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The Uncovering of Monkey Island
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Chapter Two: Dinner at the Govenors mansion

Horatio Marley paced around the dining room, his attention shifting nervously and occasionally from the grand clock in the hallway to the gardens outside. It was getting close to quarter past eight, everything was ready and set up by himself and Elaine. He had told her earlier that morning that they would be having guests around for dinner.
She didn't seem to question who would be coming around at all. Her Grandfather always had guests around for important meetings.
Elaine brushed past him casually and began to set out the wine glasses and cutlery. Horatio glanced up to find his Granddaughter wearing her best dinner-dress. It was a maroon-coloured gown that trailed across the floor and was decorated with a maroon and gold-lined corset. Lace patterned, flimsy sleeves almost covered her hands as she pulled them up now and again as she set out the table.
Her hair seemed to float in front of her face even though with the help of some bobbypins holding it back onto the top of her head; Didnt stop her from blowing it out of her face from time to time.
A few moments later, there was a loud knock at the door. Elaine lifted her head up and smiled. Sometimes the guests of her Grandfathers were quite friendly and entertaining.
"They're here Grandpa." She said cheerfully.
Marley froze on the spot for a few seconds, clearing his throat and brushing down his best formal-wear as he started to walk to the door.
Lifting up the latch and opening it slowly, he found all his crew members to be sober and dressed for the occasion. Young Lindy was the first to enter with a short stemmed-rose for Elaine. He smiled and bowed before her, before handing her the rose.
"Thank you, Lindy." She smiled and took the rose from him and placed it into a small glass vase on the middle of the table.
Then Rapp Scallion and Rum Rogers exchanged their greetings with the two hosts and hung their coats from the stand beside the door. Elaine showed them to their places as she gave her pardons to fetch dinner from the kitchen.
Just as Marley was about to close the door behind him, a foot blocked its way between the hinges.
Horatio was slightly puzzed at the sudden rebound of the door that hit him in the back of the head and turned around to find the forth guest leaning against the porch.
"Ah, d-do come in captain.." He stuttered slightly and blinked away the pain, rubbing the back of his head lightly and opening the door for his guest as he seemed to barge in like a great, hulking rottweiler.
"I see I came by just in time." Replied LeChuck in his usual mocking manner. Shutting the door behind him and leering over the table before he decided to seat himself next to young Lindy.
Horatio groaned inaudibly, seating himself at the foot of the table as he and his crew exchanged uncomfortable glances at one another.
"So!" LeChuck's booming voice cut through the silence like a knife "Where will you and your crew be headed out to?"
Rogers looked awfully suspicious in his actions, he squirmed in his seat like a baited worm, a light sweat beading out above his brow. If LeChuck were to spill the beans on him...Then...
But it was Rapp who started to fiddle around with his fork nervously and clumsily. Not looking up from the table. "Dinky Island..."
"Never heard of it." LeChuck narrowed his eyes slightly, eyeing up the cook in slight disbelief.
"It's not on any map of the Tri-Island area.." Lindy finished for him
"That's why we'll be treating this as more of an expedition..." Marley cut in, coughing slightly and straightening his posture.
"I...See." LeChuck knew where the conversation was heading. Yet, he kept his quiet and thoughtful manner for now.
This was most reassuring to the rest of the crew, it also bought them a little time to change subjects.

Rum Rogers toyed with his empty wine glass and decided to pull out a bottle of fine vintage wine from under his shirt, looking over towards the kitchen door to make sure Elaine didn't spot his sneaky, little drinking problem.
Moments later, Elaine entered the dining room again with a full bowl of broth, she almost tipped it all over the floor as she lifted her head up to find LeChuck sat at her table. Biting her lip in annoyance, she glared unforgivingly at her Grandfather and set the bowl down. Marley caught the daggers from her eyes and squirmed back against his seat.
"Ah! Elaine Marley, it be a pleasure to see ye again." LeChuck rose from his seat, scraping the chair back agaisnt the floorboards like rough fingernails down a blackboard.
"It's okay captain, if you sit back down I'll be serving starters now..." There was an almost panicky tone in her voice as she started to move back a few steps towards her Grandfather.
LeChuck either didn't hear her or he just outwardly ignored her request. He came around in front of her and took her hand, kissing it firmly and rubbing it softly...
"I've wondered how you've been fairing for the past month. Why, I was only asking yer Grandpa last night on how you were." He wouldnt stop grinning up at her, she finched back some and pulled her hand away.
"I-I've been washing my hair?" She tried to smile back through clentched teeth, young Lindy however was watching this piece of drama with wide-eyed awe.
"Aye, but lass. Ye can't be doing that forever." He chuckled softly and took another advancing step towards her.
"I...ha-have dinner to make!" With that, she turned away and briskfully walked to the kitchen. Closing the door behind her.
LeChuck stood dumbfounded for a moment, a glum, sad expression crossed his rugged face.
Rapp coughed quietly against the back of his hand and the pirate seemed to instantly snap out of his despair. Turning towards the bowl of soup and grabbing his own bowl, filling it to the brim with the ladle.

"Hahar...This sure looks like Good Soup, Rogers! Don't you think?" Rogers looked up at LeChuck with distaste. To make crude humour about his antics on Blood Island was way below the belt.
LeChuck didn't seem to notice Roger's disgust and continued on with his conversation.
"What's on Dinky Island?" He muttered through bites of breadroll which he was dipping it into the broth.
"Well.." Rum Rogers began pouring out the wine, studying the measures in the glasses. His own had slightly more than the others. "We're not altogether sure...But it could be Big Whoop."
LeChuck nearly choked on a mouthful of breadroll. "Impossible! that 'treasure' is supposedly connected with Monkey Island somehow. And we all know that no sailor has ever returned from there to tell it's tale."

Marley looked up sombrely. "Aye, but Dinky Island doesn't seem to be connected with Monkey Island as of yet...That's why we shall be sailing there first. Besides, there's no map on how to get to Monkey Island."
LeChuck tore more mouthfuls from his breadroll, lifting up his glass of wine and gulping it down to wash it away. "What be the treasure of Big Whoop?"
Rapp burped heartily and shook his head absent-mindedly. "Noone knows, it could be something truely amazing or something truly disasterous."
"I'll make ya's a deal..." LeChuck started.
"No deal! We have the map and we don't feel like sharing." Lindy finished.
LeChuck chewed the last of his bread and stormed over at poor Lindy who was now cowering in his seat. His advances were stopped short by the sound of the kitchen door reopening.

Elaine walked back into the room, her face drawn and worried, she had been listening in by the door.
"I really don't want you to go, Grandpa..." She uttered through trembling lips.
"At least hear me out first, Captain!" LeChuck cut her off almost instantly, his eyes transfixed apon Marley's own eyes, which now reflected confusion and anxiety.
"Dear, will you please see to dinner...?" He didn't take his eyes from LeChuck's who was now overwhelming him with his sheer size and attitude.
"Yes, Grandfather.." She sighed hopelessly and closed the door behind her on the way to the kitchen.
"What IS your deal?"
"Let me at least sail alongside you to Dinky Island, there...We can split up our own ways and search for the treasure ourselves." His serious gaze began to gleam with a cunning light. "He who finds first...You know the rest."
Lindy sat upright in his chair again, he didn't like the way this was sounding at all. "You can't trust him! He'll kill us all off as soon as we leave port!"
Marley held up his hand to silence Lindy as he began to consider the pros and cons of the situation. What was Big Whoop? It certainly must be perilous to obtain it. What if the treasure was booby-trapped? LeChuck obviously didn't have the brains to consider this himself. He was just running off pure-greed.
Marley nodded cautiously. "Okay...But as soon as we hit the shore of Dinky Island, you're on your own..."
LeChuck laughed aloud, clapping his hands together contently in sheer delight.

From the kitchen, Elaine's ear was pressed tightly to the door, she couldn't believe they were all going through with this. Her Grandfather's determination spurred on even more by the determination of LeChuck's. She clentched her fists tightly. She hated LeChuck even more. Especially if she were to lose her Grandfather through his follies.
The other three crew members sighed disheartendly and shook their heads. Rapp was the first to rise from his seat.
"Well, may the best man win." Glancing from LeChuck to Horatio. He slid the chair back under the table and grabbed his comrades coats from the stand.
Lindy pulled out too, giving his captain a disgusted look as he turned towards the door, still shaking his head.
Rum staggered to his feet and tipped his hat cynically at his captain; Then downing the rest of his wine quickly. "See you in port tomorrow, Cap'n!"
Moments later, the front door was closed behind them and the dining room fell silent.
"Heheh...Yer in a no-win situation after all, Marley..." LeChuck's comments seemed to now irritate the Govenor as he mocked him blantently with his proud expression.
"Yesyes...Now if you dont mind, I shall be going to bed. My granddaughter will see you out. Goodnight." As the captain rose from his seat, anyone could see that a terrible weight was clouding his mind. LeChuck watched him with a sneer as he climbed up the stairs and opened the bedroom door; Closing it behind him and leaving him in silence once again.

The kitchen door opened slowly and Elaine sadly poked her head out to see if everyone had left. There sat on the table, his back to her and pouring himself another glass of wine was LeChuck. She narrowed her eyes in contempt at him. If she could get away with plunging a knife straight into his back, she would.
"I think it's about time you left, LeChuck.." She sounded shy and sheepish as she said this, arguing with him would only make the night much worse than it was.
"Hm?" He turned around slightly, his sinister expression leaving his face and now glowing in admiration. "Elaine, I think this is the right time for a celebration. Dontcha think?" He poured out another glass of wine, beckoning her over with it.
She decided not to act rude, but instead; Politly ask the pirate to leave. She was angry beyond words, but it was easy for her to disguise her emotions at times. Training to be the next Governor helped her skills in that sense. She slowly made her way over to the table, looking down at the glass of wine then looking back up into the selfish eyes of the captain.
"I hope you're pleased with yourself." She held her anger back again, the blood-red colour of the wine seemed to have all the attraction of a matador's red cape to a bull.
"Of course I am! Don't you see? I'll find the treasure of Big Whoop and come back a wealthy man. We can both get married and we'll never have to worry about anything ever again." He smiled happily behind the glass, Not taking his sly, dark eyes from Elaine.
"How can you say that?? What if something happens to Grandpa?!" Her voice started to waver between anger and sorrow.
LeChuck blinked a little at her response, setting the glass down again. "What about him? We'll be set up for life."
Elaine was furious, she pointed straight at the door. "Get out LeChuck! I don't want to see you around here ever again!"
The captain looked somewhat hurt by her comments. Instead, he offered her the glass of wine he had poured out for her. "But I want to marry you.."
"GET OUT!!" Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were full of burning hatred. All the shades of maroon she was wearing matched her all over.
"Alright, I'll prove my love to you by coming back alive with that treasure!" He jumped off the table and placed his hands on her shoulders, ready to plant her a kiss on the lips.
Instead she pushed him back and threatened to unleash her pirahna poodles onto him. He started to back up towards the door, opening it from behind him. Sometimes, the wrath of his pirate princess even scared him at times.
"I'll come back alive for ye! I promise!"
Elaine couldn't hold her anger back any longer and picked up the glass of wine from the table, launching it straight at his head. He ducked under the shards of flying glass just in time.
"I NEVER want to see you again!! Are you stupid or just plain ignorant?!! JUST DROP DEAD LECHUCK!!"
He didn't want to stick around any longer, instead he shot out of the door before he was hit with soup ladles or even worse.
Out on the porch he looked at the ground and frowned.
I'll find all the secrets of the Tri-Island area, then you'll realise everything I've done for you.I'll prove my worth. Even if I have to go through hell and back.

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