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I went there
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“Who said anything about kids?”

Chapter 5: A Kid In Marley’s Mansion

To sum up what I can’t remember to a point I got married and we went on our honeymoon and had children. We had two children Zack and Elli. They seemed to live a good life. Not a lot of action. I trained my boy to be a fine pirate. He seemed to be pretty good at it. Then it happened. I got a job to go out to Scabb Island and take care of a troublemaker. Now I know Scabb aint got any laws but there is a breaking point on the scale when something has to be done.

My boy begged me to have him come with. He was so thrilled about it that I finally gave in and let him come with. He was so excited to come with me on the job. It really made me proud. Got me right here to see that twinkle in his eye. Kinda reminded me of myself when dad used to take me on his ship. Anyway when we ported at Scabb I told him “Son if things get bad you come right back here.”

So we started looking. In the town there were defiantly places that were touched by this guy. Well touched is an understatement. Scorched, vandalized, and stained with human blood is more like it. Well anyway we searched high and low for him. We didn’t find him. All we found was a brittle young girl in the swamp. Well I offered to take her back to Melee and she could stay with us until she got situated. My boy and this girl, Jennifer was her name I think, seemed to argue a lot. “What’ll it hurt?” I said, “It’ll be good for him to have someone his own age to talk to.” Oh if only… If only… But I’ll get into that later.

Anyway sat there in the port wondering where to go. When it was my boy who finally came up with the idea of checking the port log. Apparently he had left four days before we had gotten there and was now residing on Jumblya Island. “Oh Bloody ‘ell not ‘umblya no one goes there with out gettin’ killed or ‘lest seriously wounded” said my first mate.

“We will go there anyway. We set out here and we aint stopping till we get there. But first who’s up for some shore leave at Blood Island?” I said. “Yeah” they all said in chorus. The lass Jennifer cooked for us I think it added a touch we didn’t have before. Though the eggs could have been better, and the toast shouldn’t have been burn… to a crisp, the bacon was cold too but at least we ate, barely. Anyway we got there and had a free dinner thanks to my political status, and a quick slip of a bill into someone’s pocket. I saw my boy and the lass sitting looking at the stars. My boy was a tall boy he had his mother’s hair, blondish-brown, but he had my eyes, hazel, He was about 15 if I remember right.

This Jennifer had brown hair and blue eyes she was bout the same age, funny never thought of that till now, oh well what’s done is done. Well I decided to give them their privacy. I remember leavin’ them out there and ten minutes later there was a lot of yellin. Next morn we set off towards Jumblya Island. They demanded a fight when we got there. “MAN THE CANNONS. Get the lass below deck! MAN THE STARBOARD BOW.” I commanded. They came we gave, simple as that.

We kept them at bay until they raised the white flag and Zack put the Liberation Flag as I call it up and sent them home. I cornered the man on the top of a cliff. My sword was drawn so was his. He thrusted I dodged. Steel clashed for a good thirty minutes. Then I knocked his concentration off and his sword fell off the cliff. It’s amazing what a “What Is That?!” would do back then. To be honest that was exaggerated we actually got him on the beach when he was goin toward Knuttin’ Atoll.

So then I go up to him and say real informative “Sir you have been charged 1 form of Kidnapping with 2 forms of Assault, 3 forms of Murder, 6 forms of attempted Murder, 14 forms of Arson, and 18 forms of Streaking.” So we cuffed him and sent him away to Lucre Island. We got back and, of course, my wife had a fit about Jennifer.

But after I convinced her that it was only for a little while she calmed down. She slept in a spare bedroom for along time. She seemed to take the fancy of my boy but every time they got close both walked away steaming mad at each other. They didn’t argue all the time just every now and then. She seemed to get used to the job of maid in the mansion. I’d go on trips from time to time and she’d care for the house. She’d help my wife and Elli with the laundry and meals.

So one Saturday I looked around at where my life was. A beautiful mansion, I was with the most beautiful woman ever, I was the leader of the tri-island area, two kids, and a maid to boot. Life was good. It was definitely the peek of my life. But for all uphill slopes there are downhill slopes. Mine was soon to come…

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