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Return To Monkey Island
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Why be a pirate? I ask myself, why? If I hadn't, then maybe I wouldn't have met LeChuck or Elaine. Maybe grog would never have touched my lips or the sea never blown in my face on board a ship. I could have become a flooring inspector, but no. I was taken by my dreams and so now I'm going to pay the price.

Deep beneath Monkey Island, on a parapet far above the boiling lava, there stood a foggy figure. It was a misty ghost of a pirate, a pirate with a long black beard, a dirty suit, a ragged pirate’s hat and big boots. This pirate was unmistakable. It was LeChuck. He stood glaring at the lava menacingly and let out a roar.

"Oh, foul curse!" he bellowed. "How could my immortal source imprison me here on Monkey Island? Curse you, Threepwood! However," he lowered his voice. “I am saved from eternal death. If I had married Elaine I would be condemned to hell."

"I see," said a figure which stood behind LeChuck. It was one of his skeletons. This one had a pointy chin, baggy green trousers, and a dirty white top.

"Largo, you don't see I'm trapped here without any power to enact my revenge," LeChuck growled. "However, what if I were alive? I could leave this prison and curse Threepwood." He laughed wickedly. "Largo, go to my demonic cathedral and ask that idiotic priest for the 'Shrine o' LeChuck'."

"Yes, Captain," Largo said. He bowed and scurried along the string bridge and up some stairs.

Next to a giant volcano, a small black church stood. It was called the Church of LeChuck. Inside a horde of skeletons sat in pews, while Allegro Rasputin, the ghost priest, floated, preaching. "And so LeChuck said-"

Suddenly, the doors flew open and a skeleton came rushing in. "Ah, Largo LaGrande. How is our Lord?" asked Allegro, in a misty voice.

"Weak. Trapped. Thirsting for revenge. Father, I need the Shrine o' LeChuck," Largo said.

Allegro's eyes filled with fright but before he could answer, a skeleton in a diver’s suit, complete with goggles, snorkel and flippers, stood up and raised his sword.

"Weak, you say, and trapped. Come on, men! Let's run him through, I say! Finish the curse of LeChuck and be our own pirates. We could be out conquering the Caribbean instead of stuck here on Monkey Island!" he cried.

"Blasphemer!" shouted Allegro. "Get out of the Church of LeChuck now!"

Largo turned to the skeleton and grinned wickedly. "I'll tell the Captain you sent your best wishes," Largo sniggered.

The skeleton began to shake, but spoke. "Come now, Largo, think what we could do without a leader to tell us what to do. We're the undead; no pirate can stand up to us now. You could be our leader, our greatest leader!" Some nodded and cheered, but Largo turned to them in disbelief.

"Do you numbskulls forget," he gasped, "who gave us immortality? It was LeChuck. Even if he did kill us we have to be grateful, besides we are feared." The skeleton sat down in his place, looking down at the floor.

Largo faced Allegro again.

"The Shrine, Father," he said.

Allegro cleared his throat. "I threw it out," he said clearly. "I thought it was one of those old chests; no need for it."

"He did what?!" bellowed LeChuck. Largo stepped back to avoid falling over.

"He said, Captain, he thought after you and that Governor were married there would be no use for it so he threw it in the sea," Largo repeated for the third time.

"That numb-headed priest," LeChuck roared, "I'll tear him apart, like those numbskulls who have left the island to lead new lives, and they will pay when I am free like that other skeleton." He spat bitterly on the ground.

"Most unfaithful Captain, sir," Largo bowed.

"Like you Largo," grinned LeChuck. ”Ran away from my command and joined that crew. Little did you know every pirate needs a family-oriented fun park. I always knew you liked taking risks, even if it did cost your life." LeChuck smiled nastily at the thought of Largo plunging into his stream of lava. Largo quivered nervously at LeChuck. "If you want to be faithful to me take a group of my men and find me that Shrine before that menace, Guybrush Threepwood, does." Largo bowed and left.

LeChuck turned back to the lava and smiled. "Soon Threepwood, soon.”

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