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A Monkey Island Christmas Carol
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Chapter 3: The Ghost of Christmas Present

Ebenizer Ozzie Scrooge were back in his cold bed in his empty gloomy house. After the meeting with Jojo he blamed himself because he realized what he have done.
– How could I be so stupid? How could I do this? Why were I so selfish? Why?
Scrooge looked around and saw that he was in his room again.
– Oh. It was so terrible. Thank god I’m home again. A broken heart because of greed is fate worse than death! Or is there...?
Suddenly a strong bright light came into the room and Scrooge stepped out of his bed. He just stood there and stared surprised.
– What in name of diddergidoo is this? He said.
What he saw was more than 10 feet high piles of gold, silver, pearls, ming-vases, diamonds, jewels, fruits, cakes, all kinds of meat, desserts, bottles of fine wines and even Brie. Scrooge couldn’t believe his eyes and he walked around to look.
– But where could these piles of lucre and delicatesses come from?
– From the heart!!! A big voice echoed in the room and Scrooge turned around to see it was a red-bearded giant wearing a big coat, a kilt and a basker on his head.
– Yikes! Don’t sneak up on me like that!
– I’m sorry Scrooge. It wasn’t ment that I scared you, the giant said and drank some grog from a “big” mug.
– Say, aren’t you the Ghost of the Christmas Present? Scrooge asked.
– Aye! I’m Haggis McMutton, the Ghost of Christmas Present. You have surley met Jojo Junior my friend.
– Yes I did but that meeting ended up with great depressing so I don’t want to talk about it, Ozzie said to Haggis and walked to him.
– I do understand, it’s not a wee problem. What we are going to talk about that is less depressing and more recent.
Scrooge looked around and then said to Haggis.
– You said something that all these heaps of gold, silver and food came from the heart. What did you mean with that?
– Aye, it really comes from the heart. It’s laid by generously which you have denied from your fellow-beings, Haggis said and brought his face closer to Scrooge.
– Generously? No one have ever showed me any generously!
– That’s because that ye never give those people even a wee chance, Haggis said and ate a fig. He continued.
– Even though that there are some people who have some warmth in their hearts even for the likes of you.
– If it were so there should be someone who actually cares for me. I haven’t noticed that someone care for me at all, that’s for sure!
Scrooge started to doubt about the ghost but Haggis grabbed him and put him in his pocket.
– We’ll see about that!
Haggis snapped his fingers and they both disappeared from Scrooge’s house. They found themselves outside on the street. Haggis put his hand in his pocket to pick up Scrooge carefully and put him on the ground.
– Come with me I’ll show you to some people that does care about you, Haggis said and begun to walk.
Scrooge ran after him to not get too far behind him.
– Hey, wait for me!
After some minutes of walking they came to a house. Scrooge looked inside the house. He saw that Fred Lemonhead, his wife and some of their friends had dinner together.
– Wait a minute! This is my nephew Fred’s place!
– Aye it is. Did you remember that he invited you for dinner?
– Yes I do. He also gave me a Christmas-wreath which I gave away to those fund-collectors.
– It was too bad that you didn’t agree for the invitation. Just look inside.
Haggis stood on his knees and looked inside together with Scrooge. Inside Fred, his wife Carla and his friends Otis and Meathook sat inside and have a wonderful dinner. Fred told his friends about he tried to invite Scrooge which he didn’t accept.
– Well I tried to invite my grumpy lone-wolf for a uncle but he said things like “Bah! Christmas is nothing more than a bad excuse for being lazy!” or “I’ll tell you what “Christmas” really is. It’s just a normal working-day and if someone thinks about something else… he could take a long walk off a short pier!”. Can you actually believe it?
– I have a hard time believe that. But Ozzie Scrooge is such a cheap-sake then I can understand why he doesn’t want to be invited, Otis commented.
– Actually I feel sorry for that old man. I mean he’s at home all alone with no friends and all. I can’t believe that he can be so such a lone-wolf, Carla said with some sorrow in her voice. Fred agreed.
– Me too, dearest. But let’s not sorrow too much. Dearest, would you like to get the grog, please?
– Sure, darling.
While Carla went to get the grog Fred and his friend continued their conversation.
– There’s just one thing that actually bugs me and that is how come that Scrooge hates the Christmas so much? I mean even the most grumpiest, meanest bloke is happy and nice on Christmas, said Otis.
– Maybe it’s some kind trauma or something in the past that made that happen, Fred said.
– If you ask me then it must be that very few does make business with him on the Christmas. I mean all he actually cares of is Pieces and Hence pieces of Eight. Hehehe! Meathook laughed.
Carla came in with a pitcher with grog and some mugs on a plate.
– Here I come with some grog, she say happily and giggled while putting away the plate with the pitcher and mugs on the table.
– We could have some riddles while we drink the grog. Shall we? Asked Fred.
The others nodded agreeing and Otis said.
– I begin! “What does have gray hair, is old and hates Christmas”?
– A goat? Guessed Fred.
– The Anti-Santa? Guessed Meathook.
– I know! It’s Ebenizer Ozzie Scrooge! Carla said and Otis said.
– Correct!
Fred, his wife and his friends laughed so much that they almost fell out of their chairs. Scrooge had a little of guilty in his look as he heard what they talked about.
– They’re making fun of me, he said with a sorrow in his voice.
– Aye but as you see they do care about you, Haggis said.
– Yes but is there anyone who does care about me without making fun of me?
– Of course there are! Come with me!
Haggis put Scrooge in his pocket and he begun to walk again. About a minute later he stopped at a house which was in some of the poorest parts of the town. Haggis took Scrooge out his pocket and put him on the ground.
– Here we are, said Haggis.
Scrooge saw the house and said.
– What is this kind of a house? It looks like it’s about to collapse.
– Here lives your hard-working, underpaid book-keeper, Guybrush Cratchit, Haggis said and they both looked through the window.
They saw the Cratchit family (Here it was just Elaine Cratchit, Guybrush’s wife, Peter Kenny Cratchit, the oldest son and Mary Cratchit, the daughter) decorated their Christmas-tree which was only a small tree and the decoration was only tinsel, made from a thin rope and some month-old popcorn, and a star made of colored paper. After that the family were finished they looked at the tree.
– Isn’t it beautiful, mom? Said Mary.
– Yes, it is. Even the smallest dirtiest things can be turned into something wonderful, Elaine said and held a hand on Mary’s shoulder.
– Sure is it great. It’s just too bad that we couldn’t afford a bigger tree and some other decorations. But it could been worse, Peter said.
– If we just could get enough money we surely can afford a better situation, but don’t worry. It’ll be better, you will see, Elaine said and hugged her son and her daughter.
The door outside opened and Guybrush came in shouting.
– Honey, I’m home!
Guybrush walked to his wife and kids and hugged them.
– You came earlier than usual. Had Ozzie an important meeting? Elaine asked his husband.
– No, he just let us go earlier. Look what I have with me!
Guybrush showed a chicken that he bought from Blondebeard’s Chicken Shoppe.
– I bought this with the bonus I got from Scrooge, he said and put away the chicken on the table.
– How did you get a bonus when he is a cheap-sake? Elaine asked confused.
– I fixed his cane which he broke by mistake. If he ever knew that his cane is only glued. It was glued so well that it’s impossible to see the crack, Guybrush answered and hugged his children.
Scrooge and Haggis heard what the family talked about and Scrooge felt a little bit guilty.
– I never thought that the Cratchit family would be so poor. Somehow I feel guilty.
– Aye! It’s not easy to a rich guy when you know the truth, Haggis said.
They looked through the window and saw Elaine Cratchit prepared the chicken Guybrush bought. After awhile when the food was almost finished a little red-haired boy of the age of seven came in walking with a little crutch and had a monocle on his right eye. It was Guybrush’s youngest son Tim, he walked with a crutch because he had some kind of sickness. Guybrush came to his son and lifted him up with joy.
– Hi dad!
– Hey Tim! How is it with you, my son?
– I’m alright. Just some dust on the monocle but nothing too bad.
– Good to hear that. Dinner is almost ready.
When Scrooge saw this boy he just watched him with a anxious look.
– Uh, Haggis? Scrooge asked Haggis.
– Aye?
– What’s wrong with that happy boy?
– It’s much that it’s wrong with him, answered Haggis and nodded.
Elaine Cratchit came in with the food. It wasn’t so much, except for the chicken there was only five small potatoes and some small peas. The family sat down to eat and Tim said.
– Oh look at those tasty things that we are going to eat. We have to thank Mr. Scrooge.
Scrooge who heard this looked surprised, then turned around to Haggis and said to him.
– He… wanted to thank me. Except for Guybrush no one else wanted to thank me.
– Aye. Tim is a child with a heart made of pure gold. He’s very thankful ye see.
They looked inside again. Guybrush held his wooden-mug of home-made grog and said.
– Well, Tim is right. We should thank Mr. Scrooge. I will bring out a toast for him.
– Even if he is cold-hearted, greedy and lone-wolf I’ll bring out a toast for Scrooge too. But for your sake, dear, not for him, Elaine said and held up her mug too. So did Peter, Mary and Tim too.
Scrooge turned around to Haggis again and asked him.
– Say, what did you mean that “much of Tim is wrong”?
– He’s very sick and that’s why he has to carry that crutch. If these shadows doesn’t disappear I see…
Haggis paused and looked at Tim through the window.
– See what?
– An empty chair were little Tim once sat at, Haggis said.
– But does that mean that… Scrooge begun to say but Haggis interrupted him.
– I’m sorry but I can’t tell the future. It’s out of my line. I have to go now. I will have to get back to Glasgow for the caber-toss contest.
– Wait, Haggis! How about Tim?
– The next ghost will tell more. Just wait there! Bye!
A big cloud of fog came through and Haggis disappeared.

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