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Stan's Pre-Used Adventure
By 1

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Chapter 3: Jambalaya Revisited

“Scrammed. Gone. Vanished. Disappeared…” I started mumbling.

“Yeah. They departed couple of days ago.”

“WHERE DID THEY HEAD FOR???!!!” I asked. Silly decision. It could blow my cover. Luckily, my counterpart was sillier than a brick.

“Uh… I think Jambalaya, Sir.”


I tossed a couple of coins to him and ran as I have never done. I leapt aboard of my “Flying Salesman” and sailed across the sea. During the journey, I noticed the rotten smell of LeChuck. I decided to follow it, ‘cause I wasn’t very sure of Nobrain’s information. The smell lead me to (…guess where!) Lonely Island. There was that hermit again.

“You again? Following the ship?” he asked.

“Yep. They stopped here?”


“Unleashing instincts.”


“Needed to pee, right?”

“Wrong. The other one. You’re making progress, but still wouldn’t make it as a salesman.”

I couldn’t control myself anymore. I stabbed him with an atrezzo dagger. I spoiled the dagger. What a pity. Slappy Cromwell would have to commit suicide in “Romeo & Juliet Revision” with a teaspoon. I kept the dagger for myself. Trust me, an atrezzo dagger is a better defence than an undead bodyguard. Anyway, I followed the scent ‘till Plunder Island. It looked like LeChuck liked Blondebeard’s Super Slaw. The smell continued into the Barbery Coast. The M-T’s had been there. I talked with that Van Helgen guy.

“Welcome, patron, to the Barbery Coast.” said Van Helgen “Need any kinda haircut?”

“Nope. Hey, guys, seen any undead pirates carrying VIP hostages around here?”

“If you mean LeChuck with Guybrush and Elaine, yes. By the way, why haven’t you mentioned Guybrush sooner?”

“I liked the VIP stuff. It sounded cool…”

“Well, Elaine said she needed to have her hair cleaned and set, and you know, LeChuck wouldn’t deny anything to Elaine.”

“Yeah. Where did they head for?”


“Oh, OK. See ya!”

“Oh, before you leave. Interested in any product of our “Barbery Coast” products for ultimate hair care? They’re cheap!”

“No way, man. I’m bald.” I took my hat off to show it.

“Oh well. See ya!”

I left. Those guys meant business. I’d have to be careful with ‘em. Anyway, tracking the smell, I reached Jambalaya. But it wasn’t the same as it was when I left it. Near the docks, there was a huge archway, with a sign. There stood: WELCOME OUTSIDERS TO JAMBALAYA AMUSEMENT CENTER. Under the big sign, there stood another smaller one in which stood: Owned by Chuckie Threepwood.

“Holy Phoenicians!” I said “It’s the revenge of the evil demon known as “DISNEYLANDIA”!”
As soon as I recovered my breath, I thought “Chuckie Threepwood means LeChuck. That means…BINGO!”
I leapt onto the pier and ran inside.

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