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The Uncovering of Monkey Island
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Chapter Four: The Morning After

The first feeling Captain Marley experienced as he tried to open his eyes, was the blinding headache that tore through one side of his head to the other. His fingers twitched gently over what was to be felt like...Sand?
Slowly sitting upright on his knees, he tried to open his eyes. They were sore and itchy, he felt like he had the worst hangover ever.
"Captain?.." Uttered a soft, weak and strained voice next to him on his right hand side. He recognised it to be young Lindys.
Marley slowly opened his eyes, but the glaring hot sun made him wince back and shield his face.
"We're alive?" Horatio muttered, questioning his loyal cabin boy.
"Yes sir...It also seems that Rapp and Rogers are with us too." The young lad was struggling as much as his captain, yet he seemed to be managing to open his eyes a little better.
"...And the ship?" Marley turned his head to the direction from where Rapp was calling from.
"She's here with us too! The bow is damaged though, Cap'n." Rapp started crawling over to them, landing next to them in a heap, leaning on his side.
Rogers was flat on his back, staring up at the sky in confusion "What happened...To..LeChuck?" Rum lingered on his words as though he had already forgotton that the competetive ship was following them close behind; just as they had spotted the whirlpool.
Marley manage to crack open an eye to look towards where Lindy seemed to be pointing. On the east side of what seemed to be a rockery, lay the remains of the Death Starfish.
Marley blinked again and his fuzzy vision started to haze back into clearness. Makimg out a small figure propped up against the rocks. It was short in stature and looking...Quite..Dead?
Horatio staggered to his feet, his boots already filling with sand as he dragged his weakened body over to the rockery. There, he could see the figure more clearly, it was LaGrande.
Marley waited for a few moments then gently kicked at the still body, only to feel a hand grab at his boot and trip him up back onto the sand on his butt.
"W-what in the darn blazes!!" Marley stuttered, leaning back on his elbows and scowling at the now re-animated figure. "I thought you were dead!"
"Heh..You thought wrong.." LaGrande replied weakly. "I have every reason to kill you right now, but as far as odds go, I'm outnumbered..." LaGrande wheezed and coughed a few times before opening his eyes.
"Where's your captain?" Marley started to rise to his knees again. "I guess he didn't make it..Right?." His
tone was a little remorseful, but Largo raised a hand as if to dismiss it.

"He's alive alright." He spat to the side of him, wiping grains of sand away from his lips. "I seemed to be the first one to come around. Everyone else was too exhausted to move...Except for that backstabbing, low-life, son of a..." He turned to Marley and gave him a sarcastic grin. "Do you really think that sly ol' dog would just wait around for anyone? He's been gone at least half and hour now."
Marley's eyes grew wider in suspense as he started to realise where the rest of this tale was heading. Holding onto a nearby rock for support, he called over to the rest of his crew.
"C'mon you lot! We've got to find that treasure before LeChuck gets his stinkin' paws on it!" He turned back to LaGrande. "You can repair ships can't you?"
Largo began to chuckle loudly and cynically. "You useless old fool! Look behind you, everything is driftwood!"
Marley had no time to play games, he snapped back at LaGrande. "Ijit! Our ship is mostly intact except for the bow, find as much 'driftwood' as you can and start patchin' her up!"
LaGrande hated to be ordered about, he had enough of that from his own captain. He didn't have to take orders from someone he didn't work for.
"Or what?" He spat at Marley, his sneer turning into a vicious grin.
"Or! You don't get off this island alive!" Marley glared down at Largo with contempt, pointing over to his good ship, Elaine.
"Maybe for a fair share of that treasure, I may..." Largo began to get to his feet too, stumbling some as he straightened his back.
"Very well...A fair share of the treasure. Now get to it!" Marley turned quickly to face his crew, beckoning them over to the middle of the beach. LaGrande grumbled obscenities under his breath at the captain. Besides being ordered about; He also hated someone having the upper hand over him too.

"Well, Cap'n..." Rum started, his hands on the small on his back, cracking it back into a more comfortable posture. "Where do we start?"
Marley lumbered over the sands to the centre of his crew, still wincing away from the sunlight. "First of all, who has the map?"
Lindy raised his hand and smiled brightly. "I do, Sir! I shoved it into my pocket before the storm started!"
Marley exchanged the plesantries. "Very good, lets take a look then."
As Lindy reached into his pocket, he pulled out the crumped, tattered map and unfolded it carefully.Holding it flat out for everyone to see.
Marley pondered for a few and looked out towards the dense jungle that outlined the golden beach. If he wasn't mistaken, he could also make out where branches seemed to have been hacked away by a Machete or Cutlass.
"Hmm, well...Wherever LeChuck is headed. He seems to be going North." He looked at the map and pointed to a coastline that was very similar to the one they were standing on. "We must be here...Right Rapp?"
Rapp gazed up from the map with a blank expression. "Yes sir?"

"We have a compass, don't we?" Marley squinted through one eye, scoping him out, questionably.
"Ayeaye Cap'n! That we do!" He returned a toothy smile then pulled out a compass from a chain that fed out from his breast jacket pocket.
"Okay then..." Marley started to trace his fingertip along the map from the beach they were directly standing apon.
"We head in a North-Easterly direction until we hit this clearing...Right about...Here!" He tapped his finger lightly over the spot where the clearing was. "From there, we'll work out the route easily to that big cross in no time!" Marley looked up to find his crew looking surprisingly excited for once. He almost felt overjoyed at this prospect. They had all looked so sullen and downhearted about this whole expedition since they had left Melee'.
"Then...Big Whoop is ours!" Shouted Lindy in joyous determination.
"I'll go fetch the supplies, sir!" Rum insisted, heading back to the beached ship behind him.
"Good, then we can finally make a start." Marley looked towards the jungle again. How did LeChuck expect to dig up Big Whoop without any tools whatsoever? He twitched his mousey-brown moustache in thought, his hands resting on his sides.
He'll defenatly attempt an ambush once he realises that it'll be something he has to dig up...But even LeChuck isn't stupid enough to set out there without supplies, is he?

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