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Stan's Pre-Used Adventure
By 1

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Chapter 4: Stan Saves The Day

I neared myself to the office building. I had to get inside to free Guybrush and Elaine. Two ideas came into my mind. One, I could creep in and reach LeChuck; and two, I could enter impersonating a lost kid. After a couple of hours thinking, I decided to follow my first plan. There’s no 1.90 meter tall kid! Also, LeChuck and his minions didn’t know me, so there was nothing to care about. I crept in. Swell. No surveillance cams, no alarm triggers…oh man, I was dying to act like a professional spy… Well, I wandered around with no result, so I decided to ask the receptionist. Well, the receptionist was a little bit dull. (You’ll notice why)

“Please, madam, LeChuck’s office?” I asked.

“Seventh floor. But there’s no permission, so don’t enter,” she answered.

“Thank you.”

Dull. Completely dull. But, just then…

“Mister!” she yelled.

OOPS! I thought that she had discovered me, until she said.

“Take the stairs to the right, the left ones are under construction. Have a good stay in Jambalaya Amusement Centre.”

Completely dull, as I had said. By the way, I saw a cantina in the fourth floor. There stood:
“Today’s special: ROOT BEER”

As I crossed the sixth floor, a couple of guards appeared in the end of the corridor. There was no place to hide, so I continued walking, and as they passed by I said: “Hullo.”

“Hullo.” they answered, and continued walking.

Finally, I arrived to LeChuck’s office. I entered. In that moment, Guybrush stood in a cage, and LeChuck was offering a wedding ring to Elaine. She kept denying it. Guybrush and Elaine noticed my entrance. LeChuck didn’t. A couple of armed guards stood there, but seemed asleep when I entered.

“Stan!” Guybrush couldn’t help shouting.

“What?” LeChuck looked at me, “Who are you and what do you want?”

“I’m Stan, the best Salesman in the Universe, and I’d like to offer you the REAL Big Whoop.”

“Wrong. I’ve got the Big Whoop.”

“No, I mean the REALLY Big Whoop.”


“It’s in this bucket.” I showed him an empty bucket.

“Let me see.”

“Here you are.” I stuck the bucket in his head. Elaine had already smashed both guards. Just then, I had a brilliant idea: THE ROOT BEER! I put on a rasta wig and ran into the cantina. The barman was cleaning a glass. I entered so fast that he let it go and the glass smashed against the floor.

“Yo, gimme a root beer, man!” I said.

He gave me the root beer and I ran upstairs. I arrived to the office and sprinkled LeChuck with the root beer. He puffed up, puffed up, puffed up and BANG!!!, he blew up. I freed Guybrush, and the three of us went downstairs. While we were crossing the second floor, we heard a well-known voice.

“…YEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!” it was Murray, no doubt.


“What was that noise?” said Elaine.

“Let’s see.” said Guybrush.

We went outside. Murray was smashed in the floor.

“YOU!!!” he said, as he saw me, and tried to bite me. I stuck the atrezzo dagger in his mouth, so he couldn’t bite me, and stuck him in a cannon that stood there, in the central square.
“YEEEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!” I saw Murray fly high and far away.
I neared myself to Guybrush and Elaine.

“Well, gotta go, people.”

“Bye, Stan, and thanks.”

I embarked and sailed away.


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