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Monkey Island wars: Episode 4: A new hope
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A short time ago in this galaxy, on this planet on a remote Island not that far away in the Tri-island area...

Lives a very old Guybrush with his son Guybrush Junior (who looks like Guybrush Senior in his younger days); this is a time of peace but not for very long. It was believed that Guybrush killed LeChuck, but not known to anyone was that LeChuck was alive (if you called being and undead demonic force alive) and was just resting till he would come back in his most powerful form. But now LeChuck is back, and under the control of a bigger evil. Guybrush knows none of this; also he doesn't know that he has a
daughter. This occurred because while Elaine was given birth Guybrush Junior and his sister, Elaine died or so was it believed. The brother and sister were separated because the Pirate council took on them selves to decide
weather Guybrush would be able to cope with 2 children. Our story starts 20 years later.


Some things in this story are futuristic such as swords being lightsabers and also captains of ships are called pilots; some things are the same such as ships still being pirate ships. Also this is only based on A New hope,
and may only have a few things similar.

Part 1: Return of an old pirate

After Elaine died Guybrush gave up the pirate's life he had and retired and became a farmer on a small-unknown remote island. He and his son lived off the fat of land until one day they received a message via carry pidgin and
it said, "Dear Guybrush, I'm your Daughter that you never new about, I am called Elaine. I am writing to you because my ship is under attack by LeChuck and his Skeletal horde, we are out Numbered 2 to 1. We were attacked because I have proof that LeChuck is a life and I was taken it back to the pirate council. We all thought he was dead, but it seems he was just hiding away. Guybrush you killed him repeatedly during the Monkey Island years you can kill him again, Guybrush you are only hope. There coming, I bound to be captured you must rescue me and kill LeChuck. I advise you to go and see the Voodoo Lady on Melee Island for help."

"Junior stop working for the day I need to talk to you." said Guybrush.
"Coming Father," replied Junior. Junior came in from he outside and came into the dining room and sat down and said "What did you want Father."
Guybrush replied, "read this" as he said it he passed Junior the note, Junior read the note and said, "I have a sister, that would explain those weird dreams." "And I have a daughter, ok Junior we're going to Melee Island
to see the Voodoo Lady and the Pirate Council, oh I almost forgot I was going to give you this when you were old enough," replied Guybrush. Guybrush got up walked to a chest, and came back with what looked like a handle for a
sword until he pressed a button then it looked like a sword with a strange glow. "What is it Father, it looks a sword but..." asked Junior. Guybrush replied "Its a lightsaber son, they came out just before your mother died.
This is the only one on the island, if you go to any other island there would be loads of 'em." "That’s cool Dad, can I use it," asked Junior. "Not with out proper training, now Junior pick up that rug of the ground," said Guybrush. So Junior did, "Ok that trapdoor leads down to some caverns down to my ship, we will use that to get to Melee" said Guybrush. So they did, they went through the caverns till they came down to a river, where the ship was. They boarded the ship and sailed down the river on to high seas.

They set out in the right direction and was about to dock in Melee Island Harbour when they somehow they got lost, and eventually docked at Melee Island 4 hours later, fortunately unscathed. They got of there ship and Junior said "Dad if we're ever going to save Elaine then we will need to travel much faster than that." Guybrush replied "We will find an experienced pilot, in the Scumm bar along with the Pirate council who we will speak to
first. They entered the town on Melee on Island, and went into the Scumm Bar. They then went into a separate room and pulled the curtains across which separated the 2 rooms,
this is where the Pirate Council has their meetings and mainly gets drunk.
"Guybrush." said a very drunk Pirate "We haven't see you in…" The Pirate had to think which by the look on his face hurt. "20 years," said Guybrush, "you better read this."

He handed them the letter, all three read it, and aid, "What does it say" (because they couldn't read even when they were sober. "It says that my Daughter, which you failed to tell me about, was on her way back here to tell you that LeChuck is still alive. But she was captured, and she has asked me to rescue her and kill LeChuck." "Well that’s what you must do," replied the 3 Pirates in unison. "I'm to old, but my son is young and will
prevail if given the right training. I want permission to train him," said Guybrush. The Pirates replied, "Ok, use the back room." "Thank you, Junior give me your Lightsaber," said Guybrush. So Junior did. Guybrush then said, "Wait for me in the back room." Junior opened the door for the back room, went in and closed the door behind.

Guybrush turned on a Lightsaber and said "Ok I want some answers now, and if I don't get answers I like I'm going to get destructive with this Lightsaber, get my drift." The 3 Pirates nodded in unison and had a look on their faces as if they had soiled themselves. "Ok, why wasn't I told about my Daughter," asked Guybrush. The 3 very scared pirates spoke "Because we thought you wouldn't be able to cope with 2 children." Guybrush calmed down moved into the back room, opened the door and passed the Lightsaber to
Junior. "Ok Junior its time you learned to fight," said Guybrush. Guybrush walked over to the back wall and took down an old lightsaber. "OK now we are going to practice sword swing and movement," said Guybrush. He showed his
son some basic movements and Junior copied as best he could and in a few hours had completed the advanced parts as well. "Ok now it is time to learn some insults, to distract you enemy. Read this," As Guybrush spoke he passed his son a book: Book of Insults. "Read this and learn some Insults." So Junior and in no time he was practicing insult sword fighting with his Guybrush.
"You fight like a dairy farmer," Junior said. Guybrush replied "How appropriate. You fight like a cow." In no time Guybrush had sent Junior out to learn more insults by challenging other pirates. While He went to speak to the Voodoo Lady, before he did he returned the old lightsaber to the back wall.

"Do you know where My Daughter is," asked Guybrush. "I sense that you want to know where you daughter is," said a very Old voodoo lady, "Well, um wait I'm getting a vision you need to head to Monkey Island." "Ok," replied
Guybrush. Guybrush returned to the Scum bar and waited for his son's return.

Guybrush walked up to the bar an said "Grog me." The bar man replied "some ID sir." "What, I'm 40 years old and I still don't look old enough," replied Guybrush. This argument went on for sometime, until Junior showed up. "Did the pirates tell you that you were ready to take on the sword master," asked Guybrush. "Yes," Replied Junior. Guybrush said "Go and fight her then."
"Have already, also completed the 2 other trials." "How did you know about the 3 trials," asked Guybrush. "I read your journal," replied Junior. "What!
Ok I've got one more challenge for you, get me a grog," said Guybrush. "2 grogs," Junior said to the Bar man. Bar man Replied "Ok." "How come you give him a grog straight away when he is younger than me," asked Guybrush. The
Bar man replied "Don't try and be clever with me, he is older than you and your wearing fake designer stubble..."

"Hey bar man do you know any decent Pilots around here," asked Guybrush. The bar man just pointed in the direction of a man (Which looked like Han solo form Star wars.) They walked over to man and Guybrush said, "I'm looking for
a pilot," the man replied "Well you’ve found yourselves one, the names Han Solo and this my first mate Chewbacca." Chewbacca looked like the cross between bear and a dog. "I own the Millennium Falcon," said Han. Guybrush and Junior looked blankly and Han said "you've never heard of the Millennium Falcon, it can make the trip from here to Monkey Island in a day." Guybrush asked, "How much do you want." "10 000 pieces of 8," replied Han. "What," said Junior very excitedly, "I'm a good pilot, we have a ship
we don't need him." Guybrush replied "Junior, it took you 4 hours to pilot us here, you can have 5 000 before another 7 000 when we arrive at Monkey Island." "Ok, head to the harbour, and bay 14 when you’re ready to leave."
They left the scum bar "We will need to sell my ship," said Guybrush.

They left the town and headed for the harbour. "Can I help," said the Harbour Mistress. "We would like to sell my boat, how much do you think its worth," replied Guybrush." The Harbour mistress said "about 3000 pieces of
8, but I'm feeling generous so I'll give you 5 000 pieces of 8. They took the money and headed to bay 14."We've got your money, where's ya ship," asked Guybrush. Han replied "Just there," just as he said it a ship came in
to their view. The ship was smaller than most other ships but looked like it had the ability to go quite fast. They Gave Han the money and boarded the ship and began there journey....

(Part 2 coming soon)

To robots appear, one similar to human form, the other a cylindrical tripod robot. The taller one is called human like one is called "See-Threepio" and the smaller one "Artoo- Detoo".
"This is all your fault," said Threepio.
A few beeps came from the Artoo unit, which translated to: "What is."
Threepio says, "That we are to late to meet Guybrush at his house, Wait for us Guybrush."
Artoo replies in beeps, which translate in to words to harsh to repeat.

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