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A Monkey Island Christmas Carol
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Chapter 5: The end of the story

Scrooge fell off the bed entangled in his blanket and he first thought that he was trapped in the grave.
– Let me out of here! Please! Don’t do this to me! Huh? What the?
Scrooge threw off the blanket and looked around. He said.
– But… I’m back at my room. I wonder if it really is…
Scrooge ran over to the window and opened it. He saw that it was a sunny Christmas-morning, people walking around to visit their friends and relatives. Scrooge looked down and saw a young fisherman with black hair.
– Pardon me! Scrooge said.
– Yes? The fisherman said.
– What kind of day is it today?
– 25:th December of course!
– Thank you, young man, Scrooge said and closed the window again. He said then.
– It IS Christmas-morning. I wasn’t done for. Jojo Jr., Haggis and LeChuck gave me another chance! There’s got to be something that I need to do. I know!
Scrooge hurried to change his clothes and hurried outside while he happily said.
– Hahaha! What a wonderful day! There’s so much to do.
But he returned because he forgot his cane.
– Whoops! Forgot the cane!
He ran outside and slipped on some ice but he didn’t bother it at all. He just rose up again, brushed off the snow from his knees and just walked further, happy like man that have won 1000 $ at lotto. He met the fund-collectors that visited him yesterday. He greeted.
– Well what do you know! Good to see you again, good morning gentlemen!
– Well, good morning Mr. Scrooge, said the black-beared man.
– I have got something for you, Scrooge said and put a little bag of money in the shortest man’s hand.
He opened the bag and the men looked inside.
– 20 Hence Pieces of Eight? Oh my! The tallest man said surpriced.
– It isn’t enough? Well then, 50 Hence Pieces of Eight, said Scrooge and put another bag of coins in the shortest man other hand.
– But Mr. Scrooge it’s... the black-beared man started but Scrooge interruped him saying.
– Still not enough? Ah, what kind of businessman am I? Here you go!
Scrooge put two other bags of coins on the shortest man’s head.
– 200 Hence Pieces of Eight! I got to go now! Merry Christmas on you!
Scrooge begun to walk away laughing with joy. The men was both surprised and happy at the same time as the shouted to Scrooge.
– Thank you so much, Mr. Scrooge! And have a Merry Christmas too!
As Scrooge walked through the streets he wished everyone he passed a Merry Christmas and everyone looked surprised at him because he didn’t were that friendly before. When Scrooge came to Fred’s house knocked at the door. Fred and Carla opened the door.
– Oh, hi uncle Scrooge!
– Hi there, Fred. How was the dinner yesterday? Scrooge asked his nephew and smiled.
– It was great. It was too bad that you didn’t came, Fred said.
– Don’t bother about that. Since it’s Christmas-day how about a Christmas-dinner together with your friends?
Fred and Carla looked surprised at each other.
– Why sure! So will you be coming?
– Of course! It’s been awhile I sat my teeth in some candid fruit with Victoria Spoonge! And you must be Carla that Fred talked about?
– Yes. Pleased to meet you Mr. Scrooge, Carla greeted.
– Just say Ebenizer or Ozzie if you like, Carla.
– Oh yeah, right!
– I have some things to do but I will be here exactly two O’Clock and keep the food steaming hot! Merry Christmas!
Scrooge took off his hat and then walked away. Fred answered.
– We will fix the food steaming hot! Merry Christmas on you too!
– Yeah, Merry Christmas, Ozzie!
Just a couple of minutes later on the square Scrooge walked to Stan who stood on his sales-stand where he on the days he sell the Christmas stuff.
– Excuse me...
– Howdy mister! Welcome to Stan’s Previous Owned Christmas Decorating! What can I do for you? Stan asked.
– I like to buy some Christmas stuff, Scrooge said.
– Then you have come to the right place! I have everything that has to do with the Christmas. I have wreathes, mistletoes, presents, turkeys...
– Excuse me but here’s a shopping-list for I would like to have, said Scrooge and gave Stan a shopping-list.
Stan looked through the list and then said.
– Okay. Let’s see what I can do for you.
Stan took up some things and started wrapping in Christmas-presents and other things and put them inside a sack which he gave to Scrooge.
– Okay. Here you go! That will be 2500 Pieces of Eight please!
Scrooge payed Stan off and carried the sack over his shoulder.
– I got some things to do. See you around. Merry Christmas to you.
– Well thank you and god-bye! Merry Christmas to you!
When Scrooge have walked away Stan put a “Will be back soon” sign and ran to closest shop while saying.
– Great! Now I can buy the Christmas-presents to my kids!
Meanwhile Scrooge walked to the poorest part of town to the house where the Cratchit family lives. Scrooge sayed to himself.
– I’m going to give Guybrush Cratchit a surprise he even can’t thank enough.
Scrooge changed back to his grumpy look, to sursprice Guybrush Cratchit and his family, and then knocked on the door. The door opened and Guybrush looked outside.
– Oh Mr. Scrooge. Merry Christmas! Would you like to come in?
Scrooge walked in and Elaine Cratchit hold the children behind her.
– Merry Christmas, pah! I have some laundry that you should take care of!
He put the bag at the side and looked seriously at Guybrush.
– But it’s Christmas today! Guybrush said.
– Bah humbug! And another thing, Cratchit! I really shouldn’t have giving you the day off to you! Now I have no choise but to give you 2000 % highened salary!
Guybrush and the rest of the family looked surprised at Scrooge.
– What did you say you were going to give me again, Mr. Scrooge?
– I’m giving you 2000 % more in salary. Also I’m going to promote you into companion, Scrooge continued and smiled to Guybrush.
– Companion? Really?
– Really.
– Thank you very much, Mr. Scrooge!
– Don’t thank me just yet. Look in my “so-called-laundry-bag”.
Elaine with the children opened and looked inside the sack.
– It’s a Turkey! Elaine said surprised.
– And Christmas-tree decorations, Peter said with joy.
– And Christmas-presents! Shouted Mary and Tim with joy.
– Oh and another thing! Wait here! Scrooge said, ran out and came in with a very fine Christmas-tree that he bought from the square after he went to Stan. Guybrush was so surprised he didn’t knew what he would say.
– I... I don’t know what to say, Mr. Scrooge, he sayed.
– Just thank me. Also, just call me Ebenizer or Ozzie! Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family! Scrooge said and put a hand on Guybrush’s shoulder. Scrooge continued.
– Well what are we waiting for? We have a Christmas-tree to decorate and some presents to open! I will help you!
– Okay. What do you say family, shall we start decorating and have some fun?
– Yay! The children shouted with joy.
Scrooge walked over to children and they hugged him for he was a such kind man and Guybrush and Elaine stood at each others side and looked happily at them.
– God bless us all, Tim sayed happy.
– You said it, Tim, Scrooge said and patted Tim’s head.
And so Scrooge and the Cratchit family decorated the Christmas-tree, ate some of the Christmas-food and Peter Kenny, Mary and Tim opened their presents which they were happy to get. Much later Scrooge together with the Cratchit family went over to Fred Lemonhead’s place for Christmas-dinner and had a lot of fun. Scrooge have learned a lesson that he never will ever forget or even break at all. Everyone who hated him loved him now, all the employees got much better salaries and better working situation and Scrooge himself loved the Christmas and being friendly. He didn’t even bother if his cane broke because it was glued, he just bought a new cane. And now he could have a very happy Chirstmas.

Merry Christmas everybody!!!

The Character-list

Ozzie Mandrill as Ebenizer Scrooge (Ebenizer Ozzie Scrooge)
Guybrush Threepwood as Bob Cratchit (Guybrush Cratchit)
Lemonhead as Fred, Scrooge’s Nephew
The Men of Low moral fiber as the Fund-collectors
Ignatius Cheese as himself.
Captain Blondebeard as himself (as a Street-Santa collecting money from people that pass)
The Voodoo-lady as Fortune-teller
Herman Toothrot ( AKA Horatio Torqameda Marley) as Jacob Marley (Jacob T Marley)
Murray as himself (Scrooge’s ex-secretary)
Stan as himself (as a Previous Owned Christmas Decorating salesman)
Jojo Jr. as The Ghost of Christmas Past
Largo LaGrande as Teacher
Griswold Goodsoup as Old Man Fezziwig (Griswold Fezziwig)
Kate Capsize as Isabelle
Haggis McMutton as The Ghost of Christmas Present
Carla as Fred’s wife.
Otis and Meathook as Fred’s friends.
Elaine Marley as Mrs. Cratchit (Elaine Cratchit)
Wally as Little Tim
Kenny Foulmouth as Peter Cratchit (Peter Kenny Cratchit)
The Demon-zombie-ghost pirate LeChuck as The Ghost of Christmas Future
The fisherman, the Phatt Island guard and Woody the wood-smith as themselves.
Mort, Cutthroat Bill and Edward Van Helgan as Morticians

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