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The Secret of Monkey Island
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The original story and characters belong to Fox Kids and LucasArts. This story was adapted from a game designed by Ron Gilbert.

Grandpa Marley Arrives!

A boat had arrived at Mêlée Island, carrying the now-reformed governor, Horatio T. Marley. Horatio was anxious to see his grandaughters, so he headed for the house at the top of the cliff, followed by his loyal Growlithe, a little orange puppy Pokemon with black stripes, and yellow fur on his head and tail.

"Hey, girls, look who’s here to see you!" annouced Mr. Marley from the door, while letting Horatio in.

"Grandpa!" the two girls shouted happliy. They climbed down the stairs and jumped into Horatio’s lap, hugging him.

"Elaine, Monica - my two little princesses!" exclaimed Grandpa Marley, picking them up and hugging them back.

"Have ya found many sunken treasures, Grandpa?" asked Elaine with a smile, while waving her wooden sword.

"We missed you, Grandpa!" confirmed Monica, while hugging him hard.

Elaine was a 10-year-old girl, with brown, almost red, long hair, and dark green eyes. She wore a red bandanna on her head that covered her hair in a pirate style. In her ears, she wore thin, round, silver earrings and she was dressed with black, thin trousers, a white blouse and a brown waistcoat. On her feet were a pair of brown, pirate-style boots.

Monica was a 5-year-old girl with dark brown hair and brown eyes that were almost black. She wore little silver earrings with a purple gemstone in the middle. She wore thin, black trousers like Elaine, with black long boots, and a red thin coat to her haunch. Monica was Elaine's cousin and lived with her, Elaine's father and grandfather since her parents' death in a shipwreck when she was three years old.

"Okay, girls, I'll tell you all about it after dinner," said Horatio. "But wash your hands first!"

"Yes Grandpa," exclaimed the two girls, running upstairs.

"They have grown a lot since the last time I've seen them!" exclaimed Horatio to Mr Marley.

"Yes, and they've also evolved a lot," replied Mr Marley. Monica showed some of her psychic powers and Elaine had already shown her burning flame.

"Well then, I guess it's time they got their first Pokemon," confirmed Grandpa Marley happily. "I'll take care of it after dinner!"

After a delicious dinner, Grandpa Marley explained to the girls that they were special. They, like himself, could attack like a Pokemon, speak with Pokemon of their energy and Digivolve into a Sacred pokemon of Champion Level and later into Ultimate Level.

"In our family, we've always had special trainers like you two," said Horatio. "We always breed and train Pokemon, so you should have no problem dealing with your energies!"

"Does that mean we can have a Pokemon of our own?" asked Elaine with a happy grin.

"Yes! I have the perfect ones for you!" answered Grandpa Marley, lifting himself and heading for the cupboard. He opened it and took two medallions and two Pokeballs. One was red and white, and the other was purple and white. He gave one medallion and the red pokeball to Elaine, and the other medallion and the purple pokeball to Monica.

"Those medallions have the symbol of your energy and will help you control it," continued Horatio, sitting again.

"What's this weird symbol behind it?" asked Monica, looking puzzled at the back of her medallion.

"That's your crest. It will help you to Digivolve to Ultimate Level when the time comes," explained Grandpa Marley. "Yours, Monica, means Friendship. Elaine's means Bravery."

"What's inside this?" asked Elaine, shaking her Pokeball near her ear.

"Push that button and open it," answered Horatio with a smile.

Elaine pushed the white button on her pokeball, and a bright light came from it, turning into an orange lizard with sweet eyes and a flame in is tale, burning without consuming it.

"Charmander," exclaimed the creature happily.

"Oh, look how cute you are!" said Elaine while hugging the creature. "I love him!"

"It's a Charmander, a fire type Pokemon," explained Grandpa Marley. "Don't let her flame extinguish, or she will die."

"I'll take good care of her, don't worry," exclaimed Elaine, petting the Charmander.

"Well, let's see what's inside my Pokeball," said Monica, pushing the button on her purple pokeball. Again, it emitted a bright light, turning into a purple, round, gas-like Pokemon with two scary eyes and two salient teeth on each mouth corner.

"Gastly," exclaimed the creature, smiling.

"How sweet," said Monica, hugging it. "What is it?"

"It's a Gastly, a ghost type Pokemon," said Horatio, petting his Growlithe on the head. "With time and training, you learn to trust and work as a team with your partners and become inseparable as me and Growlithe."

"Growlithe! Growl, auf, auf," barked Growlithe happily.

"Well, all that's missing is this," said Grandpa Marley handing, over two electronic agendas. One was red with the Bravery Crest painted in gold, and the other was purple with the Friendship Crest painted in gold. "This is a Pokedex, an electronic encyclopedia with all the data on Pokemon. It will help you capture, train and raise them!"

"Thanks, Grandpa," answered the two girls obediently, observing their Pokedexes.

"That's all, girls," concluded Horatio. "Now go to bed. It's late!"

"Goodnight," the two girls said. They went to their room, followed by their Pokemons. As they prepared themselves to sleep, Monica asked Elaine, "What do you think your Digivolution will be like?"

"I don't know," answered Elaine, thinking, "but it must be a Pokemon related with Fire. What about you?"

"I think it must be a Pokemon of the Psychic type," continued Monica. "Do you think we'll be able to Digivolve someday?"

"Oh don't worry about it," said Elaine with a smile. "If our ancestors could, why can't we? With time and experience we will be able to do so! C'mon, Charmander. Climb up!"

"Char, char," exclaimed Charmander, climbing up to the bed.

"I think you are right," answered Monica. "Gastly, come to my side!"

"Gaaa," exclaimed Gastly, showing up near Monica.

"Goodnight," said Elaine, putting out the lights.

"Goodnight," Monica replied, falling asleep as she hugged her Gastly.

The next morning, the girls were playing with their wooden swords in the yard behind the mansion, while their Pokemons were watching. Horatio and Mr. Marley possesed a huge variety of Pokemons that help them in many tasks. They had a herd of Ponytas and Rapidashes, who were the pride of the family, a group of Growlithes to keep the house free from thieves, three Dragonites who delivered and brought mail, two Sandslashes that took care of the garden, and much more.

"C'mon, Monica, give in," said Elaine, defending from Monica's attack. "You know you can't beat me in a swordfight!"

"I'll only give up when you get this sword out of my hand," answered Monica, defending and counter-attacking.

"Grr… You're dead meat," exclaimed Elaine, furious. She spat out a little flame and burned Monica's sword.

"Hey, watch it," yelled Monica, avoiding getting burned by becoming transparent. "Hey, how the heck did you do that?" She picked her sword up and observed it.

"Same way you became transparent," answered Elaine crossing Monica's transparent body with her sword. "It must be one of our powers!"

"Let's check the Pokedex," said Monica taking her Pokedex from her pocket searching for data in their attacks. "Here it is. Your attack is Ember -- a fire attack characteristic from Charmander."

"Then I'm a fire type for sure, like Grandpa," said Elaine with a happy grin. "And yours?"

"My Transparency is a characteristic move from Gastly, which confirms that I am a psychic trainer like my father," Monica replied with a smile.

"Well, that energy suits you fine," continued Elaine. "You've always been mysterious!"

"Yours, too," said Monica. "You've always been hot headed!"

"Char, Char," said Charmander sadly.

"Gaaa," said Gastly, even more sadly.

"Oh, you poor thing," said Elaine, hugging her. "You are hungry, aren't you?"

"You are hungry too, aren't you?" asked Monica, tickling her Gastly and making him lick her. "We are going to eat soon."

"Girls, come in and eat," called Mr Marley from the window.

"Race ya there," exclaimed Elaine, running to the Mansion, followed by Charmander, Monica and Gastly.

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