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I went there
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Chapter 4: Romancing by Stone

I started my search on Phatt Island; don’t ask me why it seemed right at the time. Anyway we got there and I walked off the ship. I took a look around. The first most heroic statement from my mouth on that Island, “WHAT is that smell?” Well maybe not heroic but it worked. Back on Melee they were supposes to be almost done building my mansion. So I went for a walk. Inside a library was this model of a lighthouse so I thought I’d take a peek. “Can I help you?” said a voice that sounded like a cat being beaten with a sledgehammer.

“Uh… No thanks I’m just looking.”
“Well there isn’t to be much looking with out a library card young man!”
“Well can I get one?”
“Sure but I’ll need to ask you some questions.”
“Horatio T. Marley, ma’am”

She looked at me like I had said I was God or something. “Marley? Right. Really what’s your name?” “Horatio T. Marley. Governor of The Caribbean, Son of Ikabod H. Marley.” Her jaw dropped to the floor. Not many people know me old pops name. “Elli come in here for a minute you’re not going to believe who’s here!” she hollered into the back, which was a very odd thing to hear her voice at an amplified volume. Anyway a young girl with blonde hair and blue eyes emerged from the door.

“Elli this is mister Marley.” The librarian said, figuratively speaking. “As in the governor?” “That’d be me ma’am” she seemed to move forward when she talked. Well to make a long story short, what am I talking about? I’ve been talking for over two hours.
Anyway we when for a date once, twice, three times; and with a lady.

So after a month of this all. I walked through the town watching the guards being trained. Just some informant. I govern the whole Tri-Island area except for a part of Phatt, which is governed by a different governor. Anyway I was to meet her after work. I bought some flowers. I turned the corner. To see where she was but she was not there. ‘She must still be working.’ I thought hopefully. Now as I’ve said before I’m a very well mannered man.

I walked over to the door which had a huge moving neon sign on it that simply read ‘Bubba’s’ I walked in thinking it couldn’t be any worse than the SCUMM bar. I walked in and found it was a strip bar. And with my god bleepin luck who should I see dancing at the pole but Elli. I dropped the flowers to the floor. She noticed right away. I walk from that door to my ship up to the captain’s wheel without stopping once. She followed me up until the ship. She watched me leave port and the last thing I heard her say was. “I’ll change! Then we will meet again.” I have never regretted leaving that port since that day…

I went from Phatt Island to another island. I went from Island to island till I got to me home Booty Island. It had changed a lot. For instance there seemed to be a rush of silence in the crowd when I passed by. Now that could have been because I was the governor or because I had lived here and was the last living Marley and people expected me to drop dead any second. But as I was walking I saw someone whom I think I forgot to mention a while ago It was me best friend from when I was a child. Standing there with long flowing brown hair and dark green eyes.

“Daphnie? Daphnie Richards?” I hollered over the crowd. She took a glance at me and nearly dropped her basket of flowers (she was holding a basket.). “Horatio Marley it’s been some time hasn’t it.” So to spare you the boring facts (and to save me a lot of typing time) we talked for a while and I found out she wasn’t married or seeing anyone so we went out for a while. So then my mind had been made up. I’ll tell you somthin I can be as stubborn as a rock when I wanna.

Anyway I had my mind made up. I wanted to marry her (Please note that Herm- I mean Horatio’s wife’s name as well as his children’s names were never mentioned in the game seris. Thank you). So I left Booty Island promising her I’d be back. I went to an island called Merchant Isl- (Gottcha). Called Merchant’s Paradise (Nice change huh?) ANYWAY! (sorry)I decided to get the ring here (Please Note that the title has nothing to do with the actual story I just used it because it was a rip from Romancing The Stone. Thank You.) I found a huge diamond ring. It was a dark blue jewel on a platinum band. Suddenly I was aware of a rustling above me. “IF YOU BUY SHE WILL SAY…” something said. “Huh?” I said. “IF YOU BUY SHE WILL SAY…” “Tom get out of the vents we can do business fine without you creepin our customers out. I’m sorry sir you wanted the platnum right?” said the guy behind the counter. “Yes” I said. He got it out for me and with out thinkin’ I got out 2000 pieces ’o’ eight and slammed it on the counter and walked out. I sailed all the way back to Booty Island avoiding urchins and mermaids and storms and sea monsters. Well… not really I just sailed about twelve miles south and made it, but my version sounds better.

So the big night approached. Now I said before that I got some pretty bad luck when I need good luck. So anyway I was just about to leave when I hear a knock at the door. I open it up and Elli was standing there. “What do you want?” I said rudely. “Horatio don’t you recognize me?” she asked. “Yes, and I’d like you to move.” She did not move.
Instead she started blabbering on about how she was looking for me for so long. I want you to know that there was a window at the end of a farley lengthy room. I started to run around the room avoiding her, and every time I made a bolt for the door she’d stop me. So If I can’t get out one way there’s more than one way to open a door. I ran for the window I crossed my arms and shut my eyes… and I jumped. It felt like I was soaring course that could be because I was on the third floor. Anyway I landed on my feet and took off.

I ran to the beach with out stopping. I got there and she was waiting. “Look Daphnie I’m not sure how long I have to talk but I have a question for you…. Will you marry me?” I said quickly offering the ring to her “Ahhh !” I yelled running away from Elli. Daphnie yelled her answer but I couldn’t here her. I ran from Elli a good forty-five minutes. Then she got tired and I returned to Daphnie. “What did you say again?” I asked “I said Yes Horatio.”…

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