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I went there
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“You’ll be surprised at where the road will take you”
-B. Baggins

Chapter 6: The Journey Ahead

From where we last left off to where I’m gonna start is all just rambling unimportant stuff. Basically my boy married Jennifer and had a child who they named Elaine. And then we got in an argument and I barely saw them except for when they were mooching money off me. But I saw little Elaine almost all the time. Oh and my daughter Elli went rouge and as far as I know she is a tavern waitress on some island I’ve never heard of. So anyway, that sums that up.

Now, I was about ready to retire as mayor of Melee. By this time I was getting into my late forty’s and my granddaughter was almost seventeen (Don’t bother with the math it’s probably wrong). So I announced her as apprentice mayor. Of course, Zack and Jennifer were outraged and had to make a scene to which the guards kindly escorted them out. For a couple of months I stayed on Melee but my heart as a pirate yearned for the open sea. So I began gatherin’ a crew.

I was at the SCUMM Bar almost every night looking for able pirates. Finally I found some. Only three but enough to run a ship: Rum Rogers my first mate, Rapp Scallion the cook, and Young Lindey the cabin boy. I was setting off for high adventures. I purchased a boat from the docks and we set off a week later. I still remember waving back at the crowded docks to Elaine and my wife Daphnie. Little did I know that it would be the last time that Horatio T. Marley was seen on Melee Island.

We had many adventures, too many to recap them all. So I’ll stick with the Ultimate Insult and Big Whoop. On Booty Island during a shore leave in a tavern. I learned while drinking immense amounts of grog that a mysterious fog had appeared near an island.
“Which island?” I asked.

“That’s the thing! I don’t got a name. But it has somethin ta do with ‘n ancient tribe that invented a weapon for some sorta civil wor.”

“Really! Sounds interesting. Do you know where this island is?”

“Sail due east for about three weeks ‘n’ then follow the fog due north.” So I gathered my crew up and headed out after replenishing our supplies. About four weeks later we reached the island. We left Young Lindey onboard to manage the ship. Besides the boy was shakin out of his skivvies. We came to a cave close to the center of the island. It sloped down on the inside. We all started the decent after lighting the lamp. It didn’t delve too deep. At the very back was a large doorway cracked ajar. Inside were walls covered with hieroglyphics

“Cap’n can you read these?” Rapp asked.

“Yes, sort of. It says this island bore people who went to war against each other. They gave birth to an ultimate weapon known as the Ultimate Insult. It’s a voodoo talisman of unspeakable evil that withers the moral of one’s own soul. All components were destroyed. The next is unreadable then the ingredients to make one are a silver monkey head, a bronze pirate hat, and a golden man. It also says that only proof of leadership will activate it.” Afterward we left.

We went back to Booty Island. We found a Voodoo specialist. He put a spell on some earrings, a pen with a chain, and a necklace. They were somehow connected to the figurehead on my ship, which I had someone sail back to Melee. I also gave the person an order to get a painter to paint a map of Jambalaya Island. But the night before it’s departure, Rum Rodgers in a drunken haze painted the entire ship pink for some reason. Well, anyway, I bought another ship and put a bunch of junk inside a chest with the items that had the spell on them. I took the chest to Lucre Island and deposited them inside a safe deposit box. I wrote a note to Elaine for them to be taken out after marriage. I left and went on adventuring.

And that’s my tale of the Ultimate Insult.

Later on down the road, four or five years to be exact. My crew and I set off to Blood Island for some shore leave. While there we heard of a great treasure. “It’s supposed to be almost impossible to find. Only a crazy man would go after it.”

“Well I think I am crazy enough to run through the dangerous.”

“And jus’ oo ar you?”

“H.T. Marley”

“H.T. Marley?” the barkeep asked.

“Yes why?”

“I’ve got a letter ‘bout a month old for a H.T. Marley.” I took the letter and opened it. I recognized the writing at once it was from Elaine. She’d always write me and send it to an island that she thought I’d be coming to soon. I read the letter it said:

Dear Grandpa Marley,
A lot’s been going on. A week ago some creep named LeChuck was trying to ‘come-on’ to me. I told him to take long walk off a short pier. Just like you told me. Then he sailed out. He might be heading in your general direction so be careful. More importantly Grandma is really sick. The doctors don’t know what’s wrong with her. She only has a week to live. If you get this letter come quickly.

That was it, no signature just come quickly. I knew that she was dead. I cried for a long time. For the first time ever I felt totally helpless. I went for a walk. On my walk, I saw a shadow in the distance. It was a big burley pirate. I wanted to let off some steam. He turned around to find my sword. “What’s your name boy?”

“LeChuck, sir.”

“LeChuck? Hmm I think I profiled a LeChuck a while back. I know it’s a nickname. Oh yes, your Charles Threepwood aren’t you?”

“Don’t group me with those ingrates. I hate the Threepwoods and all that make them up. True, I was one but that is a dying past,” He spat.

“Threepwood or not you still came after my granddaughter. Now I’ll tell you this once and only once: You stay away from Elaine. Or this sword is your future.” I walked away back to the tavern. I was steaming mad. The same guy was there. “You, what was this treasure’s name?”

“Big Whoop. You’ll need a map to Dinky Island though.”

“Fine with me.” I went back to my ship. Everyone was standing outside. “Men! Get ready to set sail at dawn.”

“Sir, where to?” Young Lindey asked

“To Dinky Island,” I replied. Rum Rodgers was sent back into town for supplies. I then remember waking around two or three in the morn’ to find Rodgers coming back drunk. We picked up a map from a cartographer on Blood Island. It wasn’t that hard to come by. He was the only one left on the island who believed in it. At dawn we set sail. During the whole trip, we all got the feeling we were being followed. In fact, we saw a ship in the distance a couple times.

When we got there another ship had been pulled to the shore as well. We followed the map to find the ‘X’. It was on a door that was open. We rode a lift down and found we were in a hallway. We followed it to another open door. First the boat then these doors. We thought we were still on Dinky but we weren’t in fact we had some how ended up at almost the opposite end of the Caribbean. We wondered around the island some finding nothing interesting because it was uninhabited 'cept for a three-headed monkey, which was just weird. We came to a monkey head that had its mouth open.

We followed a path down into the ground. The walls themselves moaned and groaned and screamed as if in pain. They were covered with eyes and organs. Nothing could have prepared us for hell. As the path flattened we could see a glow ahead in the next room. When we entered a shadow emerged on the wall. “I know that shadow! But, no, he couldn’t be… here,” I said more to myself. As we approached my horrors were true. There he was standing in front of Big Whoop. LeChuck…

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