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The Uncovering of Monkey Island
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Chapter Three: The Eye of the Storm.

It hadn't long gone turned four in the morning when Captain Marley was hauling his luggage along with him to Melee's port. Setting it down by the jetty beside him, he looked up to his ship and gazed upon it with a loving smile. She had never let him down in an adventure yet, she was a floating fortress and it would take the roughest storm to even scratch the hull. She was also named Elaine.
Beside her and darkening her radiant glory was LeChuck's beast of a ship; The Death Starfish. A vessel capable of inflicting the worst damage to his Elaine. It towered above her, a great, hulking beast that suited its master. This was LeChuck's trade for the heart of the woman he betrayed back on Blood Island.
"Ahoy there Cap'n!!" Boomed a familiar voice up from it's deck, he was glaring down at him with a mischievious glint in his eyes. his attire flapped violently against the early morning breeze and he was leaning over the bow; waving down at him.
"Good morning LeChuck.." Horatio groaned and shook his head as he started to embark Elaine's deck, hoisting himself up by the ropes and throwing his luggage on top.
"I see's yer up early!!" Marley didn't answer him as he clambered on board. patting and rubbing down his pants as he got to his feet.
"What's wrong?? Are you not looking forward to 'r new perilous journey?" LeChuck never stopped smiling that godawful grin. It was starting to creep Horatio out.
Young Lindy was below deck with Rum Rogers, planning out their direct course to Dinky Island. They had been on board since the early hours of the morning, although they gathered by the similar squabble up above that LeChuck must have been on board his ship all night. They looked at each other knowingly then started to match the Tri-Island area charts with the map they had of Dinky Island.
Rapp entered the small cabin with a few hot drinks. "Never mind, Eh, lads? We might lose him out at sea." Rum chuckled heartily while Lindy scowled at him; His concentration was nearly broken by his own laughter.
Rum gave Lindy a reasurring pat on the back then got to his feet and headed upstairs on deck.
"Everythings due on course, Cap'n. We'll just be waiting on you now."
Marley called out to his on-hand crew who were above deck with him, hoistering up the anchor and beggining to man the sails.
LeChuck seemed to be making quicker work of this himself on his own ship. He and Largo were barking out orders to their own crew, most of them looked forced and terrified of their own captain. Glancing over; Horatio couldn't help but feel a little sorry for the slave-driven buccaneers.
Above the masts, Marley's lookout in the crow's nest gave the all clear to leave the dock. He spun the ship's wheel around and disembarked away from the jetty. It wasn't until they were over five-hundred feet out into open sea when the Death Starfish set sail and began to follow.

It was Rum Rogers who decided that Captain Marley should be taking a break from the wheel. He was beginning to look listful and weather-bitten. When Rum came apon deck earlier, he was told by the captain that he didn't need a rest just yet. That was several hours ago. At least five had passed since they had left the coast of Melee. Rum couldn't understand it, he was guessing LeChuck was already sat with his feet up in his cabin while LaGrande and his other lackeys were taking care of the ship.
Rogers smiled awkwardly at his captain. "Sir, be sure to get some rest when possible. You'll be in much need when we hit rougher seas."
Marley simply shrugged it off and asked if he was still sailing on the correct route. Rum nodded in agreement and decided to take a walk down to the hold to check on supplies.

Meanwhile on the Death Starfish, much to Rogers' misjudgement. LeChuck was still at the wheel before he decided to finally take a break. Largo took over for him while he went below deck to relax and as he lay back in his chair, he poured himself a mug of Grog from a keg; propped up against the desk. Then began to ponder over the map of the Tri-Island area.
How do they even know where Dinky's destination lies? This is completly frivolous. We have a better chance at finding Monkey Island at this rate.

It wasn't before long that the captain started to fall asleep in his chair, the sound of heavy rain above deck fell down at torrential rate, hammering off the wooden boards like tiny pellrts. The sound was almost comforting, besides. He didn't fancy getting wet, it would mean he would have to take a bath afterwards.
Captain Marley was struggling to keep control of Elaine, the harsh current of the sea was forcing him to use up all his energy into keeping her on track. The heavy rain pelted off his face and body, making him grimice in effort and strain to keep his own balance on deck with his own two feet. Rogers slowly made his way to the captain, clinging onto the ropes that supported the masts.
"Pull them up!!" He shouted to his other crew-members, they immedietly began pulling at the ropes, strain and sweat covered their faces as the rain pressed down harder onto them.
"How far out are we now?" Marley cried out to his first mate.
"It seems we're coming into the middle of the Tri-Islands! Booty, Phatt and Scabb!!"
Marley's eyes grew wide in shock. "Giddy Kipper!! We'll be headed straight into the eye of the storm!!"
Rogers called up to the navigator up in the crows' nest. "Sound out the alarm!!!"

LeChuck suddenly shot up out of his sleep and clutched onto the sides of the chair as he heard the faint ringing of Elaine's warning bell in the distance. The sea was definatly rough, he held onto the sides of the cabin as he scrambled his way up to the deck.
"Largo!! What's going on?!" It had now been proven that it was best to leave sleeping monsters lie.
"Cap'n!! That idiot Marley has lead us straight into a storm!" LaGrande was struggling himself to keep the wheel straight, his stunted build was no match for the raging current of the sea. The wheel seemed to be dragging his weight around like a rag doll.
LeChuck growled under his breath and made his way up to the stern. Apon approaching the wheel, he shoved Largo aside. Knocking him over, his body flew across the deck like a weight on a shuffleboard. Largo hit the side of the ship in a crumpled heap.
"This is no time to rest, Largo!! Draw those masts up, NOW!" Lechuck spat at him, his voice filled with anger and dread.

Captain Marley was holding onto the wheel with Rogers. The ship was twisting and turning in all directions, it was difficult to keep it under control. They tried to hold her in a North-Easterly direction. If they could turn her around enough, they just might manage to avoid the eye completly and head for calmer seas closer to Phatt Island.
"Cap'n!!!" The navigator above screamed in terror.
Marley looked out in front of him, his face turned completly white as his grip loosed around the wheel.

"Cap'n!!" LeChuck's navigator cried aloud out above the masts of the Death Starfish, ringing out the alarm as loud and hard as he could.
LeChuck frowned and grit down on his teeth as the wheel turned backwards and forwards in protest to his strength and will. He looked out from the stern, his eyes growing wider in anguish as he saw the oncoming danger..
Largo covered his head with his arms and sank to his knees in front of his captain, shivering and quaking all over like an abandoned puppy.
"Sir!! We're headed straight for a whirlpool!!"

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