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A Monkey Island Christmas Carol
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Chapter 2: The Ghost of the Christmas Past

Later that night when Scrooge were going to bed he checked around his house if the ghosts that Marley and Murray were talked about would have come but he couldn’t find any.
– They are no ghosts here. I bet that Marley only came to say that for scaring me because I didn’t do any fair funeral. Oh well, I just go to bed now, Scrooge said.
He laid down in his bed, blew out the candle and fell asleep. Some minutes past without anything unusual happened. But then something moved in the darkness and came close to Scrooge’s bed. The shadow snapped with it’s fingers and the open fire and all the candles lighted up. In the bright light you could see that it was a little gray-furred monkey wearing a bronze pirate-hat. Scrooge reacted of the light and woke up
– Huh? What the? How could it be so light? He said newly awaked and look up. Then he saw the monkey and looked surprised at it.
– Good for you that you woke up, Ebenizer Ozzie Scrooge. We don’t have all night, the monkey said.
– Who are you? Asked Scrooge.
– I’m Jojo Jr., the Ghost of the Christmas Past, the monkey said and pointed at his pirate-hat. It had text that said “Jojo Jr. the Ghost of the Christmas Past”.
– That’s weird. I thought that you were bigger, Scrooge said and looked at Jojo.
– Do you judge of me by the size, Scrooge? Then don’t do it. Little the size matter does, Jojo said and walked to Scrooge.
– Would you please stop mimicking Yoda? It’s kind of annoying, Scrooge complained.
– Anyway, size doesn’t really matter, it’s being nice and respective that makes you a good human-being.
– So what? Being “nice” doesn’t really help me out, Scrooge said.
– That’s funny. You didn’t think like that before. Come a long, Scrooge! We have to go, Jojo Jr. said and came close to Scrooge.
– Going where?
– Take my hand and we’ll get to the past. Your past.
Scrooge were a little bit skeptic and nervous but he took Jojo’s hand and then they both disappeared in a great flash. Then they appeared outside a building that was looking familiar somehow. Scrooge said surprised.
– Hmmm… This place… I have seen it before.
– No wonder it looks familiar. It IS your school, Jojo Jr. said and brushed off the show from his tail.
Scrooge and Jojo walked up closer to the windows. They saw a boy by the age of ten that was all alone studying his books.
– Wait a minute! That boy… It’s… Me as younger, Scrooge said surprised as he recognized the boy he saw.
– Yes. You may forgotten that this Christmas eve your farther was supposed to get you home but he didn’t came for hours so you decided to study to past the time, Jojo Jr. said.
Inside the classroom the door open and the Teacher who was a quite short man with black hair, white shirt and green pants came into the room.
– Hey! That’s Mr. LaGrande, my teacher! Scrooge said surprised.
The Teacher walked to Young Scrooge and saw that he studied.
– Ah, that’s great. Just keep on studying and you surely become something good. I’m so proud of you, Ebenizer Ozzie Scrooge, the Teacher said and patted Young Scrooge at the head.
– I’m not going to let you down, sir! Young Scrooge said to Mr. LaGrande.
– Well, that’s the spirit, young sir. Hahaha! Mr. LaGrande laughed proudly as he started to pack down his teacher-books.
Scrooge turned his head to Jojo Jr.
– Ghost… I mean Jojo… Now I remember this.
– It’s good to remember light moments. Do you remember what happened later?
– Um… Let’s see now. Hmmm… just images but no clear memories, Scrooge said to Jojo as he tried to remember his past.
– Well then. Take my hand and will be going to another part of the past, Jojo said and hold up his little warm monkey hand.
– This is creepy but what the heck!
Scrooge took Jojo’s hand and they got outside a building in the middle of the town. Scrooge looked around and he recognized the place right away.
– I remember this building. It’s the Fezziwig Company, the place were I got my first job. Griswold Fezziwig was really a nice man that I worked for.
Scrooge and Jojo looked through the window and saw some men in there. One of the men was Scrooge himself but as a young man.
– It’s me, but this time as a young man, Scrooge said and looked around.
All the men worked wrote in their tax-books until a sturdy middle-aged man in a dark-green coat came into the room.
– Hey! That’s Griswold Fezziwig himself, Scrooge commented.
Griswold Fezziwig talked to the workers.
– Okay, gentlemen! The working-time is over. Now everybody let us prepare for the Christmas party.
Everyone started to put away the books and cleaned up the place for the company Christmas-party.
– Looking at people who cleans up is quite boring, isn’t it Jojo? Scrooge asked and Jojo answered.
– Yeah, isn’t. How about playing some solitaire while wait? I got a deck of cards.
– Sure.
Scrooge and Jojo sat down and played solitaire while they waiting. A half an hour later music started to play. Scrooge and Jojo looked through the window. The company’s Christmas-party have begun. A lot of people danced and have fun while Griswold Fezziwig played the fiddle. As they looked in the room they saw a young man sitting alone at the corner.
– Hey! That young shy man at the corner... it’s me again, Scrooge said.
– Yes, that WAS you before you only thought about money, Jojo commented.
– Look at that young woman, Jojo! It’s Isabelle Capsize, my girlfriend, Scrooge said and pointed at the window.
As they watched they saw a young woman, wearing a beautyful mint-green dress and hat, came.
– Ebenizer? She said asked.
– Yes, Isabelle? The Young man Scrooge answered nervously.
– Come on, dear. Let’s dance!
– D-do y-y-you want to dance with m-m-me? Scrooge said.
– Yes! Come on, darling!
– S-s-sure. Why not, Isabelle dear.
Young Scrooge and Isabelle danced lovely together and after the dance was over Isabelle kissed Young Scrooge under the mistletoe. Scrooge looked romantic at his younger me as he remembered his moment of life.
– Ah! I love this memory. I remember how much I loved her.
– But... Jojo started to say and took Scrooge’s hand. They disappeared in a flash and they appeared in a park still in December. Scrooge and Isabelle were still young and they sat at a park-bench. Jojo conteniued.
– ... After all the years of business you started to think more and more about the money, which distrubed Isabelle. After a year she couldn’t stand it and she have the thoughts to find someone else.
– Ebenizer? Isabelle asked Young Scrooge.
– What is it dear?
– We can’t go on like this, Ozzie. I have noticed that money is really importaint to you.
– Yes but I do care about you very much, Isabelle. I can’t live without you.
– Of course you can. You don’t care about me but your beloved pieces of Eight. You care about money more than me.
– No Isabelle, please! It’s not that way. Of course I care about the money but...
– But nothing Ozzie! You have been always in the office counting the money over and over and over again since you got the promotion. I can’t take this anymore! We are through, Ebenizer!
Isabelle rose up from the bench and begun walking away. Young Scrooge tried to stop her but it was hopeless.
– No, wait! Please! Isabelle! Please don’t! I love you! I love you more than my money! Please, don’t do this to me!
But Isabelle left the park and met another man that she fell in love instantly. Young Scrooge looked depressed into the ground and saw Isabelle and the other man walked away happy together. Scrooge himself couldn’t stand out the sad memory and said with tears in his eyes to Jojo.
– Jojo, I can’t stand it with this horrible memory.
– Maybe so but you DID loved your gold more than that pretty woman and she will be lost forever, Jojo said and nodded.
– I can’t stand it anymore! I want to go home! Please Jojo! Scrooge said while crying.
Jojo stood in front of Scrooge, brush off the snow from his broonze hat and said to him.
– Okay but remember Scrooge: It’s YOU who carries around that guilt. Right now I have to go now. I promised a friend of mine to help out with cooking the Swedish Christmas ham for tomorrow. Maybe... perhaps... we will meet again.
Jojo Jr., the Ghost of Christmas Past snapped his fingers and a thick fog appear that covered both. Both Jojo and Ozzie Scrooge disappeared while in the mist.

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