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The Uncovering of Monkey Island
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Chapter One: A Disturbance between Parties

"Grandpa!! Is father right? Are you gonna be heading out to sea again soon?" The tone in the young girls' voice faultered a little as she ran downstairs, her red hair bouncing from the tops of her shoulders. She looked mildly distressed and the way she hurried down the steps; empthasised this.
"Yes. M'dear...Our crew has finally found the map to the location of the fabled - Big Whoop!" The middle-aged man chuckled warmly as he hugged his slightly worried Granddaughter. "Not to worry though, we have the best crew thats ever sailed the Tri-Island area. We'll be fine." He smiled confidently at her.
"Is...He going with you?" She frowned.
"Who?" The old man quizzed, rubbing his head thoughtfully.
The girl shrugged her own question off and gave her Grandfather another reassuring hug.
"Don't worry too much about it, Elaine. Soon, we'll be back with the most lucretive treasure of all! Your Granddaddy will be one of the most famous men to ever sail the seven seas and your future will be stable as the next govenor of Melee' Island." He petted his Granddaughter's hair as he picked up his hat from the table. "Now, I must arrange plans...I shant be too late, get some good rest." With that, he tipped his hat forwards slightly and left through the front door.
Elaine sat herself down on the table and looked thoughtfully at the closing door until it shut gently against the locks.
I don't trust that pest of a pirate as far as I could throw him, be careful Grandpa...

On entering the burly-esque atmosphere of the Scumm Bar, Captain Marley noticed that most of his crew members were scattered around the joint like drunkard flies.
His youngest comrade. The cabin-boy; Lindy, was gallovanting around the local wenches in the corner as though his hormones had taken too many hits of caffiene.
Rapp Scallion, the ships cook , was tiltering back on his seat with a Grog in hand while talking away with Rum Rogers, the first mate.
Marley sighed to himself and gazed his eyes apon another table; Where another pirate; Who looked suprisingly sober amiss the empty mugs of Grog that were spewn across his table. Sat contemplating his drink. He wasn't part of the crew, but Marley considered him an aquaintance nethertheless. Although this pirate had a reputation for being bloodthirsty; He never seemed to show any hostility towards him.
Marley couldn't quite work out why the pirate captain had such a lighthearted presence around him. But he supposed that he should be cautious around him anyway. He didn't want to be giving out any secrets just yet, but looking back to his crew. He felt that any secrets he had, would probably soon to be given away anyhow.

"Ahh! Cap'n Marley, I presume!" The sadistic-looking pirate crooned from his table. Motioning him over with his hand in the air, inviting him over warmly.
"Eh, greetings Captain LeChuck..." Marley replied half-heartedly as he worked his way past the other drunken customers.
He finally sat himself down at the pirate's table and glanced over towards his first mate who was leaning against the fireplace; He was watching the crowd with a frown apon his face.
"I see LaGrande is enjoying this Grog-induced atmosphere too..." Marley said with a comedic tone and a slight cock of his head over to the direction of LeChuck's first mate. Half-smiling wearily.
"Ha-har...Largo is a fool! He's just assessing the situation as he normally does. He's slightly paranoid or xenophobic, methinks." LeChuck smiled craftily, turning his head over to Marley's crew. "And what would ye be celebrating tonight?"
Marley blinked and rubbed his head nervously. "Ah! That would be a celebration of my qualifing round into the Americas Cup race...I should be back from my current engagement by then..."
"Current engagement...?" LeChuck's tone fell low and deep over the brim of his mug as he eyed up the captain curiously. He then shrugged it off and set his mug back down on the table, leaning back in his chair. "Congrad 'ya' lations, Marley...I hope the race goes smoothly."
"Yes'm...I'm sure it will." Marley was beggining to feel uncomfortable. He motioned the cook over and decided to order a Grog.
"And how is your lovely Granddaughter?" The pirate seemed to drop his guard momentarily; Yet Marley did not begin to feel any less edgy.
"She's fine, slightly concerned for my well-being, but still fine." The cook clumsily dropped his drink onto the table, spilling its head.
"That's good, yet why would she be concerened for ye though?" LeChuck grinned up at him again and seemed to stare right through the Governor. LaGrande who was previously engrossed in bar-room antics, now seemed to have his attention shifted towards Marley too.
"I'm taking a trip out to sea again..." He lifted the mug to his lips to try and hide the sudden lump in his throat.
LeChuck didn't answer to that but the smirk never left his face. He sat back in his chair while thoughtfully picking at his fingernails. Marley was about to leave his seat and give his excuses to leave. But, It was LaGrande who moved forwards to grab a seat and sit in between the two.
"Let me buy you another drink..." LaGrande offered.
"That's quite alright, I have some unfinished buisness to attend to anyhoo! It's already quite late." He slowly rose from his seat, he wasn't feeling any pleasantries around the two pirates anymore.
"I insist." LeChuck muttered innocently as he glared up at Marley.
"I sadly must decline..." He could feel a certain foreboding coming from this conversation. Conversing even more would surely lead him into trouble.
"Then dinner at your mansion, maybe?" LeChuck drained the last of his Grog, easing up his glare on the captain.
Maybe dinner would ease some of the cautiousness between both parties; He thought to himself. Surely no harm would come from that.
"Alrighty then..." Marley nodded with a slight smile. "Dinner it is, let's call it 8pm!" With that, the captain tipped his hat curtiously and picked up his mug. Taking a long swig before he started to head on over to his own crew members.
LaGrande swapped seats to sit opposite LeChuck. "A free brunch-up. Eh, cap'n?" He asked with excited glee.
"A free brunch-up for me, ya mean..." LeChuck grinned at him slyly. "Ye will be waiting by the docks for me...I don't want ya ruining me plans." He switched his glance over to Marley and his crew and added "I have a 'feeling' Ol' Marley there is planning something more than a mere cruise.."

On the opposite side of the bar. Both pirates could clearly hear that Marley was angry about the crew's antics and behaviour.
LeChuck smiled to himself and rose from his seat; If only Marley knew about his little conversation with Rum Rogers back on Blood Island, he would be keeling over with a hernia.
It wouldn't be before long that he would find out for himself....
"C'mon Largo.." He gripped his first mate by the collar, pulling him to his feet. "We have buisness to attend elsewhere too!"
Largo stumbled to his feet, grimicing at his captain's sudden roughness.
"I'll see ya tomorrow at eight, Gov'ner... Until then, give my love to your Granddaughter." LeChuck looked up momentarily to find Marley looking slightly worried about that last remark. LeChuck's grin grew wider and he gripped onto Largo even tighter. Soon enough, he was ushering LaGrande forwards out towards the door.
Moments later the two were gone. Marley sighed discontently to himself. He could still hear LeChuck's hearty laughter echoing down from the docks. He looked at his crew's absentmindness then shook his head in sadness.
I'm gonna regret this...

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