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I went there
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I went there, I came back, I forgot, I went there again, and Iím still there.

Chapter 1: The Early Years

Hello all you people, If you got some time on your hands Iíll tell you my life story. Oh wait how rude of me let me introduce myself, my name is Horatio T. Marley. Anyway as far back as I can remember is about when I was five. I grew up on Booty Island in a mansion. My father was the Governor as was his father and his fatherís father who got the job to begin with, but thatís another story. I had a pretty normal childhood and adolescence for that matter.

In my childhood I spent a lot of time playing in a tree house my dad built. Oh boy my brother and I would walk up those stairs and play like we were a in a group of spies. Heh heh ah the good times. But then the tragedy happened. My brother Hernandez and I were up in the tree house one day. Our mother called us for lunch. So we walked down the stairs this one step I skipped because I was just that happy at the time.

But Hernandez was not as happy. He stepped on that step and it broke out from under him. He fell helplessly downward he hit his head on a root sticking up from the ground. I got down as fast as I could. He was bleeding from his head. There were no adults around at the time so I picked up Hernandez and carried him to the house. Though he was heavy I would not give up on him I wanted to see the sun come up in the morning when I woke from sleeping in that tree with him there. I got to the house luckily my mother was outside she saw me coming and called for Father. We rushed Hernandez to the doctor. But it was too late Hernandez J. Marley was dead.

The next week we had a funeral for Hernandez. It was the first time in my life Iíve seen so much black. The whole Family was shaken by the tragedy. Especially Father, he was so shaken he took every single stair out of the tree leaving only holes. ďNo one shall ever be cursed by this #$@! Tree,Ē he said he was pretty mad you know. In fact I now remember leaving a bunch of paper up there. I never went back to the tree after that day. I donít even know what happened to it to tell you the truth.

In my adolescence I liked to compete in spit contests. Gross huh? For a while I would shoot the cannon when the mail would come. It was a pretty steady job but it was too loud for my taste. So I guess I liked going to the parties they would have. That was fun. Playing pranks on the costume shopkeeper was fun but only at certain times. Sometimes it wasnít funny. Like the time I left a dress on one of the hangers. He registered it as a new costume.

Finally when I was twenty years old I took the first boat out to Melee Island. I was to go see the Very Important Pirates and Become a Pirate....

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