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I went there
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Chapter 2: The Treasure Of Melee

I spent two weeks on a barge on the voyage to Melee Island. When I got there I had to pass an inspection from a lookout that was going blind. I went to the SUMM bar where the Very Important Pirates were said to be. I got there and there were no pirates that looked even remotely important. I kinda wandered around for a while. I noticed a curtain and a lot of commotion going on behind it.

I walked to the curtain and saw three pirates drinking Grog and arguing about something. “ Ex.. Excuse me.” I said

“What Ye Be Wanting Boy.”
“I want To Be A Pirate”
“Well then you’ll have to pass the three trials”
“Trial by Theft”
“Trial By Sword “
“Trial by Hunt”
“Is that all?”
“uh.. Yes”
“I’ve wondered how is it you become important pirates.”
“It’s a vote based on a group of pirates the three left are approved for the position by the Governor. The Governor can disapprove of the choice and there for pick for him or herself at a assembly held at the island his or her choice.”
“Oh, Well I’d better get started then.” I said. “ Fine then off with ye”

I didn’t really know where to start. So I decided to try the Trial by Hunt. It was fairly simple. First I needed a map then a shovel. Simple enough. I heard of shop in town so I decided to take a peek there. When I got there all I saw was a guy there complaining about his job. He was a young feller mostly talked about failing the pirate trials so he was stuck with that dead end job. I just kinda picked up a shovel and walked to the counter. I paid for my purchase of course being the only remaining son of the Governor I had some money on me.

I needed a map now but had no idea were to get one. I thought of asking The Important Pirates but that thought quickly snapped out of my head when I thought of the shopkeeper. Then I though of something. What if the Trial wasn’t to dig up treasure but to bury one instead? That’s it I could find a treasure and bury it and make a map of where it’s buried and give that as proof. But I needed a Treasure first. I found a lady who was selling something she had sewn so I bought it. It seemed to be a shirt that when laid out properly looked like a T. “ I call it a T-shirt.” She informed me. I found a printing press not far off. So on the shirt I printed ‘I found The Lost Treasure Of Melee Island and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.’ It was some what of a joke to who ever found it.

I then took the shirt and ventured into the wilderness. I dug for hours and finally dropped the shirt in. Now being as old as I am I don’t even remember where that thing is to tell you the truth. I then went to the SCUMM Bar and drew up a map. When I was done I took it to the Important Pirates. “ Hmm very clever um.. What’s your name again?”
“H.T. Marley.”
“Ah another Marley eh? Well very clever Marley. We never said you had to bury a treasure but then again we never said you had to dig one up either.”
“Well I’d better get on with the other two trials.”
“So be it.”
I walked out and decided to go for the Trial by Sword Next…

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