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Chapter Two: Mancomb Seepgood

Elaine stared at me dumbfounded.
“Find what?” she asked.
“Holy Cow.” I replied, “It’s one of the legendary treasures of the Caribbean!”
“You mean Big Whoop.” Corrected grandpa Marley.
“Nope, Holy Cow. Carla told me about it. She’s going off to search for it too. She says she has a captain who has a map and everything.”
“We should go with them.” suggested Elaine, “What did you say the captains name was?
“Mancomb Seepgood.”
Silence fell over the room. What did I say?
“What?” I finally asked.
“Mancomb Seepgood died in a Booty Island spit contest disaster shortly after you pestered me about that Dinky Island map piece.” She told me.
“Are you sure?”
“Positive…I was at his funeral.”
“Hmm…Then we’ll just have to beat ‘em to Holy Cow!”
“Right. You see about getting us that map, I’ll work on finding a ship and crew.”
“And find out what’s up with this so called Mancomb Seepgood…This doesn’t smell right.”
“Sorry, that’s probably me.” Apologized Gramps.
I waved goodbye and once again took to the streets of Melee Island to try and find out what I could about Mancomb Seepgood. Seeing as how the Scumm Bar is the local hangout, I figured it’d be a good place to start.
Walking through the door I immediately spied Carla and Otis. Otis began to take off but Carla back-fisted him and he fell to the ground. I waved to her but she ignored me.
I looked over what I assumed was the crew Carla had signed in with. Otis was floored while a disinterested Carla stood next to him. Next in line was Captain Smirk, the old coot who taught me the ropes of insult sword fighting, followed by the most loathsome midget ever to set foot in the tri-island area: Largo LeGrande. Next to Largo there was a rather snooty looking man who I didn’t recognize. He didn’t seem to have any interest in what the captain was saying.
Finally, my eyes fell upon the captain himself. He was incredibly built, had a thick black beard, and donned a rather impressive serrated sword. Wait a minute…that sword’s attached to his arm.
“Uh oh.” I whispered.
It was Sharktooth. I’d come across him before, when I first was looking for Big Whoop within the Bermuda Triangle. I barely escaped with my life. Mancomb Seepgood my ass. Sharktooth was playing the locals for fools, even Largo was falling for it.
I looked down at the table where Sharktooth was pointing and rambling on. There it was, in plain view—the map to Holy Cow. How could I get it without Sharky seeing me? There was no way this time. I’d have to wait.
Carla started towards me, followed by Smirk. The rest of the crew came shortly after. I hid in a barrel until they all had left. I waited a couple extra minutes for good measure.
I got out and looked around. The bar was practically empty. Otis was still passed out on the floor.
“Man, now I have to hunt down the map again.”
I left the bar, making sure Sharktooth wasn’t around anywhere. I stepped out onto the dock and peered off into the distance. I could just make out the shape of a ship sailing off into the horizon.
“Oh crap. Now, I’ll never know where to find them.”
The Scumm Bar door opened.
“Oh man! Those jerks left without me.” It was Otis, finally waking up from his nap.
“Otis! I…”
Otis took off towards town.
Great, just great. They’ve got a head start on us now and we don’t even know where they’re going. Looks like Otis is my best shot to find out. But how? I can’t even get within fifty feet of him. I’d have to find a disguise. Then it came to me.
I headed down to the abandoned circus tent. There had to be something there. I found a large green jumpsuit stuffed way in the back of the tent. This’ll work great. Now…for my face.
Back at the Scumm bar I snuck into the kitchen and helped myself to a nice handful of flour. Now only one thing left…I needed to hide my hair. So I set off towards the general store.
As soon as I walked through the door, I realized I had no money. But then again, seeing as how I’m a mighty pirate, it didn’t bother me any. However, the old shopkeeper was a clever foe, it took all my piratey wit to fool this old bugger.
“Look over there!”
When he turned around I swiped the hat and put it on my head.
“There’s nothing over here you idiot.”
“Sorry, my mistake.”
I turned to leave, but he stopped me.
“Hey, now you wouldn’t be trying to steal my hat now would you?”
Busted! I had to think of something fast.
“No, of course not.”
“Well then what’s that on your head?”
“This is my hat, I wore it in.”
“You sure? I sell hats JUST like that one.”
“Of course I’m sure! Do you honestly think in my right mind I’d walk around with a ponytail and no hat?”
“Well…I guess you’re right. That hair is kinda’ ridiculous. Okay, carry on.”
Success. I now had all three elements to make the perfect costume. I slapped on my flour, hat, and jumpsuit and WHALA! I was a clown. Now to find Otis…this shouldn’t be too hard. I started for the forest.
Once inside I headed directly for the large flower patch by the stream. Otis was right there.
Jeez, jumpy ain’t he.
“Who are you?”
“I’m just passing by.”
“You’re a clown that’s just passing by a flower patch, on a pirate island.”
“Oh ok.”
“Whatcha doin?”
“My captain left me behind! I’m supposed to be out looking for Holy Cow!”
“Where’s that?”
“The map said it was somewhere on Swash Island.”
“Swash Island eh?”
“Yup that’s where they were headed.”
“Hmm. So what’s a pirate like you doing by all these flowers?”
“What flowers? I see no flowers?”
“Look all around you, this clearing is full of them.”
“Oh is it? I didn’t notice.”
“Sure you didn’t.”
I began to leave, I couldn’t waste anymore time around here. I had to get down to the docks. Hopefully Elaine had a ship ready by now.
There she was, waiting for me at the docks. Just like I had hoped.
“GUYBRUSH! You’re late!”
“When did we set a time?”
“Nevermind! Did you get the map?”
“Nope, they took off before I could nab it. But I found out where they’re going.”
“Swash Island. We can tail ‘em there then swipe the map.”
“What about Mancomb?”
“Its really Sharktooth and…”
“Ugh…long story, I’ll explain later. Let’s just get going.”
“Alright Gramps, set a course for Swash Island.”
“Oh no! He’s not coming is he?” I asked in fear.
“Sure am!”
“Great…don’t you have an island to run?”
“Ah, they’ll never notice. Not like I do much anyway.”
“Lucky us.”

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