read

"Iíll think about it," said
Guybrush, returning the plate.

Lemonhead stopped short for a second. At
length, he said, "Damn! The Institute just called me via
telepathy. I have to leave. Sorry. But here, take this
handbook." He gave Guybrush a booklet that explained about
the Institute and ran out the door.

Guybrush opened the book. Suddenly, a note fell
from it and he picked it up. Mysteriously, it was addressed to

Dear Guybrush Threepwood,

You are in great danger. LeChuck is back and is more powerful
than ever. You must
meet me stay where you are aNd
wait For our captain to take you. Must go, hand Falling out of
socket. FINger must get.

Finger? What
finger? There was something strange about the letter and Guybrush
felt that he had to keep it to himself. He went out the door to
find Lemonhead but he had already left for the Institute.
Guybrush glimpsed into the book again and discovered that the CIA
headquarters was located on Voodoo Island. He had to start
packing. Maybe he should go through the back door up to his
bedroom instead of going back inside through the front door. It'd
cause less suspicion since Elaine should've been down there by

Guybrush went
behind the house where he could see the Governor docked
near the beach. He opened the back door and climbed the staircase
to his bedroom. When he opened the secret door in the ground and
got to his feet, he discovered the room was bare.

Elaine suddenly
came up and noticed him. She wore a scarf, her dark jacket, and
her usual bandanna that covered her scarlet hair.
"Guybrush!" she yelled. "What on earth are you

Guybrush spun
round to face her with an uneasy expression. "Uh, I think we
need a vacation. Letís start packing!"

Elaine became
suspicious. "Whatís that on the floor?" she took
the letter and read it.

no!" The letter must have fell when I came up from the
secret door, thought Guybrush.

dear... lord," said Elaine. "I have never seen such
organised handwriting turn into garbage like this!" she

Guybrush was puzzled. However, this bought him some time. He
finished packing, kissed Elaine, and started for the door.
"Well, Iím going to the Voodoo Island market. Make sure
thereís still fish for me when I get back." If I get
back, thought Guybrush.

"Wait a
minute," said Elaine. "Guybrush, youíre not going
to face LeChuck alone. Iím coming with you."

started Guybrush, "Iím not facing him. I need to find
out who sent that letter. And Iím sure Iíll find the
answer on Voodoo Island."

Iím never leaving your side, Guybrush," said Elaine.
"Letís ready the Governor."


Guybrush and
Elaine arrived at their ship. They perceived its figurehead,
which was a seagull, and a dark man standing before them. He was
short and wore a cowl. Curiously, Guybrush advanceed towards him.

"Who are
you?" asked the man.

nameís Guybrush Threepwood and Iím a mighty

said the man. He came out of the shadows and threw down his cowl.
"Iím Dwarfbeard and I sent the letter. Donít think
I donít know you, Guybrush, slayer of the Ghost Pirate
LeChuck. One of his henchman ambushed me at my workshop and tied
me to a chair. I escaped using my trusty hook, Picker." He
held up his hand, displaying his shining hook. "I disposed
of the henchman but not before he took the letter. There must be
another undead around here and weíre not safe until we find

Guybrush and
Elaine eyed him. Dwarfbeard was heavily built around the
shoulders and biceps, and had a long beard. His attire
represented him as an ageing pirate.

"There was
mention of a finger in the letter. Whatís it talking
about?" asked Guybrush.

"The Witch
Doctorís Treasure, an ancient but powerful voodoo gauntlet!
It was never made to be a weapon but itíd be very dangerous
in the wrong hands. Especially if those hands were colder than
death but held the blood of an ancient evil. Come! We must return
to my workshop and salvage what we can of my research of

The trio ran past
the mansion to the city of Seagullís Beak. It was named so
because early settlers on Governor Island founded the city with
the help of a seagull, who guided them to a building space with
its beak. Now, decades later, Seagullís Beak had become
quite a tourist attraction. It was home to taverns, markets,
pirates, and even circus performers. It was a busy night because
of the anniversary celebration.

"There it
is," said Dwarfbeard. He pointed to a small shack beside
Lake Spittoon, a local bar. "Everything I know about the
gauntlet is in the papers hidden inside the floor."

They entered the
dark shack and lighted a lantern beside the door. Dwarfbeard
crouched down and examined a doll on the ground. However, he
turned it over and Elaine and Guybrush found out it was attached
to a wood panel. Dwarfbeard turned a knob on the dollís back
and the panel was loosened. He threw it away and took out rolls
of paper.

my research on the Witch Doctorís Treasure," he
whispered. "Many years ago, I and five other pirates went
searching for treasure when we landed on Voodoo Island. Since we
already landed on an island that wasnít on the map, we
searched there. Finding the gauntlet was a task that killed all
but the five of us. It was me, Wetbeard, Nerdbeard, Reekbeard,
and Fakebeard. Wait! There was one other survivor by the name of,
ah, Threepwood."

Guybrush gasped.

said Dwarfbeard, overlooking Guybrushís surname. "He
was a great navigator. Anywayó"

"Wait a
second," interrupted Guybrush. "Threepwood is my last

Dwarfbeard was
silent. "Well, he said he only had one child and it was a

abandoned me," said Guybrush. "You knew my father? What
was he like?"

Dwarfbeard lay in
thought. "He was," he said slowly, "well,
obedient, for one thing. Again, he was a great navigator. And,
thatís about all I can remember. Anyway, we found the
gauntlet through a booby-trapped underground tunnel system. There
was a scroll written in a language we couldnít understand.
We took the silver gauntlet with its golden fingers and the
scroll back with us to Booty Island. A monk translated the scroll
and we found out it was all about the gauntlet." He paused.
"We canít stay here. To Voodoo Island! There is a
friend who might be able to help us there."

They exited the
shack but then were stopped by a group of men just outside Lake
Spittoon. They couldn't have been seen since they were hidden in
the nightís shadows. In on of the men's hands was a human
skull, which seemed to groan at them. However, its voice was
familiar to Guybrush.

itís been sometime."

up!" yelled the skull. The men came from the shadows
carrying Murray, the demonic skull, on a rich pillow. "You
and I need to talk."


Guybrush, Elaine,
and Dwarfbeard were taken to the back of Lake Spittoon, which
Murray apparently owned. It was a brightly-lit room, but small
and empty, save for a central table. Guybrush seemed to remember
the men that were carrying Murray. Fortunately, there was a
window beside the door and the three men could be seen sitting on
a bench. There was a thin one with a moustache, a bloated one who
was sleeping, and the last had a peg leg.

"Any luck
with the circus?" asked Guybrush.

The man with the
peg leg eyed him with a puzzled expression. "Do we know

Guybrush Threepwood. You gave me PTA minute tests claiming them
to be maps on the streets of Melee Island. And I polished your
leg with the wood polish I bought for you on Woodtick, Scabb

The men stared at
each other and then back to Guybrush. They had no idea who he was
and shrugged their shoulders.

The man with the
peg leg spoke at length. "I donít remember you. But in
response to your question, we had luck but it was cruelly taken
away from us."

The thin man
spoke. "You see, Frank entered a contest to win a ship. He
thought he could use it to find a place to resurrect the circus.
He lost but the owner agreed to offer him another... for a

"We had to
give him 8500 pieces oí eight before he gave us the
ship," said Frank. "We found a place perfect for a
circus on Barnacle Island. We made a tent out of the large leaves
that grow there and tamed the animals of the islandís

"But the rat
scared off our elephant," said the thin man, pointing to a
small rat sleeping on the floor. He faced Frank and glimpsed back
at Guybrush. "Get lost, you depressed us." The three
men of low moral fibre (pirates) went back to sleep after those

Suddenly, a waiter
opened the door and set a veiled dish on the table. Guybrush,
Elaine, and Dwarfbeard were starved. Then, Elaine lifted the
cover but there was no food there. Murray leapt out and scared
Elaine half to death.

teach you to choose the anchor," smiled Murray.

"Um, Iím
over here," said Guybrush, waving his hand.

Murray eyed Elaine
and realised it wasnít Guybrush he scared. "Damn. Well,
Iím tormenting you until you apologise for taking the anchor
as your favourite toy instead of me in the Carnival of the

Guybrush sighed.
"Oh, come on, Murray. That anchor meant nothing to me. I was
thinking about you all along."

Murray hesitated.
"Keep going," he smiled.

"You know
youíre the only toy for me. Come on, give me another
chance," said Guybrush.

Murray laid in
thought. "Come here and give me a hug!" he cried.

said Guybrush. "Look, we really must be going."

said Dwarfbeard. "íTis a dangerous journey we are about
to embark."

asked Murray. "Then Iím coming with you. And so are my
three pirate friends outside. Poor losers. That circus idea just
had its ups and downs."

"Well, what
are we waiting for?" smiled Guybrush. "Onward to Voodoo

said Murray. "Voodoo Island? That place is dangerous. You
better take Frankís map."

said Guybrush. "Well, come on!"


Guybrush held the
map before him while he rested his arms on the steering wheel of
the Governor. Barnacle Island was at the top centre of the
map with Melee opposite to it. Southwest of Barnacle was Scabb
with Phatt Island below. Booty was southeast of Scabb and
southwest of Phatt. A little down south of Barnacle was Governor
Island with Voodoo Island east of that. South of Voodoo was
Plunder Island, south of which was Skull Island. East of Skull
was Blood Island and south of that was the accursed Monkey Island
with its isle, Dinky.

If only Bulky
Island was on this map, thought Guybrush. However, it wasnít
Bulky he was going to, it was Voodoo Island. They should arrive
at Voodoo Island by noon if the wind didnít change. Maybe
then he will learn more of this gauntlet.

Guybrush scanned
all of the other islands. Barnacle Island was one of his choices
for a vacation spot but he gave it up for Eyepatch Isle. He knew
Barnacle Island because of its commercial use. His barber pirate
friends moved their business there and there was a hotel for
retired or unsuccessful pirates. The Dull Blade, thought
Guybrush. He heard rumours that his friend Herman Toothrot
settled there.


"Well, here
we are," said Guybrush. "Voodoo Island."

said Dwarfbeard. "íTis a fine place to be if ye have a
hankeriní for some headhuntiní."

Gross, thought
Guybrush. "Perhaps... later."

After the crew got
onto the dock and entered the town, Dwarfbeard acted as their
guide. However, he insisted that Elaine stay at the Snake Pit
Hotel. He complimented on the beds, the views through the window,
and especially the carpet.

"I remember
it to be fleshy, slippery, and smooth," said Dwarfbeard.

Elaine shook her
head. "No way. Iím not staying at a place like

Guybrush peered at
Murray, who was under his arm. "Uh, Elaine, why donít
you take Murray to a hat store. Dwarfbeard told me theyíre
on sale today."

whined Murray.

Elaine glimpsed at
the skull. "Promise you wonít kill me and take my

"Cross my
skull and hope to die... again," said Murray.

"Oh, all
right," said Elaine, taking Murray.

After she left,
Guybrush faced Dwarfbeard and said, "I think Iíll
explore around a bit. It was a peaceful trip here."

"All right
but be careful," said Dwarfbeard. "Voodoo Islanders are
very unorthodox. Iíll take a looksee around meself."

Guybrush ambled
about the town and then peered into the sky. It was a beautiful
afternoon on Voodoo Island. He noticed a large mountain on the
island he had never perceived before, not even on his ship. The
dormant volcano, thought Guybrush. Iíll keep my eye on that.

He strolled about
the town again and noticed that every building was made of sticks
decorated with torches or skulls through a spear. Then, he
noticed a store with a cauldron that spelled its name every time
smoke came out of it. He read that the store was called the
Hex-agon. He noticed as well that every time the smoke came out,
the skulls underneath would light their eyes.

clever," said Guybrush.

"Thanks, I
came up with the idea," said one of the skulls.

mind him," said a voice behind Guybrush.

Guybrush turned
around and came face to face with a monkey. "Ahh!" he

"Whoa, buddy!
Donít tell me you havenít seen a talking monkey

"To be
honest, no," replied Guybrush nervously.

mumbled the monkey. "My nameís Duke."

Guybrush shook
hands with Duke but felt very awkward doing so. He was invited
into the Hex-agon to start shopping for all of his voodoo needs.

Guybrush scanned
the storeís items. Maybe they had a spray that keeps the
undead away from you, thought Guybrush.

Then, he examined
a shelf labelled "Food Ingredients". He found objects
like dog ears, snake tongues, shark fins, and spider abdomens.
Disgusted, he turned to the other shelf labelled
"Cures". It interested him but he found nothing of any
importance there.

This could've been
useful, thought Guybrush as he stared at a bottle of
"Ringmaster: For curing girlfriends from ring curses".
After a little while longer, he noticed a slot machine beside the
door giving out a drink called Voodew. Guybrush read the labels
on the cans.




"I guess it
wonít hurt... much... to try more voodoo products,"
said Guybrush as he pulled out a coin and pushed it through the
coin slot of the machine.

Two cans came down
and it amazed Guybrush. Then, he finally noticed the "Two
for one" sign beside the machine. He bought two more and
when he was about to leave, Duke called to him.

youíre Guybrush Threepwood," he started, "mighty

"Why, yes I
am," said Guybrush in a heroic voice.

"I got a
package for you," he said. "If you'd follow me."

Guybrush followed
Duke through a door behind the counter. It was totally dark and
suddenly, he felt something smack across his head. He fainted and
fell down.


Guybrush regained
consciousness and felt his head. There was a bruise there and it
flared with pain when he touched it. He couldnít see a thing
in the room he was in. Then, he noticed his belongings were taken
away from him. Suddenly, he heard a sound from behind him.

said the voice. "Guybrush, itís Murray."


"The hat
prices were over the chart, so I left Elaine and rolled into

Guybrush turned
round and saw Murrayís eyes, illuminated by a healthy voodoo
glow. He took Murray and held the skull out before him.

"Guide me to
the door," said Guybrush.

cried Murray. "Thereís someone else here. Itís a
person to your left."

Guybrush turned
and bent down. He saw a haystack with bones all over it. Slowly,
he removed the hay until the face of a woman emerged. She had the
same colour of hair and eyes as he and as Guybrush removed more
of the hay, he discovered a round medallion hanging from her
necklace. Suddenly, the woman cowered away to a corner before
Guybrush could examine the medallion.

be afraid," he said softly. "We wonít hurt

"At least he
wonít," said Murray.

The woman stayed

"I was just
wondering if I could see your medallion," said Guybrush.
"Iím no thief, just a pirate. A mighty pirate."

The woman advanced
closer to Guybrush and Murray. Guybrush slowly outstretched his
other arm to take the medallion. When he reached it, he held it
close enough to him so that Murrayís eyes could make out
what was on it. It was no medallion. There was a button on it and
as Guybrush pushed it, a disk opened to reveal a picture. There
was a man, a woman, and a small girl.

Oh dear lord,
thought Guybrush. Those are my parents. But then, whoís the
girl? He turned to the woman. "Whatís your name?"

The woman
hesitated and then said, "Greta."

repeated Guybrush. "Greta, do you remember your

replied Greta. "They were very joyful, but sad whenever I
used to say that I was their princess. Do you remember your

Guybrush lowered
his head. "Boyhowdy yeah, but only a little. They abandoned
me and they're in your picture."

Greta peered down
at her picture. There she was with Mom and Dad. Then she stared
back up at Guybrush. He did resemble Dad just a bit.

sis," smiled Guybrush.

couldnít believe it. She had an older brother and wanted to
get acquainted with him as soon as possible. So, during the next
two hours, they told of their past to each other. Greta was very
amused by her brotherís bravery that defeated the Undead
Pirate LeChuck three times. Likewise, Guybrush was very surprised
of how he'd always lied of having a sister when all along it was
the truth.

Suddenly, there
came a noise from outside. "Shut up in there, Threepwood!
Youíll need the voice for when LeChuck comes." It was

yeah!" shouted Guybrush. "Well, youíre as
repulsive as a monkey in a negligee."

"First of
all," said Duke, "I am a monkey. Second," he
opened a small window beside the door and fitted a pistol through
it, "I donít think youíre in the position for sea
swordplay insults."

"Well, you
know what they say," said Guybrush, "your tongue has to
be twice as sharp as your sword." Immediately after his
words, he threw Murray at the window.

Murray, totally
surprised by Guybrushís actions, quickly tried to find
something to bite on before he broke his skull on the walls of
the prison. He found Dukeís hand and bit it. The pistol
dropped and Guybrush picked it up and took Murray back.

insane!" yelled Murray. "What did I ever do?"

"You got us
this pistol," replied Guybrush. "Now to get out of this

He shot the lock
off the prison door, which was visible since the light poured
through the small window that Duke left open. Guybrush kicked
open the door and beckoned Greta to come out. They found
themselves behind the store counter but Duke was not to be seen.

Guybrush found the
opportunity to be useful for searching the counter while there
was no one to stop him. Opening numerous drawers, he found
nothing but paper and a banana. However, he took the banana just
in case it became useful. Then, he opened the last drawer and
found his belongings.

He buckled his
cutlass, trapped his pistol between his belt and jacket, and
pocketed his Voodew soft drinks, his map, his CIA book, and his
pouch of coins. Then, he noticed a letter beneath the inventory.
It read:


Your skills as a bounty hunter have reached my ears. You have
impressed me and that is not an easy task. That is why I, the Ice
Demon LeChuck, have a favour to ask of you. I need you to capture
a certain someone for me. His name is Guybrush Threepwood. Once
you acquire him, send him to me.


ID LeChuck

Duke must have taken Greta since she bore the
same name. He must've thought heíd get more of a bounty if
he captured the Threepwood offspring. Guybrush and Greta exited
the Hex-agon and met with Elaine and Dwarfbeard outside.

Elaine frowned at Murray. "You left me all
alone in that creepy hat store!"

"Sorry," said Murray. "I
couldnít stay in a place like that. Besides, some of the
display heads were from my high school."

Dwarfbeard eyed Guybrush. "Where have ye

"I was taken by a talking monkey named
Duke. He worked for LeChuck."

"Talking monkey, eh?" said
Dwarfbeard. "Whereís he now?"

"Gone," replied Greta.

"And who might this be?" asked Elaine
in an irritated tone.

"Relax, Elaine," said Guybrush.
"Elaine, Dwarfbeard, this is Greta Threepwood, my

Elaine stayed silent. She always knew Guybrush
lied about having a sister but now, it turned out it was true.
She noticed the resemblance the two had to each other. Dwarfbeard
and Elaine shook hands with Greta and then Guybrush reminded them
that they still had to find Dwarfbeardís friend.

Dwarfbeard guided them through a quiet green
jungle and to a trail leading to the northern parts of the
island. They travelled along the winding trail until they arrived
at a stone tower.

There was a window facing south and green smoke
came from the pinnacle of the tower. Before them was a curtain
with torches on either side of it. They threw the curtain aside
and entered the tower. Finding themselves in a deserted room, the
group perceived stairs leading to the top of the tower. They
climbed the winding staircase expecting bats to fly over their
heads or disembodied eyes watching them; but all was calm.
Finally, the group arrived at the room that had the window and
before them was a cauldron of skeleton arms. From inside the
cauldron, the green smoke floated through the roofless pinnacle
of the tower.

Guybrush curiously advanced closer to the
cauldron. "Hello?"

Suddenly, there was a blinding flash and when
Guybrush opened his eyes, there was a woman seated before him.
She was plump with dark skin and had a green bandanna wrapped
around her head. A fur pelt covered her shoulders and her blue
gown reached down to her bare feet.

"Guybrush Threepwood," she smiled,
"it has been some time."

"Do I know you from somewhere?" asked

"As a matter of fact you do," replied
the woman. "However, I can understand your short-term
memory. Thatís what happens when you get cursed too

"What!" cried Guybrush.

"Donít worry, itís not
fatal," laughed the woman. "Talking helps. We met on
Melee Island where I told you of a voodoo antiroot that could
destroy ghosts. Later, I helped you make a voodoo doll of Largo
LaGrande on Scabb Island. Then, I helped you prepare for your
journey to Blood Island by supplying you information of a ring
that could save Elaine from a pirate curse." She peered
behind Guybrush at Elaine. "Hello, Governor Marley."

Elaine waved to the Voodoo Lady and smiled.

Then, the Voodoo Lady gazed at Greta. "I
see youíve found family, Guybrush. I foresaw your
union." Lastly, she turned to Dwarfbeard. "Is something

"LeChuck may have the Witch Doctorís
Treasure," started Dwarfbeard. "We need more
information about it to save Guybrush from whatever danger is to
fall upon him."

"Well," smiled the Voodoo Lady,
"the gauntlet was forged over 500 years ago and was used by
its maker to heal the wounded more effectively. However, it
needed its Five Fingers for its powers. They are, in order from
thumb to pinkie, the Finger of Curing, the Finger of Healing, the
Finger of Life, the Finger of Breath, and the Finger of Blood.
The most mysterious was the Finger of Life, which was said to
have resurrection powers."

"Thatís why LeChuck wants the
gauntlet," said Guybrush. "He wants to become alive

"Wait!" cried the Voodoo Lady.
"Thereís more to LeChuckís plan than just mere
resurrection. At the same time he's resurrected, you will

"Then he must not have the Finger of Life
yet," said Dwarfbeard. "And it's in the hands of
Nerdbeard! But we lost contact with him."

"Clues left by the others will help you
find him," said the Voodoo Lady.

Guybrush and his friends thanked the Voodoo
Lady, left the tower, travelled back to the town, and boarded
their ship.

Two: The Finger of Life

The Governor sailed away from Voodoo
Island. Dwarfbeard had them plot a course to Barnacle Island,
where Wetbeard spent his last days.

The waters seemed to have calmed down and a
steady wind blew. Guybrush speculated that they should reach
Barnacle by nightfall.

Suddenly, Guybrush heard a wailing cry some
distance ahead. He called Frank, who was in the crowís nest
to see where the sound came from.

Frank leaned over and squinted. "A
ship!" he cried. "Its sails are torn to shreds but it
still goes."

"Thatís no ordinary ship," said
Guybrush as Dwarfbeard halted beside him. "Itís a ghost
ship. We must be getting too close to something LeChuck
doesnít want us to find out." He turned his head and
gazed down at the deck. "Man the cannons!"


Largo stared through the night with his voodoo
eyes at the ship of the living.

"Threepwood," he whispered. "He
must know of the gauntlet. Well, this is as far as heíll

He steered the ship so that the cannons on his
left faced Guybrushís ship. Lowering his head down to the
deck, Largo yelled, "Fire!"

The response to his command was placed in the
sound of blasting cannons as Largo stared at his cannonballs
striking the enemy ship.

Onboard the Governor, the ship shook and
Guybrush was almost flung to his right. They had taken a direct
hit from the three cannons of the enemy at the bow. However, the
reinforced armour plates held and damage was reduced to a

He steered so that the Governor sailed
on towards the direction of the starboard but at an angle so that
they would reach the port of the enemy ship. Once they reached
the stern of the ghost ship, the enemyís cannons couldn't
fire upon them and, thankfully, they'd just arrived before the
cannons finished loading.

"Fire!" cried Guybrush.

He observed his cannons thrust themselves
through the port of the ghost ship. To his aghast, the ghost ship
took no damage! Guybrush had to find something that worked
against ghosts to use on his cannonballs. Then, he thought back
to the time when he first met LeChuck.

"Of course," snapped Guybrush,
"root beer! I first defeated LeChuck with root beer!"
He faced Greta, who was to his right, releasing his grip on the
steering wheel. "Take over."


Largo pivoted his ship to the direction of his
stern. He ordered the cannons to be fired and watched as his
artillery collided against the enemyís walls. Unfortunately,
they completely missed their marks, which were the enemyís
cannons. Then, Largo steered the ship so that it collided with
that of the enemy. He saw Guybrush Threepwood taking a glimpse at
him and laughed.

"Itís no use, Threepwood!" he
cried. "You're no match for the fleet of LeChuck."
Then, he ran from the steering wheel and leapt across to the
other ship and before Guybrush. There, he drew his cutlass.
"I challenge you to a deathmatch!"

Guybrush drew out his own cutlass. "Largo
LaGrande, we meet again. Challenge accepted."

"Your microscopic brain is no match for my
blade," cried Largo.

"It would still be heavier than yours if
you had them weighed," said Guybrush as he advanced with his

Largo, taken off guard by the counter of his
insult, defended as best he could. He smiled, however, to have
found a worthy foe. Patiently, he waited for Guybrushís

"Well," he said at length,
"arenít you going to insult me?"

"I thought I was supposed to counter your
insults," said Guybrush.

"You mean you spent all this time thinking
of counters and not insults?"

"Well," started Guybrush,
"itís happened to me twice already. Master swordsmen
insult me, I counter them until I win."

"Boy, this is going to be easy,"
laughed Largo. He fought with much fury and sent Guybrushís
cutlass flying from his hand. Holding the tip of his blade to
Guybrushís chin, he said, "Checkmate."

"I donít think so, LaGrande,"
smiled Guybrush. "It seems youíve fallen into my trap.
Look behind you."

Largo turned and saw that his ship was not
there. He ran to the side and saw his crew, ghost and skeleton
alike, struggling to stay afloat. The duel was just to stall
time. Suddenly, a cutlass fell on Largoís hand and it, along
with his own sword, fell to the sea. He turned round to see
Guybrush pointing his sword to his head.

"Not even a ghost ship can stand against
root beer bottles," smiled Guybrush. "We had crates of
them down below. Now, about the voodoo gauntlet... "

"Youíll get nothing from me,
Threepwood," said Largo. "Not even if you threatened to
kill me."

"Well what if I told LeChuck about your
mutinous plans," smiled Guybrush.

"How did you know about them?" asked
the astonished Largo.

"I didnít, you just told me,"
Guybrush laughed. "But I thought you'd be the type. Being
killed by a mortal is one thing. However, being killed by LeChuck
is another. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Alright!" cried Largo.
"LeChuckís searching for the Finger of Life and he
knows who possesses it. He just doesnít know where it is. He
sent me to search for Dwarfbeard."

"Well, here I am," said Dwarfbeard,
walking into view from behind Guybrush.

Largo cursed and faced Guybrush again.
"Thatís all I know!"

Guybrush frowned. He knew Largo wasnít
lying. "Well, youíre without a ship and a crew. So,
Iíll be fair and let you join them."

"What!" cried Largo. But before he
could react, Dwarfbeard tossed him overboard into the sea with
his crewmates.


After a little while of sailing, land came into
sight. The crew had reached Barnacle Island. They saw neon lights
of businesses on the island, which aroused more interest in them.
Guybrush asked Elaine to register them in the Dull Blade when
they docked.

The night was cool on Barnacle Island and a
full moon shown. Guybrush felt like taking a little stroll along
the streets with his sister before going to the hotel. As they
traveled, Greta told everything she remembered about her parents
to Guybrush. Then, he felt alone all of a sudden.

"After all, youíre the one they
kept," said Guybrush.

Greta placed an arm around Guybrush and rested
her head on his shoulder. Guybrush kept on walking silently
through the lit streets of the city. He suddenly noticed a small
hut with a sign saying "Myopica".

He and Greta decided to enter the store and
advanced towards the door, which was surprisingly small. They
entered the empty shop and browsed around. There was a counter
with a small stool behind it and a door behind that. A shelf was
located on each wall with large selections of monocles.

Guybrush spotted a service bell and punched it.
Then, a small ring sounded and the door behind the counter
opened. A short man with red hair came out. He wore a white shirt
with chequered overalls and on his left eye was, of course, a

"May I help you?" asked the man.

"Wally!" smiled Guybrush.
"Itís me, Guybrush Threepwood!"

"Mr. Wood!" cried Wally. "How
are things with Elaine?"

"They couldnít be better."

Wally suddenly noticed Greta. "Then, who
is she?"

"Oh," Guybrush cleared his throat.
"Wally Bloodnose Feed, this is my sister, Greta

Wally stared wide-eyed at Guybrush and then to
Greta. "Sister?" He ran from the counter and shook
Gretaís hand. "Pleasure to meet you!"

"Same here," smiled Greta.

Wally turned back to Guybrush. "So, Mr.
Wood, how does it feel to find your sister?"

"Very surprising," replied Guybrush.
He recounted how he and Greta met and why he was on Barnacle
Island. Then, he saw Wally shudder at the mention of LeChuck.
"So howís Haggis doing?"

"Mr. McMutton?" asked Wally.
"Oh, he, Mr. Bill, and Mr. Van Helgen are doing great at the
barber business. They have a new shop set up here called
ĎThe Cutlass Quartetí."

"You mean they finally got a new member
for their barbershop quartet?" asked Guybrush in an
astonished tone.

"Yes," nodded Wally. "He can
take up the voices of three singers!"

"Fascinating!" said Guybrush. He
suddenly realised that he had to get going. "Well,
goodnight, Wally. Great meeting you again."

"You too, Mr. And Ms. Wood," said
Wally. "Good luck with LeChuck."

The Threepwoods, once outside of Wallyís
shop, saw another shop that caught their attention. There was a
bright sign that read "Stanís Previously Owned
Keys". As Guybrush observed it he thought, Oh dear lord, no.
Despite his reluctance to enter Stanís store, he didnít
want to leave him out.

They entered the store and a man quickly came
towards them. He had a blue chequered shirt and a large hat. As
he talked, his arms moved up and down and he continually tapped
his foot.

"Howdy! Welcome to Stanís Previously
Owned Keys!" he cried. "Guybrush Threepwood, I
havenít see you since the wedding."

"Hi, Stan," said Guybrush. "Meet
my sister, Greta."

"Sister, eh?" said Stan. "Hello,
dolly. Oh, I shouldnít say that, Iím married! Iím
Stan the Salesman. Can I interest you in a set of keys?"

Guybrush gazed at the key selection. There were
shelves of keys and one shelf had key cards, which were divided
into two categories: Imperial and Rebel. However, the keys behind
Stanís desk were the only ones that caught his attention.

"Whatíre those?" he asked.

"Sorry, those arenít for sale,"
said Stan. "Their keys to every door of every building on
every island Iíve ever been, if you must know."

"Well, youíd better keep good care of
it instead of just leaving it on a hook. Itís very
insecure," said Guybrush.

"Nonsense!" cried Stan.
"Itís protected by a state-of-the-art security system.
Watch. Lasers will detect any sign of movement and enclose
intruders in a container until I deactivate it. Allow me to
demonstrate." Stan took out a remote from his coat and
pushed a button. Then, he advanced towards the keys. Suddenly, a
portion of the ceiling fell over him, trapping him inside.
"See? What did I tell you?"

Guybrush quickly took the ring of keys as the
ceiling portion lifted. Stan gave out a gasp when he realised his
keys were gone.

"Where are they?" he cried.

"I saw a sinister-looking guy come in and
take them," said Guybrush.

Stan sighed. "Well, luckily I got this set
of copies made." He pulled out another ring of keys
identical to the ones Guybrush took.


Guybrush and Greta finally sauntered towards
the Dull Blade. It was a tall building with many windows. As they
entered, they found themselves in a plaza covered with scarlet
carpet. A counter was before them with stairs beside it and above
was a chandelier. Guybrush strolled over to the registration

"Threepwood," he said.

The man behind the counter scanned his
registration book. "Ah, yes, Threepwood. Youíre
registered in Room 61."

"Where would that be?" asked

"Sixth floor, first room to your
left," replied the man.

Guybrush and Greta climbed the stairs and once
they reached their room, they found the door opened. As they
entered, they marvelled at the apartment. There was a large glass
patio door before them and beside that were two beds. Their
blankets were scarlet and the sheets and pillows were pearl
white. Opposite to the beds was a washroom where Elaine stood,
astonished. Beside the beds was a wardrobe which the Men of Low
Moral Fibre (Pirates) examined. Beside the door was a table where
Dwarfbeard sat studying Frankís map. Murray rested his skull
on the couch beside the washroom door.

"What are you doing, Dwarfbeard?"
asked Guybrush.

"Iím going over the islands,"
replied Dwarfbeard. "Wetbeard stayed at this hotel when we
left him, Reekbeard and Fakebeard settled on Phatt Island, and
then thereís Nerdbeard. I donít know where he
couldíve gone off. We last saw him sail off between the
waters of Skull and Melee Island."

"Then thatís where we will
look," said Guybrush.

"True," said Dwarfbeard, "but
where exactly?"

The crew put the matter to rest and went to
sleep. Elaine and Guybrush in one bed, Greta in the other, the
Men of Low Moral Fibre (Pirates) and Murray on the couch, and
Dwarfbeard at the table.


After the crew woke up, they started the search
for Wetbeardís room. However, there was no way the
registration counter would still have his record. Guybrush wanted
to see some old friends before he searched and he left the hotel.

He strolled through the city until he caught
sight of the Cutlass Quartet among a row of buildings. There was
a sign above the door with a picture of two cutlasses forming a
pair of scissors. Pushing the door open, he entered and standing
before him was a three-headed monkey. Guybrush gasped when he
laid eyes on it. Was it the same one he saw on Monkey Island a
long time ago? Suddenly, a large man with a red beard and a kilt
peered over the monkey at Guybrush.

"Guybrush Threepwood!" he cried.
"Lads, Ďtis our old friend Capín Guybrush!"

From behind the monkey came two other men. One
thin and with a long moustache, the other was short and plump and
had a peg leg.

"Ahoy there, Guybrush!" cried the
thin man. "How have you been?"

"Fine, Edward."

"Youíve grown," said the short

"Er, thanks, Bill," said Guybrush. He
pointed at the monkey. "Look in front of you, a three-headed

"Aye," said the large man.
"Heís the fourth of our barber shop quartet."

"A monkey, Haggis?" asked Guybrush.


"He be a fine singer," said Edward.
"Fills the voices of three singers he does."

"He does," said Cutthroat Bill.
"Nameís Ooky."

The monkey jumped about and slipped away.
Guybrush ambled into the small shop and found the barber
piratesí collection of pictures of different hairdos. As
well, they brought their old barber chair with the elevating
handle. Beside the chair, holding a pair of scissors, was Ooky.

Oh no, thought Guybrush. "Donít tell
me that monkeyís the barber."

"No, of course not," said Haggis.
"Weíre all barbers. But todayís Wednesday, so
itís Ookyís turn to cut. He can do a fine French braid.
Want him to eyeball yer hair?"

"No," started Guybrush,

Guybrush asked Haggis if he heard of a man
named Wetbeard. Haggisí response was to Guybrushís
expectations and he said he hadnít heard of such a man.
Suddenly, Edward came to Guybrush with a surprised look.

"Wetbeard?" he asked. "He and I
met at sea a few years ago. He was a fine pirate but sadly he
retired that same day."

"Really? Do you know what room he
registered in at the Dull Blade?" asked Guybrush.

"No," replied Edward. "We were
at sea, boy. How could I have known? All he said was thereís
a tub of gold waiting for him."

"Thanks, Edward!" said Guybrush as he
zoomed out of the Cutlass Quartet back to the Dull Blade.

He found Elaine in the lobby and told her what
he had found out. Then, Guybrush raced towards the registration

"Do you have one of those rooms with a
golden tub here still open?"

"Golden tub?" asked the man behind
the counter. "Oh yes. Thereís only one such room in
this hotel. But itís occupied, sorry."

Guybrush asked for the number and said it was a
friend that was in the room. "A friend?" asked the man.
"Very well, heís in Room 45."

Guybrush and Elaine called the others and
together, they found Room 45 with its door unlocked. Cautiously,
Guybrush opened it and found the room empty. He noticed the door
to the washroom was closed and knocked on it. There was no
answer. Then, he called and heard water moving. Finally, a voice
answered him.

"Who is it?"

Guybrush recognised the voice. "Herman

"Guybrush Threepwood?" The door
opened and an old man in rags came out. "It is
you!" Then, he turned to Dwarfbeard. "Hello,
Dwarfbeard." His eyes narrowed and his voice deepened.

"Hello, Toothrot," said Dwarfbeard in
a similar fashion.

"What are you doing here?" demanded

"None of yer ear wax, which you got plenty
oí," replied Dwarfbeard.

"Yeah, yer just jealous Ďcause I
found Monkey Island first!" said Herman.

"Ye keeps tauntiní me,
Toothrot," started Dwarfbeard, "aní Iíll be
forced to draw me cutlass."

"Draw away, you ponderous
exoskeleton," said Herman.

"Enough!" cried Guybrush.
"Herman, have you seen anything unusual about your

"No," replied Herman, "except
for the skeleton found in it. I placed it in the wardrobe."

Guybrush immediately ran to the wardrobe and
opened it. There was a grimy skeleton inside with a wet beard
coming from his skull. A book was held in its bony fingers and
Guybrush was forced to rip out the skeletonís hands to take
the book. It was Wetbeardís diary and Guybrush read the last

June 23,

My pirating days are over and Iíve seen much. But I must
prepare for my last days for when I step into the water of the
Dull Bladeís golden tub, I shall remain there and die. There
shall be no better comfort in dying as I did. Unlike Nerdbeard,
he took the Finger of Life from the voodoo gauntlet we found
years ago and set out to sea with it. His doom will be merciless
when tonightís storm comes.

"So his ship sank," said Guybrush.
"But where?"

"Weíll find that out on Phatt
Island," said Dwarfbeard. "Weíve got the first
piece of the puzzle." The crew left Hermanís room but,
as Dwarfbeard was about to depart, he peered back at Herman.

Herman blew a raspberry at Dwarfbeard and
closed the door to his washroom. Then, he sang and it drove
Dwarfbeard away in great disgust.


The Governor sailed away from Barnacle
Island and made its way to Phatt Island. It would take them until
late noon to reach there unless the wind would blow more. If
anything could add to their luck, it would be no more sea combats
with the undead.

Guybrush sat in his table studying
Wetbeardís diary in the captainís room. Nerdbeard could
have sunk anywhere between the waters of Skull and Melee. He must
have spent hours racking his mind over the matter because Greta
suddenly opened the door and announced that they arrived at Phatt

When Guybrush exited the captainís room,
he found that they were docked near the wharf. He saw the old
Phatt prison where he was locked up more than a year ago. Then,
he noticed that his "wanted" poster was still on the
wall of the prison. He had to disguise himself but before he
could do so, a guard came up to him.

"You!" he cried. He took out his
pistol and stared at Guybrush through his golden helm.
"Youíre under arrest!"

Guybrush and his crew were led by a squadron of
guards behind the prison to a path that led out of Phatt City.
Then, they travelled through a jungle, emerald green and
flourishing with life, until they reached another path that led
them to a closed gate. The guard before them unlocked the gate
and led the prisoners along the path until they climbed a few
stairs to a large door of a mansion. The guards then led only
Guybrush inside the mansion, up the stairs, and to Governor
Phattís room.

It was as he remembered. There was a small
table with a mirror laid with spoiled victuals. Before him was
the elephantine bed where Governor Phatt lay, bloated as a
balloon. His large feet appeared at the end of the bed.

Governor Phatt spat out his words.
"Threepwood! Iíve got you at last! Iíve nothing to
do with LeChuck this time. Youíre mine and I shall have you
punished as I see fit."

"What did I do?" asked the bewildered

"Switched my books," replied Phatt.
"I had a sheet of my favourite recipes in that book you
took. And whatís worse, the book you gave me had ripped out
pages of recipes!" He turned his eyes to the guard, unable
to move his multi-chinned head. "Take him away!"

The guard led Guybrush to the door but Guybrush
spun round and pointed a finger at Phatt.

"Iíll be back!"


Guybrush and his crew were locked in two cells,
side by side, and their possessions were confiscated, placed in
envelopes above a counter. Each cell only had one bed and there
were at least four to a cell. Guybrush, Elaine, Greta, and
Dwarfbeard were locked in one cell while the Men of Low Moral
Fibre (Pirates) and Murray were locked in the second where a
skeleton lay. However, it was missing its tibia.

"I finally find a decent body but it has
to have a missing bone!" complained Murray.

"Fine," sighed Guybrush, "take
half of its body. Frank, help him."

Frank removed the ribcage of the skeleton along
with its arms and attached it to Murray. Murray turned his head,
bent it back, and moved his arms and fingers. He laughed with joy
to finally have more of a body. Guybrush smiled and said he
earned his trust. Murray still had to have people carry him but
he could now walk with his arms.

Guybrush turned from Murray to the door of the
prison. There was a guard with a pistol outside. Suddenly,
Guybrush remembered Stanís keys. But they were in one of the
envelopes. He could only try to take one without making the guard
suspicious, but which one? There were eight envelopes and
Stanís keys could only be in one of them. Guybrush placed
his hands on his hips and sighed. Suddenly, he felt something in
his pocket. The guards hadnít taken his small pouch of

Guybrush took the pouch out and revealed a gold
coin. He called Elaine to take another. Together, they flipped
the coins and watched them strike the envelopes. The guard
noticed them and came to the prison cell door.

"Hand over the pouch, Mr.
Threepwood," he said, putting out his hand.

Guybrush quickly hatched a new plan. "Why
have the pouch when you can have the money in it?" He
emptied all of his pieces o' eight into the guardís large

The guard stared down at the numerous coins and
started counting them. Then, Elaine took hold of the guardís
helm and pulled his head to the cell bars. The guard fell
unconscious and the coins dropped. Elaine tried to get the keys
but it was too far. Guybrush faced Murray and smiled.

"Lend me your arm," he said.

"Oh, Iím not falling for that!"
laughed Murray. He pointed at Guybrush with his right arm and
mocked him.

Guybrush took hold of the arm and pulled half
of it off. "Thanks!"

"Hey! My arm!"

"Youíll get it back, donít
worry," said Elaine.

Guybrush reached for the keys with the help of
Murrayís arm and once they were close enough to the prison
bars, Greta took them. Guybrush reattached Murrayís arm as
Greta unlocked the door. After they regained their possessions,
the crew found the prison easy to abscond and made for the Governor.
However, lying in their way was Governor Phatt accompanied by six
other guards, three on each side of his bed.

"Escaped, have you?" said Phatt.
"You are a worthy opponent, Threepwood. But letís see
just how worthy you are. I challenge you to a fishing contest. If
you can catch a bigger fish than I can, youíll be set free.
However, if my catch is bigger, then you shall spend the
remainder of your life in my prison."

Guybrush hesitated. The stakes were high.
However, he accepted with a smile. Phatt and Guybrush were each
given fishing poles and bait. Guybrush took his bait and placed
it in his pouch of coins. Then, he placed the small bag on the
hook. Finally, the contest began.

Phatt and Guybrush threw their poles into the
water and waited. Suddenly, Guybrush felt a tug on his pole and
he hauled in a large fish. Phattís eyes widened and then he
became enraged.

"Seize them!" he cried.

"Fine, have it," said Guybrush. He
threw the fish on Phattís stomach.

The combined weight of Phatt and the fish was
too much for the wharfís thin surface. It groaned and then
gave way. Governor Phatt fell under the dock and his six escorts
looked back. While the guards were distracted, Guybrush and his
crew manned their ship and slowly started sailing away. Governor
Phatt yelled at the guards to shoot them but as they did, their
bullets ricocheted off the Governor like raindrops.

Onboard, the crew debated a location to land on
the island. They couldnít let Governor Phatt drive them off.
Dwarfbeard made clear that Reekbeard and Fakebeard didnít
die in the city because they were in a cottage. There was only
one cottage Guybrush could remember on Phatt Island and itís
skeleton wasnít Reekbeard nor Fakebeard. It had to be
hidden, maybe. However, there could be nowhere in the jungle for
them to live. After much debate, they decided to let Guybrush
guide them to Rum Rogerís cottage.

The crew set anchor on a beach of an isle and
descended upon a ladder to the surface. Then, they raced up a
hill to a small cottage. Before the building was a statue of a
figurehead. It was a grotesque monkey with its arm reaching out.

"Hey, I know that figurehead!" cried
Murray. "It was my shipís back in the days when I was
among the living. I remember we used the figurehead to hold flag
messages on its arm. Let me pull it."

Frank lifted Murray until he was within reach
of the statueís arm. He pulled it down and the statue
shifted back. A flight of stairs was revealed leading down to a
dark tunnel. They descended upon the stairs and entered the

Murray guided them through until they reached a
turn where lights could be seen ahead and a stench grew. When
they followed the curve, they found themselves in a small room
with a window on each side facing the sea. There was a shelf
beside the entrance and a couch before them. On the couch sat two
skeletons with beards on their skulls. The stench came from the
beard of the skeleton on the left. The otherís beard was
falling off his skull. Both had their diaries by their side and
Guybrush took hold of them. Unable to stand another moment among
the smell, Greta pleaded to go back first. The crew agreed and
when they withdrew from the tunnel system, Guybrush read
Reekbeardís diary.

May 19,

Fakebeard and I decided that the time has come when our lives
should end. ĎTis a sad moment but it would eventually come.
And itís better than Nerdbeardís doom, anyway. My last
words shall be to recount the moment when Nerdbeard sailed off
into the Rhombus of FireÖ

Guybrush found the rest of the entry useless.
He just had to find out the range of the Rhombus. He read
Fakebeardís diary.

May 21,

This shall be my last entry. I shall depart side by side with my
good friend, Reekbeard. Iíve even overcome his stench, which
shall be a remembered achievement to me in the afterlife. I
received a letter from the monk that translated the scroll of the
voodoo gauntlet I found years ago. It seemed Nerdbeard entrusted
to him the Finger of Life. Well, thatís the last bit of news
I shall hear, for my time has come.

Guybrush couldnít believe it. Nerdbeard
gave the finger away to someone that will take forever to find
unless they find Nerdbeardís ship. They boarded the Governor
and set sail.


Dwarfbeard mapped out the Rhombus of Fire to
Guybrush. Apparently, it was between the islands of Skull and
Melee. The range covered from 16 to 22 degrees north and 71 to 80
degrees west. Guybrush studied the map carefully.
Nerdbeardís ship couldíve sunk anywhere between the
Rhombus. Then, he faced Dwarfbeard.

"We still havenít read your
diary," he said.

"And ye ainít gonna," said
Dwarfbeard. "Itís my diary."

"Well, maybe it contains the last clue we
need to find Nerdbeardís ship," said Guybrush.
"You read it and then tell me."

To that, Dwarfbeard agreed. He entered his
cabin and came back a few moments later. He explained to the crew
that one part of the entry describing his last day with the other
pirates stated that Nerdbeard said some sort of riddle to him.

Dwarfbeard drew on a blank sheet of paper
symbols Nerdbeard used for his riddle. There was a rhombus with
numbers surrounding it. A line from the bottom right of the
rhombus elevated until it stopped at the number 18. Beside the
rhombus was written "A=1296".

Guybrush turned to Dwarfbeard. "What kind
of riddle is that?" he laughed

"Hey, we couldnít solve it,"
said Dwarfbeard.

"Well, itís only a little math,"
said Greta. "The rhombus suggests Nerdbeard sailed into the
Rhombus of Fire while the numbers indicate the range of the
Rhombus. Nerdbeard gave the area of the rhombus using 18 as his
altitude. All you have to do is divide the area to the altitude
and you get 72 as your answer."

"No wonder," said Elaine.
"Dwarfbeard and the other pirates didnít know math.
Thatís why Nerdbeard chose this riddle."

"But itís so easy!" said
Guybrush. He hastily took the steering wheel and set a course to
where Nerdbeardís ship sank - 18 degrees north and 72
degrees west.


The Governor entered the Rhombus of
Fire, the forbidden waters between Skull Island and Melee Island.
As they neared their destination, Frank and his friends began to
fear that they would never depart the Rhombus. Dwarfbeard and
Greta comforted them saying they had Guybrush as the captain.
Elaine and Guybrush felt so close to finishing their quest that
they could just taste it.

The ship suddenly stopped and the crew crowded
the steering wheel. They had dropped anchor and reached their
objective. Guybrush climbed to the edge of the ship and stared
down into the water.

"Wait!" cried Dwarfbeard.
"Donít drown yourself now!"

"No," said Guybrush. "Iím
getting down to that ship. I can hold my breath for ten minutes,

"So can I!" cried Greta. "I
could help."

Guybrush sighed. "All right, but stay
close to me."

Greta climbed beside Guybrush and they both
jumped into the sea while the crew prayed for their safety. As
they descended, the waters became darker and sea creatures became
scarce. They peered down and perceived the ship. Then, they swam
towards it and entered through a crack in the starboard side.

The ship was dark and debris and skeletons
littered it. They searched for a whole five minutes until they
found Nerdbeardís skeleton. Like all his other pirate
friends, he had a beard on his skull and held a diary. Guybrush
yanked the diary along with Nerdbeardís hand and then
beckoned Greta to follow him. They swam outside to an anchor
beside the ship. Greta pulled on it and the anchor was being
hauled up. Soon, they were safely onboard the decks of the Governor

Elaine embraced Greta and kissed Guybrush,
thankful for their safe return. Dwarfbeard took the diary and
turned to the last entry. However, the ink was soaked and they
couldn't read it. Then a paper fell from the diary. When Elaine
took it from the floor, she noticed it was laminated. It was a
rewrite of the last entry.

December 2,

Iíve crossed the threshold into the Rhombus of Fire. The
conundrum I provided to my former companions shall baffle them
beyond eternity. Meanwhile, I shall pass on my finger of the
Witch Doctorís Treasure to the monk who translated its
scroll. He himself lives in the arcane island of Bulky. However,
I doubt anyone alive will find him.

Guybrush enveloped his face in his hands. No
one knew where Bulky Island was save Haggis McMuttonís
former captain, who took its location to his grave. He took the
diary book and threw it on the deck. When it landed, the covers
were opened and Greta noticed it looked like a map. The covers
had lines engraved in them and they all formed the area that
housed Plunder Island and Blood Island. East of them was a small
piece of land.

"Bulky Island!" cried Elaine.
"But wait, thereíre some words on the covers."

As Murray bent over to investigate, he read the
words to be: "To Nerdbeard, The Enlightened Pirate. From
(Captain) Monk McJuggernaut". Haggisí captain became a
monk before becoming a pirate. He gave the diary to Nerdbeard
because it had the map to Bulky Island, which was east of Plunder
and Blood.

They set sail for the small island. It would
take them at least a day and a half to reach Bulky. So, they had
to make haste and end their journey. They hoisted the sails and
set their course. However, they had to exit the Rhombus safely, a
task which no one had accomplished. Then, Murray suggested they
sail towards Skull Island and then continue from there. Guybrush
saw it to be a safe plan and so he set another course towards
Skull. That would take them until dawn to reach there, so they
started immediately.


Their journey was calm and enthusiastic. The
crew were excited about the discovery of Bulky Island. When they
finally reached Skull, they knew they were the first human beings
to escape the Rhombus of Fire. Then, they turned northeastward
towards Bulky for the final stage of their quest.

After another quiet journey, the crew of the Governor
caught sight of land. They had reached Bulky Island. It was a
very small landform enveloped with jungles and a large volcano.
They dropped anchor before Bulky Island and Guybrush climbed the
ladder down to the surface. Following him was Dwarfbeard who
himself was followed by Murray.

Guybrush turned round to the remaining crew.
"I need all of you to guard the ship."

The crew nodded reluctantly, especially Elaine
and Greta. They had to go along but they knew they couldnít
disobey Guybrush, so they watched him go.

Guybrush and Dwarfbeard cut their way through
the jungle until they reached a trail leading to a pair of trees
that created an arch. Beyond it was a cabin of wood. They entered
through the archway and opened the door to the cabin. Inside,
light poured through the two windows and the door. There was a
table and a chair in one corner and a skeleton was seen in the
corner opposite.

Unlike the other pirates, he had no diary.
However, his left middle finger gave a bright gold sheen. It was
the Finger of Life. They had found it at last. Then, Guybrush
pocketed the finger.

As he was about to leave, Guybrush suddenly
noticed another skeleton under a window. It had a piece of paper
in its hand. He, Dwarfbeard and Murray stopped before it. Then,
Dwarfbeard whispered something.

"Threepwood. So thatís where you

"Dad?" said Guybrush. "I thought
you were on Dinky." He read his fatherís paper.

January 12,

Today, my life shall be complete. But before I pass on to the
realms of the afterlife, I would just like to make amends for my
mistakes. I love my wife and my daughter, Greta. But, I was so
foolish as to abandon my first child, never admitting my love for
him. If I could go back in time, Iíd change that. My
punishment is now depression. I will never see my son and tell
him I love him. However, I have faith heíll find me here,
even on Bulky Island. And when he does, I want him to know I love
him and Iím sorry. Iím proud of my son, Guybrush

Guybrush felt tears in his eyes. His father did
love him. He wiped the tears and pocketed the letter. Now, he knew
the truth.

"I love you too, Dad," he whispered.

Suddenly, Murray spoke. " I donít
mean to interrupt, but I canít believe out of all the
skeletons weíve seen, I never realised I could use them as

"Well," started Dwarfbeard,
"take the monkís."

"Really?" asked Murray in an
overjoyed tone.

"Go on, take it," said Guybrush,
taking the monkís skull off.

"Thank you!" cried Murray.

Murray made his skull leap and fall on the neck
of the skeleton. His other body fell lifeless to the floor. They
exited the cabin and made their way back to the Governor.
To their dismay, it was deserted. Suddenly, there was a yelping
sound from behind.

As Guybrush, Dwarfbeard, and Murray turned,
undead soldiers surrounded them. The boned menaces aimed their
cutlasses at them. Suddenly, water started to flow between the
legs of the skeletons. Some of the soldiers backed away and the
water froze to ice. Then, it shaped itself into a robust skeleton
attired in a coat and a hat with icy needles coming from within
its brim. The emerald glow in his eyes made him look sinister and
his breath was colder than death.

"Guess who?" he smiled.

"No, it canít be!" exclaimed

"Oh, yes," smiled the skeleton.
"I, LeChuck, still walk among the earth!"

Dwarfbeard drew his cutlass but LeChuck sent a
beam of ice towards it. The coldness forced Dwarfbeard to release
his cutlass and it fell to the ground, frozen.

"I think you and I shall have a long talk,
Threepwood," smiled LeChuck.

Three: The Resurrection

Guybrush, Dwarfbeard, Elaine, Greta, Murray,
and the Men of Low Moral Fibre (Pirates) were led by spectres
into the throne room of LeChuckís ice palace on Monkey
Island. They had sailed from Bulky and kept the prisoners heavily
guarded. Once the ghost ship arrived at the shores of Dinky
Island, the crew and their prisoners took the underwater tunnel
to the area of Monkey Island where the Carnival of the Damned
once stood. Now, it was but a towering ice castle.

Water crept up the throne and shaped itself
into LeChuck. Guybrush was forced on his knees by one of the
ghosts and he faced LeChuck, who revealed a heinous smile. The
ice demon trudged towards his archenemy and laughed.

"I could turn you into ice right now and
destroy your body," he started, "but I have other plans
for you."

"Whatís with the voodoo gauntlet,
LeChuck?" demanded Guybrush.

"Patience!" cried LeChuck. He faced
Guybrush and spoke in a hateful voice. "You buried me in
that ice pile and left me there for an entire year! It took Largo
LaGrande four months to rescue me and another eight months to
retrieve the Witch Doctorís Treasure. However, when I found
it, the Finger of Life was gone. It was with that finger that I
could use to defeat you."

"Then whatís the plan?" asked

LeChuck laughed. "Donít expect me to
tell you here, Guybrush Threepwood! Another question."

Guybrush thought. "Why does your army have
skeletons and ghosts? I thought it was just ghosts."

"Thar be a lot of explaining for
that," replied LeChuck. "You see, when a person dies,
their spirit has the chance to achieve freedom. However, if they
were buried and they had a funeral, their spirit cannot roam the
earth since it was prevented so by the holiness of its burial. On
the other hand, if it were to be left to rot or if the body
wasnít buried within the hour, then the spirit would achieve
its freedom. Skeletons, on the other hand, are acquired by the
use of voodoo magic. So, the lava in my Carnival was naught but a
voodoo brew.

"As for your question, I have both ghosts
and skeletons because I use them differently. Ghosts are my
assassins, skeletons are my soldiers."

"Then how come you became a ghost?"
asked Guybrush. "You were buried."

"But I did not have a proper burial with a
funeral," said LeChuck. "Enough! Throw the prisoners
into the dungeon but leave Threepwood! As for his sister,
Iíll deal with her later."

The ghosts led Guybrushís crew from the
throne room. Guybrush could hear the screams of Elaine and Greta.
He bowed his head low in sorrow and then eyed LeChuck with bitter

LeChuck smiled. "Elaine must not hear my
plans," he said. "I desired the Witch Doctorís
Treasure for the purpose of resurrection. The Finger of Life
provided me with that power. With the abilities of the finger, I
could not only kill you but also become you. The finger controls
life and so I could use it to end yours and resurrect myself in
your body."

"Vile fiend!" cried Guybrush.

LeChuck laughed. "Let the resurrection

The ghosts released Guybrush from their grip
but before Guybrush could escape, LeChuck froze his legs to the
floor. Then, he donned the gauntlet and felt all five fingers on
his hand. He pointed the middle finger at Guybrush.

"Now, thatís just rude," said

"Well, itís not my fault the Finger
of Life is in the middle," said LeChuck.

Suddenly, the finger began to glow. Guybrush
dropped to the floor before an emerald blast shot his head.
LeChuck aimed the finger towards Guybrush but Guybrush grabbed
the finger off. Then, LeChuck swung the gauntlet at him but
missed. Guybrush used the finger to hastily crack the ice as he
desperately tried to dodge LeChuckís blows. Then, LeChuck
smote Guybrushís stomach and then brought it up to his jaw.
Guybrush recovered in time to take the gauntlet and smash the ice
that held him firmly to the floor with it. LeChuck blasted
Guybrush out of his way and recovered the gauntlet but not the
Finger of Life. He stared up to see Guybrush running through the
throne room door. He ordered his ghosts to track him down and
bring him back alive.

Guybrush ran on until he crashed into a
skeleton, knocking its skull off. As the minion of LeChuck
complained, Guybrush took its cutlass and its pistol and
continued on. From there, every enemy he met would fall under his
new blade and for every spirit he defeated, heíd add more
ammunition for his pistol. But against ghosts, he had no defence.
He had no root beer and therefore could not protect himself if
ghosts pursued him.

Suddenly, there was a fork up ahead. The left
one curved towards its direction while the right path continued
straight. Guybrush thought it better if he continued straight and
so took the path to his right. Soon, he arrived at the dungeon
where he decapitated a sleeping skeleton guard and shot three
more. As the skeletons yelled at him, he took the keys to the
dungeon and unlocked the door. Elaine and Greta embraced him and
Dwarfbeard led the Men of Low Moral Fibre (Pirates) to the Governor.

Guybrush faced Elaine and Greta. "Go with
them. Hurry, before LeChuck uses you as bait."

Elaine and Greta did as he told and followed
the rest of the crew to the Governor. When Guybrush turned
round, he came face to face with Duke, the talking monkey he met
on Voodoo Island. Duke drew out his cutlass and challenged
Guybrush to a duel.

Guybrush had no time for this. He reached into
his pocket and felt a can of Voodew. LeChuck must have thought of
it as a worthless item. Guybrush took it out and threw it at
Duke. "Catch!"

Duke caught the can but then another came
hurtling at him. It struck his head and then fell upon his
cutlass. The drink spilled on the floor as another can came
hurtling towards Duke. Duke held up his cutlass and the can was
sliced in half. But the drink continued until it splattered on
the monkey.

Duke screamed. "Help! Iím covered in
liquefied animal parts and grog! And for a low, low price!"
His cutlass dropped.

Then, Guybrush hastily ate the banana he found
in the Hex-agon and threw the peel away. Duke stepped blindly on
the peel and fell into the dungeon. Guybrush locked the door and

After running as fast as he could to the Governor,
he ran into LeChuckís ghosts. They tried grabbing him but he
ducked and very nearly escaped. He continued with the ghosts
pursuing him. Suddenly, there was a moaning sound from behind and
the ghosts dissolved away. Greta stepped from around a corner.

"Hi!" she smiled, holding up a root
beer bottle.

"Greta, I told you to go to the

Too late, LeChuck came in his watery form and
solidified behind Greta, clutching her arm.

He smiled and then laughed. "I fair
exchange, Threepwood," he said. "The Finger of Life for
your sister."

Guybrush lowered his head and then produced the
Finger of Life from his pocket. But he held it from LeChuck until
he gave him back his sister. LeChuck slid his hand from
Gretaís arm to her throat.

"If you donít give me the finger in
ten seconds, your sister shall die."

Guybrush cried, "Okay! Catch!"

He threw it in the air, hoping LeChuck would
have to follow it but the ice demon liquefied his arm and, like a
stream, extended it to catch the finger. Then, Guybrush threw
another bottle of Voodew at LeChuck. The ice needles of
LeChuckís hat pierced the can and the drink fell over him.
Having been released from LeChuckís grip, Greta ran to the Governor
by Guybrushís command. Guybrush stayed behind and grabbed
the Finger of Life again. LeChuck faced him, wiping the Voodew
from his eyes.

"I can drown you any second,

"And I can swallow the Finger of
Life," said Guybrush.

LeChuck narrowed his eyes and then pointed the
Finger of Breath at Guybrush. The air around Guybrush became
thick all of a sudden and he struggled to breathe. Then, he held
the Finger of Life near his open mouth. LeChuck lowered the
gauntlet and Guybrush breathed again but still held the Finger of
Life close to his mouth. Suddenly, Guybrush was knocked to the
ground by another skeleton.

"Largo!" he cried.

Largo LaGrande lifted Guybrush to his feet and
struck his face hard with his bony hand. Then, he lifted Guybrush
again. But then, before Largo had a chance to smote him again,
Guybrush spoke.

"Heís planning a mutiny,
LeChuck!" he cried. "Largo plotted against you for

LeChuck grabbed Largo by the skull and lifted
him up. "You dare oppose me?"

"Heís lying, Captain LeChuck,"
said Largo.

"Iím sure he is," said LeChuck

He stared at Largo with stern eyes and then
watched as the skeleton turned to ice. LeChuck smashed Largo to
fragments then turned back to Guybrush. Then, he lifted the arm
that he used to wear the gauntlet and suddenly realised it was on
Guybrushís arm.

"Remember, Iím a pirate," said

LeChuck saw the Finger of Life fitted on the
gauntlet and then stopped. Guybrush sent a blast from the finger
and saw it strike LeChuck. Suddenly, LeChuck screamed and moaned
with an ear-piercing voice. He was experiencing pain beyond all
the grief of the world. Guybrush stared as LeChuck transformed
from ice demon back to a fiery demon, then to a rotting zombie,
then a ghost, and finally a living person. Guybrush had
resurrected LeChuck.

LeChuck had a beard to his chest and was plump.
He wore a scarlet coat and black pants with brown boots.

Guybrush eyed LeChuck and saw that he seemed
much harmless as a real person than as a ghost. His initial plan
was to intentionally resurrect LeChuck, kill him, and then give
him a proper burial. But he wasnít a barbarian. He knew
LeChuck wouldnít chase him around anymore. However, he
didnít realised that LeChuck could kill himself. Before he
could knock LeChuck unconscious, he saw the pirate strike his
head on the icy wall until he fell dead. Guybrush had an hour to
bury him. Luckily, Greta disobeyed his order again and returned.
Guybrush and Greta carried LeChuckís body onboard the Governor
and quickly set sail for Melee Island.


"LeChuck was a satanic person," said
the reverend of the church of Melee, "and although he died,
it favoured him. But even though he continuously committed sins
blah blah blah. Goodbye, LeChuck, forever!"

Many men lowered LeChuckís coffin into the
grave and then covered it with dirt. Then, the last step came and
Guybrush Threepwood thrust LeChuckís gravestone into the
ground just as the clock signalled an hour's time had passed. He
thought he heard a scream come from somewhere. But he knew it was
a sign that LeChuck would never haunt him again. He was free from
him, at last. He turned to face his crew.

"I guess this is goodbye," he said.
He embraced all of his crewmates and said, "Until the next
time we meet."

Dwarfbeard, Murray, and the Men of Low Moral
Fibre (Pirates) repeated the line and went their separate ways.
Then Guybrush strolled away from the cemetery with Elaine and

"Come on," he said, "letís
go back to Governor Island."

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