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Monkey Island 5.1: Project Guybrush & Murray
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Monkey Island 5.1: Project Guybrush & Murray

Chapter 1: Dark Island

“Hi, I’m Guybrush Threepwood… and Murray’s here too. This is the history of
the 5.1th adventure of my life:

It was a dark day. It was December 25 and Murray, Crackers and I were going
to prepare for Christmas. ‘I’m with you because I have got evil plans to
do,’ said Murray continuing with his classic ‘Bwahahaha!’ We were arriving
to a strange island. The island had docks, but we didn’t see any shops or
duels. ‘This is strange, but we can’t go there. I don’t like this island,’ I
We arrived to the docks and we could see a bar. It was a very old bar and
it had no curtains. ‘Oh, Squawk! I can see a little piece of a curtain.’
said Crackers. ‘I can see some curtains. They are pink. We’ll enter the bar.
Then we can see if it’s a hotel.’ ‘I don’t like this. I’ve been in the
Goodsoup hotel and I don’t like this.’ I said. On a chair, we can see a man
dead, apparently from the grog. At second glance, we see it’s… a zombie! I
took my pistol and said, ‘O.K. zombie, I’m going to shoot your big butt, get
up!’ The zombie gets up and begins to run (at least I think he was running
because a zombie can’t go very fast). I shot him and he didn’t have time to
attack me.
We walked to the menu but didn’t see anything because it was all covered
made with blood. Murray said ‘This is LeChuck, I’m sure.’ We walked
upstairs. There were two zombies waiting for us. I shot them and I said,
‘Rest in peace.’ There were no doors upstairs. ‘This is very strange.’ I
said to myself. With nowhere else to go inside, we left and headed for the
docks. As we reached them, we could see 1000 zombies around the boat. ‘It is
time to use my new invention,’ I thought. I threw the thermal detonator at
the zombies. They all disappeared, hopefully arriving at Monkey Island.
Then, I heard another sound. It was Murray playing with my thermal
‘Murray!’ I shouted and he stopped playing with it.

We go to the boat and I thought that this boat felt too soft. Murray said,
‘Bwahahaha! The Dark Forces were here! There is a skeleton!’ Yes, it was a
skeleton. I shot him and his body fell to the ocean. We started moving and
could see a sign, which said: ‘Dark Island. Beware of the zombies!’

Chapter 2: The Project Begins

It was February 1. We were in the proximities of Plunder Island when I
realized that all the people there were tourists. ‘Oh, no. Another
Jambalaya Island.’ I said. Then we saw two skeletons guarding Kenny’s post.
‘What’s wrong with Kenny?’ said Murray. ‘He’s a traitor. Now this is
LeChuck’s.’ said one of the guards. I was going to throw a thermal detonator
but I caught Murray with a thermal detonator in his mouth. ‘O.K. Murray,
throw the thermal detonator.’ I said. He threw it but it didn’t explode.
‘Murray!’ Crackers shouted. The two skeletons caught Crackers. ‘Oh, shit!’
Murray and I said.
We ran to the Barberry Coast. But the sign had changed. Now it said:
‘Chpere Da Mond. Women’s salon.’ ‘I hate this! A women’s salon…’ I said.
‘Oh no, Guybrush, not there, please!’ screamed Murray. We entered the
women’s salon. We could see to Edward Van Helgen, Cutthroat Bill, and Haggis
McMutton. ‘Hi, Edward, how are you?’ I said as I walked over to him. ‘Very
bad, Guybrush, our new boss said we have to have a women’s salon,’ said
Edward. ‘Your new boss?’ I asked questioningly. Right then, a brilliant
head appeared from the curtains. ‘Rottingham!’ I said, ‘You didn’t have a
toupee!’ ‘O.K. Theifgood, you are a little insolent, get of here!’ said
Captain Rottingham.
We went through the curtains and could see the old Barberry Coast. There
was Blondebeard. ‘Blondebeard! And your restaurant?’ I said, realizing that
this was now his restaurant. ‘Oh, boy, the restaurant is now the new Mix &
Mojo!’ he replied. ‘What? The Voodoo lady is there? O.K. thanks,
Blondebeard.’ I said as we left his shop.

We enter the new Mix & Mojo house. I could see a hand with six fingers.
‘Guybrush, buy a voodoo prosthetic body, please!’ whined Murray. ‘No,
Murray, I know why do you want the prosthesis.’ I replied. I pushed one of
the fingers on the hand, and the Voodoo Lady appeared. ‘What do you want?
Ah, Guybrush. How are you?’ said the
Voodoo Lady.
‘O.K., but I’ve got a problem. On November 30th, the skeletons from
LeChuck kidnapped Elaine.’
‘Oh, what a problem!’ said the Voodoo Lady.
‘Yes, but this problem has a story with it.’
‘I don’t have time to stories, or I’m getting out of here.’
‘O.K. I’m going to be short. They said Elaine, Carla, Otis and I are
fugitives (Please, laugh now.) and the CMP (Caribbean Military Police) are
trying to find us. On December 1, the CMP caught Carla and Otis. That’s when
I took Crackers and Murray.’
‘Yes, Guybrush, I see you have had a scare. You can’t be a Jedi. - Oops,
I’ve take the piece of paper from master Yoda.’ said the Voodoo Lady.

Chapter 3: The Fugitives and Me

‘Wait two minutes, please, Guybrush.’
Minutes later…
‘I’ve waited two minutes, and I don’t have all day. C’mon!’ I said, but in
that moment, the Voodoo Lady appeared.
‘I’ve found the experimental voodoo gun!’ said the Voodoo Lady.
‘Voodoo what?’
‘An ancient gun…’
‘Let me guess… The Definitive Insult?’
‘No, the voodoo saber!’ And from her pocket took out a blue, green and
black saber.
‘What do I have to say or do to have any special effect?’
‘You have to imagine something offensive and say it to the saber. Doing
that, you can use it like a bow, sword or a shield.’
‘O.K. Bye!’ I stated, pleased with my new toy.
‘Bye!’ the Voodoo Lady replied as she disappeared.

When I left the Mix & Mojo shop, a troop of skeletons with swords appeared.
I took out the Voodoo saber. ‘Be a sword- and with a strange light’ I said
to it. (These are special effects; so don’t try it at home.) There was no
saber; there was only a sword. ‘Anduril!’ I said and I destroyed all the
skeletons. ‘For Gondor!’
I went to the docks. There was the Marine Cucumber, the ship of Mr. Fosse.
‘O.K., let’s find tribulation, Murray.’ I said, ‘Murray? Don’t touch the
thermal detonators!’
‘But, why?’ said Murray. ‘Bwahahaha! I’m talking with you because I need
help.’ At that moment, I could see a Dock Master. I left Murray and entered
in the shop. ‘Hi, boy, can I help ya?’ said the Dock Master. He was an old
‘You are Hannibal Smith, aren’t you?’ I asked.
‘Yes, you need help, a criminal or?’ said Hannibal.
‘Hi, you have any girl in the work, boy?’ said Faceman.
‘Yes it’s Elaine. But I’m married with to her.’
‘Oh, that’s great! I have to pursue any pirate?’ said Murdock.
‘Go away, mad!’ said B.A.
‘ I need four men, and provisions.’ I stated.
‘O.K., we have all that,’ said Hannibal, taking a habano.
‘Let’s go!’ I said to my new crew.

Chapter 4: Shooting gallery

‘This is, men.’ I said. ‘We are out of Puerto Pollo.’ Suddenly, a police
ship appeared. ‘Oh, the troops of Captain Decker!’ said Hannibal.
‘Get out, fugitives!’ said Decker. Decker took Crackers from his pocket.
‘Crackers! You, Decker, and the CMP are working for LeChuck!’ I said.
‘Oh, there sanguinary pirates!’ said Faceman.
‘O.K., this is a shooting gallery!’ said Hannibal. Hannibal took Colt 9mm
from his pocket. Faceman took out from his pocket a Magnum 6.38 special. I
took out my special Smith & Wesson. We started shooting. Hannibal gave two
Colts to Murdock and B.A. All the soldiers were dying. I took out my Voodoo
Saber. ‘Be a shield’ I commanded, and with that light the saber disappeared
and a shield appeared. ‘Board the ship!’ Decker shouted. And they started
boarding the ship. ‘Better, be a sword.’ I stated, and the shield turned to
a sword. ‘We are 5 versus 25!’ said Murdock. ‘They are jumping with cords!’
I said. At the beginning, it was easy, but with time, the soldiers jumped
onto the ship. One shot hit Faceman. I looked at one soldier, and noticed
that it was my clone. ‘Oh, shit!’ said Hannibal. Over time, there was only
Decker left, and then he escaped.

Part 5: The 5.1 Death of LeChuck

‘Faceman!’ said B.A. ‘I don’t know if he will survive. Hannibal, go into
the storeroom of the ship.’
‘Only I have find this, altheas,’ said Hannibal when he left. He put the
altheas in one foot of Faceman. ‘Oh, thanks,
I’m better,’ said Faceman,
‘Where is that LeChuck?’ said Murdock.
‘ I know, on Monkey Island.’ I said.
Two weeks later, we arrived on Monkey Island. We descended the ship.
I could see LeChuck in the lava river. We went to the lava river. LeChuck
had Elaine in his hands.
‘Elaine!’ I shouted.
‘Dear!’ said Elaine.
‘Idiot!’ said LeChuck and he took out his sword. ‘O.K., you want a duel,
take it!’ I said and I took out my Voodoo Saber. ‘Be a sword!’ I instructed
and the saber turned into a sword. We started fighting. ‘One, two, three!’
Always at the same time. But in a moment, I took out a thermal detonator. I
threw it, next to LeChuck and he appeared in the volcano crater. I ran up
the mountain and into the volcano crater. ‘Die! Go into the flame! Don’t do
anything wrong again! Die!’ I said, and with an electric movement, I threw
LeChuck into the flame. This is the end of my story.”

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