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A Monkey Island Christmas Carol
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Chapter 4: The Ghost of Christmas Future

When the fog were gone Scrooge walked around to try to find Haggis.
– Haggis! Please don’t go!
Suddenly Scrooge stopped and turned around. Suddenly a lot smoke appear which covered everything around him. Then a dark, demonic voice laughed evil, the smoke disappeared and then a Ghost of a tall, sturdy, tough pirate-captain with a big thick beard, appeared in front of Scrooge which made him fall backwards of frightened. It’s was LeChuck, the Ghost of the Christmas Future. He said.
– Ye don’t need Haggis because his work-line is the present. I’m representing the future, hehehe!
– Are you the Ghost of the Christmas Future? Asked Scrooge with a nervous voice.
– Aye, me be LeChuck, the Demon-zombie-ghost of the Christmas Future, answered LeChuck and changed into a zombie-pirate and then into a demon-pirate with glowing eyes and a flaming beard.
– Good. Please, answer me. What’s going to happen with little Tim?
– Look through that window, LeChuck said and pointed at the window of the family Cratchit’s house.
Scrooge walked closer to the window and saw the Cratchit family. Guybrush, Elaine, Mary and Peter sat near the open fire to warm up their selves and they were all sad.
– It have been so quiet and sad since Tim passed away, Guybrush said sorrowed and some tears ran over his chins.
– Yeah, it’s not the same now without him. My little brother always cheer me up in depressing times, Peter Cratchit said and looked on the family-portrait were the whole family was together in joy.
Mary cried out loud in her mother’s arms while she looked with tears in her eyes at her husband and said.
– Even if we lost Tim it’s going to be better. It will be better times for us but I wish that the grim reaper didn’t take our little boy away.
The family had a big group-hug while they sniffed and cried more. Scrooge met the sorrow and begun to get tears in his eyes too.
– Oh no! What have I done? LeChuck, I don’t want this happen! Say that it will never happen!
But LeChuck didn’t answer instead he changed into a zombie and pointed at some people. He said.
– Look over there, Ozzie Scrooge!
Scrooge walked to LeChuck and looked at the people that were gathered. Scrooge listened to what they said.
– So are you going to his funeral? Said a black-haired young man with a big fisher-hat and a pipe in his mouth.
– Nah, if there isn’t any good funeral-food then I won’t come, said a muscle-bound guard in a golden helmet and black-beard. He continued.
– How about you?
– No way! Once when I sold a great bass he just paid me just two Pieces of Eight and then when I complained he send the sheriff at me. If they didn’t allow me to spit on his grave I would never ever go there! Said the fisher-man.
– Myself, I would go to his funeral but I won’t go if no one gives me some company, said the Wood-smith who wore a green apron.
– Did you see what they did with his house? Asked the guard.
– Yes, they took all his stuff and sold them, the wood-smith said.
– Did you know what become of the Scrooge-Marley Inc.? asked the fisherman.
Scrooge begun to feel fear and looked at LeChuck.
– The Scrooge-Marley Inc.? W-w-who is t-t-the guy that is d-d-dead? He said very scared.
– I was getting to that. Take my hand! Said LeChuck, turned into a demon and held his open hand to Scrooge.
Scrooge touched LeChuck’s hand and they disappeared in a great flash. They came to a dark, cold, scary looking graveyard. There were tombstones everywhere and some creepy-looking dead trees around them. LeChuck walked and Scrooge followed him. LeChuck stopped after awhile and pointed at three morticians that worked through a grave. The first one was an old, short man with a red hood on his head. The second one was a tall, thin guy with a fine dark-green coat, a fine hat and an eye-patch. The third one was a short, bald, rather sturdy tough-looking man with long moustaches.
– I have never seen a funeral like this, the old grave-digger said.
– That was the second emptiest funeral that I ever known, the gentleman grave-digger said.
– No friends, no relatives and no one to say good-bye, said the short tough grave-digger.
– Well, I’m getting hungry. Shall we have a lunch-break? Asked the old guy.
– I agree. That guy can’t go anywhere, the tall guy said.
– Oh, that’s a good one! Commented the tough guy.
The grave-diggers went to lunch and Scrooge and LeChuck walked closer to the grave.
– LeChuck? What kind of a lonely, s-s-scaring looking grave is it?
– I will show you! LeChuck said and his fire-beard flared up so it had a bright shine. Scrooge looked at the tombstone and gasped. Because on the tombstone it said “RIP Ebenizer Ozzie Scrooge”.
– It’s yours Ebenizer. The richest man in the whole grave-yard!!! DAAAAHH-HAHAHA!!!
– NOOOOOOO!!! It can’t be! Now I understand why everyone is happy! That’s because I passed away!!
– Aye! Mwu-hahaha!!!
Scrooge walked to LeChuck, fell on his knees and tried to beg for mercy.
– No, please, please, please! Don’t tell me that it’s true! DON’T TELL ME THAT IT IS TRUE!!!
– You’re starting to bug me, Ebenizer Ozzie Scrooge! LeChuck said annoyed.
– I’ll getting better! Please! Don’t say that this is true! Give me another chance! Please!
– Enough of this, you girly-man!!!
LeChuck send flames at Scrooge so he jumped backwards and fell screaming into the grave.

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