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The Uncovering of Monkey Island
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Note From the Author about The Uncovering Of Monkey Island:-

This be the tale of two fluffy kittens..Called Tiddles and...No! Wait. Wrong story.
This be a tale of epic, piratey proportions. This is actually my 'little' story about what 'really' happened before the events foreseen by Guybrush Threepwood. It takes place many years before he was even around. I'm guessing at -most- a decade beforehand. So if yer looking for a sweet, romantic tale about Guybrush and Elaine...You've got the wrong story.
This be about LeChuck, Horatio Marley, his crew, the treasure of Big Whoop and the secret of Monkey Island.
I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it, I have a huge A2 pad full of facts that I gathered from all four games. So I will be sticking to the original storyline as much as possible and filling in those pesky plot-holes, loop-holes and man-holes that seem to confuse us at times. Another warning before I start will be that this adventure is LONG. But hopefully WONT be boring. Enjoy! ;>

- Hi-Jinx (Vanessa-Anne Sheehan)

Epilogue:- The price of love?

The day LeChuck set eyes on the beautiful Elaine Marley, he knew that she would end up being his fate. Coutless times, she shunned his advances. Flowers didn't seem to work; Jewels, gold, riches, paintings and even his own charm seemed to repel her.
He finally decided to attempt to win her heart by being adventurous. He would sail to Monkey Island and return alive, bringing back it's mysterious secrets.
He would finally prove his worth and exsitance to her.
A few hours into setting sail, his ship ran into a terrible typoon. Destroying it and tearing it apart completly. Days had passed and just when he thought he was about to end up down in Davy Jones' locker; A group of friendly sharks helped him onto the shore of Blood Island.
He was marooned, penniless and down on luck.
But one day, a ship sailed into port. It was Elaine's own Grandfather; Horatio Toqamala Marley.
He was invited onto the ship with open arms. On board, Rum Rogers; First mate to Captain Marley. Took a shine to the young pirate and throughout the night, they talked about their adventures and swapped tales about life on the high, rough seas.
Soon, Rum Rogers' insatiable desire for alchohol, took control and made him tell even deeper tales of his crew's mishaps and adventures.
They had the map of the fabled Big Whoop.
This was the perfect prize for LeChuck, this would surely prove his love for Elaine. If only he had a ship.

On the Island, he had learnt that a young, pretty and extremely wealthy bachorlorette was looking for the perfect suitor. Her name was Minestrone (Minnie) Goodsoup.
She desired to marry a rough, gruff and extremely bloodthirsty pirate. Thus, she fell instantly for LeChuck. They were engaged during the same week.
During that time he also learnt that she held a precious family heirloom. The Goodsoup diamond engagement ring. An heirloom passed down for generations from mother to daughter. With this, he could buy a new ship and set sail for Elaine once again.
During the rehersal wedding dinner. LeChuck pried the gemstone from its setting and told his future wife that he was "Going to take it outside for a breath of fresh air." She willingly agreed.
Hours passed and LeChuck never returned. He had sold the diamond to the Smugglers on Skull Island in exchange for gold and thousands of pieces of eight.
With that, he bought himself a new ship. The Death Starfish, it was one of the fastest ships ever to sail the Tri-Island area. With that, he sailed back to Melee' Island to catch up with Captain Marley and his crew.
That same week, Minnie Goodsoup died. Everyone claimed she died of a broken heart. It was enievitable and saddening.
And from here on...Our tale begins...

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