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Monkey Island 4
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The doom of Monkey Island

Part 1: LeChuck's unfortunate return

“Hey Lemonhead what you doing up here?” Rabbithead asked.

“Errrrr nothing” He replied.

“Oh ok then see you at the sacrifice!” Rabbithead said.

“The sacrifice is today?!” Lemonhead asked.

“Sure at one thirty” Rabbithead told Lemonhead.

“Ok I’m just going to continue to watch this view haven’t seen it since last time we were here!” Lemonhead told Rabbithead.

“Oh bye the way I here Herman’s back on the Island!” Rabbithead said.

“What!, I thought he wanted to be rescued!!!” Lemonhead asked.

“He did but when our friend Guybrush took him back to Melee Island he found out that he was the only one civilised, so he decided to come back here but on the way he got lost and landed on our neighbouring Island Dinky Island, Then he swam over here!” Rabbithead exclaimed.

“Very tiny explanation!” Lemonhead said.

“Well see you later!” Lemonhead said.

Rabbithead climbed down the footholds on the cliff and headed back to the village. After LeChuck was trapped in ice the Carnival was closed down and seeing as their village on Blood Island was too dangerous they diced to move back!

Lemonhead Walked to the right to look at that view. Suddenly the part of the cliff he was standing on gave way and he started to fall! Down he plunged into the trees and he one! The tree bend  down with him on it and then the tree flung him back up.

“Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Lemonhead shouted

As he landed on the cliff he skidded all the way to the edge he would have fallen off but a rock on the edge stopped him. The rock fell down and landed on some kind of seesaw with a big rock on it the big rock went straight up and landed on it again! Then the rock from the cliff was heralded in to the air! The rock sailed over to the Mega Monkey Mountain went thorough the roof. It went into the snowy scene and landed in LeChuck’s ice prison! It smashed it into a thousand pieces!

“Arrrrrrrr!” LeChuck shouted “It’s good to be out of that thing!”.

“Now were was I…” LeChuck said. 

On Plunder Island… 

“So tell me again how you defeated LeChuck?” Wally asked again.

“Well there I was being chased by LeChuck on the Roller Coaster of Death and I knew I had to stop him. So I found some Oil, Rope and a Barrel of Rum…” Guybrush said.

“A Barrel of Rum?” Wally interrupted.

“Hey I had experiences with it before it’s very explosive!” Guybrush answered “So I set it up in the Snowman scene after the scene LeChuck tied you up in.”.

“There was a model of a yeti and I put the Barrel of rum in his arm, Then hanged the rope from it which I covered with oil, When LeChuck turned up I made him sneeze flames at the rope with pepper! Then I jumped on to a passing car.” Guybrush continued “I could here explosions behind me the ice in scene fell on top of LeChuck tapping him forever!”.

“COOL!” Wally said “Hey but you didn’t really destroy him did you?”.

“Well no…” Guybrush answered.

“Maybe we should go back and destroy him!” Wally shouted.

“Sorry Wally my adventure days are over!” Guybrush said.

“What!?” Wally asked “Your not even 21!”.

“Well Wally things have changed since I married Elaine.” Guybrush answered “So are you still trying to be a pirate?”.

“Well no I’ve gone back to being a cartographer.” Wally answered.

“Guybrush I’m back!” Elaine shouted from the front door.

She entered the living room were Guybrush and Wally were talking.

“Hello Wally I haven’t seen you since you told us about the voodoo curse on my ring.” Elaine said to Wally.

“I got our shopping from the market oh and by the way Guybrush the Voodoo Lady wanted to see you about something” Elaine told Guybrush.

“Ok, Wally do you want to come?” Guybrush asked.

“Sure Mr Brush” Wally answered.

“Please, Call me Guybrush.” Guybrush told him.   

“Sure thing Mr ehhh… Guybrush” Wally answered.

“That’s better let’s go” Guybrush said.

The two of them went out of the living room and went out of the mansion.

“Bye honey!” Guybrush shouted.

“Bye!” Elaine shouted back.

Off they went to Plunder Island’s swamp. When they got there they entered the ship. Guybrush pulled the alligator’s tong, which summoned the Voodoo lady.

“Welcome Guybrush Threepwood I have been expecting you!” the Voodoo Lady said.

“So what do you want?” Guybrush asked.

“I have felt something awful happen a disturbance in the force.” The Voodoo Lady said.

“Oh no it’s not LeChuck is it?!” Guybrush asked.

“I’m afraid it is!” The Voodoo Lady “Some event back on Monkey Island has happened that has freed him and I have also foreseen that he is planning something terrible with Big Whoop!”.

“What should I do?” Guybrush asked.

“You must go to Monkey Island and stop him or something terrible will happen that will affect the entire world!” The Voodoo lady told him.

“Oh give me a break!?” Guybrush asked.

“Guybrush I also see you killing you or him killing you!” The Voodoo Lady said “You must be very careful!”.

“Ok off I go come on Wally” Guybrush said.

They headed back to the mansion  they both told Elaine and they went off to prepare their long voyage on the sea. They went into town were they saw a new shop. It was called “Stan’s Previously Owned Cannons”.

“Come on Wally let’s go and have a look” Guybrush said.

“Ok” Wally answered.

In they went.

“Hello Guybrush Threepwood so nice to see you now will you bye something?” Stan asked who was at the counter.

“Ermm…” Guybrush started.

“And who’s this?” Stan asked.

“Wally B Feed” Wally told Stan.

“Well any way I’ve got just the cannon for you!” Stan said.

Stan ran into the back and emerged with and old rusty cannon.

“Here have a look at it!” Stan said.

“Wow!” Wally said “Let me have a go!”.

 “NO!” Guybrush and Stan shouted.

But it was too late BOOOOOM! The cannon picked up Wally and Guybrush and flew out of the shop making a big crash! It flew right into the air with Wally and Guybrush holding on tightly.

Part 2: Back on Monkey Island

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” Guybrush was screaming

“Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” Wally was screaming.

2 hours had passed and finally they could see Monkey Island.

“Look!” Wally screamed.

At that moment the cannon started to fall towards Monkey Island.

“Brace for impact!” Guybrush shouted.

They could see Monkey Island clearly now and they could see the pond that had once been dry but Guybrush had go it filled up again. Wally was the first to land were he landed in the pond. Guybrush landed next to it crating a Guybrush shaped hole. Dazed Guybrush sat up when the cannon landed on top of him! Wally got out of the pond and shook himself. He walked over to Guybrush who was under the cannon.

“Are you alright Mr Brush?” Wally Asked.

“It’s Guybrush!” A voice said.

“What?” Wally asked.

“It’s Guybrush!” The voice said.

What did you say?” Wally asked again.

“IT’S GUYBRUSH!” Guybrush shouted.

The noise level caused the cannon to shatter. Guybrush got of the hole.

“I told you to call me Guybrush!” Guybrush said.

“Oh sorry Mr Brush” Wally Answered.

“It’s… Oh never mind.” Guybrush said.

“Hey” A voice from the back said.

They turned round and Stan was standing there.

“You’re going to have to pay for that!” Stan told them.

“Errm sorry but I’m fresh out of pieces of eight go back and ask Elaine oh and bye the way how did get here with out a cannon?” Guybrush asked.

“I have a cannons!” Stan answered “Oh and bye the way here’s a business card and one for you Wally”.

“Err thanks I think.” Guybrush said to Stan.

Stan walked off.

“Let’s go to the Carnival and see what’s happening” Guybrush said to Wally.

“Ok” Wally answered.

Off they went. When they got there they realised it had been reopened. They walked in.

“Stop!” a voice, shouted.

Guybrush turned round and saw a skeleton standing at the entrance.

“Guybrush?” it said.

“Who are you?” Guybrush asked.

“Lemonhead LeChuck turned me into a skeleton warrior the same as everyone else on this Island apart from Herman Toothrot” Lemonhead said.

“Herman’s on the Island again?!” Guybrush Asked.

“Yep it’s a long story I can’t let you in here with out paying” Lemonhead answered.

“Sorry I don’t have any money” Guybrush told him.

“Well you will have to go then sorry but orders are orders!” Lemonhead said as he shoved them out.

“Well that was a letdown” Said Wally.

“Come on lets go on find Herman” Guybrush said to Wally.

They went off in search of the fort on the volcano were Herman was living last time Guybrush was on Monkey Island with Herman.




In LeChuck’s Office.


“You wanted me Captain LeChuck sir?” Said Largo LaGrande the skeleton.

“Have you finished wiring up Big Whoop yet?” LeChuck asked.

“Almost Captain” Largo answered.

“What do you mean almost!” LeChuck shouted “I want it done before I kidnap Elaine!”

“Yes sir LeChuck sir” Largo replied.


Back with Guybrush…


“Anyone home?” Guybrush shouted.

There was no answer.

“Looks like there’s no one home I guess we’ll go somewhere else” Wally said.

Wally started to walk off.

“Wait” Guybrush said “Did you here that?”.

Some whimpering could be heard.

“Please don’t hurt me!” A voice in the bushes said.

“Herman is that you?” Guybrush asked.

“Guybrush?” The voice asked “Guybrush Threepwood?”.

“Yep that’s my name don’t ware it out!” Guybrush answered.

Then out of the bushes Herman  Toothrot stood.

“I thought you were a skeleton I’ve seen hordes of them patrolling the Island they’ve kidnapped the cannibals already!” Herman Toothrot said.

“Well I know we need some money do you have any?” Guybrush asked.

“Yes I’ll let you have it if you can get my cannon to work!” Herman said.

“What for” Guybrush asked.

“So I can defend myself” Herman answered.

“I’ll need cannon balls, Gunpowder and rope” Guybrush asked.

“Got them here Stan sold them to me!” Herman answered.

“Ok” Guybrush said “Wally help me”.

“Righty Oh Mr Brush” Wally answered.

They set to work Guybrush filled the cannon with gunpowder then put a cannonball in it. Wally got fuse ready.

“Right Herman just light the fuse and it’ll work” Guybrush told him.

“Ok” Herman said “Here take 100 pieces of eight”.

“Bye then” Guybrush said.

Off they went again back to the carnival.

“Hey Lemonhead” Guybrush said.

“Hi do you have any money?” Lemonhead the skeleton said.

“Sure do how much?” Guybrush asked.

“50 pieces of eight per person” Lemonhead said.

“Here you go” Guybrush said as he handed over the money.

“In you go have fun” Lemonhead said.

In they went and they looked around. Lots of people were running around.

“Come on Wally let’s look for LeChuck!” Guybrush said.

Part 3: Inside the carnival

Elaine was siting quietly in her living room when there was a knock at the door. One of the servants went to answer it.

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” he screamed as he opened the door.

There was a whoosh and smoke came into the living room.

“What the?” Elaine asked.

She went into the hallway only to be greeted by a skeleton wearing servant’s clothes.

“Uh oh” She said.

“Uh oh indeed!” said a voice from behind.

She spun round only to be greeted by LeChuck’s evil flaming face!


Back at the carnival…


“He look Mr Wood the Roller Coaster of Death!” Wally said to Guybrush.

“Oh year!” Guybrush said.

“Hey!” a voice shouted “Foolish mortal I told you I would return now I will now devour you for leaving me here!”.

“Murray?” Wally asked.

“Murray?” Guybrush asked.

“Do you here me I will now devour you!” Murray shouted “Bwa ha ha ha ha haa!”.

“Uh hu” Guybrush answered.

“Errrrm could you pick me up so I can bite you?” Murray asked.

“No!” Guybrush answered.

“Oh just thought I’d ask” Murray answered.

“So no ones picked you yet?” Guybrush asked.

“No everyone keeps picking the anchors!” Murray answered.

“Were can we find LeChuck?” Guybrush asked.

“I’ll tell you I’ve you promise to take me with you” Murray said.

“Ok I’ll just pick you…” Guybrush started.

“HEY!” A voice shouted “You to win that”.

“Dingy Dog?” Guybrush asked.

“Yes?” Dingy Dog asked.

“Oh now I remember this is guess your wait and age booth!” Guybrush said “Bet you can’t guess my age!”.

“I say your about 20 years old” Dingy Dog replied.

“Errr well hmmm No I’m not I’m 32 years old” Guybrush told him.

“Do you have any proof?” Dingy Dog asked.

“Here on this card” Guybrush said.

“Stan of Stan’s Previously Owned Cannons aged 32” Dingy Dog read.

“Ok then what prize would you like?” Dingy Dog asked.

“That talking skull please” Guybrush answered.

“Ok it’s all yours!” Dingy Dog said.

Guybrush picked Murray up.

“Thanks now I’ll direct you his office which is inside the Monkey Head” Murray told Guybrush.

“Come on Wally follow me” Guybrush told Wally.

They walked down to the Mega Monkey Mountain Roller Coaster Ride. As they got to the entrance they headed off into another direction and walked up to the Monkey Head.

“Right let’s get in” Murray said.

They climbed down the throat which the end of the roller coaster where the riders would be boiled in a pit of molten hot larva!

“I wish I knew how to stop this ride?” Guybrush said, “When I defeat LeChuck I’ll sure destroy this ride”.

“Guybrush I think we should be going now!” Murray told Guybrush.

“Yes your right, which way?” Guybrush asked.

“Errm left I think” Murray replied.

“You THINK!?” Guybrush asked.

“Well I don’t know really but I do know it’s somewhere in this vast catacombs!” Murray said.

“Oh great I’ll guess we’ll just have to search the whole place!” Guybrush said to Murray and Wally.

“Hey wait Mr Wood” Wally said.

“What?” Guybrush asked.

“Well Mr Brush when LeChuck captured me and put me in the diorama of his dungeons I heard him give direction for were his new office would be!” Wally told Guybrush.

“Great which way then!?” Guybrush asked.

“I can’t remember” Wally answered.

“Oh shoot if only I kept that head!” Guybrush said.

“Hey can I offer you in the dried up head T47 it’s complete with two eyes, a mouth, learn-able phases, digital interface and fax modem!” said Stan.

Stan what’s Stan doing here? I don’t remember putting him in the… oh here he is my mistake carry on!

They turned round.

“Stan?” Guybrush asked.

“Yes I here you want it well take it free of charge” Stan told Guybrush.

“Free!?” Guybrush asked “That’s not like you Stan?”.

“Well ever since that cannon blew up it attracted everyone’s attention now I’m sold out and I’m RICH and I owe it all to you!” Stan explained.

“Cool” Guybrush said.

“Now I got to get back to work see ya” Stan said as he walked off.

“Well I guess he found a business that he can live with!” Guybrush told Murray and Wally.

“Let’s get going which way to LeChuck’s office head?” Guybrush asked.

“Right” The head said in a computer type voice.

“Ok lets go I wonder if LeChuck will have any spare skeleton bodies for me?” Murray asked.

“Err maybe” Guybrush said.


1 hour later…


“Well this is the place look theirs the door and theirs a cave with a sign saying 1 minuet short cut” Guybrush said “Oh darn we came the long way round!”.

“Stupid head!” Guybrush says, then he throws it in the larva!

Guybrush opens door and walks in and shouts “right LeChuck what you up to?”

He sees Elaine tied up in a chair.

“Elaine?” He asks.

“Guybrush look OUT!” She shouts.

He has just enough time to see LeChuck’s flame come right at him.

“Arrrrrrrrrrr” Guybrush screams.

Guybrush quickly dives into a hole in the wall with a sign saying Big Whoop!


The End

A Charlie Kelly Production 1999


No really this is the end of Guybrush!









Well I guess you fans are wondering what short of a Fan I am If I kill Guybrush!


















Ok lets continue as I was saying Guybrush had just fallen down a hole marked Big Whoop…

Part 4: Trapped in Big Whoop

“Hey were am I?” Guybrush said weakly as he got himself up.

He looked around and saw a vast black desert land with a black sky except for a small light in the sky.

“Your in the Entrance to your HELL!” said an evil voice from behind.

Guybrush spun round but there was nothing there.


“Or you can choose to end up as an undead monster made of Fire and Brimstone and have immortality” the evil voice said from behind Guybrush again “If you go in your hell and not be frightened you may return to the world of the living!”.

Guybrush spun around again but nothing was there.

“Show yourself!” Guybrush shouted.

In front of a Guybrush an evil smile formed then two eyes then the evil demon head!

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” Guybrush screamed.

He ran off so fast he didn’t look where he was going, he tripped up and went flying into the entrance to his hell!


Slowly Guybrush got up and looked around it was pitch darkness all around.

“Were am I now?” He said softly.

Suddenly some lights went on and he was surrounded by PORCELAIN!

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrr” he screamed he ran about but it was no use there was no were he could hide. He picked a vase up and smashed it and it broke into a thousand pieces then they reformed into 5 porcelain vases!

“Arrrrrrr help ME!” Guybrush screamed.

“Think Guybrush now if I’m not frightened I can leave this place!” Guybrush said to himself.

He closed his eyes and took deep slow breaths but when he opened his eyes they were still there.

“Oh no will this nightmare ever end?” Guybrush asked.

Then a light bulb shone he had an idea. He picked up a porcelain vases shaking and said “Oh what a nice vases” He rubbed it against his face and it disappeared!

“Why did I ever hate porcelain?” Guybrush asked.

He now realised how he liked it so much! Suddenly in a poof of smoke all the porcelain disappeared!

“Great now I… WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Guybrush said as he disappeared.

Part 5: Guybrush kicks butt!
Bla bla bla bla.

Wooooooooooooooooooosh Guybrush was back in LeChuck’s office.

“That’s it I just can’t kill ye Threepwood can I?” LeChuck says.

“Err no” Guybrush replies.

“LARGO!” LeChuck shouts.

“Yes sir LeChuck sir?” Largo says.

“Largo’s a skeleton?” Guybrush asks.

“Now Threepwood before I get ye killed I’ll tell ye what I’m planning” LeChuck said.

“Well go on then” Guybrush said to LeChuck.

“Well after I escaped my ice prison I decided to take on the world so I that’s why I got Big Whoop wired up with explosives…” LeChuck tells Guybrush.

“So will that help?” Guybrush interrupts.

“Hey stop interrupting now as I was saying I got Big Whoop wired up so I could blow it up…” LeChuck tells Guybrush.

“So… how’s that going to help you?” Guybrush asks.

“Hey aren’t you going to let me finish I’m not talking just to here myself talk you now” LeChuck says.

“Your right I’ve been rude please continue” Guybrush says.

“Well when Big Whoop blows up it’ll make the portal will consume the whole island and grow to an enormous size which will set free all the evil spirits and demons free! With my leadership I shall rule the WORLD!” LeChuck explained.

“Yipe!” Guybrush managed to say.

“LeChuck you, you something that begins with B!” Elaine shouted, “Guybrush will defeat you!”

“Ah har no my sweet I shall kill him then you will be cleared for marriage!” LeChuck answered.

“Largo KILL GUYBRUSH!” LeChuck shouted.

“Yes sir” Largo answered.

“Errrr I think I left something in the oven see ya!” Guybrush said as he ran out the door.

“Darrrrrrrr” LeChuck shouted.

“I’ll find him LeChuck sir!” Largo said.

“No leave him to me!” LeChuck answered.

Guybrush ran into the catacombs, he didn’t have the foggiest were he was going!

“Threepwood I’m coming!” LeChuck said from behind.

Guybrush kept running, suddenly up ahead the rocky catacombs changed into a rather colder hallway.

“Huh” Guybrush said.

“Threepwood where are ye?!” LeChuck shouted from the distance.

Guybrush could see a lift, quickly he went up it and when he got to the top there was a door in front of him! He opened and was shocked what he saw.

“Melee Island?!” He said “How did it get here?”.

He ran into the street as he was in a familiar alleyway. When he got into the street there were 3 people waiting for him!

“Hello Guybrush remember us?” Ottis asked.

“Yes do you no anything about a rock and a ship?” Meat hook asked.

“Were going to finish off our little sword fight ok!” Carla the sword master said.

“Yes as you didn’t really beat her!” Ottis said.

“Ok but I need a sword!” Guybrush told them.

“Here I have a sword” Meat Hook said as he gave Guybrush it.

“Ok lets get this over with!” Guybrush said.

“I’d rather die than hear your dreadful singing!” Carla said.

“Err well you fight like a cow!” Guybrush answered.

“As I thought an amateur!” Carla told her two friends.

She leapt forward with her sword and Guybrush moved back.

“Never before have I lost a mealy!” Carla said.

“Oh you would have but you were always running away!” Guybrush said back.

“Opps oh no you are good!” Carla said.

Guybrush leapt forward pushing Carla back.

“Your breath reminds me of mouldy old cheese!” Guybrush said.

“I am rubber you are glue!” Carla answered.

Guybrush again leapt forward this time knocking Carla’s sword out of her hand!

“Ok who’s next?” Guybrush announced.

“Arrrrrr” They all screamed and ran off into the streets of Melee Island.

“Found you Threepwood!” a voice said from behind.

Guybrush spun round and standing there was LeChuck!

“Oh no, It’s LeChuck!” Guybrush screamed.

“Aye now I’ll flame ye down to size!” LeChuck told Guybrush.

LeChuck lifted his arms in the air and instantly filled with flames.

“Errr well… Hey remember they always have to shoot the dog at the end!” Guybrush told LeChuck.

“Oh (sniff) why did you have to tell me that you know it (sniff) makes me feel all gooey!” LeChuck cried out.

LeChuck’s eyes filled with tears and started dripping down on to the pavement. A couple hit his flaming beard and there was a puff of smoke! When the smoke cleared LeChuck’s flaming beard was normal black, his eye’s dimmed from bright yellow to dark black.

“Oh now look what you did you put out my fire!” LeChuck told him “Now wait here why I jump in the larva!”.

“Wait!” Guybrush shouted at him “Why don’t you just make me into a child again”.

“Ok” LeChuck answered.

LeChuck lifted his arms in the air and they filled with green light and then he shot it at Guybrush. It hit him and he went flying thorough the air!

“Arrrrrr” He shouted. 

Part 6: Kiss of the Spider Monkey again

Not long later Guybrush landed in the middle of the Big Whoop Carnival.

“Weeeeeeeeeee!” Guybrush shouted before he hit the ground.

Bang! Slowly Guybrush got up.

“Geese what is that disgusting smell?” Guybrush asked.

“You again what are you doing here?!” The Big Rat Man asked.

“Oh no what am I doing here?” Guybrush asked “And look I’m a little boy again!”.

“Oh and bye the way don’t knock out my new targets again!” The Big Rat Man Answered.

Guybrush looked to see who the new targets were and gasped when he saw it was Wally and Murray!

“Err I’m sorry how I treated you last time and I’m going to make it up to you by being your target!” Guybrush told him “As long as you yet the others go”.

“Well Ok after all that skull kept scaring everyone away!” He answered.

The Big Rat Man let lose Wally and Murray’s ropes.

“Thanks Mr Wood” Wally said.

“Yes thank you now I can take over the entire EARTH! Bw ha ha ha ha ha haa!” Murray announced.

“Yea what ever Murray now you two get out of here find a way back to Plunder Island” Guybrush told them.

“Ok see you later Mr Brush” Wally said “Come on Murray I’ll carry you!”.

Wally picked up Murray and walked off with him.

“Right now you put your head thorough this hole!” The Big Rat Man told Guybrush.

“Ok” Guybrush said.

“Oh bye the way see ya!” Guybrush told him.

Guybrush ran off.

“Why you little… Get back here!”.

Guybrush looked back as he ran and didn’t look were he was going and ran in to a heap of boxes full of pepper!

“Ow! Yuck I got Pepper in my mouth!” He shouted.

He got up and continued running.

“Hey Dingy Dog stop him!” The Big Rat Man shouted.

“Right little tucker stop right there” Dingy Dog said.

“Oh yeah try and stop me!” Guybrush said back.

Dingy Dog leached forward and bit Guybrush.

“Yooch he bit me! And I got hair all over me!” Guybrush shouted.

“Ok kid now I got you!” The Big Rat Man said as he shoot a marrang pie at Guybrush.

It sailed thorough the air and Guybrush! Guybrush sailed backwards and landed in an empty stall. The stall started shaking violently and then it BLEW UP!

Guybrush flew out of the top and landed on the floor as a 20-year-old man!

“Ouch!” Guybrush shouted.

“Now were did that kid go?” The Big Rat Man asked himself.

“Err he went that way” Guybrush told The Big Rat Man.

“Gee thanks” He replied “Say, you look familiar some how”.

“Err maybe because I'm... the boys farther!” Guybrush finished off.

“Well Ok then I'll tell you when I find him” The Big Rat Man answered as he walked off.

“Phew that was close!” Guybrush said to himself. Guybrush started to walk back to the giant the Monkey Head! When he arrived there was a lot of wooden boards covering were he got in last time. The only place were there was no wooden boards was the part were the cab for the roller coaster of death entered.

“Well there's only one thing for it I'll have to ride the roller coaster and hope I can jump out!” Guybrush said to himself.

Guybrush walked up to the Que. and waited for his turn. It was horrible to think that all of the people in front of him were going to die! At last his turn came.

“Finally” he said.

“In you go...” The man at the stall said. Guybrush walked in and got a cab by himself.

“Right I must remember to jump off when I get to my point!” Guybrush said as he sat down in his cab. With a jerk the cab set off! It ran up to a familiar part of the ride. It was the scenery part, which were Guybrush had last defeated LeChuck. The first one was of when Guybrush had first arrived on Monkey Island. LeChuck had put back the rope that Guybrush had taken which he used to defeat LeChuck next to the hanging corpse (of cause it wasn’t the same one as that had burned away). The cab sped up again and travelled to the next scene of Captain Marley and his crew, then to the next one of when LeChuck torched Guybrush in his dungeons. LeChuck had replaced the real Wally with a fake one. Then to the final scene of a Snow Monkey.

“What did it mean?” thought Guybrush. Then the cab went out of the scenery and started to climb up to the top of the Mega Monkey Mountain! When it reached the top it sped down the steep slope. Faster and faster the cab went heading for the giant monkey head! The cab was nearly there Guybrush realised he couldn’t jump out at this speed! If he did the impact would probably kill him!

“What can I do!” He shouted “Maybe theirs something in my pockets that can help me!”. Guybrush rummaged around in his pockets and found something big.

“What this?” Guybrush asked to himself as he pulled it out.

“An umbrella?” Guybrush asked himself startled “Oh it’s the one from Blood Island!”. Guybrush immediately put it up and the cab started slowing down with the air pressure in the umbrella. The cab slowly entered the giant monkey head.

“Excellent” Guybrush said as he jumped out of the cab. The cab fell into the boiling larva.

“You again?!” a voice from behind Guybrush said. Guybrush spun round and came face to face with LeChuck!

“Err… em… Le… Chuck!” Guybrush dithered out.

“Yes Threepwood it’s LeChuck!” LeChuck boomed.

“Well erm bye!” Guybrush said as he sped off.

“Arrrrrr!” LeChuck shouted as he breathed fire in Guybrush’s direction. It hit his legs and Guybrush screamed as he jumped into the air. He flew up so high he hit his head into the rocky ceiling but went right thorough it! He landed in what seemed to be a small room above the catacombs.

“Were am I?” He asked “That ceiling wasn’t rock!”. He looked behind him and saw what seemed to be a giant brain!

“A giant brain?!” Guybrush asked.

“What is this place Threepwood?” a voice from behind said.

“LeChuck again?!” Guybrush shouted out as he spun round.

“Why yes Threepwood and now your going to die!” LeChuck boomed. Suddenly a flash of light filled the room and LeChuck was now a giant flaming mass. The flaming mass sped towards Guybrush.

“Hey!” Guybrush shouted as he ducked. LeChuck missed Guybrush and went straight into the giant brain! The giant brain started glowing with yellow light. The room started to shake and pieces of rock started falling from the ceiling!

“She’s guano blow!” Guybrush shouted “I’ve got to get out of here!”.

Part 7: The Secret of Monkey Island

Guybrush ran to the hole in the floor and jumped down. He sped down the rocky ground and towards the entrance. The shaking got worse and when Guybrush reached the blocked entrance the boards had already fallen off.

“Got to hurry where’s Elaine?” Guybrush shouted.

“Right hear” she answered from behind him.

“Hello honey we’ve got to get out of hear the islands going to blow!” Guybrush told her.

“Right!” she replied. Both of them sped down to the dock at the edge of the carnival. They passed lots of stalls, rides (e.t.c) on the way. When they reached the dock the island was shaking so violently that the earth started cracking up around them.

“Oh no we better get on one of these ships” Elaine said.

“Over here!” a voice from one of the ships shouted.

“Hey its Wally!” Guybrush said.

“Quick Mr Brush on this one!” Wally shouted.

“Ok Wally!” Guybrush shouted back. Guybrush and Elaine ran aboard the boat and Wally immediately let the rope go that held them to the dock.

“Full sail!” Guybrush shouted out. The ship set away just in time as the ground on the island started to fall away. Guybrush looked at doomed beach and could see someone shouting at him.

“Over here!” it shouted “It’s me Herman!”. At that moment the beach fell into the sea with Herman on with it!

“Wally quick change course back to Monkey Island!” Guybrush shouted.

“Aye sir Mr Wood sir!” Wally replied. The ship drew closer to the doomed island. The boat stopped next to Herman who was floating in the water.

“Right up you come” Guybrush said as he pulled him up to the boat.

“Hey what happened to your pants?” Elaine asked Herman.

“What pants?” Herman asked back. At that moment there was a massive boom and the Mega Monkey Mountain fell down.

“Wally get us out of here!” Guybrush shouted “Full sail!”.

The boat sped away and travelled past some floating debris.

“Hey look a treasure chest!” Guybrush said “Stop!”.

“Aye aye Mr Brush” Wally said. Guybrush picked up a gaff and lowered it down to the treasure chest and picked it up. He dropped it on the deck and opened it up.

“All it is a ticket saying E on it!” Guybrush said in dismiss. At that moment something awful happened. The Island was crumbling away in the shape of a giant body! The giant monkey head could be seen clearly as it was rising! An arm was moving next to the head!

“This is no island it’s a giant MONKEY!” Guybrush screamed out load “Well at least I figured out the secret of Monkey Island!”. The giant body rose and there stood a giant Monkey.

It opened its giant mouth and boomed “So Threepwood you thought you could escape the mighty LeChuck did you?”.

“Well erm…” Guybrush spluttered.

“You thought yes didn’t you! Well you were wrong!!!!” LeChuck boomed. He lifted his giant Monkey foot and got ready to squash Guybrush and the boat!

“What can I do… wait a second!” Guybrush said. He ran over to the treasure chest and picked up the ticket with E on it.

He lifted it up in the air and shouted out “Demon begon!”.

“Excellent phrase Guybrush but how will it help us!” Murray shouted.

“Just watch” Guybrush replied.

“ARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!” LeChuck shouted. His head flashed with yellow light and big spark or fire whooshed down to the ticket and hit knocked it out of Guybrush’s hand! It fell on the floor and glowed red for a second and then dimmed to green again. Guybrush picked it up and then ripped it up!

An explosion filled the air and there was a great flash of light. The giant monkey fell over into the debris of where Monkey Island was. There was an even bigger flash of light and when it cleared Monkey Island was back again untouched. It was full with people and for a second Guybrush thought he saw Lemonhead alive but that was impossible!

“Guybrush you saved us!” Elaine shouted.

“Yes thanks Mr Wood!” Wally shouted.

“Thank you Guybrush!” Herman shouted.

“Yes thank you…” a man said.

“Who are you?” asked Guybrush.

“It’s me Murray!” Murray shouted.

“What??!!” Guybrush asked “But your dead!”

“Not any more because when you defeated LeChuck every one he killed came back to life!” Murray explained.

“Then I saved more lives than I thought!” Guybrush said.

“Yes!” Murray said.

“Well then set course for Plunder Island Wally!” Guybrush shouted.

“Give me a kiss!” Elaine said and she kissed him.

The End?

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